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From Struggle to Success – On A Dime

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What to do when what you’re working on isn’t working?

Conscious creators know pausing to practice the vibration of success can turn things around on a dime.

Although it can be tricky recognizing your cue to employ this manifesting magic, it’s a powerful way to create the “got what I wanted” experience!

  • June 23, 2016

What Makes a Great Manifestor

What Makes a Great ManifestorWe all know someone who tells an impressive manifesting story, right?
In fact, you’ve probably got a couple of your own …
Where you made it look really easy and natural, like getting what you want wasn’t any trick at all.

  • Like when Cindie sold her car for what she wanted literally minutes after she decided to – without advertising, without negotiating, without repairing.
  • And when Janice told Spirit she wanted more money but didn’t want to work for it, and two days later she received a surprise phone call that led to a $16,000 windfall.
  • Or when my LOA-newbie client activated the “big money win” vibration for a weekend casino trip and ended up turning an IRS audit into an out-of-the-blue half million in his pocket the following week.
  • Or when the massage therapist lost her sole source of income and turned it into a huge professional upgrade without any stress or effort on her part.

I’ve been studying what makes those conscious creation experiences different from the rest, and noticed three things great manifestors consistently have in common.
But first, it surprised me what they didn’t all do:
They didn’t all have a commitment to a regular alignment practice like visualizing or pre-paving.
They weren’t all into spiritual practices like meditation, prayer or self-reflection.
It wasn’t even that they considered themselves powerful manifestors. (Some of them weren’t even that familiar with conscious creation.)
I sort of expected they’d at least be generally happy people, but even that didn’t hold true.
(It’d be really cool if I was their common denominator, but that’s not the case, either.)
Here’s what they did have in common, though:
1. Hootless.
They don’t try too hard and they don’t care too much if it comes together or not. (Read: unattached.) They take it lightly, and mostly just have fun with it. Or don’t even try at all.
It’s not their new driving mission that they focus all their attention on. Rather than obsess about it, they toss some good energy into it, and then let it go. (Or at least, things happened when they finally did let go. A few actually “gave up” in order to reach this state of hootlessness.)
2. Worthy.
They feel good about themselves in general, with a strong sense of deserving, and are quite comfortable receiving good things in life. They don’t entertain feelings of guilt or unworthiness. They don’t feel like they have to earn the reward or prove themselves worthy. They already feel a strong sense of self-worth.
3. Guided.
Rather than micromanage their desires by overworking it or overthinking it, they trust their inner guidance (aka intuition or gut, whatever they might call it). They give Universe have a starring role in the unfolding of their happy life. For some of them this is a natural way of being, for others it’s learned.
I just realized what all three of these traits have in common: an unwillingness to struggle or suffer their way there. They were light and easy, felt worthy of good things, and let Universe do its part.
Hopefully something from these common traits inspires you to engage your creative powers even better than you already are.
I, for one, am going to get more hootless about whatever I’ve been making a big deal. 🙂
PS – you can catch this as a podcast episode here.

  • May 15, 2016

10 Steps to Rock Your Project Success

10 Law of Attraction Steps to Rock Your Project SuccessYou’ve got something fun you’re doing in the world – some sort of project you’d like to see succeed.
Maybe it’s finally asking that special someone out on a date. Or an exciting job interview, or a big presentation at work. Maybe it’s a book launch or building a new home.
Or maybe you’ve got 12 foster kitties you want to see thrive in the world in their happy forever families!
Whatever you’re playing with, you can set yourself up for highest success by bringing your conscious creation skills to the party.
Below is a ten step tutorial to help you do exactly that.
This is an expanded version of the process I used to fill the house at speaking events when I was a brand new nobody on the coaching scene, to sell out group courses overnight, and to have the time of my life with new love interests.
I created this for Coaches League members and thought I’d share here since these steps can be applied to any project we care about.
It’s field tested and ready to go for support your highest project success!

