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The Watched Pot Syndrome

When Michele Woodward shared that Pam‘s green candle prosperity tip got her an $11,000 windfall within 24 hours, she had my attention.

I’m all about easy ways to let money in, and this sounded perfect.

Apparently it derives from a Native American tradition: the process is to light a green candle on any calendar day with an “8” in it.  Attracts abundance and prosperity.  (Supposedly.)

So the next “8” day that rolled around, I had a brand new green candle burning.

And while it smelled great (“lotus bamboo” – yummy!), there were no obvious cash windfalls on the heels of it.

Maybe my candle just needed a little longer to get warmed up, I thought.

We fired up the flames on the next “8” day.  Still no out of the ordinary money.

Later I heard Michele say you’re supposed to set an intention as you light it.

Duh.  That makes sense.

But even after setting my intention while lighting it on the next eight day – and this time I lit two candles (one was a darker green in case my hue was off) – still nada.

I began to look at my candle suspiciously.

Maybe it didn’t know the Native American tradition.

Maybe it needed to hang out with other successful green candles to catch on.  Maybe I needed to let it burn longer.  Or maybe not so long …
… or maybe, as Nancy Barry-Jansson suggested on the GVU watercooler call today, I was falling prey to the watched pot syndrome.

Everyone knows that syndrome, right?  That the watched pot never boils.

After all, don’t all our best manifesting stories come from times when we were just goofing off with something, playing around with a new idea, and not really paying too much attention to it?

When we forget about it, and don’t remember it till we’re already looking at the physical manifestation of it – that’s when the stuff happens most magically.

  • That’s how it worked with my first pray rain journal entry: a personal miracle manifested within hours.
  • And the first time I wrote out a page of “I am worthy” affirmations I had spectactular results the next morning.
  • And the first time I scripted, before 48 hours lapsed the very “impossible” thing I’d spoken about had happened.  (That’s one of my favorite stories from Adventures in Manifesting.)

But the next time I picked up each of these manifesting techniques, I didn’t do it with the same lightness and fooling around that I had initially.  Now that I knew they worked, I expected big things to happen.  And I looked out for those results with an eagle eye.

I think that “eagle eye” sometimes serves as a sort of unmagic wand.  Where it keeps the very thing we want from flowing in.

Because watched pots never boil.

Specifically, the Watched Pot Syndrome states that:

When one is anxiously focused on an anticipated result, that specific result is suspended indefinitely in time until the very moment one looks away.

(I made that up, but you already knew it, right?)

This phenomenon is observed most often with important incoming emails, red lights turning green, and phone calls from cute boys.

  • It’s why my dad walks away from his fishing pole or lights up a cigarette to get a bite on the pole.
  • It’s why the first thing I used to do after sending out a newsletter was take the dogs on a walk, because if I stayed glued to the computer to see how it was received, no one would write.  (And I mean no one.)  If I left the computer, especially to engage in something fun, I was deluged with positive responses.

So the green candle big money windfall might just be waiting for me to stop looking for it.

But by now the green candle is sort of ticking me off – especially when Patty told me she’s had lots of clients report great results with it.

My opportunity here is to soften the eyes, lighten the energy, have more fun with it – and not take it so personally when Master Manifester

Jeannette Maw doesn’t get the results she thinks she should be.

Can anyone else relate?

  • May 28, 2010