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The LOA Way to Answer Money Requests

How to Answer Requests for Money - the LOA WayReady to share your collective wisdom today?
This question is from a lovely reader who wants to know how to handle money requests from those we don’t want to say yes to.
He’s very astute in realizing that the typical answer from an average person is not conducive to wealth.
Here’s his question:

I am writing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa.
I have a query: our culture, in Africa in general, allow relatives to rely upon others financially. Since February 2013 I am working as a minister in one of the 11 provinces of our country.
What I realised is that everybody comes to me to beg me for money. I use to share my salary with them to solve there problem but now I feel like I cannot continue helping everybody, though I recognise that our people are very poor.
My question is to find out whether telling them “I do no longer have money” will attract poverty on me.
If yes, what would be the suitable alternative answer to tell that truth? Please help!

I’m happy to see that this reader knows the power of his response to these requests for money!
Whether it’s a family member wanting financial help, a non-profit group asking for a donation, or the neighbor kid selling magazines – there are lots of occasions someone might ask us for money we don’t prefer to give.
I imagine many of you have found an LOA friendly way to respond to requests for financial support? What wisdom do you have to share with our minister friend in the Congo?

  • June 12, 2014

LOA Savvy Investing

LOA Savvy InvestingIn my days as a certified financial planner working with people investing assets for retirement, it was very common for folks to ask where was the best place to invest money.
As a law of attraction coach working with people manifesting wealth, it’s still a common question.
While the question has remained the same, my thoughts have not!
Standard answer in financial planning world is that it depends on whether you have emergency cash already, where your other assets are (shooting for portfolio diversification), and how long the money will be invested.
Those answers help direct whether we’re looking at cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, precious metals, etc.
But an LOA savvy answer is quite different.
A conscious creator knows that where she invests her money isn’t as important as the vibration she’s flowing about her money.
Because someone who invests fearfully or from a place of scarcity isn’t actually likely to get what she wants.
We can’t expect our investments to thrive when our thoughts suck. I’m talking about thoughts like:

  • “Whoa, I’m so behind on saving – I need to make a lot of money fast.”
  • “I don’t know how I’ll ever have enough to quit working.”
  • “Where can I make sure I don’t lose anything? I can’t afford a loss.”
  • “I’ve never been good with money.”
  • “I really don’t know what I’m doing.”

Our investments can’t do for our balance sheet what we aren’t doing for ourselves – that is, tuning into the vibrations of thriving wealth and success.
So if you’re feeling scared about not having enough money or ashamed because you think you’ve been irresponsible, your first concern shouldn’t so much be where to put the money. First you’ll want to clean up any thoughts that aren’t leading you to the financial experience you prefer.
And once you’re tuned in to financial abundance, valuable investment opportunities will reveal themselves.
I know some people just want to be told which stocks or which properties or whatever to send their money toward. But that’s not the approach most likely to succeed.
It’s also worth remembering that our well being doesn’t come from a big pile of money. (Fun as those piles can be.)
Our well being comes from practicing knowing it, right here and right now. When we know that vibe really well everything else falls into place to support that experience.
So the most LOA savvy investment is likely the one where we invest time and energy in feeling now how we want to feel then.
Pretty simple system, huh?

  • June 7, 2014

What It Takes to Be Rich

What it takes to be rich: practiceMy ex-beau called to see how my day was. Here’s how that conversation went:

Russ: What are you doing?
Me: Practicing being rich.

Russ: Ha ha.
Me: Seriously.

Russ: (silence)
Me: You should practice, too, or we won’t be together when I am. (Since rich & not rich don’t go together.)

Russ: Trust me, I am all for it and have no problem being rich.

You know, that’s easy to say, but I don’t think he really gets it.
In fact, I don’t think a lot of people understand what it takes to be rich.
(If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!)
A lot of folks think the hard part about being rich is figuring out how to make the money. But that’s not our job. (Universe does the “how”; our purview is the “what.”)
Our job is to be rich, before we are. Otherwise it’s like ordering up a delivery you don’t know how to receive.
We close the door to big bucks whenever we’re feeling poor, or just getting by, or doing okay, or whatever else we are that isn’t “rich.”
So learning how to be rich is kind of a thing.

