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It's Not About the Tea

Weight Loss with Law of AttractionThe other day someone asked how I’d managed to lose 20 pounds.
She was guessing the number, because all I know is I’ve gone from Beautiful to Cute to Ravishing past Hot on the Yay scale. If anyone knows how much that is, don’t tell me – I like living beyond the numbers!
I gave her the answer she was expecting, although it wasn’t an accurate or helpful one …
I told her what I’d been doing differently.
Conscious creators know how misleading that is – to attribute the change to actions only and not acknowledge the role of the vibrational shift.
The helpful and more accurate response to her question would have been to tell her how I’ve been feeling differently.
Because that’s where our entire reality comes from – our vibration.
It was factual to say that I’d begun drinking a daily detox tea. That was true.
But that’s not what any weight loss was a result of.
This weight loss began with finding the vibration of body love. Making that the norm rather than the exception for how I felt about myself. And then just following inspiration. Which led to Doc of Detox’s daily tea.
If I drank that tea with my old vibration in place, I doubt it would have any effect. Because it’s not actions that matter most – it’s the vibration.
Someone else could do the very same things and get a very different result.
As she found out when she started drinking the same daily detox tea. She got the opposite results, if you can believe it.
Conscious creators wouldn’t be surprised by that because we know everything arises from the vibration. A new vibration may inspire us to new actions, but it is inaccurate to attribute change solely to those actions.
The same action can lead to very different results for people flowing different vibrations.
Which is why this post isn’t about the most amazing detox tea I’ve ever found.
This post is a reminder that the vibration is what matters. Once we tune into the frequency of what we want, we’ll be inspired to take any actions that support that result.
That’s what we’re doing at Body Love Lab right now, but anyone who wants a hand in tuning into a new vibration can find one for a variety of dreams or desires in our Vibration Activation series. (Here’s the weight loss, healthy body, feelin’ sexy and the good news from the doc scripts.)
In the meantime, my next job is to drop my limiting beliefs about what I think muggles can hear and not hear. !!

  • July 29, 2015

Activate: Weight Loss/Body Love

Body Love Activation; Weight Loss ActivationThis vibration activation post is by request. It’s a script to help activate weight loss (which we know is just loving how you look and feel in your body).
If you’re not familiar with our vibration activation series, check it out here.
Just reading it once should get the vibe flowing. After that it’s just a matter of honoring whatever inspirations come up. Revisit as required to keep the vibe flowing.
Enjoy activating the vibration of weight loss and body love:

Is it just me, or am I looking especially fabulous lately?
My clothes feel a little looser, my body feels a little lighter … yeah, I think I’ve dropped a few pounds!
Maybe it happened when I stopped stressing out about my weight. Or maybe it’s because I spent more time doing what I love. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s that new habit I started not too long ago.
Whatever it is, I like it!
This is even better than I imagined how I’d feel as my weight started to optimize. I feel stronger! I feel sexier! I feel like I could take on the world! And look good doing it – woo hoo!
Seriously, check me out – how nice are these curves? This is what this body was meant to look like. Man, I look good. And I feel fabulous!
If this keeps up, I might have to go shopping soon. How fun would that be to have to replace my wardrobe? Ha!
But truth be told, now that I see myself in the mirror looking this wonderful, I realize it doesn’t even matter what size my clothes are or what the scale says. I feel amazing and that’s all that matters.
So whatever I’ve been doing lately, I’m going to keep it up. I’m going to keep focusing on how good I feel. I’m going to keep doing things I enjoy and keep thinking good thoughts about this body. I’m going to keep eating what feels best and moving and resting in ways that are inspired. I’m going to keep appreciating how good I look and feel.
Because my body knows what she’s doing – all I have to do is support her with helpful thoughts and inspirations. She lets me know what she wants, and I’m happy to give it. We’re a great team, this body and I!
Here’s to looking and feeling like a million bucks at this new weight in this beautiful body of mine!

Feel free to customize this script (we’d love to hear your words in the comments!), and remember the value of keeping the focus on feeling good in your body rather than hitting a target weight, since we know that what we really want is just to love how we look and feel.
If you’d like more support with manifesting your ideal body, consider Body Love Lab starting next week.

  • July 7, 2015

Losing Weight with Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Weight LossAn LOA weight loss coach recently sent a guest post on how to drop weight using law of attraction.

I haven’t written about that subject lately, so I was interested to share it.

Until I read it.

It was about she used meditation and self love to stick to an organic raw foods diet.

