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And a Great Time Was Had By All

A Great Time for All ManifestorsA reminder for conscious creators in today’s current political climate:
Change out there starts with change in here.
It’s all an inside job, because the world can only reflect what we vibrate.
So we don’t achieve peace and wellbeing by being anything other than peaceful and well.
Conscious creators know we don’t have to make the world different in order to relax and enjoy. That is always available to us anytime we choose it.
We also know that everyone gets to choose for themselves.
So if others choose something besides peace and wellbeing, that’s perfectly fine. It doesn’t mean we have to have it, too.

Example: The other night I shared a 12″ pizza with a friend. His half had had pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms on it. Everything I don’t like in a pizza.
My half was fresh basil, roma tomatoes and mozzarella. Yum!
And yet, there we were, enjoying our pizza together, without the need to make the other understand what was wrong with olives or why pepperoni is what makes the world go round.
He had it his way. I had it mine. All was well.

It might seem a ridiculous analogy, but the concept holds for bigger world “issues.”
Source doesn’t judge our choices. And we each get to choose for ourselves. Every one of us. No exceptions.
That’s why it’s helpful when we don’t judge each other’s choices, either.
(Esther Hicks has refused invitations to have Abraham join world peace movements, since Abe says, “We would never impose peace on anyone.”)
“But where does change come from?” some wonder. Surely someone needs to do something about what’s wrong in the world right now.
“Because if we don’t, who will?”
That’s the siren call of muggle world that thinks nothing happens if we don’t take action.
They don’t realize we live in a vibrational-based world.
But conscious creators know action is pointless if we don’t tend to the energy first.
Any action, no matter how sensible, logical and obvious it may seem, won’t lead to the results we want if we haven’t learned the vibration of what we want.
Which is why this is a helpful time to not be shamed or guilted for not joining marches or signing petitions or calling our legislators or whatever else others call for that conscious creators know doesn’t make the real difference.
The real difference comes from the vibration.
That’s what’s worth paying attention to: how you feel.
(Not to mention, the idea of seeing others in the world as “at risk” or victimized isn’t actually using our focusing power for good, if you know what I mean.)
It’s also helpful to remember we don’t know what vibe others are flowing via their actions.
Because you can march with peace in your heart or with rage flowing. You can call your legislator out of fear about what you don’t want, or as an inspiration to empower your preferences.
The action itself doesn’t dictate what the vibration is for each person. That’s individual and personal.
It’s also worth remembering that to sit in judgment of another’s actions is to stick our nose where it doesn’t belong. Tending to our own vibration is the most effective way to promote (whatever we each think of as) good in the world.
As long as our emotional state is dependent on someone else’s actions or any external condition, we’re not free. And it’s not anyone else’s job or responsibility to change in order for us to feel better.
Conscious creators know this.
It’s especially fabulous when we practice it.

That doesn’t mean we can’t speak up or take action in service of what we desire. We just want to be sure it’s fueled by the good stuff instead of resistance.
It doesn’t mean we can’t march with others in an effort to create change. We just want to be sure we’re feeling empowered instead of victimized.

It’s more important than ever to harness our power of focus so we’re using our vibration to create the world we prefer.
That’s why this is a great time to not give a rip what others think, so that we can hear our own guidance above all else.
That’s why this is a great time to have skills for seeing what’s going right. And to prioritize enjoyment over suffering.
That’s why this is a great time to let others have it their way, remembering that we didn’t come here to agree.
That’s why this is a great time to remember the value of contrast. And how to not get stuck in it.
Actually, this is a great time. Period.
So enjoy your pizza! Or not.
You get to decide. 🙂

  • January 22, 2017

What Really Matters about Tuesday's Election

Deliberate Creators and the Presidential ElectionThe other day I wrote about purposely finding my love for “the other guy” in this year’s presidential election.
I practiced that love by no longer “liking” facebook posts that shared opposition to that party.  I stopped judging neighbors displaying the other party’s campaign signs.  And I read some favorable stories about the candidate to soften my perspective.
The reason I practiced that love is because we empower what we push against, and I didn’t want responsibility for electing my “don’t wants.”
But today I want to refocus on what really matters about Tuesday’s election:
No matter who is elected, deliberate creators know that no one or no thing is more powerful than our own vibration.  No one else can affect us negatively unless we are party to it.
While some voters may be disappointed or angry that their candidate didn’t win, and they imagine the demise of the country because of it, deliberate creators know not to get caught up in that.  Because we each create our own reality.  We know we can thrive no matter who is in office.

