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Sticky Story Rampage

Stick to Your StoryI got a little fired up when I saw a couple of fellow creators giving up the goods to reality.

Meaning, they gave up on what they wanted when reality didn’t soon match.
It got me thinking how I almost did the same thing last week on something that really mattered to me.
But when I’m in my right LOA mind, I know how this stuff works …
I know the power of being willing to stick to the good story.
And no one knows how to stick to their story like I do.
That is both an affirmation and a fact.
I see fellow creators giving up their story to reality all the time.
I, on the other hand, have stickiness for my good story. I know how to invest the time with it when no one else will.
Others don’t always dare. They don’t believe. They believe in reality more than the power of their story.
Not me.
I can stick to it like Simone Biles sticks a landing.
Other people might let reality mess with their vibrations.
Not me.
I know how it goes for me, regardless of what it looks like out there.
Anyone want a glimpse of how it is for me?
You already know this. I post the good news left and right on my facebook page and even did a podcast on how my happy ending goes.
Make no mistake about it – this is a highly practiced skill.
The story could be something as simple as:

  • “Everything always works out for me.” or
  • “It’s all good and getting better every day.”
  • “Universe is good to me.”

It doesn’t have to be a complicated story! The best ones are probably pretty simple.
And right now I’m going to add to my story how good my fellow creators are at sticking to their preferred stories. They don’t let reality get in their way. They know how this works. They have the skills to tell it like they want it. And they DO. Over and over again.
They tell it how they want it. And pretty soon, it is.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  • August 15, 2016

How to Break A Bad Story

How To Break a Bad StoryWe talked about how to stick to your story, but what about when you’ve got one worth dropping?
Like some of these stories, maybe:

  • All the good ones are taken.
  • There isn’t enough money for that.
  • I’m so busy/tired/sick of it.

Those are not fun stories to reap the consequences. Yet sometimes they don’t seem so easy to discard.
Let’s get as good at dropping a bad story as we are at sticking to a good one.
How to tell when you’ve got a story that isn’t serving you?
You can spot those a mile away based on how they feel.
You know how it feels crappy to talk about how our politics are going to hell in a hand basket? Or that you don’t know how to make your body heal? That not-so-great feeling is your first heads up that you’ve got a story worth dropping.
How the story makes you feel is worth paying attention to. It’s your first indicator and it’s also the easiest time to drop it – before it builds more momentum.
Because your next indicator of engaging a bad story is real life 3D results. When the sh*t is hitting the fan, that’s another sign you’ve got a story worth changing!
By then it can seem so real and true that it’s challenging to disengage from it, but you’ve got even more incentive at that point.

Speaking of good incentive, I was telling a crappy story the other day. About how much I didn’t like someone who was left in charge of my rescued foster kittens. I was driving home after a bad exchange and retelling what an awful person she was, how bad she was at her job, and listing all the reasons why I was right to have a negative opinion of her.
Hello, bad story alert!
This is no time to tell that version! I just left my kittens with her for the day! I’ve got to clean that up for their sake, let alone mine!
So I dropped the old version like a hot potato once I realized my kittens were sitting in the crosshairs of it. And I started telling the version of how she’s done a lot of good work, and she’s in it for the right reasons. And even if she doesn’t like me, she’d never take it out on my kittens.
I let her be the hero instead of the bad guy when I believed that my kittens’ well-being was at stake. But a skillful creator would have caught it at the first whiff of anxiety or discomfort I felt when I started my rampage of frustration.

As you speak, so shall it be. Tell the version you want to see unfold!
Just knowing the consequences of what comes from telling what you don’t like is often incentive enough to switch it up.
This morning I saw a facebook post from a mom whose 15 year old daughter didn’t come home last night.
As I read the account of when the daughter was last seen and the comments from concerned friends and family, I felt fear and worry settling in. That’s my first clue I’ve got a story worth dropping.
So I told it differently. And invited some LOA savvy friends to join me in a new version. Where she’s home sweet home, safe and sound, happy healthy and thriving. All is well here.
That version feels SO much better.
And that’s how we break a bad story.
By replacing it with a better version.

