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How to Manifest Money for Nothing

If you’re in the mood to manifest some money for nothing, this post is for you …

Money for nothing can be a tricky thing.

Many of us have been trained that we have to work for the reward, and so we don’t actually expect financial abundance can come without effort.

But conscious creators know that we can have whatever we are willing to learn the vibration of. We don’t have to figure out how or make it happen – all we have to do is offer the vibrational instruction of whatever we want. And then it must become so.

Which means that manifesting free money is simply a matter of knowing its vibrational frequency.

And you know what free money feels like, right? If not, this is a fun one to learn!

Most folks are already fans of making money, but having money come out of the blue is super cool, too!

So, how do we activate the vibration of free money?

The good news is there’s more than one way to do it. You could:

  • Recall a time you experienced money for nothing. (Just conjuring a memory brings the vibration to the present.)
  • Recall a time someone else experienced easy money. (It doesn’t have to be your memory to become your vibration.)
  • Speak the words of what you’d say when you get free money. (It’ll help you find the vibe of it.)
  • Read this free money activation script. (If you have trouble finding the words yourself.)
  • Imagine what it would be like to receive money for nothing. (This is what imagination is for – it’s your built-in reality-creating device!)
  • List reasons to believe money can come effortlessly. (GVU members have an ongoing tally here.)
  • Be the person who experiences free cash. (Whatever we’re being we are creating. Identity shifting works!)
  • Feel worthy of receiving money for nothing. (It’s hard to receive what we don’t feel deserving of.)

Sometimes it’s as simple as intending to receive free money, and letting Universe respond to that instruction.

But if that hasn’t worked for you, it may be because you’ve been trained that money is difficult to manifest, and that there must be effort involved in order to get it.

In that case, you have three options:

  1. Change the belief. (That’s a matter of embracing new thoughts consistently enough to create new beliefs.)
  2. Let this process of activating the vibration satisfy your “have to work for it” belief.
  3. Continue working for money.

Your choice! 🙂

You know what, though? It’s not really “money for nothing” – it’s “money for alignment.” That’s where money “out of the blue” comes from. It comes from our vibrational instruction.

So technically, it’s not really for nothing. It’s from our best magic!

It’s worth remembering that manifesting free money is easiest when we don’t need it. Doing it for kicks makes us a better match for receiving it than when it feels like a big deal.

That can be frustrating to hear when you’re in dire financial straits, but the truth is that finding a way to lighten up about it makes it much easier for money to flow.

How to relax about money when you’re feeling the pressure? Gotcha covered here and here.

You might also enjoy a money manifesting exercise like this one (that netted me $10k in 10 days) or this money spell or this money meditation or this time-tested money chant or this modern money mantra.

Bottom line is that manifesting money for nothing is a simple matter of feeling it into being. Practice feeling what it’s like to receive money out of the blue, and then let it go. Universe will put it together for you when you give the instruction and then get out of the way.

We’d love to hear your “free money” stories when you put the magic to work …

  • November 9, 2017

3 Tips to Drop Debt the LOA Way

Many manifestors want to use their creative power to eliminate debt and feel more financial freedom.
While I’ll be the first to say money isn’t responsible for making us feel free (how we feel is our job, not money’s), I understand the desire for a positive cash flow.

So here are three law of attraction-friendly tips to shift your money vibration (and thus your money situation):

1. Make Peace With the Debt

You know what people have in common who want to get rid of their debt? An aversion to debt.

Maybe we learned this financial dis-ease from our thrifty parents, or a conservative spouse. Or maybe it’s just our latest excuse to feel bad about ourselves if we have that kind of a habit rolling.

But however we got this resistance to debt, that’s gotta shift.

Because conscious creators know what it means to push against what we don’t want. (We just get more of it.)

Plenty of people have debt and feel peaceful or even appreciate it. (Did you know that was an option?)

On the other hand, folks who want to get rid of their debt often have some sort of negative charge about it.

So making peace with the debt you have is a powerful step in releasing it, believe it or not.

Some people are nervous that if they stop hating their debt they’ll just incur more. But it’s the opposite. What we resist persists.

Get okay with the money that you owe.

It’s a simple matter of finding better feeling thoughts about it. If you’d like help, give this vibration activation script a try.

