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Story Crafting in Manifesting

It struck me the other day that molding a story is an art form, much like molding clay.
In fact, did you see this guy? Mustafa knows how to work the clay:

I thought of him when talking with a friend who was worried about her medical test results.

When her blood test falls within a certain range, the doctors run her through the gamut of additional tests to see if her disease has returned.

She gets nervous for it every time, afraid the news won’t be good. (She’s done a couple rounds of this already.)

She said it’s like playing Russian roulette – and wanted to know how to stop this terrifying cycle of waiting for another death sentence.

Well, then – that’s about as scary a story as a girl could conjure!

I suggested maybe she look at it a little differently.

If it were me, I’d be thinking something like …

sheesh, I’ve done this routine enough times to know how it goes. These doctors get all worked about something that isn’t that big a deal. The fact is I feel fine. I’ll play along, though, since I know how doctors are. This isn’t my first rodeo. Each time I get a little better at it. I relax a little more. I can do this in my sleep!

Besides, there’s no such thing as a ‘death sentence’! Who I am is eternal. And anyway, I already survived this once! In fact, I’m a pro at overcoming this challenge. I’m the last person who should be nervous about it. I’ll let the doctors do their thing, while I know that I got this.

Or some other version that reduces the resistance to tests. Because fear isn’t cool. And she is.

It’s story molding, right?

Another friend was having trouble at work after receiving severely critical feedback on a big project she’d just completed.

She was worried about what the boss thought, whether her co-workers were fed up, and whether she lost business for the company.

But instead of continuing with that story, she crafted a new one:

This feedback she’s getting is just the “how to” for success. She said, “It’s the very ‘rescue’ I’ve been needing but not knowing how to get.”

Now that’s skillful story shifting!

Just like the expert potter with the clay on the wheel. You can tell he’s molded a lot of material. He knows how to play with it. He works it like a pro.
The Art of Story Crafting in Manifesting

That’s how I want to work a story …

… to get a better angle on things. To spotlight the parts that help and set aside the pieces that don’t.

To reassign empowering character roles and conjure up helpful plot twists. To let that story play out again and again in my mind, long before reality gives me any reason to call it the ‘truth.’

That’s the art of story in manifesting.

For me, a good story has one or more of these elements for successful creation:

  1. It offers me a reason to believe. (Points me where I want to go.)
  2. It releases resistance. (Frees up the sticky points.)
  3. It contains some elements of reality (for the believability factor).
  4. It makes me feel better. (Any sort of relief works.)

In those ways my story opens the door to Universe (via my enhanced alignment) to deliver good things.

And just like Mustafa the potter, our story crafting gets better the more we practice. So don’t hesitate to start reworking your story today!

  • September 22, 2014

To Each His Own Story

Everyone Is RightOne of the 10 Tenets of Conscious Creation is that we each get to be right.
That means that no matter what I conclude, or what angle I’m seeing things from, I get to have it my way – no matter what.
(Consensus is not required!)
Remembering that principle does me two favors:

  1. I feel less compelled that others agree with me, and
  2. I get more freedom in choosing the story I prefer.

He gets to have it his way, and you get to have it yours. What do you pick?
Giving yourself this freedom in choosing your story makes all the difference in how you experience life.
Yes, it may be more challenging to stick to your preferred version when your partner – or my entire society – tells it different.
But we’re conscious creators! Don’t let them sway you from what you prefer.

  • Your hubby can declare you’re running out of money, and you can choose things are on the upswing.
  • Your boss can decide it’s time to feel the pressure, and you can choose everything’s working out perfectly.
  • Your government can announce dangers and problems galore – but you can tell it different.

You get to have it your way; they get to have it theirs.
We all get to be right.
So … what’s your story? Are you choosing your favorite version?
Every day is a new chance to upgrade your experience.
My story is that life is good and getting better every day. I choose that Universe loves to delight me and that my future is bright, along with my health, work, relationships and my prosperity.
That’s a nice thing to be right about. 🙂

  • April 24, 2014

Kicked Up & Falling Together

falling apart or coming together?Sometimes the way we see things is really screwy.
Our perceptions can be dramatically negative when in truth our big dream is in process of coming true right under our nose.
I was reminded of this when things went seriously sideways with my ex-beau earlier this month.  We’d been peacefully co-habitating when it suddenly became much less peaceful.
I found myself in the position of having to do the very thing I’d been resisting for two years: moving.  (Can anyone say “what you resist persists”?)
With as many rescued dogs and cats as I care for, not to mention love for this house (that I’ve invested so much TLC in over the past 6 years), relocating was my absolute most undesirable outcome.
And it looked like now I had to do it.
I shed a lot of tears at the thought of leaving this place and forcing my four legged friends to endure a relocation.
Then I read Jeanna’s post about the sudden death of her brother.  She wrote:

I decided right then and there that this was going to be the worst day of my life.  I’ll cry rivers of tears forever. I couldn’t imagine waterskiing, cooking, eating, drinking, laughing and joking without him.
Well, luckily there were some whispers of hope popping into my brain waiting to be noticed.
What if this was the best thing that ever happened in my life?
What if I could use this experience to live more fully, peacefully, joyously, lightly and in the moment?
What if I could connect with my brother daily and have his bright perspective at my beck and call anytime I want?
What if I could accept this reality and stop resisting it?
What if I could look back at this time and say it was a positive turning point for me?

