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Taxes in the Vortex

Taxes in the VortexIt’s April 14th.  Which can only mean one thing for me.
Time to do taxes.
I’ve been waiting since January for inspiration to hit.
It hasn’t.
So here I am staring down a job I’m really not looking forward to.
Knowing that doing something I don’t like doesn’t take me anywhere good.
I gotta turn this ship around.
Feels like a big job, but I remind myself I know how to manage the vibration.
I start with thoughts that feel better:
Do I really have to do taxes?
No, I don’t. I could file an extension. And hire an accountant. Or I could skip them altogether – some people don’t file at all! I don’t HAVE to do taxes today.
None of those thoughts offers lasting relief, so at least I know it really does feel better to do taxes today.
I try on this thought: It could be easy. Easier than I’m thinking.
That’s true. I can feel that door opening.
It could be a great opportunity for contrast. That’s always good to think about – what’s the contrast creating?
Some good things, I’m sure. I just think of the opposite of this contrast, which would be joyful financial management of my business empire. A fabulous relationship with the IRS. An abundance of time and patience and enjoyment for calculating how much money I get to send the treasury department.
(I am far away from that vortex, I can tell.)
But just thinking about what I’m conjuring up with all this “don’t want” energy is a good shift.
Another helpful thought: worst case scenario – if I hate the whole thing, it’s been good contrast I can tap someday.
So the pressure’s off to make this be a good thing. It could totally suck and I’m still a winner.
Another approach comes to mind for managing the vibration:
I could do what I always suggest to clients – “bring a core value to the party.” Because you can’t have a bad time while experiencing a core value. If you’re living out a value, you’re in your sweet spot.
So what are my core values I could bring …

  • Nature? I could do taxes outside on the laptop.
  • Connection? I could find an online support group for other tax procrastinators.  Maybe.
  • Authenticity? hmmm … what would that one look like?! Maybe there could be a comment section in the tax form where I share exactly how I feel about this process. Edgy.
  • Maybe Fun would work. I could take my taxes to an office of accountants – hot, male, scantily clad accountants.

Getting warmer, but not very realistic.
Instead of me trying to figure this out, which I am failing at brilliantly, I could just set an intention and let Universe deliver.
I realize that would be full-on miracle material – if Universe figured out how to deliver me a GOOD TIME doing taxes. That would be miraculous.
And let’s face it, I love miracles.  This one could be fun.
So how to facilitate a miracle? I get my attention on what I want, activate that feeling, and then turn it over to Big U.
Can I imagine me having a delightful time doing taxes?
This stretches my imagination skills, but luckily I’m practiced. Yes, I can imagine it. It’s sketchy, but I can hear myself saying, “That was AMAZING!! Oh my gosh, that SO MUCH FUN! How come we only do this once a year?! I can’t WAIT to do taxes again!”
Okay, that thought is literally making me laugh out loud.
And with that, I’m there.  Doors are officially open for Universe to deliver me the magical goods.
I’m still cracking myself up with the thought of reporting to my sweetie when he comes home from golf about how I had the best day ever doing taxes. This is beyond ridiculous, and so much fun to entertain.
My work is done.
And then an idea hits me.
(Man, Universe delivers fast!)
I could hire someone to make this a really good time. For $5.

Lisa was just telling me a few days ago about a professional nag that she hired on fiverr.  (A professional nag?! There is such a thing?! Lisa said, “She’s got a masters in organizational management, and she’s helping me run a couple key projects.” Okay, that’s cool!)

And I saw the April Fool’s email from fiverr – you can hire people for a very wide variety of things on that site – for five bucks!!
I bet I could hire a hot sexy guy to coach me through taxes today!
Suddenly I am feeling the inspiration for taxes.  🙂
A quick search on fiverr.com confirms yes indeedy, you can hire someone for this work.
A couple emails later I’ve got my guy. Within 10 minutes he’s ringing me. I burst into laughter just hearing the phone ring. The evil tax spell is officially broken. I have learned how to have fun filing taxes!
I am so ridiculously excited to do taxes that I could hardly hold off long enough to draft this post.
ArtCarlson, you are my hero.
Universe, you a miracle worker.
Taxes in the vortex. Who’da thought?!
PS – if you’re looking for some laughs via hot and heavy tax coaching today, enjoy Tax Coaching with Art.

  • April 14, 2013