You might be able to do that in the red hot moment of realization, or you might need to process some of those prior lingering feelings before you can successfully switch tracks.

But you can do it. It’s just a matter of (feeling your feelings first) and then finding a thought that feels better. On purpose. Again and again. Until it’s your new normal. Hello new story. 🙂

If you find yourself drawn to repeat the version you don’t like, it may just be law of attraction calling you back to it. (That’s what law of attraction does.) Resolving the situation is just a matter of consciously creating new momentum by engaging a different thought/story.

It could also be that you’re getting some benefit from telling the unwanted version, so you don’t really truly intend to leave it behind. (Like if I keep talking about how all the good guys are taken, then I never risk rejection or failure in a new relationship.

So there can be some interesting dynamics involved. (Coaches come in handy at times like that.)
Here are three tips for succeeding in a new story-telling process:
1. Don’t make it harder by dwelling on contrary evidence. Shift your attention to a place where it’s easier to tell the new story. (Example, I’m purposely refraining from checking the facebook post for updates on the daughter’s whereabouts. “Don’t take score too soon,” advises Abraham.)
2. Don’t get caught up in others’ stories that you don’t like. They get to have it their way; you get to have it yours. Choose according to your preferences, not according to momentum from the masses.
3. Don’t get stuck in your own history. Just because it’s been true before, and appears to be true right now, doesn’t mean it has to continue being your truth. You can choose differently at any time. You are not a prisoner of your past. Everything is happening, it’s all happening right now, and you can select a different version simply by changing your mind.
But I’m preaching to the choir here. What are your tips for breaking a bad story? You guys know this stuff. What’s worked for you in successfully choosing a new version to create?

(((Update: less than 24 hours after gone missing, the daughter is home sweet home! Yay!)))

  • April 3, 2016

4 Ways To Stick To Your Story

How To Stick To Your Story: Advanced Manifesting TechniqueConscious creators know reality arises from our focus. What we think about and speak about and feel is how we bring it into existence.
We are literally observing, speaking, and feeling thoughts into things.
(How freakin’ cool are we?!)
That’s why it’s helpful for us to know how to stick to the story of what we want before it’s real.
Some folks find affirmations challenging to use because they don’t feel comfortable saying something that isn’t so. This post is not for those readers.
This is for the hard core creators who are willing to say what’s not real until it is. We aren’t going to let a little reality get in the way of what we want. We don’t throw in the towel when Universe doesn’t instantly grant our version of the story.
We know how to play with the buffer of time. We know what it takes to create something new. Especially when it’s big and different than what came before.
It’s all part of the fun!
We don’t get stopped by a 3D reality that seemingly contradicts our desires. We know how to bend reality to our will. It’s just a matter of sticking to the story.
Here are four tips to do exactly that when conviction wavers:
1. Find an inspiring mentor.
The best ones are usually between the ages of 4 and 6.
Notice how they are not swayed by outside disbelievers or by what’s “true.” They make up their own rules, and they know how to have fun with it. Learn from the best by observing and emulating an imaginative toddler and you’ll have an exceptional mentor for sticking to the story.
2. Remember that you’re the creator here.
You’re not the reporter. You’re the creator. It’s not your job to regurgitate “what is.” It’s your opportunity to create what you like.
Whatever you say goes. And that means that in order to create something new, you have to say what isn’t until it is. It’s just how it works. Speaking it or seeing it – before there’s evidence of it – is how the system is set up. Use as intended.
3. Relax what you know.
You’ve been wrong about something before, right? Your friend’s car isn’t actually black; turns out it’s a really dark blue. All this time you thought it was black. Wrong.
You can use past mistakenesses (see, I just made that word up – that’s how flexible and loose we can be) to your advantage when it comes to sticking to your story …
When you’re speaking something into reality, it could be just like that other time you were wrong. You might think you’re saying something that isn’t true yet, but how do you know? Maybe it is “real” and you just haven’t heard about it yet. Maybe. You’ve been wrong before, after all. Leverage it.
4. Practice.
The more you play with this skill, the better you get.
It might be uncomfortable at first, but when you remember that this is you exerting your creative power (not you losing your mind, not you setting yourself up for ridicule – or failure or disappointment) … this is you flexing your manifesting muscle. This is what you were made for.
Here’s a time I stuck to a big story:

