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Top 10 Moves of Master Manifestors

What are the moves of a master manifestor?

With the help of Masters of Creation members, we compiled a list of the top ten ways to spot a highly skilled conscious creator.

Count how many of these moves you have down:

1. Expect the “Impossible”

One of the marks of a master manifestor is that they don’t get held up by traditional beliefs. They know how to expect the “unlikely” and they make big asks of the world. Don’t bother quoting statistics to them, because they defy the odds on a regular basis.

For example, they know that the more money they spend, the more they have. They eat dessert for good health. They relax to get more done, and they bend time to their will. They turn contrary people into allies, they get pregnant when doctors say it’s not possible. They just play in a bigger playground by not putting limits on what’s possible.

2. Embrace Contrast

Master manifestors don’t just make peace with the unwanted, they welcome it because they know how to leverage it into even better results.

They don’t lose their grounding when things don’t go as preferred. Instead, they see it for what it is – a chance to expand and for life to get even better. Because they don’t get stuck in contrast.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have negative feelings or bad days. It just means they don’t linger there. They quickly move to the payoff of what contrast brings.

3. Get Ahead of It

This is the essence of conscious creation, but it’s still easier said than done. Master manifestors don’t just know it – they practice it: leading the way to what they want by seeing it, feeling it, and speaking it in advance.

That is, they feel it real. They find the vibration of what they want (before it’s happened) and then listen for and follow inspiration as it comes. That’s true leverage of our creative powers. It’s being willing to relax, to enjoy, to appreciate even before the problem is solved or before the dream comes true.

4. Hold Reality Loosely

One of the giveaway indicators of a master manifestor is someone who has a loose grip on reality. Meaning, they have a gift for perceiving things in a way that serves them, and they don’t see what doesn’t help.

They stay open to possibilities by not knowing too much, and they have a gift for interpreting events and signs favorably.

5. Find Internal Satisfaction

Expert creators don’t look to external circumstances for feeling successful and happy. Rather, they make that an inside job. They know how to feel good regardless, and they do it regularly.

They cultivate a sense of well-being and appreciation for no reason other than that they can, even though it also serves their manifesting practice exceptionally well.

6. Take Responsibility

Master manifestors know that they create everything in their world, so they don’t bother blaming the government or society or their parents for anything. They do not engage a victim mentality because they know that it limits their power to assign responsibility outside of themselves.

They know the buck stops here, and they own that belief in an empowering way, not a judgmental way.

7. Play with Abundant Resources

Drop the muggle mindset of believing in limited time, money, space, lovers, jobs, etc. Master manifestors know that there is plenty for everyone to have what we want. Time can be fluid and abundant when you let it be, as are all the other resources we prefer to play with.

8. Outsource Challenges

When something seems bigger than they can handle, master manifestors don’t fall for thinking they can’t have what they want, and they don’t struggle with it on their own. Instead they turn it over to higher power with instructions for a happy resolution.

They know to call in the big guns when they could use some extra help, and they do it before engaging inordinate amounts of suffering or struggle. As a result, they have an excellent relationship with their favorite forms of higher power.

9. Manage Alignment

Exceptional creators are consistently well aware of their energy, and excellent at managing it. They know how to shift their vibration and they take the time to do so.

You’ll also notice master manifestors lead with joy and appreciation on a regular basis. It’s their m.o.

10. Embed Self-Love

Last but certainly not least – master manifestors know how to be good to themselves. They take excellent care of themselves and are well-tuned to feelings of worthiness and self-love.

They hold high opinions of themselves because they know who they really are, and they treat themselves (and others) like the Source creations they are.

As you read through this list, you probably noticed you’ve got some master manifesting moves yourself already.

Acknowledging so helps put you in the vibrational space for adopting more, so give yourself some nice credit for being ahead of the curve on this stuff.

And if there’s anything you’d like to add to your repertoire, it’s a simple matter of claiming it and practicing it. Here’s to masterful manifesting!

  • March 15, 2017

6 Daily LOA Hacks

Want some easy ways to put law of attraction magic in your daily life?

Here are five ways to get the energy flowing your way without lifting a conscious creation finger:

1. Passwords

Change your password; change your life.

Yes, a password really is that powerful.

Or it can be, when you use the right ones. Read here for Mauricio’s inspiration about password manifesting.

Turn one of life’s hassles into an alignment boon by making your password a powerful affirmation of success.

Manifesting money? Ask yourself what you’ll say when you log in to see a very satisfying bank balance, and turn that phrase into a password:


Attracting new love? Get in alignment with LuckyN<3.

Or maybe you’re calling in a rockin’ summer body … try it afformation style: “HowDidIGetSoGorgeous?!”

Whatever you’re creating, incorporate some alignment magic by creating a password that reflects your success. Each time you type it you acclimate more and more to that reality.

2. Screensavers, Backgrounds & Wallpapers

If you’re like most manifestors, your vision board is either nonexistent, outdated, or buried in the back of a closet.

But you can let your eyes feast on your desired results by putting your digital screens to work.

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a laptop, desktop or some other doohickey, you’re likely looking at some sort of electronic device every day, throughout the day. Let’s harness that un-leveraged viewing time, shall we?

Make your screensaver something that you’d like to see in real life. It’s amazing how well that works.

3. Ringtones & Notifications

If you don’t already have an audio alert programmed that makes you smile or gives you a happy ear worm, let’s change that.

Receiving a call or getting a text alert is an easy opportunity to give yourself a little vibrational boost!

You could find a song that has significance to your current manifesting project, or anything that makes you feel good.

Consider Play That Funky Music for a fun vibe, a contagious baby laugh, a confidence-building I’m the Man, relaxing ocean waves, or a cash register kaching.

Programming your digital alerts is too good an opportunity to pass up! Switch as needed over time to keep the vibes high every time you get an incoming call, email or text.

4. Mirror Messages

How often do you wash your hands or brush your teeth in front of that mirror?

Every occasion is a gem of a chance to amp up your vibe by posting a sticky note or writing a dry erase question on the mirror.

“Hey good lookin’!” and “Who do you love?” are my personal favorites, but experiment to find one that boosts your frequency each time you see it.

Mirror messages are easy ways to get the law of attraction working on your behalf by programming positive thoughts within.

5. Charge Your Beverage

If you haven’t already read about Dr. Emoto’s work with messages placed on water, do that.

Then get out a marker to write your favorite words on your water bottle or coffee mug.

Whatever energy you’d like to fill yourself with, write it on your beverage container. Love, peace, happiness, great sex – whatever you like, you can get into alignment by infusing it in your drink of choice.

It’s an easy way to get double duty from your daily beverage.

6. Greetings

We habitually ask each other, “How are you?” and “How’s it going?” but a more powerful question steers the conversation to higher vibrational territory.

Instead of asking how they are, inquire about “What’s going right?” or “What’s the good news?”

With friends and family who know me, I answer the phone with, “Tell me the good news.” It’s a guided instruction to tune to higher vibes as our conversation begins.

In fact, even when some asks how you are, you can pretend they asked what’s going right in your world and answer accordingly.

It’s an easy way to lift the vibe of everyone in earshot!

Those are just six ways to automate yourself into higher alignment …

What are your easy daily habits to get law of attraction working in your favor without lifting a finger?

  • February 20, 2017