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If You’re Reading This, You Are Rich

From a book on money magic (Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery), in a chapter titled “Perspective,” the author writes:

“The truth is that on a global scale, almost everyone reading this book is rich.

The author went on to argue that if you make more than $25k a year, you are in the global top 10% of money earners. And that even the poorest people in America or Western Europe have access to amenities that the poor in most of the world do not.

(We discussed this on GVU’s June book club; members can find the recording here.)

I agree completely that we are rich, but perhaps for different reasons than what our income levels indicate.

In fact, if you don’t already see how you, too, are rich (and especially if you aspire to more), it would behoove you to start seeing the wealth you already lay claim to in life.

Law of attraction dictates that if we don’t feel rich first, no amount of money poured on us is likely to change that. At least not long term.

That’s why it’s worth acknowledging the abundance already present in our lives.

No matter what your circumstances are, I believe we each have evidence of immense wealth.

We don’t need imagination or vision boards to “see” it; we don’t need a certain bank account balance to feel it.

It’s already here.

And if you can’t see it easily, I suspect it’s not because it doesn’t exist for you. But rather because you’ve trained yourself not to see it.

We get whatever we look for, so if you’ve got a habit of seeing lack instead of abundance, that’s a reflection of your focus, not your circumstances.

Because (as Abraham said recently) every moment contains all things. We each choose what we activate and thus carry forward to the next moment based on how we focus.

So if you’re not already good at seeing your treasures, financial and otherwise, I suggest you practice.

Begin a personal treasure hunt by looking for evidence of your financial wealth, and you will discover it.

Ask yourself, “What about my life would give someone the impression that I’m loaded?” and you’ll begin to see your life in a newly abundant light.

You will also find that the better you get at seeing how you’re rich, the more you become so.

Funny how that LOA stuff works. 🙂

  • July 2, 2017

What It Takes to Be Rich

What it takes to be rich: practiceMy ex-beau called to see how my day was. Here’s how that conversation went:

Russ: What are you doing?
Me: Practicing being rich.

Russ: Ha ha.
Me: Seriously.

Russ: (silence)
Me: You should practice, too, or we won’t be together when I am. (Since rich & not rich don’t go together.)

Russ: Trust me, I am all for it and have no problem being rich.

You know, that’s easy to say, but I don’t think he really gets it.
In fact, I don’t think a lot of people understand what it takes to be rich.
(If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!)
A lot of folks think the hard part about being rich is figuring out how to make the money. But that’s not our job. (Universe does the “how”; our purview is the “what.”)
Our job is to be rich, before we are. Otherwise it’s like ordering up a delivery you don’t know how to receive.
We close the door to big bucks whenever we’re feeling poor, or just getting by, or doing okay, or whatever else we are that isn’t “rich.”
So learning how to be rich is kind of a thing.

Once upon a time in corporate world (before my LOA days) a really nice guy who I’d have loved to work for offered me a job that was not only more interesting and cool than what my present job, but it also paid 3-4 times more than I was making.
Holy what?! That would be … holy crap – a lot of freakin’ money!!
The thought of making that much money boggled my mind.
I tried to imagine it … I saw myself in khakis (instead of jeans), at dinner parties (instead of barbecues), drinking cocktails (instead of beer), with people who weren’t my current friends. Because of course I’d have to have rich friends.
I didn’t like it.
You know what I did? I avoided that guy for three whole weeks until he hired someone else.
That’s how allergic to money I used to be.
Another time I was driving to my super hot date’s house for the first time. We’d gone out a few times and I really liked him! He was handsome, funny, smart, charming, had a super cool job as a CSI guy. I really really liked him.
He invited me to his house for dinner. (How sweet is that? He’s going to cook! Could it get any better?!)
As I drove to his neighborhood, one I wasn’t familiar with, I soon realized he lived in a ritzy area. I wondered what he was doing with all these rich people as neighbors. I imagined he’d have an older, smaller house in this ridiculously rich hood.
No. His was the nicest place on the block.
You know what I did?
I kept driving. Right on by his place! Because something in me knew that I didn’t date guys with money like this.
That’s not who I was.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but those two uncomfortable brushes with wealth spotlighted my inability to be with big money.
Which is why I practice being with money now, so I don’t have any repeat failures with wealth.

