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Don't Wait For It

How to Manifest What You Want: Activate the Vibration NowThe other day one of my feral cats decided to go on walkabout.
That is not an approved activity.
I don’t know how she managed to get out, since this place is exceptionally secure with two foster cats who aren’t allowed to even think about going out.
But she was definitely not on the premises.
I fretted and feared and worried – and looked everywhere. Multiple times over many hours spanning a couple days.
This cat was officially awol.
My vibration was not in good territory.
I really wanted her to come back so I could feel better. I wanted to relax; to feel the relief of knowing she’s just fine. I wanted life to go back to normal.
But as a conscious creator, I know that’s not how it works.
I have to feel what I want before it’s happened. That’s when I’m a match for the experience I prefer.
So I tried to feel better. I tried to relax. I tried to trust that she was just fine.
But I sucked at it.
I was really worried about this girl. Couldn’t sleep, so I spent most of the night looking through neighbors’ yards with a flashlight.
Still no sign. Called a friend the next morning to help search. (Still trying to “action” my way into what I wanted, but hoping he had a better vibe for success than I did.)
How could he, though, when I’m right there broadcasting “My cat is gone!” so loud and clear? We’re not a match to what we want when vibing the exact opposite.
(Case in point: this cutie patootie who thinks he doesn’t have a fork.)
It’s right there, but you’ll never see it as long as you think it’s not.
So after my friend left, I tried again to feel that all was well. Like my cat was home sweet home.
Still sucking at it.
I was in serious knots of anxiety.
Blaming myself for not keeping better track of my cats. What kind of cat mom am I?? Maybe she’s mad about the fosters. Maybe she’s had enough of this gig.
I knew that’s not a routine that would remedy things.
So I tried softer thoughts …

  • Like maybe that she’s enjoying herself enormously.
  • Maybe she’s tired of being a house cat and wanted to experience life’s adventure.
  • Maybe she’s eating the neighbor cat’s food, and maybe this isn’t so bad after all.
  • Maybe the best way for her to be happy and healthy is not under my roof.

Could I release attachment to this outcome? I know how magic it is when I can.
After another attempt at feeling better before there was any reason to, I finally got a whiff of it. Felt around there for a bit before I finally felt the true relief and rightness and calm contentment that comes from knowing all is as it should be.
Then I stopped thinking about it, because I didn’t trust myself to be able to hold that vibe for long.
(Knowing if I could at least stop worrying, I’d be a better match for good news.)
Then I invited higher powers to help – specifically the OutSourcerers at GVU (who have a great track record!), my other cats to tell her to come home, and fairies and angels to watch over her and keep her safe and happy.
That night as I was feeding everyone else, I thought, “I wouldn’t be surprised if I look right over there where she always is and see her standing there as usual. Like she’s been there the whole time.”
I looked over and she wasn’t there.
But I took it as a good sign of my aligned vibe that my heart didn’t sink when I didn’t see her. Making progress.
Finished the feeding and cleaning routine for the night and headed to bed.
But on the way I got a nudge to look outside.
So even though I’d combed through every nook and cranny for two days and the night before, I grabbed the flashlight and did a quick sweep of the yard. Not really expecting to see her; just honoring the impulse.
Yep, still not here. And there’s me, still not sweating it.
Yay for keeping the good vibes steady, though. I know that’s a game-changer.
As I turn to head back inside, I see something move from the corner of my eye. Didn’t want to startle her in case it was her, so I slowly turned and shined enough light to see that indeed, my sweet feral kitty was standing behind the dense basil and cat mint plants.
She’s a true feral, so there was little I could do other than softly talk to her and optimistically remove a window well to give her a way back in. Left the back door open for good measure (after securing everyone who needed securing) and went to bed knowing I’d very likely see her right back in her favorite bed in the basement in the morning.
Which is exactly where she was this morning.
I share this story for three reasons:
1. If you’re waiting on anything to make you feel better (money, clients, a lover, body changes, new house, etc.) this is your reminder to replace that routine with one where you feel it first to make it reality.
2. We don’t always nail that success vibe on the first try, so don’t give up if you don’t get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect. You’ll get it!
3. Do your best to stay out of discouragement when you’re not seeing immediate results. They’re coming. Hold the faith and keep your vibe in place as best you can.
That’s how we let Universe deliver on our desires. Don’t wait on them before you find a way to feel what you want.
Here’s to happy endings – and also not needing them in order to feel better first.

  • June 29, 2016

Rehearsing for Rich

download this episode
On a recent post I talked about how our mental rehearsals contribute to our vibration (and thus our reality), and promised to share how to rehearse for a new money reality.

