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Vibration Activation: Passed the Test!

How to use law of attraction to pass the testAs part of our vibration activation series, this script is designed to help get to the feeling of passing the test with flying colors.
Use it whenever you’ve got some sort of exam, assessment or evaluation coming up that you’re feeling nervous about passing.
One read through will turn on the vibration of rocking out fabulous results, but feel free to expand the script or put it in your own words to strengthen the vibe even more.
You can use this for finals, college entrance exams, driver’s tests, custody evaluations, performance evaluations, etc.
Whatever you’re using it for, enjoy activating the vibration of passing the test:

Whew, what a relief! I did so much better than I thought I would!
I almost feel a little silly, now, for how nervous I was about taking this test. I deserved more credit than I realized for how well I’d do!
Maybe I’m better at this sort of thing than I knew.
I don’t know if it was that I studied all the right things, or if I drew from some sort of inner intuition to give all the right responses, or if I’m just way smarter than I ever realized … whatever it was, I rocked that thing!
Woo hoo!!
Feels so good to have that over with. Yay, me!
Time to celebrate!
And now I have so much more confidence for the next time I’m feeling nervous about taking any exam. Because I know how to start it with the feeling of success already in place, and that helps guide me to the right answers and the best results.
I got this!
In fact, when anyone asks how I managed to be such a great test-taker, I might even tell them it’s because I know how to practice the vibration of passing before I even start the exam. Or maybe I’ll keep this little secret to myself – who knows?! 🙂
Here’s what I do know: I know what it feels like to succeed. I know the vibration of doing well. And when I start from that place, I can’t help but get impressive results.
Yay me again!
I’m ready to go rock this thing! 🙂

  • August 16, 2015

Using LOA to Pass the Test

using law of attraction to pass the testThis is for those who want to know how to engage law of attraction to make sure they pass the big test.
Whether it’s a driver’s test, a citizenship test, an audition, a college entrance exam, a disease screening, a pregnancy check, school finals, a drug test, or whatever – savvy creators know to put law of attraction on their side when the results matter.
Here’s how to do that:

1. Practice feeling now how you would feel when you get the results you want. Feel the relief, the excitement, the pride or the accomplishment.

Whatever you would feel when you ace this test, activate those feelings now.

2. After that, do whatever feels best to you.

That might be to study or prep, it might be to reschedule, it might be to nap, it might be to go dancing.

Whatever your inspiration is once you line up with the experience of passing the test, your next step is to honor that inner guidance.

Easier than you thought, right? Law of attraction usually is.
For extra credit:
You can also shake off any attachment to results, which I know is easier said than done sometimes, but you can do it when you remember that your well being doesn’t hinge on this result. Really.
Don’t make it a big hairy deal. If your inner gremlin has worked you into a state of anxiety about the situation, just put things in proper perspective and remember that all is always well no matter what.
Also, remember that your worth isn’t dependent on this assessment. You are always complete, whole and perfect as you are. That’s helpful to know.
That’s it.
The reason this process works is because like attracts like. When you’re tense or worried about what might happen, you’re attracting the kind of results you’re not likely to enjoy.
When you practice relaxing beforehand, and listen to those inner whispers and nudges about what you should do next, it allows you a much better shot at getting what you want.
It’s the same process for whatever we want to create that feels important: feel it a done deal first, then honor inspiration.
Now go ace that test! 🙂

  • March 17, 2015