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Vibration Activation: Paid In Full

Vibration Activation: Paid In FullAs part of our Vibration Activation series, this post is designed to help you eliminate the debt and be paid in full.
Whether it’s debt you owe or money owed to you, reading through this script will help you give a new financial instruction to Universe, thus allowing your preferred reality to manifest.
(Because we conscious creators know that as long as we’re focused on debt, we don’t get anything different.)
Even though it may not be your real life yet, by tuning into the frequency of “paid in full” you allow it to become your new reality.
So steer your imagination to a helpful direction as you enjoy the feelings of being squared up financially. 🙂
For eliminating debt you owe:

You know what I love? The feeling of being all caught up! That delicious feeling of being debt-free!
It feels so good to have the bills paid in full! I don’t owe anyone anything! What a fabulous feeling!
We’re square!!
It’s so nice to feel that weight off my shoulders. To feel the pride and accomplishment of paying that money in full.
Not to mention that now I can do something else with money besides pay that old bill. I might start a new savings account! Or treat myself to a little celebration for wiping out that debt! Yay me!
Can I just say how much I love having a zero balance! woo hoo!!! That just makes my day!!
I’m such a good money manager. I’m so good at making the right choices with my money. I do what feels best to me, and man, does it feel good to get rid of those bills!
All square. Paid in full. It feels so good!
Here’s to clean money slates and being all caught up financially! I really rocked it! 🙂

For eliminating debt owed you:

What a relief to have that handled!
I’m so glad I can stop thinking about this and wondering what to do about it.
Such a load off my mind!
It feels so good knowing the slate is clean, and I am now paid in full. No one owes me anything. I love that feeling!
Who knew all I needed to do was relax about it for a minute, and forget about it for a little while?
It was so much easier than I thought!
I love how Universe takes care of it when I remember to stop sweating it. Yay me!
Here’s to being squared up with everyone, and having a fresh clean slate! It’s such a relief!
I’ve got to give myself credit – I’m pretty good at flowing the good money vibes.
And I’m still celebrating that everyone is all caught up! They paid me all the money! WOO HOO!!
Yay for having that done.
Thank you, Universe, for helping all this get settled to my highest satisfaction. You rock! 🙂

You can put extra icing on this vibration by recalling a time when it felt really good to get a bill paid off.
If you prefer, listen to this script here. And if you care to share your story of it in the comments, that’ll help fellow creators with their vibe, too! 🙂

  • May 1, 2016