This episode contains some of the practices I engaged to rehearse being rich, including switching up the self-talk, evolving my $$ relationship, and drafting off others.

My intention is that you’ll find renewed inspiration to pay attention to your own vibrational rehearsals, no matter what it is you want to create in life.

  • June 13, 2016

Our Vibrational Rehearsals

practicing the vibrationQuestion for you: what vibration are you practicing these days?
You know how we have a tendency to imagine things unfolding, and a particular way of talking to ourselves?
That’s a mental rehearsal. It’s practicing a vibration.
And whatever we practice is what we get good at. The vibrations that we know are the ones that manifest.
So it’s worth asking whether you’re practicing what you want.
Do you wake up anticipating the problems ahead in the day? Or do you look forward to the fun in store?
Are you practicing the vibrations of tension and stress, or are you entertaining success and thriving?
Are you familiar with appreciation and satisfaction, or are you better at striving and frustration?

I sometimes catch myself practicing unhelpful vibes more than I care to admit …
… like when I’m sitting in the vet’s exam room, sometimes I catch myself bracing for bad news rather than practicing relief.
Or when I’m calling tech support, sometimes I brace for long hold times and ridiculous phone trees before I even pick up the phone to dial. A vibe of easy breezy smooth and peasy would work much better.

Switching that up makes all the difference in the world!
Whatever it is you want, that outcome or experience has a vibration. That’s a vibration worth rehearsing if you want to make things easy on yourself.
Because that’s how life unfolds – in line with our vibrations.

  • You want new clients by the end of this month? That’d be a good vibration to know.
  • You want a smokin’ hot lover to enjoy summer with? You’ll want to practice love and romance instead of yearning, loneliness, or doubt.
  • You’d like some financial relief, pronto? Do you know that frequency?
  • You want peace and love to reign in the world? Are you leading with peace and love, or is it also sadness, fear or judgment mixed in there?

Most of us are flowing a mixture of vibes, so it’s worth stacking the deck in our favor with some extra attention to the frequencies we prefer.
Think about what you want. Imagine how it will feel when you’re living that reality.
What would you call that feeling?
That’s the vibration you want to own.
Make it yours. Get intimate with it. And if you really want to impress yourself, learn it inside and out, backwards and forwards.
At least, go there more often than you’re visiting its opposite.
Because right now, you’re practicing a vibration. Is it taking you somewhere nice, or is it worth rehearsing something new?
If you’d like to hear some of the ways I rehearsed a new money vibe, you can hear it on the latest podcast episode here. And if you’ve got tips to share, we’d love to hear them!

  • June 13, 2016

The Plus 8 Upgrade

The Vibe Upgrade (8 or above)I learned this exercise from Martha Beck, which is right up a conscious creator’s alley for upgrading the vibration.
If you engage this challenge, you will guaranteed raise your vibration at least a couple notches up the scale, and some will experience a complete energetic transformation.
Here’s how it works:
Make a list of everything you anticipate doing over the next week. Not just the things you’d put on a to-do list, but everything you’re planning on doing.
That could include grocery shopping, laundry, work, lunch with a girlfriend, a Netflix night, a weekend walk in the park – whatever you see coming up over the next seven days.
Once your list is complete, one by one rate each item from a -10 to +10 based on how you feel about it. Negative 10 being pure torture (this is your idea of a living hell) and plus 10 being complete bliss (it doesn’t get any better than this).
As you review your list, Martha challenges us to eliminate everything that falls below a +8.
A plus eight, you guys. !!
Anything less than that has to go.
I often talk with folks who don’t even have anything above a plus five on their list.
So this can feel like big work.
But you can sense the power in committing to it, right?
Because releasing anything that you don’t LOVE gives your life a huge upgrade.
And that’s an effective way to manage the vibe.
For those of you wondering how to drop the things you don’t love (as in, someone’s got to cook this dinner for these kids! And I can’t quit going to this job!) you might find help here and here. Starting with the easy stuff can create good momentum for handling the more challenging items.
So it’s pretty simple:

  1. Make a list
  2. Rate each item
  3. Drop the negatives and the lower positives until your life is filled with nothing but plus 8s and above.

If you accept this challenge, I’d love to hear your experience!

  • March 18, 2016

Vibration Activation: Satisfaction & Fulfillment

Vibration Activation: Satisfaction and FulfillmentMany of us know what it’s like to want something and to strive for it. (Endlessly. Frustratingly.)
Some of us know that vibration so well that we keep our manifestation at bay because we’re not in alignment to having it.
If you’ve gotten really good at “wanting it,” it might be worth practicing “having it” instead.
That’s what this vibration activation is designed to help you do – turn on the frequency of satisfaction and fufillment so you become a match to having instead of wanting.
We can go about that two ways …

  1. We can imagine that our desire has manifested, and practice pre-enjoying that reality, or …
  2. We can find fulfillment in the things that already exist in our 3D life.