If you have any questions about the steps, click on it for more info or comment here and I’ll be happy to elaborate.
And if you’re a coach who’d like to experience law of attraction support from like-minded colleagues for just $9 a month, you’re invited to check us out at The Coaches League.
Whatever you’re up to, engaging even two or three of these steps can dramatically change the results you create.
Here’s to leveraging your creative powers to fuel your favorite endeavors with highest success! 🙂

  • January 16, 2016

Vibration Activation: Passed the Test!

How to use law of attraction to pass the testAs part of our vibration activation series, this script is designed to help get to the feeling of passing the test with flying colors.
Use it whenever you’ve got some sort of exam, assessment or evaluation coming up that you’re feeling nervous about passing.
One read through will turn on the vibration of rocking out fabulous results, but feel free to expand the script or put it in your own words to strengthen the vibe even more.
You can use this for finals, college entrance exams, driver’s tests, custody evaluations, performance evaluations, etc.
Whatever you’re using it for, enjoy activating the vibration of passing the test:

Whew, what a relief! I did so much better than I thought I would!
I almost feel a little silly, now, for how nervous I was about taking this test. I deserved more credit than I realized for how well I’d do!
Maybe I’m better at this sort of thing than I knew.
I don’t know if it was that I studied all the right things, or if I drew from some sort of inner intuition to give all the right responses, or if I’m just way smarter than I ever realized … whatever it was, I rocked that thing!
Woo hoo!!
Feels so good to have that over with. Yay, me!
Time to celebrate!
And now I have so much more confidence for the next time I’m feeling nervous about taking any exam. Because I know how to start it with the feeling of success already in place, and that helps guide me to the right answers and the best results.
I got this!
In fact, when anyone asks how I managed to be such a great test-taker, I might even tell them it’s because I know how to practice the vibration of passing before I even start the exam. Or maybe I’ll keep this little secret to myself – who knows?! 🙂
Here’s what I do know: I know what it feels like to succeed. I know the vibration of doing well. And when I start from that place, I can’t help but get impressive results.
Yay me again!
I’m ready to go rock this thing! 🙂

  • August 16, 2015

LOA for Fight Night Success

Regular contributor Namaste Faustino brings this LOA success story from what seemed an unlikely place, but that just taught me to drop judgment about who’s leveraging conscious creation powers.
Enjoy this example of super successful manifesting:
Law of Attraction for Boxing SuccessEver heard of Conor McGregor?
I hadn’t until flipping through an issue of Esquire magazine, where I saw an awesome Law of Attraction-like-quote in bold.
The article was about a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts.
I’ve since learned Conor is a serious student of the Law of Attraction and attributes much of his incredible success to his LOA skills.
While the Esquire article made no mention of Law of Attraction, I thought, “This fighter has got telling-the-story-the-way-he-wants-it-to-be skills, and focusing skills that would make a lot of conscious creators seriously envious.” Check this out …
In the April 2015 article, Conor talked about his upcoming fight in July that was the biggest of his career. About his opponent:

Smack talk? That is an American term that makes me laugh. I simply speak the truth. I’m an Irish man … I don’t have anything bad to say about my opponent. It’s pretty plain and simple. His time is up … It’s over for him. I don’t need to say jacksh*t else. July is a wrap. IT IS INEVITABLE.