2. Edit Your Identity

No, this doesn’t suggest you change your name to avoid creditors.

This tip is all about upgrading the way you think of yourself; i.e. how you know yourself to be.

Whatever we know, we create.

So if you know that you have a ton of student loan debt, or that your credit cards are maxed, so shall it be.

Our reality can’t be different than how we know it to be.

So you want to start practicing a different knowing about yourself and your money.

That allows your debt to move.

Instead of knowing yourself to be someone who was financially devastated in his divorce, practice knowing yourself as someone who is rebuilding after a life challenge.

Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who isn’t good with money and can’t seem to get ahead, try thinking of yourself as someone who is willing to make the changes that matter.

Instead of identifying with previous family members that never had a dime to their name, start choosing something new for your lineage. (Your future generations will thank you for it!)

If you need help with shifting your identity, check out this post, or GVU members can click on this course.

3. Take Feel-Better Actions

Any action that makes you feel better about your money is a step in the right direction.

We’re looking specifically for anything you can do that makes you feel more empowered, more capable, and more optimistic.

You can look to muggle money experts for traditional suggestions like cutting up cards, consolidating debt, sticking to budgets, etc. But know that the magic isn’t in the action itself – it’s in how you FEEL.

So anything that makes you feel like a more savvy financial manager is worthy of engaging.

That includes skipping payments, filing bankruptcy and any other actions that you’ve been conditioned to feel guilt or shame about.

Remember what Abe tells us: it doesn’t matter what you do; it only matters how you feel. That means any action you take only helps if you feel better when taking it.

For some people, writing down a list of all the balances owed to various creditors is an empowering action that makes them feel responsible and clear. For others, that could be overwhelming and intimidating.

Honor your inner guidance about what feels best, and follow through on those inspired actions.

I shared this tip last because once you 1) make peace with your debt and 2) start thinking of yourself as someone who is getting a good handle on their money situation, the Universe will 3) deliver options and resources to improve your finances. It’s important to cooperate with Universe by engaging the actions that further stimulate your good money vibes.

I’ve seen “miracles” happen with our financial balances once we shift our mindset about money.

Which is why I suggest you be open to big answers and fun solutions once you do the vibration management work on your debt.

And remember that the LOA way to manifest debt freedom is to be willing to feel now you would feel then.

We’re not using our manifesting skills to create an outcome that makes us feel better. We’re finding ways to feel better now, and that requires our finances to raise their game, too.

If you’ve got questions or other tips, please post so we can help you manifest the money reality you prefer.

PS – listen at the podcast for 3 tips to eliminate debt the LOA way.

  • October 22, 2017

To Spend Or Not To Spend …

It’s a common question when creators are in process of manifesting wealth …

How to manage current finances (and make aligned spending decisions) while activating the vibration of prosperity?

Some manifestors find it contradictory to look at price tags and keep to a budget while affirming financial abundance.

On the other hand, it can also be unnerving to spend money like we’ve already got it before it’s actually here.

(Sometimes that just activates more worry.)

What’s a conscious creator to do?

Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer that applies to all in every situation.

I wouldn’t say, “Spend it like you got it” or “Wait till the bank agrees before you act like a rich person.”

That’s because the answer isn’t about the best action – it’s about the better feeling. And that could be different for each of us.

Sometimes the aligned thing to do is take the leap of faith and spend the money. Other times it’s to play it conservative and find a way to be fiscally responsible without negating the abundance vibe.

Here’s how to know the right answer for you:

What feels best?

Your inner guidance knows the best way to get where you want to be financially, and it will steer you there if you listen.

Remember, your inner guidance speaks to you through your emotions. So whichever action feels most inspired and joyful – that’s your higher self pointing the way.

If it feels nerve racking and ominous, that’s a sign to choose something else.

You’re looking for whichever option offers the most relief.

Some people have developed such a strong habit of worry around money that they don’t feel good saving, handling or spending it.

That’s a sign your gremlins have taken over and crowded out guidance from within.

A little practice will put you back in touch with that inner wisdom.

You can facilitate that process by making sure you’re regularly tapping the vibration of abundance, wealth, prosperity (or whatever you’d like to manifest). Tuning to that frequency makes it easier to hear (and trust) your divinely inspired messages.