Once upon a time in corporate world (before my LOA days) a really nice guy who I’d have loved to work for offered me a job that was not only more interesting and cool than what my present job, but it also paid 3-4 times more than I was making.
Holy what?! That would be … holy crap – a lot of freakin’ money!!
The thought of making that much money boggled my mind.
I tried to imagine it … I saw myself in khakis (instead of jeans), at dinner parties (instead of barbecues), drinking cocktails (instead of beer), with people who weren’t my current friends. Because of course I’d have to have rich friends.
I didn’t like it.
You know what I did? I avoided that guy for three whole weeks until he hired someone else.
That’s how allergic to money I used to be.
Another time I was driving to my super hot date’s house for the first time. We’d gone out a few times and I really liked him! He was handsome, funny, smart, charming, had a super cool job as a CSI guy. I really really liked him.
He invited me to his house for dinner. (How sweet is that? He’s going to cook! Could it get any better?!)
As I drove to his neighborhood, one I wasn’t familiar with, I soon realized he lived in a ritzy area. I wondered what he was doing with all these rich people as neighbors. I imagined he’d have an older, smaller house in this ridiculously rich hood.
No. His was the nicest place on the block.
You know what I did?
I kept driving. Right on by his place! Because something in me knew that I didn’t date guys with money like this.
That’s not who I was.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but those two uncomfortable brushes with wealth spotlighted my inability to be with big money.
Which is why I practice being with money now, so I don’t have any repeat failures with wealth.

Being rich isn’t easy if no one taught you it. It takes practice if you’re not a natural.
This stuff doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by alignment.
By being willing to feel it and think it and speak it and be it before we are it.
And it’s work!
Work that pays extremely well, but it’s still work.
(I also practice being fit and healthy, successful in business, etc. It’s not just money that I practice.)
So if you’re in the market for wealth, I suggest you practice it before Universe tries to deliver it, because not everyone knows how to accept that package.

How to tell if you know how to be rich?

Easy. If you want it, and you don’t already have it, you’ve got a vibrational kink. Time to get out the vibrational iron and work out those kinks by practicing being rich!

  • May 20, 2014

Debt in the Vortex (Revisited)

debt in the vortexLovin’ Up Debt for a Change!

When fellow coach Janette Dalgliesh shared her take on debt, it was clear her thoughts deserved to be part of our vortex series!
We addressed finding ways to feel better about the bills a while ago, but it’s a subject worth revisiting.
Manifestors working with the law of attraction know that what we resist persists – which is good reason to get friendly with bills and mortgages and such.
If you’ve got a negative charge on debt, try on this perspective for a refreshing change. It has the potential to create a huge positive shift in your relationship with money!

I love my debt! It’s got me some really cool stuff, like the recent weekend away with my hubby that recharged and reconnected us.
How cool is it, that I live in a world where I can buy something with money that does’t physically exist yet. It represents a way to spend time with my sweetie NOW, not in some distant future when we’re both even more tired and exhausted.
Debt means I’m time-travelling with money! I love that!
I love that I got to buy an entire house while not actually having the physical money right there and then! I love my partnership with my bank, who have always been flexible and supportive. I love knowing if that partnership ever changes, I can take my beautiful debt to another bank who will be so happy to see me. My debt and I, we represent enormous value to someone else. That’s kinda cool!
Debt is just a part of my money landscape. How can I love money without loving my debt, too? Debt might be the part of my money that nobody else can appreciate, a little like the ugly puppy nobody else loves—but that’s okay. I can love the ugly one in the litter, I can definitely love my debt! Because loving my money has to be unconditional if it’s going to have any meaning.
And here’s what else I know. My credit card, my line of credit, my ability to borrow money—these are highly precious things, and I don’t use them lightly. I don’t take them for granted or flash them around town. I treat them the same way I would a precious jewel, holding them close to my heart and only bringing them out for very special occasions.
Not just any old online merchant or department store gets the privilege of being a part of my debt!
I love my debt. However it looks, right here right now, I love it as a beautiful part of my whole money story.

Big thanks to manifesting maven Janette for writing up this love story with debt!
Janette Dalgliesh is the Brain Whisperer teaching others how to rewire their brain to create their dream life. Find Janette online here.

  • April 25, 2014

How to Erase Debt with LOA

How to erase debt with LOAIs it possible to magically manifest zero balances on big bills? Can you use law of attraction to erase or eliminate existing debt?
Here are three stories of how it’s been done, with specifics on processes used so you can replicate the process. (We’d love to hear your tips in the comments!)

