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Manifesting in the Preferred Tense

We can think of life in terms of what’s happened; as in where we came from, what we’ve experienced, what we had hoped for, where things went wrong, who disappointed us, etc.

You might know that routine.

(I sure do.)

A lot of folks invest significant amounts of time in that sort of past tense living.

Or we can dwell on what’s happening right now – a focus on the reality we see in front of us in our present state of being.

That serves us well when we like what is. When we don’t like it, though, it’s a big groundhog day trap.

So when “what is” isn’t what we want, and when the past doesn’t have a path to the future we dream of, that’s when it’s time for a different perspective

… the perspective that can actually take us where we want to go.

I call that the preferred tense.

That’s when we let our focus linger on what we’d like next.

Which is actually how we get there – by letting our attention dwell on that version of possibility.

Since we go wherever we’re focused, conscious creators know this is an empowering choice.

For example, I could ruminate (okay, this is not hypothetical – I have done this) on what went wrong in my last relationship … who did what to whom and who was justified and who was “wrong.”

That sort of thinking locks me into a vibration that’s a dead end trail. At least, it doesn’t take me anywhere good.

Or I could get fixated on what is; noticing again and again what’s true in my present day life and judging it as good or not.

But as a conscious creator, I also have the option of pre-enjoying the love I prefer. I can entertain thoughts of what that relationship is like, and how good it feels to experience it.

I can imagine what I desire to experience.

That’s preferred tense living.

And that focus makes all the difference in what unfolds next.

In fact, I did this recently with a little knee injury.

After taking a spill on the ice, and feeling growing alarm at what damage had been done, I found myself replaying that spill over and over. It was just my feeble attempt to understand what happened, but the fact is that constant mental replay was programming my body for problems.

Then when I noticed myself lingering on thoughts of how much pain I was in, I knew that present tense “what is” focus was delaying the healing process.

So I changed my mind.

I engaged the preferred tense – where all was well with my physical self and I was feeling fabulous in all ways.

Sure enough, I woke up the next morning feeling like a new girl, with only a slight ache to remind me of that close call from before.

That’s because I knew better than to keep re-playing the past, or to dwell on the present circumstances, and instead stuck to the preferred tense of feeling fine.

I share that so the next time you’re wondering what might juice up your manifesting results, you can reflect on what tense your attention is engaging.

In this time where it can be easy to get caught up in the turmoil of public fights and frustrations, it seems an especially good time to ask what tense you’re engaging.

If the past or present focus feels anything other than fabulous, you’re looking at a prime opportunity to become a better match to your desired outcome by choosing the preferred tense.

  • January 30, 2017