Talk about an awesome example of telling the story the way you want it to be. 🙂
When the interviewer asked if Conor’s ever wondered whether he’ll lose the upcoming fight, Conor explained he hasn’t wondered once about losing. “If I entertain things, they tend to come true.”
At that time he was slated to fight the reigning champion Jose Aldo for the title belt. For Conor to not even wonder once about losing, that’s incredible focusing. Stepping into the ring to fight a reigning champion is no joke.
After reading the Esquire article, I looked up Conor McGregor on YouTube and found this video that proved Conor has been telling the story how he wanted it from the start. He has always talked about becoming a champion.
So fast forward to his big fight in Vegas …
Conor was supposed to fight the reigning champion for the title belt, but when Jose Aldo pulled out due to a broken rib Conor knocked out the incredibly skilled Chad Mendes in the second round.
Shortly after I saw a couple of articles talking about a cage fighter and the Law of Attraction. It turns out Conor knows all about the Law of Attraction and practices the principles avidly!
Here’s what he said when asked about the Law of Attraction:

My sister put me on to the Law of Attraction a few years ago and that made me think about things. Whatever you think is going to happen, will happen. If you visualize it with true belief then it will happen. I took that on board and decided I’m the best. I put myself on a pedestal and everything just formed around it.

And Conor isn’t kidding about everything forming around it, check out this post fight interview. It’s clear he’s the star of this video and he’s loving telling everyone that he told the story he wanted and now it’s come true!
It’s hilarious to see people in the fight world mentioning the Law of Attraction thanks to Conor’s knock out winning fight. Slowly but surely manifesting awareness is spreading everywhere. 🙂
Namaste Faustino learned about manifesting from the Rosicrucians (amorc.org) when he was eight years old. Initially skeptical, he tried it out and successfully manifested a little red radio. After that he was hooked and over the past 30 years has consciously created cash, trips, girlfriends, a diamond and even a millionaire mentor. Connect with Namaste on Facebook.

  • July 13, 2015

10 Life Skills Never Taught But Totally Essential to Happiness

10 Secret Success Skills You Were Never TaughtWhen it comes to creating a successful life, there are a variety of skills we’re told that are important to master, like:

  • time and money management
  • self discipline
  • accountability
  • persistence
  • interpersonal and communication skills, etc.

Certainly those are very helpful abilities in navigating our way well through life.

But there are a handful of other competencies that are even more important to happy living.

Here are 10 success skills you probably weren’t taught, but are totally essential to life enjoyment:

1. How to say no.

Most of us were trained to accommodate the desires of others rather than to clearly communicate and honor our own preferences. Even when we do, it’s easy to feel guilty in declining someone’s request. But make no mistake, this is an essential skill for happiness.

2. How to accept rejection.

From the very beginning we learned to value acceptance and approval from others, which leads to fearful feelings when we’re not getting it. Yet fear of rejection keeps many of us from following our biggest dreams.

3. How to know what you want.

Many of us become experts at discerning what others want, and we prioritize their desires in an attempt to win affection and approval. This is not a habit that leads to personal fulfillment.

4. How to hear inner guidance.

It is a true gift when one is taught to find answers within, and how to listen for and honor that guidance. Little else contributes to successful living more than recognizing and following this inner voice.

5. How to prioritize joy.

Most of us were programmed that work comes first and dessert later – if we’re lucky. We pay our dues up front and hope we earned the reward later on. Stress and misery is too often the result of this life approach.

6. How to put yourself first.

Selfishness is often criticized and selflessness revered in many of our societies. And yet we know how useless we are to the world when we haven’t taken care of ourselves first.

7. How to give up.

We’re encouraged to continue on no matter the pain or cost because if we want something we must work hard for it. And yet nothing we want is upstream, as Abraham reminds us. Do as Communion of Light advises and learn to give up early and often.

8. How to appreciate what is.

More, bigger, better, and faster is the focus for many folks. But if we don’t learn how to appreciate the present moment and enjoy what life offers right now, it’s hopeless that we ever will.

9. How to ask for help.

Jack Canfield opened my mind when he suggested we become “world class askers.” The very idea seemed somewhat immoral. Yet nothing great is ever created in isolation, so learning to invite support is a key success skill.

10. How to receive.

Most of us learned how to be good givers and are actually uncomfortable on the receiving end, even when it’s something as simple as a compliment or a favor. This is a success skill worth mastering since our dreams remain out of reach until we know how to let the goods in.