Case Study #1
$1,000 Legal Bill – Erased

Earlier this year I got an attorney’s bill for nearly a thousand dollars that I wasn’t expecting. I thought my account was paid in full, but this invoice showed time documented that I hadn’t paid for yet. Sigh.
It irked me that I would be out of pocket on another chunk of change that I already didn’t appreciate spending.
Frankly, I didn’t want to pay it. I thought about the consequences of that … collections, credit downgrade, creditor calls … ugh.
I let myself be mad about it for a minute (more like a day and a half) before I tried to shift the vibe.
When I was ready to start moving the energy, I used Olivia Pope’s “It’s handled” affirmation to practice the feeling of a happy ending.
Then I emailed the attorney asking for clarification. He wrote back the next day with an explanation, and it didn’t sound like he was budging.
I let myself be mad again, then that night wrote out some “I am worthy” statements, including a few about being worthy of good service, good support, and attorney bills that worked out perfectly.
The next morning I remembered Easy World, and said, “I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy, including perfect resolution of attorney’s bills.”
Four hours later I got an email from the attorney saying “Don’t pay me anything.” Apparently there was a problem with his billing system that he was going to investigate.
A few weeks later I got a zero balance (“paid in full”) statement in the mail. Woo hoo!

Case Study #2
House Full of New Furniture – No Bill!

manifesting free furnitureA friend of mine was furnishing a new apartment from scratch, and putting the entire balance on credit. (She didn’t have any cash to put towards the purchase.)
As she stood at the counter doing the paperwork for her new account, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if they lost the paperwork and I got all this for free?” It wasn’t even an intention, just a brief moment of letting herself enjoy the thought of getting all this wonderful new furniture for free.
Several weeks later when she hadn’t received any payment instructions in the mail, she called the company.
Which was tricky to do, since they’d been recently bought out or management had changed in some way.
But when she tracked down the new folks in charge, they couldn’t find any trace of her purchase. They had no account of her as a customer at all.
She phoned again the following month to give it another try, but after they still had no record of any more that she owed, she decided to gratefully and gleefully accept this gift from the Universe.

Case Study #3
$5,000 Bill Transformed to $10k in Income

magic moneyOne day I had to write a big check for professional services totaling five thousand dollars. I’m not used to spending money in big chunks like that, and it wasn’t an expenditure that was bringing me tremendous joy, but there was no avoiding it.
When I caught myself doing the math in my head and thinking that I would have $5,000 less in my account, I decided to give Universe a different instruction.
I intended that spending this money would make me money. That some how some way this money would come back to me multiplied.

That was kind of like intending that paying a big doctor’s bill would somehow magically reappear even bigger in my bank account. Kind of ridiculous, but I’m not afraid of magical money, and I know Universe can do way crazier things than this.

Before I mailed the check I gave it a big kiss (instead of resenting it – big vibrational difference) and asked it to do lovely things in the world. Then I placed it next to my smoky quartz crystal for a few hours, asking the crystal to help this money make us more money. (I’ve heard quartz crystals can be all sorts of magic.)
Off went the check in the mail that day. And get this – about a week later my ex-boyfriend wrote me a check for exactly five thousand dollars, as a show of support because he knew the situation was likely to get more expensive. (Someone had estimated I’d be out $50k before this gig was over.)
So that was cool. And shortly after that I learned that I would be reimbursed by my insurance company for almost the full five thousand. And that they’d cover future expenses. woot!
So my money has doubled already and I don’t even think the magic is over yet!
There are lots of stories from fellow creators telling how they eliminated million dollar debt, had debt paid in full, as well as tips on how to accomplish this yourself.
On this subject Edwene Gaines writes:

“All financial debt is about unforgiveness. Financial debt is a socially acceptable way to punish yourself. When you no longer have a need to punish yourself, you will allow your debt to disappear.”

So perhaps self-love is a path to eliminate debt as well?
Let’s hear your stories … how have you manifested resolution of debt you didn’t want?

