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LOA for Fight Night Success

Regular contributor Namaste Faustino brings this LOA success story from what seemed an unlikely place, but that just taught me to drop judgment about who’s leveraging conscious creation powers.
Enjoy this example of super successful manifesting:
Law of Attraction for Boxing SuccessEver heard of Conor McGregor?
I hadn’t until flipping through an issue of Esquire magazine, where I saw an awesome Law of Attraction-like-quote in bold.
The article was about a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts.
I’ve since learned Conor is a serious student of the Law of Attraction and attributes much of his incredible success to his LOA skills.
While the Esquire article made no mention of Law of Attraction, I thought, “This fighter has got telling-the-story-the-way-he-wants-it-to-be skills, and focusing skills that would make a lot of conscious creators seriously envious.” Check this out …
In the April 2015 article, Conor talked about his upcoming fight in July that was the biggest of his career. About his opponent:

Smack talk? That is an American term that makes me laugh. I simply speak the truth. I’m an Irish man … I don’t have anything bad to say about my opponent. It’s pretty plain and simple. His time is up … It’s over for him. I don’t need to say jacksh*t else. July is a wrap. IT IS INEVITABLE.

Talk about an awesome example of telling the story the way you want it to be. 🙂
When the interviewer asked if Conor’s ever wondered whether he’ll lose the upcoming fight, Conor explained he hasn’t wondered once about losing. “If I entertain things, they tend to come true.”
At that time he was slated to fight the reigning champion Jose Aldo for the title belt. For Conor to not even wonder once about losing, that’s incredible focusing. Stepping into the ring to fight a reigning champion is no joke.
After reading the Esquire article, I looked up Conor McGregor on YouTube and found this video that proved Conor has been telling the story how he wanted it from the start. He has always talked about becoming a champion.
So fast forward to his big fight in Vegas …
Conor was supposed to fight the reigning champion for the title belt, but when Jose Aldo pulled out due to a broken rib Conor knocked out the incredibly skilled Chad Mendes in the second round.
Shortly after I saw a couple of articles talking about a cage fighter and the Law of Attraction. It turns out Conor knows all about the Law of Attraction and practices the principles avidly!
Here’s what he said when asked about the Law of Attraction:

My sister put me on to the Law of Attraction a few years ago and that made me think about things. Whatever you think is going to happen, will happen. If you visualize it with true belief then it will happen. I took that on board and decided I’m the best. I put myself on a pedestal and everything just formed around it.

And Conor isn’t kidding about everything forming around it, check out this post fight interview. It’s clear he’s the star of this video and he’s loving telling everyone that he told the story he wanted and now it’s come true!
It’s hilarious to see people in the fight world mentioning the Law of Attraction thanks to Conor’s knock out winning fight. Slowly but surely manifesting awareness is spreading everywhere. 🙂
Namaste Faustino learned about manifesting from the Rosicrucians (amorc.org) when he was eight years old. Initially skeptical, he tried it out and successfully manifested a little red radio. After that he was hooked and over the past 30 years has consciously created cash, trips, girlfriends, a diamond and even a millionaire mentor. Connect with Namaste on Facebook.

  • July 13, 2015

Are Seahawks Using LOA Magic?

Seahawks Using LOA MagicIf you saw the Seahawks pull that astonishing win out of their hat late in Sunday’s game, you might have wondered like I did if they were using LOA magic to make it happen.
Packers coach Mike McCarthy called it “unbelievable” and the NFL announcer said, “it’s as improbable a win as I’ve ever witnessed.”
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is known for his unique team management philosophy, including engaging the services of a sports psychologist to teach players “a broad range of visualization and mental-imaging techniques.”
From an interview with Mindful magazine, we learn that team psychologist Michael Gervais trains the Seahawks in the power of positive self-talk to enhance their confidence:

“Confidence is the cornerstone of great performance,” he explains. “And it comes from just one place: what we say to ourselves.”
To be effective, it must be “grounded in credible conversations with yourself,” he adds. “Which means you have to have a disciplined mind to focus on when you’ve been successful in the past and to bring that success into the present.”