Terri C. just reminded me of Abraham’s quote along these lines: “A million people could be pushing against you, and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back.”

Knowing that is what allows me to soften my earlier thoughts about how important it is to get the “right” guy in office.  (I’ve actually said out loud that I would not live in a country run by that other guy.  So I know resistance!)
But the truth is it only affects my life negatively if I vibrate that; and I know better than to do that.  At least, I eventually know better.  Savvy creators aren’t subject to election results.
This Tuesday, as we cast our votes, let’s also visualize a thriving and prosperous economy, a strong and peaceful government, and healthy happy citizens.  After all, we’re deliberate creators – we’re in the business of making dreams come true.

  • November 4, 2012

You're On!

spotlight1.jpgCouple things after last night’s election.  Although I didn’t see McCain’s concession speech, I read several tweets from folks who were super impressed with it. 
Some even said if they had seen this (gracious and classy) side of McCain during the campaign, we may have had different results.
That’s interesting.  It made me wonder how much of what McCain did and said during the campaign came from him and how much was directed by others (who told him what to do & say to improve his chances).  ?
And how some of the criticism of Palin was that her “handlers” scripted her every move and word; that they’d taken the likeable Sarah out of the equation and ruined her confidence in the process.  Many said she’d be better off just being her natural self.
On a related vein, I’ve noticed occasionally when someone interviews me, the conversation before (and after) the recording is often more relaxed, casual and entertaining.  When we’re live the discussion sometimes gets more stilted, formal, and careful.  Not always, but sometimes.  (I love the exceptions, which I’ve had many of recently!)
Have you noticed that at times in your own life?  When we think we’re “on,” or when something “big” is at stake, our energy sometimes shifts in ways that doesn’t always serve.  Sometimes it makes us tense or anxious, or leads us to behave out of character.  (Certainly it does the opposite, as well, like when a “high stakes” situation calls us forth in a positive way – and we are unusually brilliant or eloquent or considerate.) 
What I’m getting at is that when we aren’t true to ourselves it doesn’t lead us to where we want to go.  When we start pretending or cautioning or taking action that isn’t in alignment with who we really are, we don’t come out winners – however we personally define that.
It’s crucial to remain true to yourself – no matter what’s happening. 
How else could we enjoy the ride, anyway?  And isn’t that what it’s all about? 
Our true selves are fueled by love.  If we take any action that isn’t in alignment with love, we leave our true selves behind and we’re not aligning with results that thrill and delight us.
Doncha think?
Example, all my best dates were when I was being myself, rather than being a good date.  (And I know the difference!)  My best writing is when I write from the heart, not from what I think my editor or clients want to hear.  My best days are when I follow the inspiration within, rather than let something else guide my choices.
Why would it be any different when the stakes get higher?  (Which is just a perception, not a reality.  Although I admit, to me last night’s election did feel like lots was at stake.)
Am I making this up – or do you also have experiences that show being true to your nature serves you best?  I’d love to hear about it …
PS – in the meantime, I have to admit I’m puzzling over how Abraham didn’t find much hope with a candidate who inspired feelings like this all over the globe, not just here in the U.S.

  • November 5, 2008

Abraham on the Crisis

I shared this Abe quote on our Financial Crisis post comments, but wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to see it because it’s really good.  (In fact, you can watch it on YouTube, too.)

