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Your Feel Good Playlist

feel good playlist“You are born with a melody in your brain, a song capable of keeping you balanced, bringing you peace from within and shaping your neurochemistry.”
That’s Sting writing about how our favorite songs can bring positive change into everyday life.
Which many of us practice to a certain extent already, but it’s worth getting very deliberate about leveraging the power of music to shift the vibe.
From the book Your Playlist Can Change Your Life, the authors share that science documents “the profound influence of music on your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.”
They say music can be used to trigger various mental states, which is why your playlist can help “cleanse your mind of negative and unwanted thoughts and emotions, making it easier to reach goals, maintain alertness, and achieve an all-encompassing calm.”
No surprise, right?  We inherently know the power of music to affect our vibrational state – so I imagine most of us already have a playlist for feeling good.
And if you don’t, it’s high time!  This is easy and fun vibe management methodology here.  🙂
This post is inspired by a reader who recently asked me to share my feel good playlist, after she read this piece about Songs for Manifesters.

I actually have several playlists designed to make me feel better depending on where I’m at on the vibrational scale.  One is called Chill Out (to use when tense or when it’s time to dial down), one named Life Is Good (for enhancing the feel good vibe), another titled It’ll Be Okay (for when I’m down), and a fun one called Get Busy (for quality time with a sweetie).
My ipod also sports a Wake Up playlist, an SHB list (for amping up the sexy), one to get the confidence up for presenting to a group, and a few others.

I’ll share a few selections from my Life Is Good playlist, but I’m most interested in getting new tips on great songs from you all:

  • Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy With It
  • Tesla – Getting Better
  • Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride
  • Pat Benatar – All Fired Up
  • Lifehouse – Everything
  • Kid Rock – All Summer Long
  • James Brown – I Feel Good
  • Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now
  • Diddy Dirty Money – Hello Good Morning
  • Cat Stevens – Peace Train
  • Adam Lambert – Feelin’ Good
  • Bee Gees – Saturday Night Fever
  • Jason Aldean – Dirt Road Anthem

We know music is a personal thing and what one person loves may make another wince, but there’s still lots of benefit in sharing our favorites.
So … what’s on your feel good playlist?

  • May 31, 2012

Money Manifesting Playlist

manifest money through musicWhat if manifesting money was as simple as playing a new song?

Sound too easy?

But of course it can be that simple, because whatever helps get our attention on what we want is an effective manifesting aid.

This song does that for me (compliments of Sexy & Sober Shannon’s pinterest board):

I especially appreciate the alternating lyric: “Money keeps coming to me”:

As I was posting this in the “just for fun” department at Good Vibe U, I realized it also belongs in the Money Manifesting department, too.

Because it’s a legitimate focusing tool.  I know the power of songs to shift the vibe

Right before my boyfriend broke up with me, I cautioned him not to listen to this song too much.  He didn’t take my advice, and a week later we were done.

One might argue that telling your boyfriend what to listen to is not particularly conducive to a good relationship.  Or that he was listening to the song because he was already in the mood to break up.  Fair enough …

But I still believe there’s a strong connection to what we’re replaying in our mind and what happens in our lives.  And that replay counts whether it’s a mantra, an affirmation, a song, an image, a person, or whatever grabs our attention.

So with that in mind, I propose a money manifesting playlist!

Here are a few money songs I collected, but we’d love to hear what you’re using to get in the vibration of financial abundance.

this music takes a different approach to shift into alignment (uses the 528 hertz frequency for vibrational healing):

In fact, maybe someone could write a “guest post” collection of other playlists, too: one for thriving business, one for happy relationship, healthy body, maybe peaceful planet, etc.

In the meantime, please share music you’ve found to help vibrate abundance.  Thank you!

  • March 8, 2012

Q&A: Songs for Manifesters

songs manifesters loveWhen Nikki shared this video made with Amy Steinberg’s “Exactly” song in the GVU forums today, it made me wonder what other fabulous music for deliberate creators I don’t know about.

And then I thought who better to fill me in than you all?!

Plus, I’ve been wanting a post devoted to uplifting music.  Not just music that makes you feel good, but lyrics that are specifically written for conscious creators.

So I’m inviting you to please share your favorite LOA tunes.  Songs that inspire your creative powers, remind you of your divinity to manifest what you want, and encourage you to go for it!

I’ll update this post with whatever video clips and links we collect in the comments.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s Amy Steinberg’s Exactly:

Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten fills the bill for this request, too, I think:

MC Yogi’s Give Love

Shawn Gallaway’s I Choose Love

Kellee Maize’s Third Eye

Lisa Ekdahl’s One Life

Carrie Underwood’s Ever Ever After

Miley Cyrus’s The Climb

Miley Cyrus’ Life’s What You Make It

des’ree You Gotta Be

Jason Mraz Anything You Want

Amp Fiddler Possibilities

Shakira Give It Up To Me

Beckah Shae’s Life

Get Spanky What You Focus on Grows

Brand New Heavies You Are The Universe

  • April 2, 2011