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Debt in the Vortex (Revisited)

debt in the vortexLovin’ Up Debt for a Change!

When fellow coach Janette Dalgliesh shared her take on debt, it was clear her thoughts deserved to be part of our vortex series!
We addressed finding ways to feel better about the bills a while ago, but it’s a subject worth revisiting.
Manifestors working with the law of attraction know that what we resist persists – which is good reason to get friendly with bills and mortgages and such.
If you’ve got a negative charge on debt, try on this perspective for a refreshing change. It has the potential to create a huge positive shift in your relationship with money!

I love my debt! It’s got me some really cool stuff, like the recent weekend away with my hubby that recharged and reconnected us.
How cool is it, that I live in a world where I can buy something with money that does’t physically exist yet. It represents a way to spend time with my sweetie NOW, not in some distant future when we’re both even more tired and exhausted.
Debt means I’m time-travelling with money! I love that!
I love that I got to buy an entire house while not actually having the physical money right there and then! I love my partnership with my bank, who have always been flexible and supportive. I love knowing if that partnership ever changes, I can take my beautiful debt to another bank who will be so happy to see me. My debt and I, we represent enormous value to someone else. That’s kinda cool!
Debt is just a part of my money landscape. How can I love money without loving my debt, too? Debt might be the part of my money that nobody else can appreciate, a little like the ugly puppy nobody else loves—but that’s okay. I can love the ugly one in the litter, I can definitely love my debt! Because loving my money has to be unconditional if it’s going to have any meaning.
And here’s what else I know. My credit card, my line of credit, my ability to borrow money—these are highly precious things, and I don’t use them lightly. I don’t take them for granted or flash them around town. I treat them the same way I would a precious jewel, holding them close to my heart and only bringing them out for very special occasions.
Not just any old online merchant or department store gets the privilege of being a part of my debt!
I love my debt. However it looks, right here right now, I love it as a beautiful part of my whole money story.

Big thanks to manifesting maven Janette for writing up this love story with debt!
Janette Dalgliesh is the Brain Whisperer teaching others how to rewire their brain to create their dream life. Find Janette online here.

  • April 25, 2014

Taxes in the Vortex

Taxes in the VortexIt’s April 14th.  Which can only mean one thing for me.
Time to do taxes.
I’ve been waiting since January for inspiration to hit.
It hasn’t.
So here I am staring down a job I’m really not looking forward to.
Knowing that doing something I don’t like doesn’t take me anywhere good.
I gotta turn this ship around.
Feels like a big job, but I remind myself I know how to manage the vibration.
I start with thoughts that feel better:
Do I really have to do taxes?
No, I don’t. I could file an extension. And hire an accountant. Or I could skip them altogether – some people don’t file at all! I don’t HAVE to do taxes today.
None of those thoughts offers lasting relief, so at least I know it really does feel better to do taxes today.
I try on this thought: It could be easy. Easier than I’m thinking.
That’s true. I can feel that door opening.
It could be a great opportunity for contrast. That’s always good to think about – what’s the contrast creating?
Some good things, I’m sure. I just think of the opposite of this contrast, which would be joyful financial management of my business empire. A fabulous relationship with the IRS. An abundance of time and patience and enjoyment for calculating how much money I get to send the treasury department.
(I am far away from that vortex, I can tell.)
But just thinking about what I’m conjuring up with all this “don’t want” energy is a good shift.
Another helpful thought: worst case scenario – if I hate the whole thing, it’s been good contrast I can tap someday.
So the pressure’s off to make this be a good thing. It could totally suck and I’m still a winner.
Another approach comes to mind for managing the vibration:
I could do what I always suggest to clients – “bring a core value to the party.” Because you can’t have a bad time while experiencing a core value. If you’re living out a value, you’re in your sweet spot.
So what are my core values I could bring …

  • Nature? I could do taxes outside on the laptop.
  • Connection? I could find an online support group for other tax procrastinators.  Maybe.
  • Authenticity? hmmm … what would that one look like?! Maybe there could be a comment section in the tax form where I share exactly how I feel about this process. Edgy.
  • Maybe Fun would work. I could take my taxes to an office of accountants – hot, male, scantily clad accountants.