Over ten years ago I was creating a thriving coaching practice out of nothing but a strong desire and wild imagination. Starting from scratch with nothing but a big dream.
When the prospect emails weren’t there, and the client voice mails didn’t exist, and the calendar didn’t have any sessions booked – all this reality trying to tell me it’s not happening.
But I was undeterred. Because I know how this works. Universe has to make me right whatever I’m willing to repeatedly say and feel.
And this story is worth sticking to, because I really like it.
So I would dismiss the empty calendar and empty voice mail and empty inbox with a wave of my hand. As if it were an ex-boyfriend I had long since stopped trusting. “Whatever. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a brilliant coach in high demand.”
Because I said so.
That’s how to stick to the story even when reality doesn’t agree.
Even when the body doesn’t feel good and even when the accountant thinks it’s bad news and even when the lover behaves like a jerk. Learn how to focus on what you prefer over what you don’t.

When you get good at this, reality will bend to what you say is so. All you have to do is be more committed to your dream than to your present reality.
Use your power wisely and stick to your favorite story. You’ll be happy you did. 🙂

  • March 21, 2016

Evolution of an Affirmation

I Say the Words: Evolution of an AffirmationI say the words and they feel ridiculous. Impossible even.
But I know how this works …
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and they feel far away.
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and my gremlin tells why it can’t be so; why this can only end in disappointment.
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and they begin to feel familiar. I’m getting used to the idea.
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and they start to feel possible. Belief is taking root.
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and they feel within reach. This might happen.
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and they begin to animate my being. The words come to life within me.
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and they’re no longer just words. They’re an energy that fulfills itself.
I keep saying the words.
I say the words and they are what is. These words are serving me well.
I keep saying the words.
Until one day, I find new words.
They feel ridiculous. Impossible even.
I keep saying the words.

* * * * * * * *

The above little ditty is what came to mind after Michel Marcellot wrote these wise words on my facebook page:

Telling ourselves a different story is not a simple as it sounds. That story has to become the background software, the underlying theme song to our lives. Not just the conscious voice over.
In my view this is what controls the manifesting mechanism.

Miche asked: “How do we get the new story to percolate down through the conscious to the subconscious?”
This is one way I do it. I keep saying the words.
How do you make a new story the underlying theme song in your life?

  • March 23, 2015

Activate: New Money Story

Vibration Activation: Tell a New Money StoryIs it time for a new money story?
If the one you’ve been telling isn’t your favorite, let’s replace it.
I’ll share tidbits from mine and invite you to share highlights from yours so we can piece together our absolute favorite way to do money.
Remember how this works: change starts with a new story. And we have to be willing to tell that story before it’s “true.”
This is not for sissies.
Being able to speak it like you want it before it is takes some cojones.
But we can do it – because we’re conscious creators who know how to engage our reality-creating power.
So let’s focus into a new money reality.
(This post is an addition to our vibration activation series, where you can find a wide variety of scripts to activate a new vibe.)
Without further ado, here’s an excerpt from my money story:

My money is so cool, it likes to make itself! I hardly do anything and it just rolls right on in!
And it does it in abundance. In enjoyable, pleasant ways.
Sometimes it surprises me how it comes from places I didn’t even expect, while at the same time being so reliable. I love how much I can count on it … to keep showing up, finding excuse after excuse to be with me.
I do give it good excuses (I make stuff available for people to buy that I’m really proud of and that I think they’ll benefit tremendously from), so I am definitely a good partner to this money party that’s going on.
But I have a feeling that no matter what I do or don’t do – that money will still find a way to be with me. It’s so fun!! It’s like we were meant to be together!
I’m getting better and better at letting money be easy, fun and BIG. It’s like it’s set to “turbo” when it comes to play with me.
I know that one of the ways that money gets to be so light and free and easy with me is that I be light and free and easy with it. Which has meant that I learn how to be playful with it, and more joyful in general.
Because the more fun I have in life, the more fun money has with me.
And we do great things together – we’ve had such great times! I know where to send it for a good time, and it always comes back with great things for me.
I really do have a good thing going with money. And although it’s not the be-all end-all of life, it sure is fun to have around. I’ll welcome more money to my world any day.
Thank you, Money, for being so good to me!