If Jeanna could drop her resistance to losing her brother, then surely I could open to a new perspective about what it meant to be moving.
What if it was like Frankie B suggested?  When I told him over breakfast that I was getting kicked out by my ex, he respectfully said he saw it differently.  He suggested I was getting kicked up, not kicked out.
Because this change had nothing but upside potential.
It seemed obvious once he said that.
And pretty soon it was easier to drop seeing the ex as the bad guy and rather as the best friend who was the catalyst for life getting even better.
Which it just keeps on doing.  Life just keeps getting better and better – as soon as I open to seeing it that way.
So even when it looks like things are going cowsh*t and your world is falling apart, it may be more likely the opposite is true: things might actually be falling together.
It’s becoming more clear to me every day that that’s exactly what’s happening for me now.
Every time it looks like things are really awful, I’m reminding myself that it’s that much better on the other side.  And that other side is practically within reach already.

Good Vibe U members are getting the details of what’s manifesting in my life right now and how I’m managing the process.  (They’re also offering a ton of support just like they do for everyone who posts!  Thank you, fellow creators!)
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In the meantime, please remember that when things seem awful, we’re probably just not seeing things clearly – and our happy ending is closer than it looks.  Sooner or later we will realize just how perfect life has been unfolding all along.

  • August 25, 2013

How to Come Out of a Spin

How to Come Out of a SpinTraffic has slowed to a crawl on the freeway. You can see a tangle of cars ahead on the right.
Eventually you pass the wreckage.
Do you look?
For many, it’s hard not to.
But how about in the other parts of life, when it seems we can’t turn our attention away from the very thing we don’t want?
Like when:

  • there aren’t as many clients as you think you need
  • or when your sweetie doesn’t say the lovely things you want to hear
  • or when the co-workers make your job harder than it already is.

As deliberate creators we know the power of our focus, and why it’s so important to look at what we want.
Tony Robbins shares the secret to life (as taught to him by one of the world’s leading race car drivers):

It doesn’t matter how good you are, you’re going to end up in a spin one day.
You’ve got to know how to come out of a spin.
All you’ve got to remember is this: focus on where you want to go, not what you’re afraid of. You go where you’re focusing.

Why do we focus on what we don’t want, whether it’s the wall, the lack of money, the unhealthy body, or the frustrating people?
At race car school Tony said he was locked into the upcoming brick wall because, “I want to see the death happen.” lol
It seems screwed up, I know, but he’s not alone. It’s really easy to end up staring straight at our “impending doom.”
But it’s a habit we can change.
Not necessarily overnight. Tony says he had the same reaction the second time his instructor initiated the spin.
But with enough practice, eventually we can get it down. So when we start to spin out we can do just what Tony learned to do:

I don’t look. I keep focusing on where I want to go. And after a while, I get confident.

Creators, that’s for us, too.
If you’re looking at an upcoming brick wall in life, you can change focus.
And that changes everything.
The more you practice it, the easier it gets.
We won’t always have a world class race car instructor by our side turning our head in the direction we want to go, but today you have me reminding you to train your attention toward the good stuff. You can find a more positive perspective on whatever’s up.
You know how to come out of a spin: just look where you want to go. And practice, practice, practice.  🙂
PS – the truth is, spins can sometimes be fun, too! Play the video on the page below and you’ll see what I mean:

  • May 1, 2013

Tale of Two Vibrations

perspective2I know someone whose life has been really challenging.

She grew up poor in a very conservative and notoriously close-minded culture, and spent most of her life not feeling good enough.
Her passions in life weren’t respected or encouraged by others; she often felt like the square peg trying to fit in a round hole; and feelings of fulfillment or satisfaction were foreign to her.
As a result, in her adult life she continues to struggle: her life partner is the kind of guy that friends express sympathy for having to live with, her chosen industry is riddled with financial challenges, she recently lost $90,000 in real estate investments, and her health is far from ideal. (She has no health insurance, to boot!)

lifeisgoodI know another woman whose life was just about the exact opposite.

Her loving parents did a wonderful job raising her to be strong and happy, her environment supported her success at every turn, she often felt like the golden child as everything seemed to go her way.
(Scholarships, awards, raises, promotions, an abundance of rewarding relationships, etc.)
As an adult, this woman experiences unending happiness, in both “big” and “little” ways. Her sweetheart is open and devoted (many of her girlfriends wonder how she got so lucky), she’s incredibly successful at her chosen career, she lives in a beautiful and luxurious home, she’s financially secure and has everything going for her health-wise.
What’s the difference between these two women?
They are the same woman.
Each version could easily qualify as “the truth.” But there’s a vast vibrational difference between each one.
And that’s how it is for EACH of us.
We can tell our story any way we like – and it’s all true. You can tell me your sad story, or you can tell your happy one.
Which version would you rather live?
The thing is, your happy successful version is already a reality. You don’t have to create amazing new manifestations before you count yourself as blessed. You already are. And if you don’t think so, you just haven’t been practicing that version.
It’s simply a matter of which perspective you attend to.
No matter where we stand, there is a way to see life as already wonderful.
So the next time you hear me complain about how my boyfriend doesn’t scoop litter boxes and refuses to watch subtitled movies, you’re invited to give me a little reality check in the bee-hind and remind me that life is really, really good.
You can count on me to do the same for you. 😉
FYI on my “woe is me” version: I purposely don’t carry health insurance and the $90k real estate “loss” comes from a tax appraisal thingy in yesterday’s mail listing significantly dropped values on two houses I own. I couldn’t care less, but if I wanted to, I could sure get my panties in a twist about it!
My advice: choose your version wisely. Your present and future happiness depends on it!

  • July 27, 2009