Conscious creators are better than the average bear at many of these secret success skills, but if your attention was drawn to any one in particular, I suggest exploring it further. It’s never too late to embrace a new way of being.

Here’s a graphic summarizing all ten skills, and here’s a link to a complimentary copy of the 10 Life Skills ebook. Enjoy!

  • July 2, 2015

Success as a By-Product of Joy

joy leads to successHeard an inspiring success story today that I thought we might all learn something from …
My friend Priya relayed the unfolding of one of her favorite manifestations when she was invited to tour the world with a highly respected dance group as their lead singer.
She was just 21 when they asked her to travel across the globe with them, playing all the best venues, getting paid a bunch of money, and staying in five star hotels.
It was a pretty big deal for a young girl who was an unknown talent at the time.
I was super curious to hear how she created such an amazing opportunity. Here’s what she said:
Priya had always loved singing, and did so at every opportunity: in the shower, around the house, even at the dinner table until everyone begged her to shush it.
She also sang at small gatherings in her local community – just for the pleasure of performing. Not because she was paid, not because the venue was high profile, not because it might lead to something better …
… just because she enjoyed it.
One day out of the blue she was asked to audition for a gig she knew nothing about, but she accepted the invitation and showed up to do her thing.
She didn’t prepare or train for it – just turned up with her mom by her side to sing a song she liked. And another song at her mom’s suggestion.
Afterward she was invited to perform with the group at a big event, which she did – and loved! After that they asked her to join them for their world tour. Which she happily said yes to!
Easy peasy, right? Feels like the downstream journey, just like Abe always talks about.
But get this … it turns out there were many others trying to get this prestigious gig … professional vocalists with experience, and training, and agents, and strategies (about what songs to perform in order to best show off their talents), etc.
But my unknown, unprepared, unprofessional friend got the deal.
Priya later learned how it came to be that she was asked to audition. (Don’t you love that they came to her?! That’s my idea of easy, Universe!)
Continue reading

  • April 2, 2015

Law of Attraction: A Complete System

Law of Attraction: A Complete SystemYesterday my facebook husband forwarded an article explaining why law of attraction isn’t enough to make the differences we want.
The author wrote that there are three schools of thought about creating success (mindset, action, and tools/techniques) and that most teachers focus only on one but we actually need all three to succeed.
He’s not the first one to say that LOA isn’t enough … that anyone who relies on the power of their thoughts to get what they want is sure to be disappointed.
I’ve also heard others say it’s all well and good to entertain positive thoughts, but you better get off your butt to make something happen or you’ll just be “wishing” forever.

(You may know an LOA guru or two who preaches the same thing – keep taking action, no matter what.)

And there are others who argue that even with LOA engaged, there are certain tools or techniques required to succeed.

(Perhaps you’ve heard an LOA teacher espouse a certain marketing strategy for growing your business or a particular diet to get healthy.)

Which just means it isn’t only muggles arguing that action and tools are required elements of the success formula.
Here’s what they don’t understand …
LOA is a complete system in itself.
It’s all we need to pay attention to. We don’t have to marry it up with anything else. It’s got everything we need in it.
We don’t have to try to fill in any gaps or close any loops. It knows what it’s doing!
I like how Bashar says it:

All you have to do is follow your highest excitement. Act on your joy to the best of your ability and when you can take no further action on that thing, then look around for the next exciting thing you have the greatest ability to take action on and do it.
Excitement is its own self contained kit and its own driving engine.
When you act on your excitement to the best of your ability every moment, you begin to experience synchronistically that the exciting thing you’re doing actually contains all of the things you need to consider. What it doesn’t contain you don’t need to consider.
It’s a self contained kit that always perpetuates more of the same and brings with it the things that are important for you to look at.

