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Relaxing with the Truth

Sometimes conscious creators report they have a hard time with affirmations or acting as if because it isn’t “true.” It’s hard for them to say, imagine, think or be something that isn’t factual. “I can’t pretend I’m in a happy relationship when I’m still single.” “I don’t know how to feel rich when I’m not.” […]

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  • June 4, 2015

How to Pretend When Reality Disagrees

LOA savvy folks know the power of acting as if you’ve already got what you want. Becoming the person you want to be – before reality agrees with you – is incredibly effective at aligning your signal to allow your desires to manifest in 3D reality. This works no matter what you’re manifesting – whether […]

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  • December 17, 2014

Q&A: Fantasizing to Our Detriment?

Here’s a question I hear often enough it deserves to be officially addressed in our Q&A series. It goes something like this: I’m so good at pretending I already have it, it makes me wonder if Universe will think it’s already a done deal for me and nothing will happen. Or also: I get into […]

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  • August 24, 2014