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Finding Buried Treasure

finding buried treasureTreasure is all around us, well within our reach, when have eyes to see it.
Many of us are blind to these abundant treasures, because we’re used to seeing obstacles and challenges, failures and disappointments.
Which means treasures become invisible to us, because we’re not on its frequency.
Riches of all sorts can be right under our nose, but we won’t see them when we don’t have eyes for treasure.
That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
All we have to do to let treasure in is practice seeing it. And feeling it, and enjoying it.

That’s how we tune into treasures – by changing our frequency from problems to prosperity.

Can you see the treasures in your world? Maybe you already have many gifts and blessings you appreciate regularly.
You can experience new treasures by seeing them in your mind’s eye first. With a little practice, eventually they’ll reveal themselves in 3D life.
Or you can speak treasure into being, by finding the words for it. Or you can “behave it” into existence, too. There are lots of ways to reveal buried treasures.

I’m thinking of a friend who was told her deceased parent left significant debt when she passed on. But this friend recently discovered there were “hidden assets” that had been there the whole time. All she needed was eyes to see the fortune.

I know someone who spent most of his life in poverty, until he learned new eyes for wealth (in my Money Mojo Magic class).  Two weeks after he started practicing seeing wealth, he discovered that he’d been sitting on a family heirloom worth $5.5 million. It had been there the whole time he was practicing poverty (so much so he’d gone bankrupt and was on the verge of homelessness). All along he’d been blind to the wealth right under his nose.

For years I thought my ex-beau didn’t have much net worth. (He said his divorce cleaned him out.) And when I did his balance sheet – sure enough, it looked pretty thin. Until one day I realized I hadn’t included his retirement plan. That guy become a millionaire plus over night. Once I had eyes to see.

Of course, our treasures aren’t just financial. Often they’re in the form of friends, family, experiences, ideas, places, things.
Do you know how to see treasures in your world? If you’ve been tuning into trouble for a while, it can be easy to miss them. It takes practice to shift the line of sight if you’re used to seeing the challenges instead the cha-ching.
But that practice is well worth engaging, so our treasures don’t remain buried.
We’ll talk about how to develop eyes for financial treasure this Wednesday at Good Vibe University. Everyone’s welcome to join at 4 pm eastern.  Click here for online call streaming link and other call in tips.

  • August 10, 2013

Getting Straight with Money

Get Straight with Money by Resolving These 3 KinksSome folks get frustrated when their efforts to manifest money don’t work even though they follow LOA instructions to a T.
I’ve noticed that sometimes the steps engaged only address one particular aspect of alignment, even thought there are other elements involved as well.
Here’s what I mean by that:

You may be good at imagining a rich life, but if you don’t feel worthy of it, there’s a vibrational disconnect.

Or you might feel completely deserving of financial abundance, but in the back of your mind you associate wealth with negative things.  (Family tension, tax headaches, unscrupulous behaviors, etc.)

Or maybe you’ve done the work of embracing financial prosperity as a good thing, and you feel completely worthy of it, but you haven’t changed your “what is” signal to Universe.

The three elements I see involved in the vibrational kink:

1) Believing money is a good thing
2) Knowing you deserve money
3) Flowing the vibration of having money

Missing even one of those alignment elements can block the flow of money.

Sometimes we focus on just one particular alignment angle without realizing there are others in play as well.
If you’ve been wanting to let more money in your world and it isn’t happening, this is your invitation to check in on each of the three points:
1.  Money Is Good.  Sometimes we unconsciously believe in a downside to having money.  If you want more than you’ve got, make sure you’re on board that it’s good to have.
2.  You Deserve It.  Unworthiness stops a lot of parties in their tracks.  Universe can only be as good to you as you’re willing to receive, so self-worth matters.
3.  You’ve Got It.  Even if you believe money is good and that you deserve it, if you don’t know the vibration of money, it can’t make its way to you.  Do you know what it’s like to be rich?  That’s the signal you want to learn to send.
If you see you’ve got a kink in one of these three money alignments, it’s simply a matter of engaging new thoughts to get straight with money.
You’ll find more posts on those subjects here at the blog, and also at Good Vibe University where we regularly host calls on money alignment.
Regardless of how you choose to improve your alignment, know that any shift you make in your vibration swiftly creates a shift in your 3D reality.
It’s worth remembering, too, that lots of good things can happen even when our alignment isn’t perfect.  I know plenty of people who manifested big bucks even with one of these kinks in place.
But if you’re scratching your head wondering why it’s not happening for you, review the three elements above to get ideas for creating more alignment.
Let’s hear a big YAY for letting in money!
  • April 7, 2013

Money Mantra Success Stories

Money Mantra
Here’s Maggie McReynolds on how she used a money mantra to manifest $5,000 in new business:

A fellow coach told us about one of her clients who was in a financial crunch who set the intention “I create wealth” every morning for several days.
After that, she found out her holiday bonus was coming to her a month early – and her ex-husband called to say there’d been a mix up in the divorce dispersal, and he owed her money.
All told, she gained thousands of unexpected dollars.
So I decided to try this for myself when I got a new laptop this summer.
I thought if I made “I create wealth” the password to unlock my keyboard, I would by default think the thought every morning.
Except I put a bunch of numbers and symbols in it.
Four months of using it, and nothing happened.
Business tanking. Few to no clients. Despair. (Or at least lots of lizard fear.)
Then I got an idea to re-frame my practice. (I had been doing work that was sort of gratifying but not even a little bit joyful for me.) I decided to use my 30 years of writing/editing experience to shift to coaching others to find their authentic voice, tell their stories compellingly, and find the joy in writing.
At the same time, I realized I had this password in code – and that I wasn’t actually even thinking the thought, let alone saying it.
So I began saying “I create wealth” out loud every day.
Within a week, I had $5,000 of new business.

Woo hoo for Maggie! I love that story.  🙂
If you don’t already use a wealth affirmation and would like more financial abundance, Maggie’s example is an inspiring reason to pick one up.
I suspect her new focus in leaving work she didn’t love was also instrumental in letting money in. Which is no surprise! That’s what happens when we start affirming a new reality for ourselves – we get new ideas and inspirations that (when we act on them) help make that affirmation true.
Lots of great tips to pick up from her story! Thanks for sharing it with us, Maggie.
If you’ve got a wealth affirmation you enjoy using, please share it with us! I’ll include my latest money mantra in the comments, too …
PS – if you’re looking for a more time-tested and traditional money mantra, that’s over here.

  • December 9, 2012

Time for Easier Money?

easy money manifestingHow easy is your money?
On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “I work like a slave for it” and 10 as “I barely lift a finger”, how easy is your money?
If you’re like many of us, you grew up believing it’s a virtue to work hard for your reward; that money was scarce and difficult to come by, and you better be careful with whatever you get.  And even to be grateful for the chance to sweat it out in a miserable job to earn it.
The thing is, that’s true.  If that’s what you believe.
But it can be also be true that:

  • money is easy to come by
  • that the less you work the more you make
  • that the more you spend the more you have
  • that earning it can be a completely joyful and pleasant experience
  • or that you don’t even have to “work” for it at all

If that sounds foreign, but something you’d like to embrace, that’s what we’re doing this May.
I’m taking a group of creators up the scale towards experiencing even easier money.  If you answered less than an 8 on the ten point scale, and are keen to create a different experience with money, you’re invited to join in for a month long Easy Money course starting May 14th at 4 pm eastern.
Seats are $97 each, and include access to the GVU forums for the duration of the course.  Calls will be recorded if you can’t join in live, and access to the forums allows you to experience the power of group support even if you’re not dialed in for calls.
If you’d like to join to create Easy Money for yourself, reserve your seat by making payment of $97 below.

After sending payment, I’ll send an email with call-in details and forum access instructions.
And if you want to prime your pump right now for an easier time with money, these resources may help now:

Marc Allen on how he affirmed his way to “total financial success in an easy & relaxed manner.”
Abraham reminder on creating money without action.
Bashar on winning the lottery.

Great stuff there!  And very much in alignment with what we’ll be practicing in Easy Money next month.  See you then!
PS – current GVU members get free seats to this course.  So if you’re already a member, no need to register.  And if you’d like to become one now, you can do that here.

  • April 24, 2012

Q&A: How to Feel Rich When You've Never Known It?

how to feel wealthy when you're notAn astute question came in from a new reader here that I thought you all could help answer:

I’ve read your suggestion that to manifest what you want, you should “feel now how you would feel then.”
That makes sense, but I don’t know how to feel something I’ve never experienced.  Specifically, I want to create my financial wealth, but that’s not something I’ve ever known.  All I’ve ever known is struggle and lack.  (Unfortunately, that is not an exaggeration.)
So while I understand it’s important to feel financially abundant now, I don’t have a clue what that would be like. Does that mean I won’t be able to create it?  What do you suggest I do?

It’s been a while since we’ve covered this, so I thought it due for a revisit.
Plus, people ask questions like this on a variety of manifesting subjects – whether it’s enjoying being a parent, thriving in a happy relationship, landing professional success, etc.
What do you guys recommend to someone who might be manifesting something they’re completely unfamiliar with?  (Specifically money?)  How do you vibrate something that might be a brand new frequency for you?  Or is it really even that important?
Thank you in advance for sharing your favorite tips, wisdom and insights with our friend.

  • January 15, 2012