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Q&A: Does LOA In Romance Require Games?

This question comes from a sweet soul who’s ready for love and wondering if the advice she’s getting about what it takes to make it happen is accurate.
Here’s her situation and question:

The Rules bookI’d like the fun, full of laughter, good times, gorgeous smooching, juicy chemistry, banter, relaxed & exciting 3 month doesn’t end horribly wrong relationship with someone I really fancy inside and out.
With someone who is intelligent, warm, there’s ace chemistry, smells good – literally and metaphorically – fun, straightforward, only plays blackjack, backgammon, pool, scrabble games.
THEN I’d like the long term commited, long term loving relationship with the one of ones.
I’ve done the “how to manifest more sex” for months now.  Even bought plenty of new underwear.  Woo!
As a woman I don’t play games, am not manipulative, am straightforward, chatty, intellgent, am myself, wear my favourite outfits, have great times, go out, am proactive when I meet people and suuggest meeting up with them again; platonically, as well as romantically. And as a post femisit equlaitarian: I always get a round of drinks in, pay my share: because it seems fair, decent and the right thing to do.
So far, this is what’s happened:
I go out, meet people, romance is not the focus, and then meet  a guy whom I get on with, and am curious about romantically.
They state/grumble that women are: manipulative, play games, are dumb, there isn’t intellectual as well as physical romantical chemical ‘spark’, there’s no banter, they’re no fun, negative, etc.  Said chap realises I’m not any of these things: call me all kinds of awesome with actual comments like:

  • You have the most amazing face; I hope whoever you end up with appreciates it.
  • You’re the best kisser in the world.
  • I’ve never met anyone like you.
  • Wow, I’ve never had a great time like this before.
  • You’re fun.
  • I can be myself around you.
  • You’re gorgeous.
  • You’re beautiful in every way.
  • You have the biggest heart.
  • You’re decent, funny, sorted, you know what you want in life, great to spend time with, funny, you’re amazing intimately…

Chap and I don’t have sex, they say they want to meet up again; and in some cases, that’s the end of it. In some cases said chap then gets together with the very woman they claim to loathe.
Some of my single (or divorced) female friends who find out that I pay my share on dates, scold me for it, then suggest I play ‘The Rules’ type games.
My male friends say when a guy doesn’t call me back that it’s unjust.  When I explain that I haven’t played games or anything like that, they say that when they play games and are rotters, *that’s* when they get the lovely person.  When they’re honest, decent and trustworthy, that’s when they get left.
My married older mates applaud me for not playing games, and for being decent straightforward, and lovely.  My male single mates say I’m doing the right thing and as men they really appreciate women like me.
I don’t want to play games.  I’d like the straightforward lovely deliciousness.
Am I doing something wrong? Is this a Law of attraction thing that I’m not aware of? Do I have to play games and be rubbish to be with someone lovely?
Yours with love and blessings

Okay, readers, you’re up!  What’s your take on whether games are required to get a decent guy?
And got any advice for what our girl could do to leverage LOA in her favor?

  • July 8, 2011

Q&A: Can I Use LOA to Get the Guy?

QAThis question comes from a reader wondering whether law of attraction can help get the guy.

Here’s her question:

If there is a specific man I want to date/have in my life, can I use LOA to have him?

I met this really great guy, and I think we’d be a good match. But how can I get my energies to flow to attract him to me?

The only connection I have to him is his sister (who adores him and thinks we’d be a good match, too).

This question comes up so often in my coaching practice that this topic alone could keep me in business. Let’s cover the ins and outs here as to whether it’s possible to attract a particular person into our love life.

Thanks in advance for your input, everyone!

Update: one of our fabulous commenters (M.) posted this video that many are finding helpful on this topic:

Just wanted to make sure everyone who was interested in this topic had a chance to see it.

This one is super juicy, too. (Thanks, Kellie!)


  • September 8, 2010