Getting warmer, but not very realistic.
Instead of me trying to figure this out, which I am failing at brilliantly, I could just set an intention and let Universe deliver.
I realize that would be full-on miracle material – if Universe figured out how to deliver me a GOOD TIME doing taxes. That would be miraculous.
And let’s face it, I love miracles.  This one could be fun.
So how to facilitate a miracle? I get my attention on what I want, activate that feeling, and then turn it over to Big U.
Can I imagine me having a delightful time doing taxes?
This stretches my imagination skills, but luckily I’m practiced. Yes, I can imagine it. It’s sketchy, but I can hear myself saying, “That was AMAZING!! Oh my gosh, that SO MUCH FUN! How come we only do this once a year?! I can’t WAIT to do taxes again!”
Okay, that thought is literally making me laugh out loud.
And with that, I’m there.  Doors are officially open for Universe to deliver me the magical goods.
I’m still cracking myself up with the thought of reporting to my sweetie when he comes home from golf about how I had the best day ever doing taxes. This is beyond ridiculous, and so much fun to entertain.
My work is done.
And then an idea hits me.
(Man, Universe delivers fast!)
I could hire someone to make this a really good time. For $5.

Lisa was just telling me a few days ago about a professional nag that she hired on fiverr.  (A professional nag?! There is such a thing?! Lisa said, “She’s got a masters in organizational management, and she’s helping me run a couple key projects.” Okay, that’s cool!)

And I saw the April Fool’s email from fiverr – you can hire people for a very wide variety of things on that site – for five bucks!!
I bet I could hire a hot sexy guy to coach me through taxes today!
Suddenly I am feeling the inspiration for taxes.  🙂
A quick search on fiverr.com confirms yes indeedy, you can hire someone for this work.
A couple emails later I’ve got my guy. Within 10 minutes he’s ringing me. I burst into laughter just hearing the phone ring. The evil tax spell is officially broken. I have learned how to have fun filing taxes!
I am so ridiculously excited to do taxes that I could hardly hold off long enough to draft this post.
ArtCarlson, you are my hero.
Universe, you a miracle worker.
Taxes in the vortex. Who’da thought?!
PS – if you’re looking for some laughs via hot and heavy tax coaching today, enjoy Tax Coaching with Art.

  • April 14, 2013

Being Sick in the Vortex

illness in the vortexEarlier this week on her GVU call Flavia Daay and I discovered we’re both sick with cold/flu symptoms.
It led to a sweet conversation about our mutual experiences, that sounded suspiciously like “being sick in the vortex.”
(Click here for a reminder of what the vortex is.)
We’re sharing thoughts here in hopes they help you next time you want to release resistance to illness …

From Flavia:

I love how I’m navigating the different aspects of this cold. In the past eight years each time I’ve experienced flu symptoms, the experience of allowing the healing to happen has gotten progressively better. The love and appreciation I feel for my body, my brilliant co-creator, gets deeper.
With each experience I notice I trust my body more and more. I’m letting it lead me in such a smooth, gentle way towards what feels better and most comfortable in any moment, toward what feels most like ease. I let go lovingly for the sake of enabling my body to do what it knows how to do.
I’m really glad I’m not bothered by the occurrence of this cold.  I accept it wholeheartedly.  I feel no judgment around why I attracted this.  This time I know that if it’s happening, it’s happening FOR me. It’s for the best somehow and I can find many reasons. Like Abraham says, when you are sick, your body is asking for health and well-being stronger than ever before. So maybe every now and then a little cold fortifies the body?!  That thought feels good to me right now.
I also feel clear about what caused my life force to be pinched off a bit.  A feeling of overwhelm (on Saturday I did say it would take me 3 days to do what I wanted to do that day) and the letting go of a relationship, which I felt my way through and now feel at peace about.
I’ve taken lots of actions, like drinking lots of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, some fresh veggie and fruit juices.  I even received inspiration to watch a Teal Scott video that reminded me to gargle with salt water.
And when I couldn’t sleep well the first night I let it be okay instead of resisting it.  And it actually helped me feel more refreshed during the day on much less sleep and the subsequent nights it actually helped me fall sleep despite not being able to swallow easily.
But it’s really not the actions that matter. It’s how I felt doing them.  I did them with loving care. I even love my echinacea honey lemon drops that have helped me ease into sleep.  I used to not want to buy cough drops thinking it would mean I expected to be sick and need them. But then I decided nothing has inherent meaning and I choose to buy it with the idea that I may never need it (like an umbrella that you take with you and it never rains) but if I did need it, then it would be there for me.
I can really see so many valuable things that have come out of this experience. I’m in genuine awe and appreciation and the result of that can only be it moving faster, more un-hindered through my body. The Communion of Light says “everything wants to evolve” and I’m so happy I have been enabling my body to do just that.

