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The Question That Calls In Cash

attract money with this questionWe know that whatever we hold in mind about money is what (and how) we create our financial situation to be.
So when we try to figure out how to hang on to money, or even just make more of it, we may be dialed on “scarcity” or “need.” Which isn’t what we want.
Once we know how powerful our attention is, the trick becomes how to shift the signal you’re sending about money.
I landed on a great question to accomplish just that after I caught myself trying to figure out how to get a sizable deposit back from a company I suspected didn’t want to refund it. As I was analyzing the contract and anticipating their challenge, I realized I was sending a signal that wouldn’t ALLOW them to easily return the money.
I was treating money as if it were scarce, important, and worth arguing about.
So I took a deep breath to help clear the energy, and then asked this question:
“How would I handle this if I had money to burn?”

Because “money to burn” is pretty much the experience I prefer to have with money. PLENTY of it. So much so that I don’t look at price tags, don’t rely on credit, and don’t delay desired purchases. As in, “Rolling In It.”

Maybe my approach in this particular situation wouldn’t be any different. But whatever it is, I want to make sure my signal to Universe says PLENTY of money for me. That’s the frequency I want to dial in on.
So … if I had so much money that I could literally throw it out the windows and not notice the difference, how would I handle this situation?
Just asking the question plugged me back into the feeling of abundance and plenty.

And even if it weren’t in my bank account right now, I know how easy money is to attract in. All I gotta do is get friendly with it and let it in. There is PLENTY out there that would LOVE to hang with me.
That’s the kind of vibrational alignment I’m shooting for.

As I contemplated how I would handle this situation under “money to burn” circumstances, I felt an ease and a peace take over that hadn’t been present before. The tension was gone and there was an “allrightness” that I knew was a much better frequency to dial in on.
What was there for me to do here? Nothing. No fight to be had, no action to be taken. It’ll fix itself and if there’s anything for me to do, I’ll know it because I’ll feel the impulse of it.
Until then, all I have to do is watch my dial.
Which is why I wanted to share the question with you, in case you’re getting dialed on “scarcity” or “need” as you do yearly taxes, or negotiate a contract for new rent, or a job or loan or whatever.
However you might be handling money, pay attention to what you’re believing or expecting about it. Because that signal determines what happens next.
I know many of you use great questions to help shift the money vibe, too. We’d love to hear them if you care to share!

  • March 6, 2012

Q&A: How to Feel Rich When You've Never Known It?

how to feel wealthy when you're notAn astute question came in from a new reader here that I thought you all could help answer:

I’ve read your suggestion that to manifest what you want, you should “feel now how you would feel then.”
That makes sense, but I don’t know how to feel something I’ve never experienced.  Specifically, I want to create my financial wealth, but that’s not something I’ve ever known.  All I’ve ever known is struggle and lack.  (Unfortunately, that is not an exaggeration.)
So while I understand it’s important to feel financially abundant now, I don’t have a clue what that would be like. Does that mean I won’t be able to create it?  What do you suggest I do?

It’s been a while since we’ve covered this, so I thought it due for a revisit.
Plus, people ask questions like this on a variety of manifesting subjects – whether it’s enjoying being a parent, thriving in a happy relationship, landing professional success, etc.
What do you guys recommend to someone who might be manifesting something they’re completely unfamiliar with?  (Specifically money?)  How do you vibrate something that might be a brand new frequency for you?  Or is it really even that important?
Thank you in advance for sharing your favorite tips, wisdom and insights with our friend.

