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3 Ways to Immediate Relief

Got this from Ruby Gangadharan today on how to give yourself instant relief when stress hits.
What’s even better than reading, though, is practicing it next time the pressure’s on!
Here’s Ruby: 
3 Ways To Immediate ReliefEach of us is living out our unique life journey. Stressful situations come from experiences we feel unprepared for, unhappy about or lacking tools to cope with.
Building self-coping methods to create new experiences can take time – time needed to engage practices that manifest a different reality.
But this post is about immediate relief.
Before you start to introspect and build different habits, you need to reduce the energy impact of the current situation on your mental and emotional balance.
Here is a reminder of 3 simple things to do for immediate relief:
1. Disconnect and move to a different space.
Disconnect from phones, the internet, emails, meetings, appointments. Move your physical location, outside the office, a different room, away from people.
2. Breath deep.
Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.
3. Listen to music.
Play your ‘go to’ song. The right music has immense power to change our brain waves completely.
Here are a few things to absolutely avoid while in a stressed state of mind:

  • Make any decisions, especially high impact ones
  • Further any conversations in hopes of finding a resolution
  • Gossip or talk about the situation that’s creating the stress
  • Retrospect with ‘Why is this happening to me?’ type questions
  • Jump to action to “make it right.”

As you can tell, there is a theme here …
The key is to first bring your energy down and away from anything that causes you to feel anger, frustration, panic, helplessness or scared.
How quickly you are able to calm down and bring yourself to a neutral place will determine your success in dealing with stressful situations.
Ruby Gangadharan, law of attraction coachYay for easy vibration management!
Ruby is a student to the Yoga Sutras, Quantum & Spirituality geek, Life Coach, Deliberate Creator, blogger, Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner. Find more about who she is and what she does at Everyday LOA Magic.
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  • August 25, 2016

Don't Worry; Relief Is Coming

Relief is coming for deliberate creatorsInteresting messages in my inbox lately:
One reader writes in that she’s been working on changing limiting beliefs for years and has made absolutely no headway.  In fact, quite the opposite – things are worse than they’ve ever been.  What to do?
Another wants to know how to use law of attraction to secure food and shelter for herself and her young children.  (She’s homeless, unemployed and scared.)
I don’t know if it’s 2012 energy that’s amping up the contrast for some or what’s going on here, but I do know it’s no fun to feel like all is lost with no idea how to change it.
Those thoughts along the lines of “all is lost” or “it’s never been worse” or “nothing is working” don’t leave much room for something good to happen …
and I’ve noticed it doesn’t matter whether we learn to manage those thoughts or not, because things are going to get better one way or another.
Here’s the way some folks experience that:
Things get so bad they finally give up trying to change it.  In that surrender is relief, and that’s when solutions can appear.
Deliberate creators know they don’t have to let things get that bad in order to experience relief; but sometimes that’s how it goes. So what?  We get to do this however we want.

In fact, I’ve had several people tell me that’s the ONLY time they ever get what they want – after they give up from exhaustion.

Some people use high contrast as part of their creation process, which is perfectly fine as long as we realize that it’s optional. We don’t have to have that much resistance in play in order to manifest what we want; that’s just one way to do it.
Abraham regularly reminds us that even what many of us consider the “worst case scenario” (i.e. death) offers tremendous relief.
So one way or another, things can’t help but get better when we’re feeling tremendously out of sorts.
But there is one thing I want everyone to hear when turning to law of attraction in their deepest time of need:

* * This is no time to blame yourself for creating your current circumstances. * *

This is not the time to berate yourself for not being able to think a positive thought.  This is not the time to compare yourself to others who seem to be succeeding so effortlessly.  Nor is this likely the best time to nail down your limiting beliefs.

This is the time to be easy on yourself. To show yourself some compassion and remember that you’re doing the best you can and that you’re doing better than you’ve given credit for.

Too many creators use their knowledge of law of attraction to make themselves wrong for what they’re manifesting.  And in my experience, that thought doesn’t help a whole helluva lot.

If you find it empowering to realize you are in charge of everything that unfolds in your life, go for it.  Have fun with that thought!

But if you’re in deep struggle with life, please stop beating yourself up by thinking it’s your fault for creating this.  The last thing you need right now is another heavy thought.
This is the time for relaxing, for surrendering, for trusting, and for being easier on yourself.
And if you can’t do that, don’t worry.  Relief is coming, one way or another.
(And no, I don’t mean you’re going to die if you don’t turn this ship around!)
I mean relief isn’t as far away as you think, it isn’t as hard as you think, and it’s coming for you even if you aren’t consciously seeking it.
The system is set up for our success – it’s fail proof and fool proof.  As one of my favorite pins reminds me:
everything is going to be okay

(“Not to spoil the ending for you, but … everything’s going to be okay.”)

In the meantime, if you can just give up the fight for a while to pet a dog, or take a nap, or find something to laugh about, that’ll help your good news arrive sooner than later.
I am rooting for you, even though you don’t need it because your happy ending is guaranteed.  🙂

  • April 15, 2012