When you put it like that, Flavia, who wouldn’t want to get sick now and then?!
I myself noticed how interesting it was to be in the house yesterday just resting, without all my usual busy-ness online or on the phone.  I cancelled everything I felt comfortable cancelling, and prepared for a day of mostly “nothing.”  To just be present to the stillness of the day.
The dogs and the cats snoozed nearby as usual, and it was rewarding to get a glimpse of their every day life.  This is how it could be for me, too – if I just created more stillness to be present to it.  The sun moving slowly through the living room.  Birds flitting about the trees outside.  The sound of the heater turning on, and then off again.  So still and lovely.
And here I was still and lovely, too.  Because of this cold that required me to slow down and rest.
What a gift!
Flavia and I laughed about how interesting our new voices were, with sore throats and stuffy noses.  I shared how nice it was to have support from friends and family – mom offering to send over soup, ex-beau covering vet appointments for me, friend & colleague Lisa asking what she could take over, another ex-beau picking up cleaning chores.  How gratifying to remember how much everyone loves and supports us.
Being at rest while my body manages this bug has also given me the opportunity to embrace my diva self.  Finding a way to know what serves me best and allow that to unfold.  No martydom here.  I’m a diva with gusto!
Flavia mentioned this video where Teal Scott says it’s not so much a crisis of illness that we’re experiencing as it is a crisis of healing.  That’s what the body’s doing to rid itself of the internal toxins – sneezing, coughing, etc. to remove the buildup of toxicity.  That’s a nice way to think of it.  This isn’t something gone wrong, this is perfectly healthy!
Maybe you have some nice thoughts or experiences to share about appreciating “illness”?  If so, we’d love to hear them!

  • March 1, 2013

Happy Is Easier Than We Think

Happiness Is Closer than You ThinkA lovely reader asked how to get happy when the thing that makes her happy isn’t possible to experience.
She understands it’s important to keep the vibe up (“get in the vortex,” as Abe says), but financial obstacles keep her from it.
Sometimes the blocks we see to our happiness aren’t financial, but dependent on another person, or sometimes on more time.
However, it’s easier than we might think to reach a happy state.
In this reader’s case, she says travel makes her happy, but that she can’t afford it.
Which many folks could relate to – desiring something while not having the money for it.
But there are other ways to access that enjoyment.
Start by asking what it is about your desire that you enjoy most about it.  Break down the core elements or aspects that make it desirable to you.
In our reader’s case, she could look at what it is about travel that she loves most.  Maybe it’s …

  • learning about a new place or culture
  • meeting new people
  • experiencing an unfamiliar environment
  • hearing beautiful accents
  • eating new foods
  • feeling a sense of freedom or wonder
When we pinpoint the aspects we love about it, we can get creative about experiencing those essences in other ways.  As in taking a foreign language course or exploring new things in our own area.
Another way might be to access enjoyment by planning the next trip, relishing scrapbooks from prior adventures, hearing stories from others’ trips, immersing in travel shows, etc.
Another approach could be to realize travel isn’t as expensive as we think, with air B&Bs, couch surfing options, home exchange programs, and smart airfare deals.
Or we could just stop believing it’s hard and let Universe put it together for us.  A good intention married up with a bit of allowing goes a long way!
The point being things that make us happy aren’t as far away as they sometimes seem.
I’d love to hear some of your creative ways of surpassing obstacles to your highest happiness.  Please share in the comments!

  • December 14, 2012

In the Vortex Series

Getting in the VortexBy reader request, we’re starting our “In the Vortex” series of posts designed to help you bring good vibrations to life’s challenging situations.
If you’ve got contrast you’d like to bring alignment to, this series can help.
Here’s our current directory of topics (click the one you want to read):
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Debt in the Vortex (Revisited)
Taxes in the Vortex
Cancer in the Vortex
Being Sick in the Vortex
Exercise in the Vortex
Breakups in the Vortex
Custody Battle in the Vortex
Lawsuits in the Vortex
If you’re new to the vortex, here’s a primer or two to bring you up to speed.
Feel free to make special requests for additional In the Vortex topics.  And if you’ve got one to contribute, please send it over, as this is a community inspired resource!
Thank you!  🙂

