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Activate: Ideal Partner

Vibration Activation: Ideal Partner or SpouseThis addition to the vibration activation series is designed to help manifest an ideal partner or spouse.
It is by request and was fulfilled by the Good Vibe community, who contributed collectively to create this script. (Thanks, everyone – especially Jacqui S!)
Use it when you’d like to attract a perfect partner or get back to good with an existing one.
We know this works because ‘as we think, so shall it be.’ Speaking it like it’s a done deal cues Universe to make it so.
One read through should be good for a 17 second vibe activation, and that’s all it takes to make a shift.  After that just honor any inspiration that comes. (That is, do what feels good.)
Edit words or phrases as needed to suit you best. (Swap out husband for wife, he for she, or marriage for partnership, etc.)
Enjoy activating the vibration of a perfect partner:

I love being married.
I love feeling cherished, and loved, and having deep companionship in my marriage.
I love knowing that there is always someone thinking of me, rooting for me, loving me.
I love having someone to come home to, who is waiting for me with a warm hug and big smile.
I like knowing that we don’t have to agree, or believe the same things, or approach things the same way, for it to feel good. I love knowing that in my perfect marriage, ‘perfect’ means understanding, forgiveness and humor. And that sometimes it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but it is real, and it is my perfect marriage.
I love that my partner has been there for me through the challenges of life. I love that I can count on him to be there for me no matter what.
I love the familiar touch of skin on skin, of feet touching in bed, of communicating without words, of the shorthand where only we know what that means.
I love that I feel safe, and loved, and better for having my husband in my life.
I love knowing that sometimes we need to have space from each other, and sometimes he drives me nuts, and I him, and I love knowing that this is normal, and real, and human and still perfect because together we help each other learn, and grow.
I like knowing this is easy, it is possible, it exists.
I like knowing that perfect sometimes means learning to savor all there is to appreciate as ‘our perfect’ and that as long as it feels good, and our lives are enhanced together, we’re doing really really well.
Even though we have odd moments of exasperation with each other, they just remind me how happy he makes me the rest of the time.  My past romances have made it easier to appreciate the right man and to know that loving for the long term is a conscious choice. The story would be boring if there were no ups and downs – but is always made more beautiful by being shared.
I love that even after all this time, it still feels like I hit the jackpot with this person. It blows my mind how perfect he is for me. I’m so grateful for the amazing companionship and friendship that we share.  We laugh together, often at things that nobody else gets. We’ve been through good times and hard, and loved doing it all together. We have so much fun with each other.
Even then, though, we stand as two complete individuals. I’m not dependent on him for my happiness, and he takes responsibility for his own as well. Yet our growth over time has given us new reasons to fall in love with each other again and again. And that’s just awesome.
Our love story is so amazing that I almost don’t believe it myself!
Life is good, yes. But love is grand!

Congrats on activating a rockin’ partnership vibration!
Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this love story.

  • January 19, 2015

Q&A: Spouse's Lack Spoiling Party?

From our Good News about Sucky Paydays post, Dana asked this most excellent question:

I would love to hear your perspective on when you share finances with someone and they are constantly focusing on the contrast.  I recently saw a clip from Abe that addressed this by saying, you know what?  I love you so much, I don’t care what you think.
That’s perfect advise and a great way to think about it, however, what if your money mate does more than think?  What if they want to bring up their perceived lack, struggle and worry every couple of days and figuratively stomp their feet about it until you are not happy anymore?
What if they perceive your happiness as deluding yourself and being irresponsible? What if they literally throw a fit until you are knocked off kilter and forced to “worry” with them, even though you know it’s all fine and plenty more is coming?
What’s the perfect LOA way to prevent that kind of constant barrage from affecting your perception of payday?  Are shared finances a recipe for LOA disaster?  LOL!

You can tell she’s already ahead of the game with her ability to laugh as she asks the question, but what other words of wisdom would you share with someone who feels challenged in how to manage their partner’s habitual focus on problems?
I predict your responses to this post will be a valuable resource for many a creator!