  • April 21, 2014

How I Manifested $1,000 in 10 Days

The LOA Cha-Ching: how to manifest a thousand dollars in ten daysLots of folks tell us how to attract more money (myself included), so I thought it would be cool to share a step by step story of how it’s actually done.
This is my example of how I manifested $1,000 in 10 days.
You may glean some insights from my experience, or feel your own inner nudges about how to put this to work yourself. I hope it inspires you to your own deliberate creation success – whatever you might choose.
Two things to know first:
I don’t think money is the be-all end-all it’s often cracked up to be. I’ve got nothing against money, but I also don’t expect it to make me happy. I know happiness is my job, not money’s.
Second, I’ve been working on getting friendly with money for years. I know that when I feel frustrated about money, it has to reflect my frustration. When I’m scared about money, it matches that vibe, too. Whatever I’m feeling is what it has to show me. So I’ve been working on getting friendly with it for a while now. That part didn’t happen in ten days.
Full disclosure about why I did this:
I thought this would make a fun post to write. (My incentive wasn’t need or desperation – it was light and fun.)
Why a thousand dollars? It seemed significant enough to have fun with, but not too big to push me into disbelief.
Why ten days? I know Universe doesn’t need much lead time. And I liked the sound of that title. (Which is why this isn’t called “How to Manifest $5,000 in 4 days.”)
So the vibe behind this project was fun, light and positive. It wasn’t from a place of need or fear or worry. (That vibrational setup makes a big difference.)
Here were my rules:
In order for it to count, the money had to be from an unexpected source. If I was already anticipating the money that showed up, it wouldn’t count, even if I’d temporarily forgotten about it. Also, I didn’t want it to be associated with work. (Meaning, an out of the blue speaking gig for $1k wouldn’t count.) Anything that I had to work for wouldn’t be included in this tally.
I did allow that the money might come from different places in bite size pieces. As long as it added up to a thousand or more within ten days, I’d count it.
Okay, enough disclaimers.
How I manifested four figures from out of nowhere in a week’s time …
This actually took me two tries.
The first time I did this a few weeks ago I had a very different routine than the second time. My first attempt included several manifesting tools and resulted in a near miss of $70,000 on day 7. (Way to overdeliver, Universe!) But when it didn’t come to fruition by day ten, I got irritated and dropped it. That $70k check is still on its way, but it doesn’t count for the ten day limit on this project.
I suspect, though, the work I did in that first go around helped contribute to the success on my second attempt. So I’ll share what I did on that first try:

  • Spoke my intention out loud: $1,000 in ten days to be delivered in an easy, enjoyable way.
  • Gave this manifesting project a name: Clear Blue Money Manifestation
  • Invited others to join me. (i.e. moneyfesting calls at GVU – group energy is super powerful!)
  • Set up my symbolic representation of this project. (I used pretend million dollar bills stuffed into a clear blue plastic cup. Get it? Money from the clear blue.) And money taped into a blue ribbon windsock (meant to represent a financial windfall).
  • I practiced my $1,000 money out of the clear blue feeling. It included a celebration dance and a “just like that” declaration.
  • Practiced the story I would tell my friend Greg about how I manifested $1,000 out of the clear blue. (Getting used to the words of it and the feeling of it.)
  • Added “$1,000 out of the clear blue” on my manifesting success list.
  • Practiced having eyes for free money. (What does it look like?)
  • Imagined free money as my new normal. (“Of course, this sort of thing happens to me every day.”)
  • Tuned into why I want it. (Free money is cool, and manifesting is fun.)
  • Activated vibration of “delight.” (To feel now how I would feel then. Polar bear cub pictures did the trick!)
  • Thought of ways I’ve experienced money out of the blue before.
  • Called in angels & higher players to help.
  • Let it go.
  • After letting it go, when I did I think of this topic, I thought of it as a done deal.

All that was spread out over a period of five days. On day seven I was offered (out of the clear blue) $70,000 to sell my interest in a house I own. It was a more than fair deal, and solved a couple other challenges at the time, so I accepted. But the money wasn’t in hand by day ten, so I didn’t count it.
On my second attempt several weeks later, I decided to let the process be much easier.
Here’s a breakdown of what my second attempt looked like:
Day 1: Past tense story telling in writing, aka Pray Rain Journaling.
This has always been my go-to manifesting technique when it really matters, since putting it in writing is always super powerful for me.
In fact, this is my actual entry (remember this part is scripted in advance, not real life):

Have I told you the story about how I manifested $1,000 in 10 days? You are going to LOVE this one!! It’s one of my favorite manifesting stories of all time.
Okay, so I decided I wanted to write a blog post titled How I Manifested $1,000 in 10 Days. So I thought in order to write that post, I need to manifest $1,000 in ten days. So I decided to do it.
And I practiced a couple things – I did this, I did that, and one of the things I did was to tell the story about how I manifested $1,000 in 10 days.
Then I totally let it go – letting go is something I’ve been working on lately, so I’m getting way better at it. Totally forgot about the intended money from the clear blue manifestation.
And then get this – I was sitting out in the back yard one day, when my friend brought in the mail for me. And in there was a notice that I needed to make a phone call or send something in writing in order to claim this money that had been held in an account for me for over six months. Six MONTHS! I had no idea about this money! I had no idea about this company! Or that they were holding money in my name! Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. So it counts as money coming from the clear blue!! I have to say, I laughed out LOUD for like five minutes straight when I realized what had manifested. And it happened on like day six, I think. I’ll have to check for sure, but it was definitely within the week! So much fun to play with this stuff! In fact, I think I’ll do it again …  🙂