  • January 15, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Manifest Money

Top 10 Ways to Manifest Money via GoodVibeBlog.com
No matter how much money we have (lots or not so much), it seems most of us would welcome more financial abundance into our lives.
(Unless you’re this guy.)
In working with many conscious creators to attract money with the law of attraction, here’s what I’ve found works best:
1. Drop the need.
Need and abundance don’t go together. So if you have to pick one of those vibrations, it’s obvious which one to go with, right?  Find a way to release that needy energy.  Tips on letting go are here.
2. Make peace with the present.
Resisting your current state of affairs only perpetuates them.  (This goes hand in hand with #1.)  However you do it, find a way to get okay with how things are now.  Resistance serves as a powerful dam holding up tremendous wealth.  Dropping that resistance bursts the dam, flooding you with money.
3. Skip the middle man.
Give yourself the gift of whatever you think having money will do for you.  You think it will bring peace of mind?  Happiness?  Relief?  Fun? Access those states now.  Three deep breaths ushers in peace.  Playing with the dog enhances joy.  Don’t make money responsible for making you feel better.  Feel better now, just because you choose so.  (That’s a party money loves to show up at!)
4. Act as if.
You don’t have to actually have money in order to vibrate it. Since we get what we vibrate, when you send the signal to Universe that you’ve got money, guess what it has to send?  Money!  Here’s how Mike Dooley did it: when he’d get a big bill in the mail, instead of fretting or despairing, he’d say, “Oooh, it’s a good thing I’m rich.”  When he wasn’t.  Yet.  (And it worked!)
top ten ways to manifest money5. Get “relationship” therapy.
Improve your relationship with money by paying attention how you treat it. Do you speak to it kindly?  Think of it appreciatively?  Make improvements in that relationship, and it’ll love you back.
6. Be good to yourself.
Since Universe is taking its cue from you, when you treat yourself well, it’ll do the same. And money is often part of how it does that. If you need help with self-love, I’ve got you covered with an ebook devoted to that topic.
7. Use a money manifesting technique.
Call it in, sing it in, chant it in, journal it in, visualize it.  Click on any of those to expand on each idea.  (That “call it in” link is the hilarious Reverend Ike Calling In Money.  If you want someone to literally sing along with, Lady Gaga likes money, too.)
8. Watch your language!
Tell a better money story.  Are you talking about it like there isn’t enough?  Are you speaking about it like you need more?  As long as you tell that version, that’s how it has to be!  Improve your story and money will follow suit.  Even “it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be,” “it’ll be ok,” “everything works out,” “I don’t have to figure this out right now” type stories can start a good shift.
9. Appreciate the money you have now.
Abraham says the best way to get money is to appreciate the money you already have.  And if you don’t have any money now, appreciate whatever else you have.  Or the money you see around you. Or the money you’ve had before.  Bottom line – give thanks for money where you can! When Universe gets that signal from you, it’ll send more.
10. Forget about it.
When your financial panties are in a twist, sometimes the best thing to do is get off the topic altogether. Give it up. Walk away and let things work out while you’re mowing the lawn or taking a nap. If you consistently come to this topic with a negative vibration, and aren’t having any luck upgrading your vibe (which is really easy to do when you think you’ve good reason to worry) – the best thing you can do might be NOTHING!  Let it go. Find something else (enjoyable) to occupy your mind and don’t be surprised if things take a swift turn for the better once you really truly drop the subject.
Some of my favorite reminders for how to manifest money are these clips from Abraham and this article from Steve Pavlina.  (And of course, my Manifesting Money ebook.)
If you’ve got tips, comments or questions to share, please do in the comments.  And happy manifesting!

  • November 30, 2011

Budgets in the Vortex

This guest post comes from Money Coach Christy Lambert, who offers high vibing help for deliberate creators struggling to find the “feel good” in working with a budget.
budgets in the vortex with Christy LambertI love my budget.
It makes me happy. It activates vibes of empowerment, intention and gratitude in my life.
I didn’t always see it this way. I used to be a big budget hater.
I mean, if the whole point of law of attraction is to feel good, why would I spend time creating something — like a budget spreadsheet — that showed me all the things I couldn’t have?
And then I realized I had it wrong.
I was limiting myself. In reality, I wasn’t buying everything I wanted; I was only telling myself I could.
Which felt awesome until I ran out of money or wrote a check and wondered if it would clear.
To top it off, I’d buy things I didn’t really value and pass up things I did.
Not consciously choosing how to spend my money was activating all kinds of scarcity, worry and doubt in my life.
Then I learned something that changed my perspective
I learned budgets don’t have to be about deprivation. They can be about setting conscious intentions about money and energy. Choosing, in advance, what you most desire.
Even the dictionary knew it before I did. The dictionary defines budget as: “a plan for the coordination of resources and expenditures.”
Budgets help you focus on what you DO have and what you CHOOSE to do with it. In fact, budgets are one of the most effective tools out there to help you activate the feeling of abundance.
Consider this:

  1. Budgets force you to clarify what you most desire and focus on what is most important in your life.
  2. Once you have this clarity, budgets direct your money and your energy towards what matters most and away from things that don’t. Everything you choose not to put in the budget creates room to add something you value more.
  3. When your budget lines up with your values, you spend more energy on things that make you feel good, which attracts more things that make you feel good.