Either way, we become a better match to receiving what we want.
Let’s take a stab at the “having it” vibration with that second approach. Enjoy this little script to activate fulfillment and satisfaction in life as it is now:

Mmm. Here where I stand, as I look around right now, I see that life is good.
I see what’s gone right instead of what I don’t like.
I see what’s present instead of what’s missing.
It feels good to acknowledge what’s already here.
In fact, the more I look, the more I find – of ways Universe has delivered past dreams and desires. I am blessed in so many ways!
It’s funny how easy it is to look forward to what’s next, losing sight of the gifts already here. But as soon as I decide to see it, I recognize how amazing life is right now.
I can easily count a dozen blessings, and each one in itself is cause for celebration. My life is full. My heart is satisfied. This is enough. Indeed, it’s plenty already.
And the more I love what’s here, the better I get at receiving the next delightful things.
I am living a dream come true. Sometimes I lose sight of that, but it doesn’t change the fact that life is wonderful, right here and now.
In so many ways, I’m already experiencing what matters most. I know it’s natural to continue dreaming new dreams, but I can do that in full appreciation of what already is.
Whatever I thought I needed next in order to be happy, I was mistaken. Life is good right now.
My heart is full and life is amazing. It’s good to be me!

A powerful way to continue this vibration next would be to revel in something you’re completely delighted with. See you in the comments with anything you care to share! 🙂

  • August 15, 2015

The Shift that Makes the Difference

The Vibrational Shift that Makes the Real DifferenceRuss spends a lot of time and money on gadgets to improve his golf game.
Last weekend he played with a sensor clipped to the club head that records the trajectory of his swing. (It was kind of cool to see it mapped out graphically.)
This weekend he watched an online video revealing the “secret swing” that promises to increase his yardage.
He looks like a goofball in the new stance, but he’ll try anything to improve his score.
After nine years of watching him swap out clubs, change grips, try new balls – it seems like he’s literally tried everything.
Except the thing that matters.
Because to me it’s clear he’s fiddling with stuff that doesn’t make the difference.
I’ve told him that the equipment isn’t what needs work.
His room for improvement lies in his thought process about who he is as a golfer.
Is he being the guy who knows how to get the ball in the hole, or is he being the guy trying to figure it out?
Because those are two different vibrations.
Easy for me to see when I’m watching someone else’s routine.
And then there’s me …
… sometimes I wonder about my diet and exercise.

  • I wonder if a 20 minute walk is long enough, or if I should go further.
  • I wonder if I still need to take these supplements, or whether I should try the ones my girlfriend is raving about.
  • I wonder how long I should be able to hold plank pose.
  • I wonder if it’s helpful to sit in my chair this long, or whether I should get a stand up desk or a bouncy ball to sit on.
  • I wonder if I should find a different kind of protein supplement for my smoothies.
  • I basically wonder a lot about what would be best for me and my physical body.

And in that wondering, I’m not being the person with optimized health. I’m being the person who is wondering how to get there.
The same way Russ is being the guy trying to improve his golf game, instead of being a top notch golfer.

If you’re thinking about how to get there, you’re not there.
And we won’t ‘real-ize’ what we want until we know the vibration of it.

If I were being the girl with rockin’ health and a fabulously fit body, those questions would disappear for me. The way would become crystal clear.
Because it’s our mindset – which reveals the identity we’re choosing – that matters more than anything else.
Until we get that piece in place, the rest is just fodder for our monkey minds.
When he finds the vibration of top notch golfer, and when I find the vibration of ideal physical health, that’s when we’ll be drawn to whatever best supports that outcome.
Conscious creators can see this backwards routine where people try to change the outside stuff in order to change who we are.
But that’s not how it actually works.
First we learn how to be the successful business owner, the happily married spouse, the financially secure person, the healthy thriving lover of life … we find the vibe first, then the rest falls into place.
So our best attention is spent learning the frequency of our desire and becoming that now.
Then if there’s anything needed to support that 3D reality, it’ll reveal itself through inspiration.
How do we become it before its ‘real’?
By practicing it. By engaging our powerful imaginations. By finding the feelings of it. By thinking the thoughts of it. By taking the actions of it, however we’re able.
We feel our way into it, one way or another.
And sometimes it’s enough to just stop the trying. I’ve seen amazing things manifest once we stopped working to get there.
So this can be easier than it might sound!
But however we do it, here’s to making the shift that makes the real difference.

  • January 25, 2015

"How Did I Align to This?"