Jerry: Abraham, this evening we’re gonna have a presidential hopeful, not hopeful debates but debates between some hopeful presidential people ..
Abraham: We don’t find either one of them very hopeful do you?
Jerry: OK. (laughter) OK, so but I just thought it’d be fun to hear from you if they would allow 3 people in the debate. And the question posed would be, “And you, Mr. & Mrs. Abraham, what would be your proposal to alleviate the current financial crisis, worldwide crisis?”
Abraham: Chill out and go to work.
Jerry: That’s it?
Abraham: Focus upon the things that are important to you and figure out how to satisfy the details of your life. And stop looking to someone else to solve it. And figure out how to bring yourself into
balance. And turn off things like this debate.
Jerry: Laughs (applause)
Abraham: So that you don’t continually harass yourself into the misalignment of what’s already in your vibrational escrow. And then we would say, “We have a plan.”
Jerry: Oh, yeah.
Abraham: And it was set into motion long before we got here on this platform and you are all co-conspirators in this plan. And you have, through what you’ve been living, been contributing to this plan. And it is the brightest and most exhilarating of future experiences that has ever been upon the face of the earth. And it is the legacy that all of you hold ownership of.
In order for you to claim your piece of this amazing pie of prosperity, all you have to do is look in the direction of it and see if you can remember what pieces of it you put there. Because every piece you put there, has been lovingly held for you.
It cannot evaporate from the stock market. And it cannot be squandered by those who don’t understand. And it cannot be misunderstood by anyone and it cannot be taken from you. Because if your life caused you to put it into this holding pattern, this vibrational escrow, then it is forever there for you. And the only thing that is required in order for you to make your personal withdrawal is, make your personal withdrawal by no longer paying attention to who else is making what withdrawals.
Don’t worry about them getting your fair share, it’s not possible for anybody to get your fair share. Your fair share is always ear marked for you. It will always stay there in perfect becomingness.
Oh, and we might tell you that since you put it there, it has been accruing with magnificent interest, the likes of which we have never seen. So it got bigger than it was when you asked for it and it gets bigger with every request you make. And in fact, the more crises that is applied around all of this, the bigger it gets.
So first thing, know that it’s there for you and that no one can get it away from you. And next, stop worrying about what anybody else is doing because it is your worry about what anybody else is doing which is causing you to hold yourself vibrationally out of whack from it.
Now, we acknowledge that the majority of people who would be witnessing such a debate would not have heard a word we said because they are not accustomed to focusing upon the vibrational world. They do not understand that there is a vibrational reality that they hold ownership to, that they must find alignment with before it can be a physical reality.
And so for those who don’t yet know about the vibrational reality we would say to them, “Worry not, we’ve seen this before and we know that you can come through it.”
We would say, “Do not worry about what’s happening because nothing has changed in the last few days, nothing even has changed in the last few years that is so far out of balance that it cannot come back into balance.”
Then we would say, “There are enough numbers upon this planet that are involved in the economics of this time-space reality that it is certain that balance will come back. And all you have to do is sort of settle yourself in, and ride it out.”
And so, the things that we want you to say to yourself every day is:
“It’s getting better. It’s getting better. And it’s going to be alright.
It’s better. It’s getting better. And it’s going to be alright.”
And the sooner you convince yourself that it is better than you thought it was and that it is getting better than it is right now.  And that it is not only going to be alright, it’s going to be really alright, your prosperity can begin to come to you immediately. (applause)
And then we would make the longest list of positive aspects about the other 2 speakers on the platform that we had ever made in our life.
We would speak of the power of their desire to lead and the power of their desire to serve. We would speak about how they wanted this almost the day their feet hit the ground in this time-space reality.
And how each of them is prepared in their own unique way to be all that they need to be, to stand in that place. And then we would say, “Do not hold these 2 men or either one of them or anyone on the planet, responsible for the Well-Being that comes to you. This man and this man is not responsible for your Well-Being, you are responsible for your Well-Being. Give them a break. (applause)
Philadelphia, PA 10-7-08

  • October 15, 2008