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My Ultimate Manifesting Miracle

My Ultimate Manifesting MiracleMany won’t understand the miracle that transpired for me here.
You might expect someone’s biggest manifesting success to be about big money or a career breakthrough. Maybe a fairy tale love story or a body transformation.
But trust me, this one was a big deal in my world …
Everyone who knows me knows my world revolves around my blind kitty Elvis. He is my favorite thing about life. I love and adore him more than anything else.
So when he got sick, I got scared.
When he didn’t perk up after a few days, we went to the vet. They did blood tests, shaved his belly for an ultrasound and offered a couple of possible diagnoses. We started meds in hopes his multiple symptoms would clear up.
They didn’t.
Whatever ailed him continued to.
The vet switched up meds and suggested an exploratory surgery if we didn’t see improvement within 24 to 48 hours.
I wasn’t keen on a surgery.
And I didn’t want to be shoving meds down his throat every couple hours. I didn’t want to haul him back to the vet’s office when he already felt so bad. I didn’t want to make him undergo anesthetic when his health was so fragile. I didn’t want to lose my favorite guy.
Yet it looked like that’s exactly where we were headed – nowhere good.
I knew my resistance to losing him was adding power to that very reality I didn’t want.
I also knew there was a reality where he was thriving and happy, and that’s the one that I wanted to experience.
But my resistance to the present reality was keeping me stuck in it.
At one point I felt sure Elvis was getting ready to transition.
(I’ve fostered a lot of animals, many of them sick after being rescued from a shelter, many of whom didn’t make it. Elvis had that same “exit energy” flowing. He just didn’t seem like he was really “here” any more.)
I realized this might be it. This might be where I have to say goodbye.
It was an incredibly sad thought for me.
I thought about how Abraham says life just continues to get better and better. That whenever contrast happens, it just fuels new desires and as long as we go along with that new desire life can only improve.
And I thought to myself, “Universe, you think you can do better than Elvis?! I’d like to see that.” (Because this is one amazing cat!)
Seriously, if Universe thinks it can do better than Elvis, I’m open to that.
And with that I felt my attachment to this cat’s healing diminish. I felt myself being okay with his exit. I felt peace in my heart with whatever might happen next.
Within an hour or so, I noticed he seemed to be a little more alert. He lifted his head even. And then he actually shifted position. Shortly after he drink some water. And he just got better and better until within 24 hours I knew he was in the clear.
The miracle for me isn’t just that my cat got better. That’s super freakin’ cool …
… but the true miracle was realizing my ability to accept the very thing I wanted least.
To be able to make peace with the ultimate ‘don’t want’ and to know that something amazing and fabulous was on its heels. That was worth celebrating.
I consider it one of my most impressive successes to have found better feeling thoughts in the face of (my) extreme contrast.
Releasing attachment to what I wanted most was quite a challenge. But if I can do that, anything is possible.
What’s your favorite manifesting success? Think on it for a few seconds to activate a really nice vibration.
(And share it in the comments if you like!)

  • May 24, 2015

Why to Stop Expecting Miracles

Why to Stop Expecting MiraclesWhat’s taking your miracle so long to manifest?
If your desire still feels like a miracle to you, that’s probably why.
Because things don’t manifest that we don’t easily believe in or expect.
Our big dreams unfold when it feels like a logical “of course” next step.
That’s what vibrational alignment is all about. When we’re in the same neighborhood as our desire is. Not on the other side of the globe.
In fact, listen to this story …
… I know a certain 6 year old who decided one day that he’d rather go to work than go to school.
(Those were the options given to him by his mom.)
So he picked job over education.6 year old's resume
By the end of that day, I kid you not, that little guy had a job as a speechwriter for the governor.
He got the interview on his own and sat down with the governor by himself. (Although his mom helped with his resume and his nanny accompanied him on the bus for his commute to interviews.)
This kid just expected that someone would hire him.
(Why wouldn’t they? He didn’t know that 6 year olds don’t get hired for work.)
And by day’s end the governor engaged him to write two official speeches.
That’s not a miracle – that’s vibrational alignment.
That’s the power of positive expectation.
So as long as your desire feels like a big deal that will change your life forever, you’re too far away from it vibrationally for it to show up at your door.
Bottom line, if it feels like a miracle, you’re not ready for it yet.
Here’s what Abraham has to say about it:

When things are ready to pop for you in full manifestational view, they feel like the next logical step. It doesn’t feel like bouncing off the walls. It just feels like, ”Yes, but of course. I knew that was coming.”

So how can we learn to expect miracles?
Well, by first of all not thinking of it as such a big deal.
Yes, it’s cool. But it’s not out of our league.
We can reflect regularly on the reasons to believe in it instead of the reasons it seems unlikely – which may include:

  • Remembering that others have already experienced it.
  • Knowing how the system works – it you can imagine it, you can create it.
  • Reflecting on your past successful manifestations.
  • Remembering who you are – a powerful conscious creator who is capable of anything you put your mind to.

We can also tell the story of it. See it happening in your mind’s eye. Get used to the idea of it. (You know when it starts to feel “normal” that you’re making good progress!)
What we believe and what we expect is simply a matter of what thoughts and images we’ve practiced.

I’m laughing at the thought of Jesus, before he crossed the sea on foot, saying to himself, “Man, wouldn’t it be freaky if I could walk on this water? Wouldn’t that be the craziest thing ever?!” I don’t know for sure, but I suspect it’s more likely he was quite confident in his ability to walk across the sea.

Abe says, “When it shifts – when you are 51% more expecting it than doubting it, things start showing up that then amplify your belief. Once you make that pivot on the fulcrum now you’re off and running.”
Here’s to getting used to the idea of big dreams come true.

  • October 7, 2014