Okay, it’s your turn to craft your favorite money story.
If you care to share it, we’d love to hear so we can upgrade our own money stories even more.

  • December 11, 2014

Story Crafting in Manifesting

It struck me the other day that molding a story is an art form, much like molding clay.
In fact, did you see this guy? Mustafa knows how to work the clay:

Post by Çini Oyma Sanatı Mehmet.

I thought of him when talking with a friend who was worried about her medical test results.
When her blood test falls within a certain range, the doctors run her through the gamut of additional tests to see if her disease has returned.
She gets nervous for it every time, afraid the news won’t be good. (She’s done a couple rounds of this already.)
She said it’s like playing Russian roulette – and wanted to know how to stop this terrifying cycle of waiting for another death sentence.
Well, then – that’s about as scary a story as a girl could conjure!
I suggested maybe she look at it a little differently.
If it were me, I’d be thinking something like …

sheesh, I’ve done this routine enough times to know how it goes. These doctors get all worked about something that isn’t that big a deal. The fact is I feel fine. I’ll play along, though, since I know how doctors are. This isn’t my first rodeo. Each time I get a little better at it. I relax a little more. I can do this in my sleep!
Besides, there’s no such thing as a ‘death sentence’! Who I am is eternal. And anyway, I already survived this once! In fact, I’m a pro at overcoming this challenge. I’m the last person who should be nervous about it. I’ll let the doctors do their thing, while I know that I got this.

Or some other version that reduces the resistance to tests. Because fear isn’t cool. And she is.
It’s story molding, right?
Another friend was having trouble at work after receiving severely critical feedback on a big project she’d just completed.
She was worried about what the boss thought, whether her co-workers were fed up, and whether she lost business for the company.
But instead of continuing with that story, she crafted a new one:

This feedback she’s getting is just the “how to” for success. She said, “It’s the very ‘rescue’ I’ve been needing but not knowing how to get.”

Now that’s skillful story shifting!
Just like the expert potter with the clay on the wheel. You can tell he’s molded a lot of material. He knows how to play with it. He works it like a pro.
The Art of Story Crafting in ManifestingThat’s how I want to work a story …
… to get a better angle on things. To spotlight the parts that help and set aside the pieces that don’t. To reassign empowering character roles and conjure up helpful plot twists. To let that story play out again and again in my mind, long before reality gives me any reason to call it the ‘truth.’
That’s the art of story in manifesting.
For me, a good story has one or more of these elements for successful creation:

  1. It offers me a reason to believe. (Points me where I want to go.)
  2. It releases resistance. (Frees up the sticky points.)
  3. It contains some elements of reality (for the believability factor).
  4. It makes me feel better. (Any sort of relief works.)

In those ways my story opens the door to Universe (via my enhanced alignment) to deliver good things.
And just like Mustafa the potter, our story crafting gets better the more we practice. So don’t hesitate to start reworking your story today!

  • September 22, 2014

To Each His Own Story

Everyone Is RightOne of the 10 Tenets of Conscious Creation is that we each get to be right.
That means that no matter what I conclude, or what angle I’m seeing things from, I get to have it my way – no matter what.
(Consensus is not required!)
Remembering that principle does me two favors:

  1. I feel less compelled that others agree with me, and
  2. I get more freedom in choosing the story I prefer.

He gets to have it his way, and you get to have it yours. What do you pick?
Giving yourself this freedom in choosing your story makes all the difference in how you experience life.
Yes, it may be more challenging to stick to your preferred version when your partner – or my entire society – tells it different.
But we’re conscious creators! Don’t let them sway you from what you prefer.

  • Your hubby can declare you’re running out of money, and you can choose things are on the upswing.
  • Your boss can decide it’s time to feel the pressure, and you can choose everything’s working out perfectly.
  • Your government can announce dangers and problems galore – but you can tell it different.