Day 2: Didn’t do anything. Didn’t even think about this project.
Day 3: Didn’t do anything again. (This is first rate “letting go”!)
Day 4: Still didn’t do any alignment techniques. In fact, at this point I’ve totally forgotten about this project.
It was the afternoon of day 4 that my ex-boyfriend handed me a $5,000 cashier’s check payable to me.
“What’s this for?”
At first glance it looked like a check, in fact it was an official check (practically cash), with my name on it. But none of this made any sense.
He explained he was closing an account at the credit union that day, and that he wanted to support me in my latest legal adventure (more on that later). And this was his contribution.
My ex – wanted to support me – with my legal expenses. ?!
The guy who earlier that summer was … actually, I’m going to leave out any negative stories about him. Suffice it to say, this counts as a legitimate pleasant surprise.
It also definitely counted as coming “from the clear blue;” being easy and enjoyable; and it was also five times over the $1,000 I said I wanted – and it came in half the time.
It actually took me a few hours to remember my manifesting project and realize that this was that come to fruition.
So that’s how I manifested over a thousand dollars in less than ten days.
Check these posts out for money manifesting tutorials, or join us at Good Vibe U for more money support.
And please share your favorite money manifesting stories with us. Everyone loves a good money success story!

  • October 16, 2013

Getting Straight with Money

Get Straight with Money by Resolving These 3 KinksSome folks get frustrated when their efforts to manifest money don’t work even though they follow LOA instructions to a T.
I’ve noticed that sometimes the steps engaged only address one particular aspect of alignment, even thought there are other elements involved as well.
Here’s what I mean by that:

You may be good at imagining a rich life, but if you don’t feel worthy of it, there’s a vibrational disconnect.

Or you might feel completely deserving of financial abundance, but in the back of your mind you associate wealth with negative things.  (Family tension, tax headaches, unscrupulous behaviors, etc.)

Or maybe you’ve done the work of embracing financial prosperity as a good thing, and you feel completely worthy of it, but you haven’t changed your “what is” signal to Universe.

The three elements I see involved in the vibrational kink:

1) Believing money is a good thing
2) Knowing you deserve money
3) Flowing the vibration of having money

Missing even one of those alignment elements can block the flow of money.

Sometimes we focus on just one particular alignment angle without realizing there are others in play as well.
If you’ve been wanting to let more money in your world and it isn’t happening, this is your invitation to check in on each of the three points:
1.  Money Is Good.  Sometimes we unconsciously believe in a downside to having money.  If you want more than you’ve got, make sure you’re on board that it’s good to have.
2.  You Deserve It.  Unworthiness stops a lot of parties in their tracks.  Universe can only be as good to you as you’re willing to receive, so self-worth matters.
3.  You’ve Got It.  Even if you believe money is good and that you deserve it, if you don’t know the vibration of money, it can’t make its way to you.  Do you know what it’s like to be rich?  That’s the signal you want to learn to send.
If you see you’ve got a kink in one of these three money alignments, it’s simply a matter of engaging new thoughts to get straight with money.
You’ll find more posts on those subjects here at the blog, and also at Good Vibe University where we regularly host calls on money alignment.
Regardless of how you choose to improve your alignment, know that any shift you make in your vibration swiftly creates a shift in your 3D reality.
It’s worth remembering, too, that lots of good things can happen even when our alignment isn’t perfect.  I know plenty of people who manifested big bucks even with one of these kinks in place.
But if you’re scratching your head wondering why it’s not happening for you, review the three elements above to get ideas for creating more alignment.
Let’s hear a big YAY for letting in money!

  • April 7, 2013

Q&A: Releasing Need for Money

releasing the need for moneyIn last week’s post about manifesting money fast, I said it doesn’t work well when we try to manifest money under pressure.
Rather, that it’s much easier to do when money isn’t such a big deal and when we don’t “need” to come up with cash soon.

Along those same lines, Abraham recently answered how to manifest the BIG money: you have to not make it so BIG.  Because thinking of it that way puts it out of reach.

In response to my post a facebook reader asked, “How to not need money when you really do need the money?”
I’ve got thoughts to share, but wanted to open this up to you all, because I know some of your personal experiences will hit home much more powerfully than mine.
How do you make money not be a big deal when there’s pressure to have some?
Thanks in advance for considering the question and for sharing your thoughts!
PS – the photo with this post is a clue to one of my favorite answers on this subject.  😉

  • January 16, 2013