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Pocket Litter Manifesting

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What does it mean to create what you want via your pocket litter?

It’s all about the things you keep around you that confirm who you are.

Learn how to use this spy technique for adopting a new identity to your manifesting advantage …

  • April 30, 2016

Pocket Litter Manifesting

pocket litter manifestingOkay, quick pop quiz: if a stranger examined everything from your purse or wallet, glove compartment and pockets right now, what would they learn about you?
What do the things you carry say about who you are and what your life is like?
Studying the art of “pocket litter” can be a fun way to amp up your manifesting game! When we purposely surround ourselves with the items that support our new identity (who we are becoming rather than who we are), we engage a powerful enhancement of vibrational alignment.
(This post is follow up from today’s newsletter on 10 spy practices that can make you a better manifestor.)
Here’s an expanded look at the art of LOA pocket litter:
In secret agent world pocket litter is the stuff that confirms we are who we say we are, so our cover identities hold up under scrutiny.
Why would a deliberate creator study the art of espionage pocket litter?
Because it’s a fun way to create vibrational alignment to what we want!
From the underground espionage site Intelligence Search, pocket litter is defined as:

items in a spy’s pocket (receipts, coins, theater tickets, etc.) that add authenticity to his or her identity.

It’s the valet ticket from dinner at the restaurant opening; it’s the dry cleaner receipt from having our tuxedo pressed for our upcoming awards speech; it’s the phone number stored in the cell phone for the kid’s school. It’s how spies help create a believable cover identity for themselves.
Deliberate creators can leverage this espionage technique by creating their own pocket litter in support of their manifesting goal.
For example, if you want to manifest living in an expensive ritzy neighborhood, you could:

  • put the new keys on your key ring (I bought these castle keys for a friend who is manifesting a big move next year)
  • store the entry gate security code in a safe place in your wallet
  • have your famous neighbors on speed dial for weekend jacuzzi parties

Or if you’re attracting a publisher for your best selling book-to-be, you could:

  • have your public appearance & book signing schedule handy
  • keep your agent’s business cards on hand for aspiring writers requesting an introduction
  • bookmark the site for gifts you send to fellow authors, agents and bloggers who supported your book launch

When I was building a coaching practice, I wrote in calendar appointments with clients that didn’t yet exist. And created folders with made up names for notes I hadn’t taken. I got the physical evidence around me that said I was a busy coach in high demand.
Get the idea?
We’re looking for the things that would indicate to the outside world that you are who you want to become. Universe loves that kind of alignment!
Let’s hear some of your “pocket litter” ideas for your current manifesting projects …

  • February 24, 2013