Simply put:
Budget = Setting an Intention + Focusing on What you Most Value = Alignment & Feeling Good.
The process of budgeting has taught me so much about myself and my values. It’s taught me that I value a night out with friends infinitely more than a pair of new shoes. It’s taught me that I value a clean house more than cable. It’s taught me that I value shelter and food more than almost anything.
If you want to spend more time in the money vortex, follow these three steps to create a budget that will help you get there.

  1. Make a list of everything you desire. Everything. Travel, a nice home, food for your family, clean clothes, food for your pets, health insurance, etc.
  2. Then get clear on how much you value each item. As hard as it is, force rank everything on the list. Be honest… do you really value travel more than food? There’s no right or wrong answers — the whole thing is just about you getting honest and clear with yourself about what you really want. What brings you the greatest joy?
  3. Create a budget that is in alignment with this list.

Christy Lambert, Money CoachThe best news is, you can have it all. When you start with what you value most you will attract the rest. Budgets aren’t about what you can’t have. Rather, they are 100 percent about what you can have. They are about owning your choices. For your money and your life.
Christy Lambert is a certified life & money coach who specializes in helping people get really, really happy by falling in love with fitness & money.  Get your free copy of her Ebook: What No One Told You About Money & Happiness at www.christylambert.com

  • November 3, 2011

How to Stay Productive?!

productivity is overratedThat’s what my coaches and colleagues keep asking – how do I stay on track every day with the goals and objectives I’ve set for my business?  As in, how do I keep from wasting time on facebook?
Seriously?  How could it be a waste of time if I liked it?
That sounded like a ridiculous question … until I realized that the goals and objectives of my business ARE to waste time on facebook.
At least, if “wasting” time on facebook is a good time to me.
(Which it usually is.)
Because my goals and objectives aren’t the traditional kind.
I’m not out to accomplish world domination, I’m just looking for a good time.
That’s the purpose of my business.  That’s the point of my life.
(Although I wouldn’t be surprised if my business did dominate because of my commitment to enjoyment!)
As long as I’m having a good time, there’s no such thing as wasting time.
Yes, I like making money.  And I believe that’s best done when I’m having fun.  Not by being “productive.”  I’m not sacrificing financial abundance by not working hard.  In fact, I believe it’s quite the opposite.
After all, it’s about vibrational alignment.  Good things happen when you’re feeling good – not when you’re working your ass off.  (I know there are some people for whom those things go hand in hand.  I’m not one.)
Get this: at Good Vibe U we have a monthly calls devoted strictly to celebrating and giggling.  These are not our most highly attended calls.  And I personally don’t miss a single one.  Because they’re a good time for me, and that’s what I make important.
Not improving myself, or learning something useful, or doing what I think I’m supposed to.  Just seeking out the most enjoyment. Isn’t that the point of everything we engage?  Because we think it’s going to lead to more happiness?
People who think they’re in business to make money so they can enjoy life may be missing the essential ingredient to getting there: enjoyment.
Unhappy  journeys don’t have happy endings.
So facebook (and Maru, and TED, and anything else that sounds fun) – you can count on me for the party!

And having said all that, I AM really excited about a new offering coming to GVU: LOA for Business! Contributors include Matt O’Grady, Merry Moola, myself and others who are skilled at practicing deliberate creation for business.  If you haven’t joined us for the celebrating and giggling, this may be the perfect excuse to invest some of your “productive” time with us!

  • October 11, 2011

Money Math for Deliberate Creators

manifesting money with law of attractionDeliberate creators know we create our reality according to what we focus on.
Whatever thoughts we think or pictures we imagine is what we bring to life.
Our only limit to what we create is what we are able to imagine and believe in.
We know that, and yet … when it comes to manifesting money, many of us hold a common limiting belief.  
That belief being: the more we spend, the less we have.
You know what I mean, right? Like when you have $400 in checking, and you spend $150 on groceries, you know you have $250 left.

As you think, so shall it be.

Yes, we all learned proper subtraction skills in grade school, but we’re deliberate creators who understand the power of our consciousness! We can do better with our bank accounts than that!

Even Will Smith says he’s in charge of the numbers:
“Two plus two’s gonna be what I want it to be … Just decide and from that point Universe is gonna get out of your way.”