When one of their wide receivers struggled with his performance, Gervais taught him how to restructure his negative thinking by creating “mental highlight reels.”
These highlight reels drew from the athlete’s past successes and were to be used whenever he slipped into doubt in order to return to a positive mindset. Conscious creators won’t be surprised to hear that “the effect was startling.”
The sports psychologist also works with the Seahawks on training their minds to envision what they’d like to experience.
It’s hard for me to imagine that all professional athletes aren’t practicing this to some degree or another, but maybe the difference is that Carroll’s Seahawks don’t focus on results.
Rather than talk about championships, they focus on performing their best, since they are taught that focusing on anything outside themselves becomes a distraction.
Richard Sherman says of head coach Pete Carroll: “He makes you think you’re supposed to win, and then when you do win, it doesn’t even feel like a big deal.”
Let’s take a lesson from the Seahawks playbook to enhance our own manifesting game.
For more law of attraction action in Superbowl world, check out these prior posts:

  • Inspiration from Seahawks’ Russell Wilson on how he got in the Superbowl vibe.
  • How the Packers used advance ring fittings (among other things) to get themselves in a winner’s mood.
  • This one quotes Sean McHugh about how the Detroit Lions would maybe hope to win, but the Pittsburgh Steelers developed an expectation to win.
  • January 20, 2015

Feels Like the First Time for Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson, British Open, positive attitudeI’m not a golf nut, but my boyfriend is – which is why I’m tuned into the British Open this weekend.
Something my sweetie said about Phil Mickelson’s “amnesia” approach to winning a tournament he’s competed in 18 times caught my deliberate creator attention.
Apparently Phil is playing this major tournament with a new approach: as if it were his first time.
Columbia Daily Tribune wrote:

“Mickelson just wants to come into this Open with a clean slate, with no preconceived notions about how to hit the ball, with no memories of all the errant shots he struck in the past.”

That sounds like a guy who’s choosing a more aligned focus to get what he wants!  The deliberate creator in me admires his strategy for leaving behind thoughts of 17 prior failed attempts.  (We know that’s not always easy to do.)
Sports writer Ryan Ballangee called Mickelson the “King of Wishful Thinking” and quoted Mickelson as saying:

“I’m trying to pretend like it’s my first time here,” he said.”  I’m trying not to dwell and don’t want to look back on my past performances that haven’t been what I expected. I’m not trying to fix any past poor play.”

I also liked how often Phil’s “refreshingly optimistic” attitude is referenced as a key to his success.

“There’s nothing more exciting than on Sunday having a chance in a major,” Mickelson said. “I know that I’m not leading, but I’m also right there. To me that is so much fun, and I’m excited. I feel like it’s my first time over here.”

Phil’s focus on enjoying rather than just winning is also a major tenet of successful manifesting:

“If you focus so much on the result, on winning,” he says, “sometimes you can get in your own way.”

That’s a routine many of us deliberate creators know, right?
Kudos to Phil not just for choosing a focus and attitude that makes all the difference for his performance and experience of the game, but for doing it so publicly, too.
He’s an easy guy to root for.  Since I’m gonna be watching anyway.  😉

  • July 16, 2011

Law of Attraction and the Superbowl

“And the image ultimately became reality.”

That’s what Fox NFL editor Nancy Gay wrote about the Green Bay Packers Superbowl Championship win, referencing the team’s fitting for superbowl rings the night before they played.

That’s not typical stuff in NFL world.  Normally the ring fitters see the team after they win.

But Head Coach Mike McCarthy said it was just another opportunity to express “real confidence,” something he practiced since the beginning of the season.

One of the players interviewed said the fitting “made things real for us” while another reported that “everything we wanted was right there in our hands, literally and figuratively.”

Another player said, “It was a great feeling when you know you won before you even played the game.”
Yardbarker reported that player Greg Jennings grabbed his ring finger after one of his touchdowns.

Deliberate creators know that reality stems from the images and thoughts we hold in mind.

What a great way to activate the vibration of winning – to treat your team as if they already have!  Yet another inspiring example of how well it pays off to act as if.

What’s your Superbowl and how might you make winning it more real with a pre-game ring fitting?

I’d love to hear from you!