For creators who have a hard time feeling good about spending money when it seems in short supply, it’s good to remember that joy begets joy.

If you spend it with joy, it brings more joy back. (Which is why so many manifestors successfully intend that spending happy money brings more happy money back – multiplied even!)

If you spend it with guilt, or spend it with worry – it’d be better not to spend it at all. (Or to find a way to drop the guilt or worry.)

Because law of attraction can only match what we’re vibing.

So it doesn’t matter what we do; it only matters how we feel.

Find the action that feels best – to you – whatever that is, then take that action and stick with the good feeling.

Don’t second guess or regret your choice – let it continue to be the right thing.

The latest podcast covers this subject, as inspired by my gremlin doubts whether I made the right decisions to euthanize my dog and adopt out my foster cat.

This process applies to whatever we’re up to – whether spending money, breaking up, making health care decisions, etc.

Bottom line: it isn’t so much about figuring out the right action, as it is about finding our way to the most aligned feeling. Focusing on the feeling serves us much better than analyzing actions.

It’s a matter of doing/choosing whatever is easiest to feel good about. And then to keep feeling good about it.

  • May 5, 2017

Is Your Money Having Fun?

In Happy Calories Don’t Count, my friend Carmela Ramaglia shares about how stress and dieting caused her to put on so much weight that she eventually gave up thinking she could ever have the body she wanted.

She consoled herself with pizza and ice cream, her two favorite foods that had been off the menu for quite some time.

No surprise to conscious creators, she lost weight. On pizza and ice cream.

Encouraged by her weight loss success, thinking that maybe she could get the body she wanted after all, she went back to “healthy” eating.
And promptly gained weight back.

After enough cycles of this routine she realized, “Happy calories don’t count.”

It’s why a date (who is attempting to drop weight by eating oatmeal for breakfast and salads with sensible dressing for lunch) marvels at my food choices.

“How can you eat like this and look like that?!”

It’s a joy thing, I tell him.

“Our bodies thrive with joy,” I explain.

He looks skeptical.

“Well, you’re looking at the living proof.” Mic drop.

Okay, I didn’t say that last part.

But that’s how it works.

I have high joy for significant amounts of chocolate desserts. And pancakes. And waffles. And fries.

My new greatest find, Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks makes my heart beat a little faster just thinking of it.

And it works the same with money.

Our bank accounts thrive with joy.

The same way our relationships thrive with joy. And our work thrives with joy. And our health thrives with joy.

Everything thrives with joy.

That’s what I reminded myself yesterday, at the Salt Lake Gem Faire, while contemplating amazing specimens of crystals from Luis at Krystal Light Imports.

Yes, I already have a lot of crystals. Beautiful, fabulous, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-them crystals. (Several of which I bought from Luis!)

And yes, I have taxes to pay. And a fence to install. And yes, it would be smart to build up the savings after last year’s move.

But my money doesn’t thrive properly if it’s not having fun.

I know that if I want more money, then I have to be willing to have more fun with it.

And this is my money’s idea of a good time.

We like crystals, and beach front property auctions, and good seats at the Eric Church concert.

We like hard copy books that I don’t even keep since my library is full.

We like seats at the best parties in conscious creator town, and we love to buy plants. Omgosh, the plants. And colored pens.

We’ll still do all the responsible things, but I know those things get covered best when my money is having a proper good time.

If I want more money, I have to have more fun with it.

Because joy expands all the good stuff.

It can’t just be all bills and savings and smart investments. There has to be some serious fun in there to help things get even better.

(Janice Whiting of LiftedSpiritz told GVU members recently that “saving stops the flow.”)

Plus, we know that money out doesn’t have to mean money gone.

Which is opposite of what most non-LOA savvy people think.

Just like with calories, and relationships, and work projects – they often think things work best when they work hard and maybe even suffer just a little bit.

Those who understand the role energy plays in our reality know it’s the exact opposite.

Joy is an essential part of financial success.

So however my money can have fun, that’s good for my bank account. As long as I feel good about it, too.

The trick can be how to have a good time with money when it feels limited. Because if you believe there isn’t enough, it’s hard to let loose and have a good time.