What if you believed that the more you spent, the more you had? That every time you put a dollar in circulation, two more immediately and automatically on their way to you? Or five more? Or a hundred more?
If we gave up the belief that we have less when we spend money, think how much more fun it would be to spend it! Universe could have some serious fun with those vibrations.
Are you ready to create “magic” with money?
You can, simply by changing the vibrational instructions you offer about it.
When you pay a bill or part with money in some way, instead of thinking that means you have less, entertain the thought that it means you are getting MORE.

Kind of like when you trim back a plant it grows like crazy where you cut it back? Just like that! Even nature practices this principle! It’s not so far-fetched after all.

Imagine that the very act of putting currency in circulation is what directs Universe to send more your way. That the more you spend, the more is coming back to you. Stop that old fashioned money math where you subtract it after spending. Let’s multiply instead!
If you believed that, or even just enjoyed the possibility of that thought, your new signal to Universe would require a change in how money shows up in your world.

If you can imagine it, you can have it.

So instead of doing the mental math and “knowing” how much is in your account after you go shopping or pay the bills, practice a new “knowing” with the deliberate creator’s kind of money math.
Here’s to having more fun with money than our traditionally trained minds have been letting us!

  • October 6, 2011

Holy Hannah, This Stuff Works Fast!

money-faucet1Those of you who read Pray Rain entries or have been in group mastermind conversations know I’ve been getting healthy reminders from Universe to follow intuition- regardless of how much sense it does or doesn’t make.

Which I thought I was already pretty good at, but apparently there’s a whole new skill level for me to master.
So when I started feeling an urge to offer an “open” course on manifesting money, I paid attention.
“Wouldn’t it be fun,” I thought, “to offer a course on money where everyone could benefit?  Especially the folks who think they have no money?!”
That DID sound like fun!  It was a clear call from inspiration, even though my “logical” brain (i.e. gremlins) said ridiculous things like:

  • “You can’t do this for free, girlfriend, you do still work for a living!” and
  • “People will totally take advantage – you’ll have twice the participants but make half the money” and
  • “People will think you’re doing it because you can’t fill a group if it costs money” and
  • “People who don’t pay much won’t get good value”

But I remembered the price I paid for ignoring intuition and not following my heart before, and it isn’t going to happen again!
So in yesterday’s ezine, I let guidance run the show and unveiled a new group Money Course starting July 8th that has a structure different than my typical offerings: YOU set the tuition, and you pay it when you’re ready.
It felt good, open, liberated and loose.
(No coincidence that’s the vibration around Money that works really well, too!)
Then this morning I woke up remembering the tail end of a dream where I was looking for something in the corner of a room where nothing should have been.
To my delight, what appeared before my very eyes was a cool … well, I don’t know it was.  A decorated pen or colorful mini-umbrella or something.  Whatever it was, I was delighted to find it there, and as I reached down for it several more appeared out of thin air!  Just as beautiful, just as dazzling, just as delightful.
Right where they shouldn’t have been.
I knew instantly angels were telling me I was on the right track with this offering that might seem like it would result in less income and tenuous value, that there would actually be more beautiful surprise gifts involved with it.  (Angels get through to me best in dreams.)
Cool, huh?!
And this morning, right after finishing a meeting with my mastermind group where I talked about my new approach with this Money Course, I opened an email from Paypal which revealed the biggest single lump sum deposit my account has ever seen.
(And I’ve done corporate gigs before!)
It was from a private client who was paying for services in advance.  It surprised me so much I tweeted this:

“Holy mother of God. Just got a HUGE paypal pmt from a client who is apparently paying in advance. For life. That – or she made a typo! lol”

But then I realized what was really happening.  Universe was giving me not just great confirmation of how well it works to follow intuition and be loose and open and trusting, but it also gave me a great opening story for the Money Course!  (hee hee)
If you’re interested in having some fun with me and Money next month, be sure you’re signed up for the ezine to get details on it next week.  (Sign up links are at the top of this blog’s sidebar and on the Good Vibe Coaching site.)
The extra cool part of this is that while vacuuming today, I got another clear hit from angels that this isn’t my course.  Apparently it’s YOURS.
Can’t wait to see where you take us with it!
(In fact, if you’ve got ideas, please share them here.  Thank you!)

  • June 17, 2009

Let Us Count the $ Ways

windowA couple years ago fellow coach Tom shared a story he heard from Eckhart Tolle that went something like this:

It’s as if you are an apartment building, with lots of doors and windows.  It’s through your open doors and windows that the Universe delivers the goods you’ve been asking for.
The challenge is that most of us have many of our doors and windows closed up. 
For example, Tolle suggested, when it comes to Money, most of us have all our doors and windows locked up tight,  except for one – cracked open just an inch or two – which we call our JOB.