Manifesting Gone Wrong: How did I align to THIS?!Conscious creators know that we create our entire world and that we can only experience what we vibrate.
Which is why it can be so disconcerting when things go wrong, like when …

  • our health takes a nosedive
  • we’re involved in an accident
  • we get fired at work
  • a love affair turns out poorly.

I know I’m not the only manifestor who has wondered, “How in the world was I aligned to that?!” when something crappy happens.
After all, we’re LOA savvy people!
We know to cultivate a positive focus and lead with what feels good. This is the sort of stuff that happens to undiscerning muggles, not powerful conscious creators. Where did we go wrong?
If you’ve ever asked “wth?” about a bad manifestation, you’re not alone.
And … you’re likely missing another possibility.
Because there’s a different conclusion we can come to – one that serves us much better.
Instead of seeing it as something gone wrong, we can decide that it’s for our highest good.
Bashar says we’re really good at invalidating the ‘unwanted’ events (and thus invalidating ourselves) when we ask, “Why did this terrible thing happen to me? I thought I was more spiritual than this.”
That’s a common response, but Bashar suggests a better conclusion goes something like:

I don’t know how this serves me, but it must. I have no idea how this is going to be good news, but I know that it is. (Because that is what I prefer.)

By choosing something other than a negative interpretation, even when we can’t fathom how it could be positive, we allow ourselves to experience a different (more preferred) reality.
Here’s a great example of that from a friend of Darryl’s who was robbed:

(The video clip was taken down, so I’ll summarize …)
The friend was a music aficionado who wanted a new radio for his car. He couldn’t afford the top of the line, so he bought the model that his budget allowed.
Shortly after his car was broken into and his radio was stolen.
But he refused to conclude that this was a bad thing. He maintained the perspective that some how some way this served him.
The insurance company paid out the stolen radio as well as the damage done to the car. But when he had the car repaired, it was such an easy fix that the repairman didn’t charge him.
So now he had – to the exact penny – the amount needed for the radio he wanted all along.
That’s why it’s so powerful for us to stay out of negative conclusions, and instead see that everything that happens is a gift.

It is what we say it is, so finding a way to decide that it’s good news (and we don’t have to know how that’s so, just leave room that it is) opens up a whole new world of positive possibilities.
It’s worth remembering the next time you might be tempted to wonder what’s wrong with your alignment as you’re looking at a manifestation gone “wrong.”
It could just as easily be a sign of something going really right with your vibration. All you have to do is choose so.
And that’s a skill that marks you as a powerful conscious creator.
We’d love to hear your examples, if you care to share …

  • September 28, 2014

What's In YOUR Name?

vibration of words and namesEven though I know the power of vibration in words, it still surprised me to hear of the country duo who didn’t accept their grammy together because they’re no longer on speaking terms.
Their band name? The Civil Wars.
(On that night did every deliberate creator cry out in unison: “oh my good lord, what were they thinking?!”)
And I loved it when a GVU member pointed out that the recent 10 million gold coin treasure was discovered literally in “gold country.”
Things like this have me paying close attention while house hunting … what’s the vibration of Forgotten Lane? And Stokes Avenue? What would the energy be of Providence city?
Anything that has a name carries the vibration of it:

  • the name of our business or employer (Good Vibe Coaching was not chosen by chance)
  • our passwords or wifi connection (a reader’s father named their home wifi “virus” to deter others from using it – and had continual connection issues until renaming it).
  • what we call our four legged friends we share homes with (I once fostered an angry cat who arrived with the name “Monster.” Rehab began with renaming her Serenity.)
  • even our own names – just look at Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt or Chris Moneymaker.

I know people who name their cars, domiciles, jewelry, their dreams – shoot, even their shoes.  
It’s true that we don’t all flow the same energy about the same word, so it’s worth paying attention to our personal energetic response when we have an opportunity to choose the words that make up our lives.
Even if it’s just consciously choosing a positive perspective or favorable interpretation of a given name – that allows us to leverage law of attraction in our favor.

For example, had I known better at the time, I could have found a way to appreciate my married name which was literally defined as “a contemptible person” or “one who removes animal pelts.” (I was an animal rights activist! In five years I never made peace with that name.)
Or I could have just kept my maiden name, which for me has connotations of integrity and honor thanks to my forebears.

Most of us probably aren’t going to change our given names (although I know someone who altered her spelling to enhance numerology auspiciousness), but there are plenty of other ways we could have fun with the vibrations flowing here.
What are some ways you’ve introduced good vibrations to your world through the power of a name?
PS – if you’re interested in this topic, you’re invited to join Anna Diehl and I for a discussion about the vibration of words at GVU later this month.

  • March 2, 2014
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