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Q&A: Use LOA to Manage Anxiety?

Use law of attraction to manage anxietyA reader recently asked for support on using the law of attraction to manage anxiety.
I thought that post might be better written from a fellow creator who’s actually done it, rather than my hypothetical suggestions about how it could possibly work.
Here’s what my research turned up:
Some advise to just stop thinking about the negative and focus on the positive. I’d love to believe it’s that easy, but I suspect some who experience more severe forms of anxiety (i.e. panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder) may find that advice falls a bit flat.
This is a conscious creator who says, “You must learn to focus your attention exclusively on good things …” and “it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.”
Wikihow writes that you can do this in 8 steps, which include understanding where the anxiety is coming from, visualizing your future self as being calm and free of worries, and then aligning yourself with that future.
Sounds good. But does it work in practice?
That’s why I’m turning to readers for your experience …
Have you engaged your conscious creative powers to manifest a more peaceful state of mind? If so, we’d love to hear 1) that it does work and 2) some suggestions for best ways to go about it.
Thanks in advance for contributing to the wealth of information here for fellow creators.

  • July 28, 2014

Better Feeling Thoughts for Overwhelm

Better Feeling Thoughts for Managing OverwhelmAre you feeling stressed out with everything that’s not getting done?  Anxious about getting a handle on all the balls you’re juggling?
We know whatever we think is what we attract, so switching from thoughts like “how am I going to manage?” or “there isn’t enough time” is the first step in allowing things to work out perfectly.
Here are a few better feeling thoughts for a day of overwhelm:

  • At least I have the presence of mind to recognize how I’m feeling.
  • I know how this works – it starts with a thought that feels better.  And I can do that (even if it’s a colorful thought).
  • This probably isn’t as bad as I’m thinking it is.
  • Things come together more often than not.
  • My part is actually pretty easy.
  • I’m not doing this alone – I’ve got plenty of help. (Hellooo angels and guides!)
  • There’s plenty of time for everything that matters.
  • I know how to handle this.  (Insert deep breath here.)
  • It’s not as big a deal as I’m making it.
  • It works better when I relax anyway.
  • Everything resolves itself, one way or another.
  • I’m better at this than I sometimes give myself credit for.
  • I’m doing really well, all things considered!
  • Indeed, I’m the best there is.
  • It’s gonna be all right.

ahhhhhh …………… that feels better already!
You’re invited to share your favorite thoughts for managing feelings of overwhelm, too. Thank you!

  • October 10, 2012