  • August 19, 2012

No Big Decisions on Bad Days

Bad days are no time for big decisionsA good rule of thumb for life in the vortex:
no big decisions when you’re not in it.
Having a bad day is no time to decide about  leaving a relationship.  Or a job.  Or about a surgery.  Or a cross country move.  Or a big expenditure.
Having a bad day is a time to lay low and chill out.
Save the big decisions for times when you feel like the world is on your side.
Believe it or not, even though it seems otherwise on an especially bad day, that time of being on cloud nine is not that far away.
And that’s where you want to make your big decisions from.  🙂

  • September 7, 2011

Savoring the Problem

big problems lead to big solutions“In life when one door closes another always opens, but the hallways are a bitch.” ~ Ronnie Kaye
I laughed at that quote when I read it on facebook this morning.
And realized it’s the exact opposite of the law of attraction tip that lit me up yesterday:
In a recent workshop CD Abraham suggests that we learn to savor the problem as well as we savor the solution. That was a foreign if delicious thought.
But it’s not that hard to accomplish when you understand how the system is set up.

Here’s how it works according to Abe: when we have a problem we automatically desire a solution. That desire creates the solution – on a vibrational level.  In order to experience that solution in our physical real-world reality, we have to become a vibrational match to it. That just means feel better – or as Abraham says, “get in the vortex.”

So when I savor the problem, which I can do be realizing it’s leading to even better life, I become a better match to its solution.
Okay, that’s how it works in theory. Does it work in the real world?
It did for me when my boyfriend broke up with me last year.
That’s when I remembered that this awful thing that was happening was HUGE contrast that was automatically taking me somewhere REALLY good, if I would just quit slamming doors and swearing about what a jerk he was. Once I dialed in on love and appreciation (it took more than a minute, but I was persistent), I became a match to an even better relationship than we had before.  Cool how that worked!
I was thinking Jerry Hicks’ latest hospital stay is what propels him to his desire to live to 120. Big problems do that – take us to big dreams come true.
That is, when we don’t get stuck in the problem.
When we get a handle on how it all works, it IS possible to savor the “problem.”
Which is an important manifesting technique to practice – because as long as we see big problems as big problems, we block big solutions.
However you find a way to ease up about whatever seems wrong in your life (distraction, acceptance, reframe, etc.), in doing so you open the door for Universe to deliver something ridiculously delicious.
And I want to hear about it when it happens!  🙂

  • August 19, 2011

What in the Vortex?!

When bad things feel good? Strange things in the vortexWhen “bad” things feel good …

One of my favorite guys posted something at Good Vibe U I wanted to run by you here.
He shared how much he was enjoying the Scream movies: how fun they are to watch, even (or especially?) while cringing on the edge of his seat waiting for the next thing to pop out at him.
I can totally relate to his observation that that doesn’t sound like fun in the vortex.  I mean, we’re talking about getting tremendous delight in something that doesn’t seem very high vibing.

Quick primer on the vortex: it’s Abraham lingo for high vibrational alignment and is associated with feelings of joy, love, passion, inspiration, etc.  Abraham’s standard answer about getting what we want is to “get in the vortex, and THEN …”  (Because anything you do from the vortex has a Midas touch to it.  Success is guaranteed.  Plus it feels fab to be there.)  So deliberate creators pay a lot of attention to getting in the vortex.

I’ve wondered the same thing about enjoying other things that might not seem super high vibing.  Like:

  • sad songs
  • crime dramas
  • mystery novels
  • smoking
  • telling someone to kiss off
  • sarcastic comedies

… it seems there are many things some of us take enormous enjoyment in that don’t seem very vortexy.
In fact, did you hear Abraham talking to the rapper about swear words?  This was hilarious:
Back to the subject, what’s going on that we love to be scared, feel sad, get challenged, smoke or swear?
Case in point, I absolutely LOVE the drama in Kim Falconer’s fantasy fiction novels!  And even though it might not sound like it on facebook, I’m loving this impossible puzzle I’m struggling to finish of the last supper.
Sometimes I think we’re just experiencing the exhilaration of moving up the vibrational scale. Sometimes I think maybe we have too much judgment about what’s vortexy.
But I’d like to hear your thoughts about it.
Scream might not put YOU in the vortex, but is there something that does that might make someone else say “ewww!”?   What’s up with feeling good about things that don’t feel good?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

  • May 22, 2011