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To Spend Or Not To Spend …

It’s a common question when creators are in process of manifesting wealth …

How to manage current finances (and make aligned spending decisions) while activating the vibration of prosperity?

Some manifestors find it contradictory to look at price tags and keep to a budget while affirming financial abundance.

On the other hand, it can also be unnerving to spend money like we’ve already got it before it’s actually here.

(Sometimes that just activates more worry.)

What’s a conscious creator to do?

Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer that applies to all in every situation.

I wouldn’t say, “Spend it like you got it” or “Wait till the bank agrees before you act like a rich person.”

That’s because the answer isn’t about the best action – it’s about the better feeling. And that could be different for each of us.

Sometimes the aligned thing to do is take the leap of faith and spend the money. Other times it’s to play it conservative and find a way to be fiscally responsible without negating the abundance vibe.

Here’s how to know the right answer for you:

What feels best?

Your inner guidance knows the best way to get where you want to be financially, and it will steer you there if you listen.

Remember, your inner guidance speaks to you through your emotions. So whichever action feels most inspired and joyful – that’s your higher self pointing the way.

If it feels nerve racking and ominous, that’s a sign to choose something else.

You’re looking for whichever option offers the most relief.

Some people have developed such a strong habit of worry around money that they don’t feel good saving, handling or spending it.

That’s a sign your gremlins have taken over and crowded out guidance from within.

A little practice will put you back in touch with that inner wisdom.

You can facilitate that process by making sure you’re regularly tapping the vibration of abundance, wealth, prosperity (or whatever you’d like to manifest). Tuning to that frequency makes it easier to hear (and trust) your divinely inspired messages.

For creators who have a hard time feeling good about spending money when it seems in short supply, it’s good to remember that joy begets joy.

If you spend it with joy, it brings more joy back. (Which is why so many manifestors successfully intend that spending happy money brings more happy money back – multiplied even!)

If you spend it with guilt, or spend it with worry – it’d be better not to spend it at all. (Or to find a way to drop the guilt or worry.)

Because law of attraction can only match what we’re vibing.

So it doesn’t matter what we do; it only matters how we feel.

Find the action that feels best – to you – whatever that is, then take that action and stick with the good feeling.

Don’t second guess or regret your choice – let it continue to be the right thing.

The latest podcast covers this subject, as inspired by my gremlin doubts whether I made the right decisions to euthanize my dog and adopt out my foster cat.

This process applies to whatever we’re up to – whether spending money, breaking up, making health care decisions, etc.

Bottom line: it isn’t so much about figuring out the right action, as it is about finding our way to the most aligned feeling. Focusing on the feeling serves us much better than analyzing actions.

It’s a matter of doing/choosing whatever is easiest to feel good about. And then to keep feeling good about it.

  • May 5, 2017

How to Feel Rich While Cutting Back

how to feel rich without spending moneyWe know that we get what we vibrate.
Which is why, if we want to manifest lots of money, it’s important to be able to feel rich.
But that isn’t always the easiest vibration to land on when we’re feeling short on cash.
Especially when circumstances dictate we take prudent actions about reducing expenses.
So when it’s time to spend less money, how does a deliberate creator flow the “rich” vibe?
Since it’s easy to feel “not enough money” when we’re cancelling cable or eating on the cheap, it’s an LOA superpower to be able to vibrate “wealthy” when we don’t have much money to work with.
Here are a few tips about how to feel rich while cutting back expenses:

  • See it as prudent spending, rather than feeling “there’s not enough.”  (Rich people are prudent spenders, too!)
  • Think of it as getting money smart, rather than being money limited.  (This choice enhances your financial freedom rather than hinders it.)
  • Feel it as being in charge of your financial situation, rather than constricted by it.  (It feels good to get a handle on my money!)
  • Leverage your belief that taking this step is good for your bottom line.  Remind yourself why you’re making this choice – spotlight what’s “right” about it rather than seeing what sucks.
  • Ask yourself why a rich person might make the same decision, and imagine you’re motivated by the same reasons.  (She’d rather walk the dogs herself; he likes the satisfaction of cooking his own meal; the holidays are a terrible time to travel.)
  • At the very least, minimize the amount of time you’re feeling “broke” – i.e. don’t dwell on the situation or circumstances that make you feel poor.

The fact is you can take the same action and have a wide variety of vibrations flowing for it.  You can choose to feel differently about anything you do.

Remember this:
Even if you spend less, if you focus on the limitation or restriction of it, your action is to no avail for enhancing your financial well being.  Even though you did what seemed “right” – your vibration of “not enough” will prevail and that just leads to more of the same.  Because we get what we vibrate.
The converse is also true: if you engage “irresponsible spending” but feel fabulously wealthy about it, Universe can only deliver me more of what you’re vibrating.  (Pretty cool how that one works, although it’s easier said than done to get there.)

The point is when it’s time to cut back expenses, find a way to see it as a decision that enhances your wealth or financial well being rather than evidences the lack of it.
Remember that rich people avoid car repairs and postpone hair appointments and skip the travel, too.  (Maybe for different reasons, but it’s important to know you’re not as far away from wealth as it might seem.)
There’s a way to cancel that spending that actually feels rich.  Open to that possibility, use your creative mind to feel around for it, and then when you find your way there know you’re sending a signal that’s good for your bank account.
What are your tips for feeling rich while spending less?

  • July 7, 2013