But the amount of fun you have with money has nothing to do with how much of it you have. It’s a mindset thing.

(Trust me, there are people who would think my budget doesn’t allow for the kind of fun they like to have with money, so it’s all relative.)

You can have fun with your money no matter how much or little you think you have.

All it requires is a willingness to shift your mindset.

Not in an irresponsible way. Because it doesn’t truly feel fun to do something that you’re nervous about, or that you believe will have dire consequences.

True joy doesn’t include that.

What it comes down to, as those who understand the law of attraction easily get: having fun with money in your future means having fun with your money now.

We don’t wait for it to show up before we start feeling the feelings now.

And it doesn’t have to require big spending to do that. In fact, it could be happening strictly in your imagination. (That’s a proper vibe activation right there, even when it’s “only” happening in our mind.)

But I think there are lots of ways we could let our money have more fun right here and now. Things like:

  • popping a quarter in someone’s about-to-expire meter
  • indulging in a scratch-off ticket at the corner store
  • supporting someone’s big dream
  • getting off the digital grid and being handled in cash only, like the rebel thug your money is.

Maybe your money likes to walk on the wild side and go for a swim in the laundry.

Maybe it likes to be saved in a gold piggy bank.

Maybe it likes you to think of it as a joy partner, instead of a heavy life responsibility.

My point is that if your money manifesting practice doesn’t already include making sure your money gets its proper share of fun, maybe give that some attention.

And if you need more help on how to pull that off, GVU members get complimentary sessions with Ming the Money Alchemist. Lots of folks reporting significant improvements with their money after getting Ming’s money magic on their side. (Joining GVU is just $1 for a three week trial. I literally couldn’t make it easier.)

You know what else my money likes to do for fun? Play with domain names. Can’t wait to see what we do with pimpmyvibe.com. 🙂

  • March 25, 2017

13 Guiding Principles about Money

These are the guiding principles that form the basis of my work with money.

It’s what I’ve learned through my personal manifesting experiences, as well as through my coaching work with fellow creators.

These principles also serve as the foundation of The Money Aligner course that starts January 4th at GVU:

  1. Money isn’t as important as we make it out to be.
  2. Making money important doesn’t actually help manifest it.
  3. Money can’t make us happy (or free or peaceful or secure). That’s our job, not money’s.
  4. There is plenty for everyone. (Your abundance doesn’t create someone else’s lack.)
  5. Money is way easier and more fun than most of us have learned it to be.
  6. You can attract money even in the presence of doubt and fear. (We’re working with a very forgiving system – we don’t have to get it 100% perfect to get results.)
  7. The process slows up when we try to figure out how or make it happen ourselves. (That’s Universe’s job, and it’s way better at it.)
  8. Relaxing about money makes you a better match for it. (Many believe if they stop worrying about money, things will get worse. The fact is worries don’t help.)
  9. There is a direct connection between your joy and your money. (Getting happy is good for your bank account.)
  10. Your financial fears or money problems don’t go away by creating more money. (If you’re dialed on money problems, you’ll have them no matter how much you have.)
  11. Money is spiritual. Just like everything else. It’s okay to want it and it’s okay to have it.
  12. It helps to be as good at letting money go as you are at letting it in. (Anything else slows the flow.)
  13. Letting money in is a skill worth practicing, since most of us aren’t great receivers. (We’re good givers, but our receiving muscles aren’t as well-developed.)

Bottom line: what you believe about money is what you manifest.

If you want a different financial experience, you’ll need different money thoughts.

If you’d like support in doing that, that’s what we’re doing this year at GVU. The Money Aligner course starts Wednesday, January 4th, but you can join any time to receive access to pre-recorded material and notes.

How to join GVU: new members can enroll for a three week trial for just $1, and continue at $27/month or $170 for the full year. Annual members receive a complimentary private coach session with me anytime during the year. (My regular rate for private sessions is $300.)

This didn’t make the list, but it’s a big belief that serves me and everyone I get to play with this year:

I believe we have never been better positioned to receive the bounties that await us. I believe 2017 is bursting at the seams to deliver us everything we’ve been wanting, and more.

And I believe just a little alignment effort will go a long way in allowing those goodies in.

To your success!

  • January 3, 2017
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