  • February 12, 2011

Lessons from Cowboys Country

Today I picked up deliberate creation lessons from an unlikely source: a Dallas Cowboys football game. Not that it’s unlikely to see LOA in football; just unlikely to see me there.
But when my sweetie’s son and daughter-in-law treated us to a game with the Tennessee Titans in the Cowboys Stadium, I picked up lots of great reminders about life and deliberate creation:
1. Celebrate Progress
I don’t know much about football – still – but today I learned that you don’t have to get a touchdown before you celebrate. Even when their players were tackled, fans often erupted in cheers.  It took me a few plays to realize even if you just advance a few yards, that’s reason enough to get excited. You don’t have to score a touchdown every time in order to be celebrating a win.
2. Experts See More
The refs and devoted football fans saw things I as a novice didn’t. Flags were thrown for things I didn’t understand; fans erupted in unison about moves I totally missed.  What I did see was that people who spend a lot of time with something develop an expertise for it.  The same is true in deliberate creation: when we regularly pay close attention to the energy and become well trained in feeling out the vibrations, we develop stronger LOA senses.  My takeaway: hang out with the experts in whatever you want to develop more of.  Their experience is valuable.
3. Discipline Rules
Speaking of well-trained, these players know what they’re doing! They’re fit, disciplined, and focused. Traits that serve a deliberate creator, too. Abraham tells us that getting picky about our thoughts requires effort, and that effort that pays off when we commit to it!
4. Shake It Off
Even the heroes can have a bad play/quarter/game/season. What I saw today was a practiced ability to “shake it off.” These seasoned players didn’t let disappointments weigh them down; rather they looked forward to what’s next. Another good tip for deliberate creators.
5. Who Wants It Most
As declared on the world’s largest high definition video screen before kickoff, it’s not a matter of who is strongest, but rather who wants it more. (I would have guessed toughest or most stamina – wrong!)  We also know in the game of manifesting that the reward doesn’t necessarily go to the smartest, most talented, or hardest worker; but rather to the most aligned.
6. Things Change Fast
It only takes one referee flag, one big play, or one opponent’s slip up to completely reverse course. Good thing to remember when it looks like things aren’t going your way.
7. Have Fun Doing It
Even while you’re working to get the job done, you can have fun in the process. Hot cheerleaders flashing smiles; upbeat music on every break; and fun end zone dances acknowledge a job well done.  It’s a good reminder to deliberate creators that you don’t have to have a big excuse to have a good time – you can fit in the cracks of life’s daily moments.
8. Live and Let Live
Die hard devoted fans of opposing teams can sit side by side and still respect each other’s differences. We can have vastly different outlooks on the world and still get along.  As many new deliberate creators know, needing everyone to agree with us is a sure fire ticket to frustration.  Differences are cool and contrast fuels the whole system.  Rock on, Titans!
9. Men Look Great in Pink
In honor of breast cancer awareness, every player on the field was wearing pink somewhere: on his shoes, gloves, helmet, those towel-thingies (flags?). Just as it’s okay for tough men to wear pink for a worthy cause, it’s also okay for manifesters to show their softer side by allowing their full range of emotions. Some things we might not consider appropriate (fear, anger, worry) are actually a crucial step up the vibrational scale. Get comfortable out of your comfort zone; it looks good on you.
10. Perceptions Vary
It’s easy for everyone to see the same play differently depending on where they were sitting. In football, they do their best to come to agreement. In deliberate creation, it’s helpful to remember we each have our own perception; we don’t have to agree on one right way; and there is tremendous power in choosing the perspective that serves you best.
11. Time Warp
Time has a funny way of being suspended in football, it seems. How else could four 15 minute quarters turn into four hours of play? Sounds like confirmation of the illusion of time.  I’ve even heard sometimes they actually put time back on the clock!
12. Jargon Doesn’t Help
For those who aren’t living and breathing football, it’s easy to get confused with unfamiliar terms. As Shannon reminded me at lunch when she asked who Abraham is (she’s a regular reader), it’s helpful not to assume everyone knows what LOA stands for and what the vortex is. I intend to correct this in a separate post, so newcomers aren’t intimidated by insider lingo.
13. Cheerleaders Rock
No matter how bad your team is losing, it’s hard to complain when you’re surrounded by beautiful girls whose job is to uplift you. Also in real life, it’s not a bad idea to have a good friend around with a ready smile.
14. It’s All Good
After a great game where the Cowboys ultimately lost to the Titans, we learned from tailgaters in the parking lot that even when you don’t win the game, there’s still loud music, good food, and great company to enjoy.
If you’re a football fan and deliberate creator, I’d love to hear what lessons translate from the field to the Field – if you know what I mean. (If I can violate the no jargon rule one more time before I change my ways.)
Big thanks to Tyler and Shannon for showing us a great time in Texas!
The only thing better than hanging out with them this weekend was getting an abundance of kisses from their especially lovable pug Zoe.  (Pictures on my facebook page!)
(For the record, though, I think their family roots loudest for University of Utah Utes, even though they took us to the Cowboys Stadium.)
PS – a quick reminder that The Money Party starts on Tuesday, October 12th.  If you’d like great company while revamping your money vibe, this is another chance to get in on it.

  • October 10, 2010