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Ode to the New Year

dancing with 2016Happy New Year to all my fellow creators!
Welcome to a beautiful clean slate to play with! A fresh clean calendar to make our mark on! 365 brand new days to dance with!
I know not everyone feels that way, though, because we’re less than twelve hours into the new year and I’m already seeing emails asking how to ensure 2016 is better than that last awful year.
So here’s a sure fire way to guarantee your new year rocks the way you want it to:
Remember what there was to love about 2015.
Give a couple thanks for the things that went your way. Recall the times you laughed, and you loved, and you delighted with something life delivered you.
It could have been finding that random delicious brownie in the break room that one day.
It could have been when your item rang up on surprise sale at the checkout.
Or maybe when you smiled at the ginormous hole the neighbor’s dog dug after being left in the yard all day.
It doesn’t have to be big, and it’s okay if it was just one occurrence of lightness in your entire year.
But remembering how 2015 was good to you gives 2016 a chance to do even better.
It wasn’t all bad, I am sure of it. And dwelling on the good parts is the only vibration shift you need to let more good stuff in.
When we stop resisting what life seems to be delivering (I say “seem to be” because often our perception is just a little skewed from letting us see it as perfection) it gives Universe a chance to deliver the other things we would enthusiastically say yes to.
For my part, I’ve got a little love letter in my head for my new romance with 2016. I’ll share this “2016 Activation Script” for anyone who could use a shift in their new year vibe:

2016, I am ready to dance with you!
I really liked my last dance partner (2015 was good to me in many, many ways). But it’s your turn now and I am ready to rock this place with you at my side.
I’ve had my eye on you for a little while now, and I have to say, I like what I see.
You are my idea of a good time – fresh and fun and free! I can see the smile you’re already smiling and I can tell that you were born to boogie.
Let’s do this thing, my new friend, and let’s have a blast at it. Let’s laugh, and love, and relish in the joys of this amazing life!
Let’s be good to each other in the way that it was always meant to be.
We know how to do this. We were made for this time, this moment, this new day.
I have a good feeling about you, 2016. Let’s rock this party together!

I hope you’re as excited about the new year as I am, and I wish you all the best in the amazing days to come.
Happy New Year, everyone!

  • January 1, 2016

Cleaning the New Slate

clean slate for the new yearWhat’s better than a brand new year to play with?
Well, maybe kittens.  Or a box of new crayons.
But having a fresh new year ahead definitely ranks.
Which is why it’s worth making the most of that clean slate.
That means we conscious creators want to be very deliberate about leaving our sad old stories in the past where they belong.
I’m intending to keep 2014 fresh and sparkly by not bringing in tales of what went wrong, of what I didn’t like, or of who didn’t do me right.  Those get retired tonight.
Because even though it’s an old story, if I keep telling it – or even thinking it – it’s a current vibration.  And I know too much to play that way.
2014 deserves to be met with good vibrations, and I milked enough contrast from those old stories to last through a whole new year anyway.
So tonight I kiss my moldy oldies goodbye and give the new year a chance to be that – new.  Something different and better than before.
Yes, I’ve got some epic tales that served so well they’ll get carried over to a seat of honor, but anything I didn’t love or don’t want more of gets left at the midnight threshold.
Because a new year of magic and miracles isn’t filled with memories of what went wrong.
It’s a new day, a new moon, and a new year.  No better time to let go of the stories keeping your big dream from coming to full fruition.

Here’s to a year of abundant delights, pleasures and joys, and a year filled with love, light and laughter.  May your 2014 be more magical than we could ever dream!

  • December 31, 2013

My 2013 Vow to Stop Trying

my 2013 vow to stop tryingWe’re getting a lot of input this week about how to make the most of a brand new year.
Lots of it is really good advice, too.
I’m a sucker for that kind of input – to make sure I’m optimizing my experience and making life better however possible.
(Any self-help junkies here who can relate?)
I like setting strong intentions and embracing new habits.  I love getting clear about big dreams and daring myself to take radical action towards them.
I don’t want to miss out on something life-changing!
And at the same time, I know that perception (that I could do something to make life better) can blind me to the experience that life already IS amazing.  That there isn’t anything that needs to change or be different in order to love it fully.
Which is why I’m leveraging my new year’s excitement for resolutions to hereby vow to stop trying.
To stop trying to make the most of it all.
To stop trying to get there and instead realize I already am.
To go with easy instead.  And perfect.  As is.
To live life like I already won.
Instead of working to get there … to realize I already am.
How else can I enjoy the successes I want to create if I don’t see them when they’re already here?
I vow to stop thinking things should be different than they are.  Or that other circumstances would be easier to enjoy.
I intend to remember that happiness is always mine to choose, not to figure out or to create.
I’m just going to allow allow allow myself to feel the sweet spot that is my life.
And to do 2013 justice by being fully present to enjoy it.
We’re talking 2013 LOA strategies on today’s GVU call.  Join us at 4 pm est for a lively discussion of a variety of fabulous ways to embrace the new year!