  • February 25, 2011

How to Manifest More Sex (or Anything Else You Want)

how to manifest more sexSome of you are wondering how to manifest more (or better) sex.  So let’s get down to business …

(These instructions also apply for how to get more of whatever you want, be it money, success, a house, better body, etc.  But this is written specifically for the person who wants more sex.)

Here we go:

First of all, it helps to stop noticing the sex you’re not getting.

Stop giving attention to how you wish you had more.

Stop complaining about how little you’re getting and telling the story about how bad your sex life is.

In fact, it’s really helpful to stop believing you’re not getting as much sex as you want.

Yes, I know you’re justified in thinking and saying and believing what you’ve been thinking, telling and believing.  But that is NOT helping you get more sex.

It’s actually doing the exact opposite.

As you speak (and think) it, so shall it be.

So you’ve got to start appreciating your sex life.

However you can accomplish that.

You’ve got to love the sex you are having.  You’ve got to tell the story about how great your sex life is.  (Especially to your partner!)  You want to be the person who is enjoying all the fabulous sex they want.

Whether you’re remembering or imagining or however you can get to thoughts of appreciation about lots of great sex, that’s what you want to get in mind.

Would you talk different?  Smile more?  How would you behave differently?

However you would be when you’re sexually satisfied, start being that way now.

Whether that’s relaxed, happy, satisfied, cooperative – whatever it would be for you – start feeling that way and being that person now.

If you have a partner, you’ll become more attractive to him/her.  If you don’t yet have a partner, you’ll still be more attractive to him/her – whoever it turns out to be.

And I’m not talking physically attractive – I mean energetically attractive.

Since like attracts like, as you become the person who has a great sex life (even before you have one), you will attract a great sex life.

One of the stories I didn’t tell in my Adventures in Manifesting ebook  – even though it’s chock full of real world examples from my love life – was how my boyfriend noticed my manifesting success in getting foster dogs adopted, to which he responded by promptly using this magical new power to manifest more sex!  (What a quick study he was.)

So having been on the other side of this manifestation, I know how easy and effective it is to work on someone.

The trick (for the one doing the manifesting) is to not get caught up in the “reality” of what is.

Find some way to get your attention on what you want, rather than what is.

  • For Pam (not her real name), that means she’s got to stop telling co-workers and friends about her husband’s challenges in the bedroom.  She’s got to appreciate what is working, even if it’s just that he’s great aabout public displays of affection – which she loves.
  • For Scott (not his real name), that means he’s got to stop thinking of his wife as a woman who has no interest in sex.  Instead, he’ll want to see her differently – maybe as a woman who is waking up to new heights of sexual desire – with him in particular (that could be an important element to include).  Or whatever story would help make it believable that things are changing romantically.  He’ll also want to start treating her the way he would treat a woman who he is enjoying lots of highly satisfying sexual activity with.
  • For Sue and Matt (not their real names), who don’t have any partners in sight and are tired of being celibate, they should know they cannot attract a great love life while upset about not having one.  It just doesn’t work that way.

You’ve got to find a way to feel better now, whether that’s by entertaining rich fantasies, purposefully appreciating the sex you are having, or by getting your mind on something else that is satisfying.  Whatever inspires you to shift the vibe – that’s what you want to engage.

Change the way you feel now, without expecting your new love life to make you feel better.

And to anyone who feels stymied in getting what they want, it helps tremendously to take the pressure off this thing you want for making you happy.  When you make it out to be a big deal, especially a big deal that you’re not experiencing, it closes the door on it.

You want to find ways to feel better now, even before it gets here – even if it NEVER gets here – in order to allow it in.

I know it’s a funky way to get what you want, but it works.

It’s also worth mentioning, even though I know many of you likely won’t believe me, that it isn’t really more sex you want.  What you really want is how you think having that amazing sex life is going to make you feel.

If anyone cares to share thoughts on the topic, I know it’d be a huge benefit to many who are wondering about all this!

  • December 26, 2009