The point being that our belief system doesn’t allow most of us to receive as much money as we could be, as easily as we could be. 
So all Universe has to work with is a couple of inches.  It has to try to squeeze through all the money we’ve been desiring through this one barely open window.  When instead, if we had all our doors and windows wide open, money (and everything else we want) could quickly and easily flow in!
I’ve found through work with clients, and even in myself at times, that if we don’t see “how” money could come to us, we’re stumped in being able to believe it will.
For that reason, I’d like us to open some doors and windows right now by sharing here all the different ways we know, believe, and imagine money could flow into one’s life.  Please share your story about how money came into your world unexpectedly or unusually!
I’ll start a short list here, and will add to it based on your comments. 
(Don’t worry about reading all the comments to see if someone else already posted yours – repeats are great!!)
Possible Ways Money Could Enter a Person’s Life:

  • Earn it
  • Inherit it
  • Find it
  • Be gifted it
  • Win it
  • Conjure it (I’ve done it)
  • Grow it (investments, money trees)
  • Print it
  • Steal it (Martha says if you don’t include something illegal, immoral or unethical, you’re not thinking outisde the box!)
  • Borrow it
  • Remember it (it’s been there all along!)
  • Keep it (when you were expecting to part with it)
  • Raise it (sell something, fundraise, etc.)
  • Tips
  • Pose as model for art class
  • Free airfare (skymiles)
  • Slot machines
  • Get paid for services you’d do for free
  • Win a bet with a friend
  • Refinance the debt/mortgage
  • Insurance settlement proceeds
  • Return something to the store
  • Late wedding presents
  • Win something in a drawing
  • Reward money for info to police
  • Member share check from utility company
  • Refunds
  • Witnessing a marriage
  • Coupons showing up
  • Qualifying for unemployment compensation
  • Bills or expenses less than expected
  • Overpaid escrow refund
  • Interest on savings
  • Government economic stimulus payments
  • Ex-spouse pays back child support
  • Government funded parental leave
  • Gift cards
  • Ask for it
  • Focus group participation
  • Survey incentives
  • Sugardaddies (ha!)
  • Treasure hunt
  • Bank mistakes in your favor
  • Find an old stash of it

Here are a few of my favorite stories about money coming in effortlessly through wide open windows besides the J-O-B one:
After intending more money into his pocket, a client’s mother asked him to read a letter she just received from the Department of Unclaimed Property.  It was alerting her that there was a balance due to her, but she had to complete paperwork in order to claim it.  She told her son if he would do the paperwork, he could keep whatever came from it.  He deposited a check for over $6,000 shortly afterward!

It actually used to be my J-O-B to notify people that they had a balance in a 401k plan that we needed to distribute to them (by law).  More often than not, they had totally forgotten or never even knew they had any money in the plan.  Those were fun letters to send and checks to cut!

One of my clients is masterful at attracting investors to his coaching business.  Most coaches don’t grow their business with someone else’s money, but he has been offered three different (five figure) investments by various people who wanted to support him in his impactful work.

Friend and fellow coach Michele just tweeted yesterday while talking to the IRS that instead of owing them money, it turns out they owe her money!  Way to go, Michele!

Those of you who have worked with me have heard my story about intending effortless easy money, only to discover weeks later that my bank balance was mysteriously higher than it should have been.  Repeatedly.  Even after letting the bank know there was a mistake, the process continued.  Between $100 and $200 every five or six weeks would mysteriously appear.  Couldn’t see the deposit, couldn’t see where I was off in my reconciliation (and I was a CFP – I knew how to reconcile).  Eventually I gave up trying to balance my checkbook, so for all I know it’s still happening!
Okay, I’m turning this party over to you! 
Let’s hear ways money comes to us besides our jobs, as well as some of your favorite real life stories where it’s happened to you or someone you know. 
Remember, repeat examples are great.  When it comes to opening up doors and windows that we’ve had closed, repetition helps!  (As might re-reading Vibrating Money In or playing with the Money Mantra.)
And if you’re thinking this is the post you need to read rather than contribute to, I invite you to rethink.  We get what we put out, so if you feel particularly ready to let some money in, the best thing you could do is get in alignment with it by recalling a time it’s happened to you!
Here’s to recognizing money for what it is in our lives: whatever we choose it to be


  • May 29, 2009
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