Being rich isn’t easy if no one taught you it. It takes practice if you’re not a natural.
This stuff doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by alignment.
By being willing to feel it and think it and speak it and be it before we are it.
And it’s work!
Work that pays extremely well, but it’s still work.
(I also practice being fit and healthy, successful in business, etc. It’s not just money that I practice.)
So if you’re in the market for wealth, I suggest you practice it before Universe tries to deliver it, because not everyone knows how to accept that package.

How to tell if you know how to be rich?

Easy. If you want it, and you don’t already have it, you’ve got a vibrational kink. Time to get out the vibrational iron and work out those kinks by practicing being rich!

  • May 20, 2014

How to Feel Rich While Cutting Back

how to feel rich without spending moneyWe know that we get what we vibrate.
Which is why, if we want to manifest lots of money, it’s important to be able to feel rich.
But that isn’t always the easiest vibration to land on when we’re feeling short on cash.
Especially when circumstances dictate we take prudent actions about reducing expenses.
So when it’s time to spend less money, how does a deliberate creator flow the “rich” vibe?
Since it’s easy to feel “not enough money” when we’re cancelling cable or eating on the cheap, it’s an LOA superpower to be able to vibrate “wealthy” when we don’t have much money to work with.
Here are a few tips about how to feel rich while cutting back expenses:

  • See it as prudent spending, rather than feeling “there’s not enough.”  (Rich people are prudent spenders, too!)
  • Think of it as getting money smart, rather than being money limited.  (This choice enhances your financial freedom rather than hinders it.)
  • Feel it as being in charge of your financial situation, rather than constricted by it.  (It feels good to get a handle on my money!)
  • Leverage your belief that taking this step is good for your bottom line.  Remind yourself why you’re making this choice – spotlight what’s “right” about it rather than seeing what sucks.
  • Ask yourself why a rich person might make the same decision, and imagine you’re motivated by the same reasons.  (She’d rather walk the dogs herself; he likes the satisfaction of cooking his own meal; the holidays are a terrible time to travel.)
  • At the very least, minimize the amount of time you’re feeling “broke” – i.e. don’t dwell on the situation or circumstances that make you feel poor.

The fact is you can take the same action and have a wide variety of vibrations flowing for it.  You can choose to feel differently about anything you do.

Remember this:
Even if you spend less, if you focus on the limitation or restriction of it, your action is to no avail for enhancing your financial well being.  Even though you did what seemed “right” – your vibration of “not enough” will prevail and that just leads to more of the same.  Because we get what we vibrate.
The converse is also true: if you engage “irresponsible spending” but feel fabulously wealthy about it, Universe can only deliver me more of what you’re vibrating.  (Pretty cool how that one works, although it’s easier said than done to get there.)

The point is when it’s time to cut back expenses, find a way to see it as a decision that enhances your wealth or financial well being rather than evidences the lack of it.
Remember that rich people avoid car repairs and postpone hair appointments and skip the travel, too.  (Maybe for different reasons, but it’s important to know you’re not as far away from wealth as it might seem.)
There’s a way to cancel that spending that actually feels rich.  Open to that possibility, use your creative mind to feel around for it, and then when you find your way there know you’re sending a signal that’s good for your bank account.
What are your tips for feeling rich while spending less?

  • July 7, 2013

What Is Rich?

what does it mean to be rich?How do you define rich?

I know lots of deliberate creators who are manifesting wealth, and maybe some of us already feel it – but what exactly is it to be “rich”?

Sarah Yost posted today about offering coaching to more than just the 1%. Which inspired me to pinpoint just who these 1% are everyone’s talking about.

Sure enough, it turns out I coach mostly 99 percenters.  (The Washington Post defined the 1% as American households earning over $516,633.)

Last week Money Coach Christy Lambert led a brilliant call for Good Vibe U about aligning with being rich.  It turns out “rich” isn’t what most of us think, at least according to how Thomas Stanley defines it in Stop Acting

Rich: And Start Living Like a Real Millionaire.  He defines rich as someone with a net worth over one million dollars.