You get to have it your way; they get to have it theirs.
We all get to be right.
So … what’s your story? Are you choosing your favorite version?
Every day is a new chance to upgrade your experience.
My story is that life is good and getting better every day. I choose that Universe loves to delight me and that my future is bright, along with my health, work, relationships and my prosperity.
That’s a nice thing to be right about. 🙂

  • April 24, 2014

5 Ways to Change Your Story

Enjoy this guest post from Goddess Jacqui on how to change your story:
5 Ways to Change Your StoryWithout deliberate attention we will continue to live out the patterns/beliefs/ways-of-thinking laid down in our childhood, good and bad.
But the best part is, with deliberate attention, we can change this default setting.
We can choose which patterns to model and which ones to dump.
And we do that by changing our stories.
See, angel, here’s the thing ….
The story you tell yourself about yourself and the world will shape your whole life.
Our patterns, both inherited and self-forged, are woven from the stories we tell ourselves, over and over again.
I can see now that my parents are where they are now because of the stories they told themselves …
Helpful stories like:

  • “Moving to a new country is thrilling.”
  • “Wine is good for me.”
  • “We’ll work it out.”

And not so helpful stories like:

  • “We can’t afford it.”
  • “It’s not safe out there.”
  • “Getting old is hard.”

Obviously, I’m also where I am now because of the stories I’ve told myself …
Helpful …

  • “I can talk to anyone.”
  • “Everything works out well for me.”
  • “I am a goddess.”

And not so helpful …

  • “All the food I love makes me fat!”

Angelface, you are where you are because of the stories you’ve told yourself to this point.
But the most important, transformational thing to learn from this is …
Your future depends on the story you tell yourself NOW and you can make that whatever you want!
Believe the story that the world is dangerous, scary, filled with monsters-out-to-get-you, and it will be, and you’ll find them.
Believe that there’s more than enough for everyone, that change brings adventure and delight, that you’re a glorious, powerful, living-breathing-work-of-art … and that’s what you’ll prove.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”
~ Albert Einstein

Let the story of your future be one crafted by your BIGness.
Looking at life through your BIGness vs your smallness radically alters your perception of what is and isn’t possible.
Viewed through the lens of your BIGness, change is fun, challenges are surmountable, opportunities are visible.
A world viewed through your smallness is scary, unnerving, scarcity-ridden.
5 Ways To Change Your Story

  1. Whose line is it anyway? It doesn’t matter where it is coming from (your parents, a teacher, middle-school bully or condescending ‘friend’); just recognize that it might not be yours.
  2. Bring it out into the open. Really flesh it out, in all its nuances and extensions.
    For example, your story might be something like “I can’t afford that.” which is in turn tied up with other crappy stories like  “money is tight” or “you have to work really hard to get anywhere.”
  3. Is it really, really true? If your story is “I’m too old to *fillintheblank*” then see if you can find stories of people who’ve done awesome stuff, really late. You can start here.
  4. Write down a different story. I’m not talking about a bunch of positive thinking mumbo jumbo. I am talking about telling yourself the truth. And often, this is simply a matter of shifting your perspective from your smallness to your BIGness.
  5. Begin to LIVE your new story. Use post-it notes, reminder texts, LOA nesting … do everything you can to LIVE like someone who believes your new story. Every time your inner voice begins telling the old yarn, stop her. Say, “No! That’s what I used to believe. Here’s the truth.” Then go and do something your BIGness delights in.

Just a side note here, scrumptious one:
This only works on YOU. You cannot force this kind of shift on anyone else. It has to be self-started and self-enforced.
No matter how much I yearn to be all fairy-godmother-ish, I cannot change my parents’ story and wave all their cares away with one swish of my glitter-encrusted wand.
But I can make damn sure that the story I’m telling myself will have the luscious-life ending I desire.
And so, glorious one, can you.
Starting now.
Go craft yourself some brand-new happily-ever-afters, ok?
Jacqui Gates is the Goddess known as Jacqui and an exceptionally gifted coach who offers help with the above-mentioned story crafting. 

  • February 15, 2014