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Rehearsing for Rich

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On a recent post I talked about how our mental rehearsals contribute to our vibration (and thus our reality), and promised to share how to rehearse for a new money reality.

This episode contains some of the practices I engaged to rehearse being rich, including switching up the self-talk, evolving my $$ relationship, and drafting off others.

My intention is that you’ll find renewed inspiration to pay attention to your own vibrational rehearsals, no matter what it is you want to create in life.

  • June 13, 2016

A Guaranteed Good Day

Alignment PracticeI’ve got a habit of engaging an alignment practice before rolling out of bed each morning, which means I’ve literally done the most important thing I could do all day before breakfast.
There isn’t anything more effective I could do the rest of the entire work day that better ensures my success and satisfaction.
It means I’m already light years ahead of anyone who fails to engage the power of their conscious focus, who tries to make things happen themselves rather than harnessing the quantum field/Universe.  Simply because I refuse to start the day until I’ve tuned into my desired reality.
I haven’t even brushed my teeth and my best work is already done.
That really frees a girl up to have an enjoyable day, since no action I could take is remotely as influential to my life as what just happened while I was under those covers.
What are you doing in bed every morning?

The link above takes GVU members to “my alignment practice” forum thread (where I share what my regular practices are), but it’s just whatever manifesting tool or process appeals to me most that particular morning.  Could be simple basking in appreciation, grid work, visualization, scripting, whatever.

It doesn’t matter how we tune in – just that we find some way to connect with our desire and signal the powers-that-be that it’s a done deal.  To become the energetic frequency of our desire.  (That is, feel now how you would feel then.)
Simple.  And ridiculously powerful.

  • June 13, 2013