And those millionaires don’t behave nearly the way you might have thought! They tend to live in homes valued under $300,000; they drive Toyotas and Fords; they shop at JCPenney and Kohls.

That’s not how I imagined people with a lot of money living.  Which led me to wonder about what I think of as “rich.” And to wonder what it looks like to those of you manifesting financial abundance.  How will you know when you’re there?

According to Global Rich List, I’m in the top 1% of rich people in the world.  (I bet you’re way up there, too.)  Robert Frank thought that Rich-O-Meter measure is more helpful when we look at just US income rather than global income.

But still, something doesn’t feel quite right to me about this definition.

While I’m reading all these numeric measures defining what it is to be rich, I can’t help but think of my Maui tour guide Butch from earlier this month.  (Yes, Laura Gev, I’m milking it!)

Butch is a 22 year retired Army veteran from Arkansas, who arrived in Maui four years ago to visit friends.  He never left.

And Butch doesn’t seem to make much money.  I’m guessing he’s not a one percenter, anyway.  A drunk tourist ran over his scooter, so he has no car.  He showed us where he lives in Maui’s “ghetto.”  (Could paradise really have a ghetto?)

Despite all that, I suspect Butch is one of the richest people I know!
what does manifesting wealth mean to you?

I mean, he lives in paradise; he has interesting friends; he sees whales regularly and hangs out on beaches and is healthy and relaxed and enjoying life.

If that’s not rich, I don’t know what is!

So maybe google can’t define rich for me. Nor can Thomas Stanley.  And maybe what I’m talking about is more “happiness” than “rich.”

Maybe for me happiness is worth focusing on more than financial measures.

In fact, Seth Godin suggests staying “blind to the metrics that don’t matter.”  I agree with that, and yet notice I still have specific income goals every year.  Studies say it’s easier to be happy if you have at least some money.

But Butch seems to be doing pretty well for himself.  !!

I’d love to hear from fellow creators how YOU define rich and are manifesting wealth.  Do you have income goals for 2012?  What does it mean to you to be rich, exactly?  And how do you measure that?

  • December 22, 2011

The Problem With Being Rich

We often hold subconscious beliefs about the downside of getting what we want that can hold up the manifesting party.  Got any party poopers in the back of your mind?  Let’s find out! 


Is there really a problem with being rich?
Well, if you’re not already (rich), there may very well be (a problem). 
At least in your mind. 
A problem you believe in which prevents “rich” from being your experience.
We do this a lot, you know.  Hold unconscious beliefs about something we say we want, which keeps us from experiencing it.  (Whether it’s healthy relationship, fabulous body, career success, etc. that we desire.)
Once you reveal your belief in the problem, you’re much more likely to get what you want.  Awareness of the belief is a powerful start; which facilitates the next step of releasing it. 
While I have no opinion about whether you be wealthy or not, I know many who would like to be yet aren’t.  These folks often don’t realize they may believe in a problem with being rich. 
Yesterday while addressing Sylvia Nibley’s Conscious Business Circle in Salt Lake, I shared a recent realization about my apparent six figure financial “set point.”  (I haven’t found myself too much above or too far below that point for a while – a sure indicator of a set point.  
But it also made me wonder if perhaps I also buy into the thought that there’s something wrong with having lots more money.
So with the intention of shedding some light on what might be your “rich-stopper,” let’s look at some of the problems with being rich, shall we?
I’ll start.  🙂
The problem with being rich … well, in my case it feels better to word it: “The problem with being more rich than I already feel, is … ”

  • it’ll upset the dynamics in my relationship (owie!  Didn’t see that one coming!)
  • friends and family will be resentful because I didn’t earn or deserve this wealth more than they do (pretty typical)
  • others will want and expect me to give them money (another common “problem” we believe about wealth)
  • I’ll have to get serious about responsible handling of money – smart investments, finding tax breaks, accountants, etc.

Oh boy, I’m finding it a little too easy to come up with reasons!!  ha 
I honestly didn’t think this post was for me.  Sheesh.
While I’m writing the follow up to this piece (what to do with this new awareness), I’d love to hear whether you can bring to light any problems with being rich. 
Or whatever it is you want … weight loss, love, successful business … can you see a problem with having it?

  • November 19, 2009