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Tunisia Scripts the Future!

One of Good Vibe U’s much-loved members is a resident of Tunisia who shared today in the forums this spectacular news, which is so incredibly cool it deserves to be reprinted here:

Our newspapers, tvs, and radios were all dated June 16th, 2014 today and spoke about the new Tunisia and the new great economy. We read about the many miracles that happened during these three years.
The whole country acted as if!

An entire country scripting their future – how fabulous is that?!

(Scripting is a manifesting method where you speak or write as if what you want is already done. Pray Rain Journaling is where I shared about the written version of scripting I use.)

She shared a couple links with us, which despite two years of high school French I can still only interpret the date.  (This would be a fun time to be bilingual!)
Regardless, it’s beautifully  inspiring to see an entire nation’s media conspiring to direct attention on their bright future, as if it already were:
If this isn’t a sign of our amazing times, I don’t know what is!
Blessings to Tunisia and Egypt and all of us.
Update: readers have asked what the articles are saying and how this effort was coordinated.  I gathered this much from the posts at GVU:
Journalists, broadcasters and newscasters worked secretly to deliver this surprise. While at first people didn’t understand news about the economy soaring, new highways, new industries and even an electric car made in Tunisia, soon everyone acted as if, and on Twitter and Facebook people shared their visions and dreams for themselves as well as for their country. The 16th of June is a special date because that’s Tunisia free elections.
Updated update! This is a very cool video about the process!  (In English!)

  • February 16, 2011

Scripting Miracles

dogeye.jpgOnce upon a time I was in a lifeless job and dead end relationship.

The only love I had in life was volunteering as a foster mom for animal rescue groups. But my misery in my work and love life spilled into all areas of life, which contributed to a mini-breakdown in the backyard one day.

Let me explain: as a foster mom experiencing a long string of “bad luck,” I had EIGHT big dogs in my 850 sq ft house. That’s a lot of canines. (I also had cats and a boyfriend. It was a full house!) Sometimes that might sound fun, but after three months in the heat of summer it was not.

Five dogs were up for adoption, and I was breaking new records in the rescue community for length of time without an adoption.

Every weekend we hauled dogs to the adoption fair, and every weekend they came back home.

To my overcrowded unhappy home.

One hot August day as I was trying to scoop poop in the backyard, I realized it wouldn’t scoop.  There was no grass left. It just rolled along in the dirt as I tried to scoop it.  (I have to add, I loved grass. And it was gone because of the high dog traffic in the hot summer.)  Realizing the lost lawn was my breaking point.

I threw the pooper scooper in one direction (it landed on the garage roof) and the bag of poop in another (it landed in the neighbor’s bushes), and I went to bed.  For four days.

Which is when I read Adrian Calabrese’s “How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted.”

That author suggested strange things. She wanted me to set up sacred space and burn incense and weird stuff like that. It was very “out there” to me (at the time).

But I had a personal rule that I had to do at least one thing from every self help book I read before I put it away.  Just one thing.

The least strange thing in there was Scripting.

That’s where you talk out loud about what you want as if you already have it.

So I did that.

I came out of the bedroom Thursday night. I said to my boyfriend, “This is going to sound crazy. But just listen.”

(He had seen my poop flinging moment four days prior and knew I was hanging on to a very thin rope. So he didn’t say a word.)

And I started “scripting.”  Just making it up on the fly:

Isn’t it great how Jeff”(our hardest to adopt dog – whom I did not name) … “Isn’t it great how Jeff got adopted by that nice couple? That husband and wife. Who have two kids. And a dog. A dog for Jeff to play with. And how they live nearby.

(This story chokes me up every time I tell it.)

I continued my fabricated story:

They live nearby, so we can visit him whenever we want. And they have plenty of money, so we know they’ll take care of whatever medical needs he has.

Yeah, isn’t that great?

It wasn’t fancy, or all that enthusiastic even.

But from the dark place I was coming from, it was the best I could do. It didn’t last any longer than two minutes.

And I went back to bed.

That was Thursday night.

Saturday morning my boyfriend drove the dogs back to the same adoption fair he’d been taking them for the past three months.

An hour later we got a phone call from the girl who ran the event. “You guys have to get over here RIGHT NOW.”

I knew that was bad news. The only reason they call that early is because your dog is either sick, misbehaving, or there’s no room for him. No one gets adopted that fast. And I needed them to be there all weekend. I couldn’t make it another week with these dogs. I knew it. I didn’t have it in me.  SOMEONE needed to get adopted.

It just wasn’t optional that we go another week without an adoption.

But she went on …

“There are two families over here fighting over Jeff. And I don’t know who to give him to!!!!”

Okay, that didn’t compute. I didn’t understand. This had never happened.

It just didn’t make sense.

My boyfriend drove us to the adoption fair. We walked in to find two families who wanted to adopt Jeff. Two couples, with two kids, and one dog. I read their applications. Perfect. !!  You know how often that happens? Never.

Seriously, never.  We usually have to take a dozen apps before we find someone we’d even consider adopting to. And this was two perfect applications within one hour of the first day of the adoption fair!

Without saying a word, I handed the paperwork back and went back to wait in the car. I was in a stupor. I couldn’t believe it.

It was just like I said. TWICE. Two families! With their two kids! And their dog!! Living close by!!

It had happened! Jeff, whom no one ever even LOOKED at in the three prior months, was being argued over by two perfect families!!

And the next day Oakley got adopted, too. To an absolutely amazing guy with the patience of a saint who owned a crazy dog who needed a crazy friend.

Two adoptions in one weekend after a three month dry spell!!  And then on Tuesday another rescue group took two other dogs off my hands.

I doubt you can imagine my relief.

Scripting. I was hooked!

From that moment on, I read everything I could get my hands on about law of attraction. Which wasn’t much back then. I didn’t even know that’s what it was called.

(This was before The Secret and Ask And It Is Given.)

And I couldn’t stop talking about it. Anyone who talked to me about their problem, I was telling them about this great thing I just learned.

And I’ve been talking ever since.

Talked my way right out of that miserable job, unhappy relationship, financial fears … and more.

Our words create our world.  Are you paying attention to what you’re saying? Are you choosing your words deliberately? Are you talking about what you want?

When you do that, especially when you talk about what you want as if you already have it – miracles happen.

What are you creating with your words today?

To this day, I don’t get out of the shower without thanking angels in advance for what I want as if it were already here. Shower is a safe place to speak it out loud so no one thinks you’re crazy. Plus, doing it with gratitude – that’s a good vibe. And then you add the water element, which amplifies energy – that’s a powerful practice.
I highly recommend it. 🙂

  • October 11, 2007