The reason that’s so is because when we get aligned to what we want (joy = alignment) the rest takes care of itself …
… the path will be revealed, like a red carpet rolling out before us (Abraham calls it the “downstream journey”). And all we have to do is take the next inspired step on our path. The right tools & resources reveal themselves; the ideal circumstances converge; the perfect players show up, and synchronicities rule the day.
It all works out once we get aligned and are vibrating what we want.
Here’s an example of how it works in the real world:

Once upon a time when I was still in the corporate work world, I was informed by management that if we salespeople didn’t turn our numbers around asap, we would all be out of jobs. (Our department was not rocking it, at that point.)
After that come-to-Jesus meeting, I decided to give up management’s method of trying to make this gig work (which was cold calling for prospects, giving formal presentations, etc.) and instead use my own style of magic.
I got out a new journal – a little notebook, actually. It was just two inches by three inches, with maybe 25 pages in it.
And on the first page I wrote about what I wanted as if it had already happened.
(This was the method I used to get aligned, aka pray rain journaling.)
I wrote: “Isn’t it great how prospects find me. How excited they are to hear about my product. What a great fit we are, and what great rapport we have. And how they can’t wait for me to implement it.”
After that alignment session (which just took a few minutes to write), I asked myself what sounded good next.
The answer was lunch!
I left the building for my favorite restaurant across the street, and had a delicious leisurely meal. Kicked my feet up on an extra chair at my outside table, and fed leftover pita bread to the sparrows. (This was my idea of a good time, and was a big switch from the hurried snacks I’d snarfed down in between prospecting calls at my cubicle.)
After about an hour and a half of goofing off at lunch, I asked myself, “Okay, what sounds good next?”
The answer surprised me – “go back to work.” But I did as inspired.
In the elevator, I meet a guy who asks what I do. I tell him I sell small business 401k plans.
He asks me to follow him to his office. I do.
He shows me his desk, covered with sales literature from 401k vendors.
“I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of this in weeks. Can you help me?”
Hell, yes, I can help him! I explain the ins and outs of all my competitors, everything he needs to know about everyone. We have a lovely conversation. (I really do like talking about 401k plans when I get a chance to.)
After about 15 minutes he stands up and walks me down the hall to introduce me to his HR Director. He informs this person that I am going to be implementing their 401k plan, so she should sign whatever I need her to sign.
He turns to me and asks, “How soon can you have that to us?”
And that was it. Virtually to a T it was what I’d just journaled about two hours prior, which at the time seemed like pure fantasy.
We’d been taught in training that in the best case scenario it’s a six week process to identify a prospect, set up a meeting, prepare a presentation, field objections, present a contract for consideration, etc. It just happened for me in a matter of minutes.

That’s the power of alignment.
And it didn’t require that I study closing techniques, or have slick power point slides. It didn’t require me to hustle and bustle my way through the day. In fact, I’d been doing that all along and gotten nowhere with it.
I’ve got a bunch of stories just like this one …

  • how I filled my coaching practice with perfect clients in three months
  • how I became a master certified coach
  • how I made enough passive income to fund my lifestyle
  • how I manifested $1000 in ten days just for fun
  • how I launched a summer of fun on my first online dating foray
  • how I manifested one of the ones after I decided I was in the mood for a keeper
  • how I got my foster dogs adopted after first learning the power of LOA …

Law of attraction is a complete system in itself.
Yes, I did things that I enjoyed (i.e. took inspired action). Yes, I likely engaged a few tools (like a website) along the way (when it was part of my inspiration).
But LOA isn’t something you have to combine with another method or strategy in order to create the success you want.
It includes everything that’s needed in order for you to get what you want.
Because once you get aligned, the rest takes care of itself.
So the next time you hear a guru who thinks they know what action you should take or tool you should use to get what you want, remember how the system works. The only tool or action required is the one of alignment. And only you know the best path to what you want, which is revealed once you get aligned (i.e. happy).
At least, that’s how I see it. We each get to play it however we prefer. 🙂

  • March 28, 2015