  • January 2, 2013

Activate: Happy New Year!

happy new yearAs we close out 2012 and say hello to a brand new year, let’s activate the happy new year vibration!
This special installment to our vibration activation series is designed to help you usher in a fabulous 2013.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.
Enjoy rockin’ the new year:

It feels so good to have a fresh clean slate to play with!  A whole new set of possibilities, with last year’s triumphs and challenges behind.
While there were plenty of things that went right this last year, I’m looking forward to an even better year ahead.  One filled with exciting opportunities, brilliant insights, fun adventures, amazing people – as well as love, well being, and abundance.
I’m looking forward to putting the past behind me and opening myself to new ideas and habits that allow my favorite dreams to come to beautiful fruition.
I trust that everything will work out to my benefit this year, and that I’ll enjoy the process tremendously.  Because I’ve never been wiser, or more experienced, or more allowing than I am now.  Count me in for good times, with great friends, in amazing places.
I am ready to rock this new year!  (And for it to delight and thrill me.)
Woo hoo for 2013!!

If you’ve got excitement for the new year, please share thoughts in the comments to help amplify the vibe.

  • December 31, 2012

My 2011 Intentions

Instead of another post about how to launch a new year (there are enough already), I’m sharing my personal new year intentions instead.
When I asked this morning what I wanted to commit to in 2011 (if anything), here’s what I got.  This year, I intend:
No workouts. I promise not to do one single workout just for the sake of a workout.  I do promise to have fun moving my body when and how I feel inspiration for it.

(And not because I’m supposed to or in order to change anything; but rather simply because it feels good.  And if it doesn’t, I won’t.)

No eating rules. I promise not to eat a single thing because it’s good for me, but rather to let enjoyment lead the way to and through each and every meal.  I will listen to what this body wants and do my best to honor it.

(And I also promise to enjoy every single bite of chocolate all year long.)

New metrics.  I intend to focus less on the numbers (revenue, traffic, subscribers, sales) and more on what really matters to me: connections, impact, enjoyment.
Speak up. I promise to continue speaking my mind, even when it’s not popular.  (And I intend to get even better at being true to myself, not just ruled by rebellious tendencies.)
Body love. I promise to practice even more appreciation and love for this amazing body carrying me through this stunningly fantastic world.
People love. I intend to love my fellow creators like they deserve to be loved – fully and unconditionally – starting with the guy I make my home with.  (Oh wait, I’m starting with my self and my body first, but he’s right up there, too.)
Contrast love.  I intend to let other people’s contrast be theirs and not be bothered when mine isn’t theirs.  (Sometimes I try to convince others to get upset with me; no more of that.)  I intend to get even better at leveraging my contrast, to enjoy the dips and valleys and get back to an even sweeter sweet spot than it was pre-contrast.
Fueled by inspiration. I promise to act even faster on inspiration, and question that inspiration much much less.  I promise to follow the whispers (along with the shouts) of my heart.
Life love. I intend to enjoy being me and crafting this gift of a life.  I will enjoy seeking out more new ideas, information, perspectives and things (and movies and books and music and food and scenery) – enhancing my growth and expansion.  I intend to laugh more often (and maybe even louder) than ever before.  I intend to love this life like I won the lottery to be here.  And I intend to find more reasons and excuses to love this world.

* * * * * * * * * * *

With that, I have to say … I feel another fabulous year in store!  🙂
Here’s to 2011 and all the delicious things we will do with it!
If you care to share your intentions or resolutions for the new year, you know I’d love to hear them …

  • January 1, 2011

New Year's Message: Everything Is Changing

Loved this message Sylvia Nibley shared from Spirit so much that I’m sharing it here:  

Everything is changing.
And by everything we mean, EVERY assumption, every belief, every
system, every pattern.
The only thing unchanging is love, oneness, peace, the unity of all things.
But even your experience of all of these is changing radically.
The entry points into these experiences are changing.
Can you feel the love in fear?
Can you feel peace in chaos?
Every moment is inviting you into the new world.
As quickly as you are willing to be made new.
Your DNA is changing.
Your breath is changing.
The consciousness that encompasses ALL is changing.
The very core of life is changing – through you.
Change is touching every part of human consciousness from the micro to the macro.
Some of this change is visible (especially to those on the leading edge), but most is not yet.
Trust your own experience and don’t worry about how others are experiencing their awakening.
Even the way you change is changing.
So what would you cling to?
Don’t even seek to answer this question, but simply notice anything that would not be easily released if you were to wake up in a
totally new world.
Focus instead on what is emerging.
Imagine the new world.
We realize this is antithetical to the human pattern of being “past-referenced.”
We know that for millions of years, you have been building slowly and incrementally in an evolutionary curve and yes, we are proposing
that you now become referenced instead to the unknown.
We invite you to fully open to quantum change, to allow a shift as significant as moving from ocean to land. The first creature to do that successfully was surely risking death, and instead created the ability to breathe air.
Play with this possibility.
Ask “what if…” and see what emerges.
Root yourself in the Unknown, and you will find it is the richest soil.
– Spirit speaking through Sylvia

Thank you, Sylvia (and Spirit) – and Happy New Year, everyone!

  • January 1, 2010