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Law of Attraction and the Superbowl

“And the image ultimately became reality.”

That’s what Fox NFL editor Nancy Gay wrote about the Green Bay Packers Superbowl Championship win, referencing the team’s fitting for superbowl rings the night before they played.

That’s not typical stuff in NFL world.  Normally the ring fitters see the team after they win.

But Head Coach Mike McCarthy said it was just another opportunity to express “real confidence,” something he practiced since the beginning of the season.

One of the players interviewed said the fitting “made things real for us” while another reported that “everything we wanted was right there in our hands, literally and figuratively.”

Another player said, “It was a great feeling when you know you won before you even played the game.”
Yardbarker reported that player Greg Jennings grabbed his ring finger after one of his touchdowns.

Deliberate creators know that reality stems from the images and thoughts we hold in mind.

What a great way to activate the vibration of winning – to treat your team as if they already have!  Yet another inspiring example of how well it pays off to act as if.

What’s your Superbowl and how might you make winning it more real with a pre-game ring fitting?

I’d love to hear from you!

  • February 12, 2011