Yikes! A lot of people could get the wrong impression from that – that her success came from eating a particular way.

She was all about using spiritual processes to stick to a “healthy” diet.

That is not LOA weight loss.

At least not my idea of it.

Because we don’t necessarily know what food or exercise serves our body best. But our body does. A nutritionist, a doctor, your physical trainer, your spouse – even an LOA weight loss coach – doesn’t know.

They can’t know, because they can’t hear your inner guidance.

Conscious creators know it’s all vibrational. And each of us is unique. What serves you nutritionally could be my undoing. And vice versa.

We can’t copy eating habits or exercise routines and expect the same results.

What we can do is learn how to activate the vibrations of what we want. And then do whatever feels best.

That’s my idea of consciously manifesting a more ideal body: find the frequency of body love and then follow her instructions. She knows best, all I have to do is listen for what she wants and then give it.

Maybe she does prefer organic raw food, but it would have to be her idea, because I would never impose that on her (again).

I did a bunch of crazy eating routines in my ridiculously misinformed youth – including an entire year of no sugar. Another year of no fat. A couple months of no processed foods, half a year vegan. And I won’t recount all the juicing and cleansing fasts. That’s insane stuff when it isn’t prompted by inner wisdom or body intuition.

One doc said I ruined my metabolism and launched adrenal fatigue with all the fasting and ridiculous diets. This was way before I knew about energy, attraction and my body’s wisdom.


If I were writing an article on how to lose weight with law of attraction, I’d say this:

Find the frequency of what you want, then do what feels best.

That’s it.

Finding the frequency of your desire could be done many ways:

There are lots of ways to shift the vibe. And that’s what you want to do first.

After that, learning to trust and respond to your body’s preference is your only work.

Sometimes your body might say ‘nap’ instead of ‘workout.’ She might prefer dancing over CrossFit. She might suggest chocolate instead of grapefruit one day.

When you’re dialed on what you want, you can trust whatever your body asks for.

You won’t know what serves best until you tune in to that frequency and listen for inspiration.

Lots of folks (mostly muggles, but some LOA savvy people, too) make decisions about what’s best for their body from a place of dissatisfaction, frustration or even fear. We’re not likely to make successful choices from that vibration.

And sometimes we mistake physical addictions for true desires, so it’s helpful to get clear on the difference. (That’s actually a great time for a skilled coach like the one who wrote!)

But imposing external rules that drown out our inner knowing is not the way to go.

So. For the record. To use your creative powers to manifest a more ideal body, just engage your skills to find the vibration of what you want and let your body lead you to it.

And when your inner guidance says “organic raw” or “gluten free” or whatever it might say, please don’t assume that’s the healthy diet we should all be on.

  • November 22, 2014

Contradiction in Manifesting Weight Loss?

how to manifest weight lossAn astute reader asked about a conflict she saw in my instructions for using law of attraction to lose weight.
I had written about “loving it to lose it” – saying that when we resist extra weight, that’s exactly what we create. Extra weight.
So to lose pounds, the first step is to get out of resistance and (eventually & ideally) into appreciation.
This reader asked how does that instruction jibe with the common LOA knowledge that what you focus on grows?
She shrewdly concluded that according to the law of attraction, whatever we pay attention to is what we get more of, so why wouldn’t paying attention to extra pounds (even in a state of love) just attract more extra pounds?
I suspect she might not be the only person wondering about this seeming contradiction, so I wanted to post here to give others a chance to “weigh in” with their thoughts on the subject.
My personal take on it is that Universe knows what we want (Abraham would say “it’s in your vortex”). When we find a way to enjoy, appreciate, feel good, and get happy  – or even just drop a little resistance and get to neutral – that’s what allows our desire to manifest.
That’s why loving our bodies “as is” can lead to weight loss. What I’m focusing on as I love my body as it is, is love for my body. When Universe gets that signal from me, it sends in results/reasons/evidence to match that love.
It does seem contradictory, though, doesn’t it? “Love it to lose it.”

There is a trick here, though. If I’m loving it in order to lose it – that’s like love with an agenda. And love doesn’t have an agenda.
So you can’t really love it just to lose it. You love it, and then you lose it. (Subtle but important distinction.)
It would be like saying to my boyfriend that I love him as long as he does what I want him to. That’s not love.

I personally know that every time I feel hung up when my body doesn’t look how I prefer, it stems from resistance to how it is. And that resistance stymies any “positive” change.  The fact that I even think of it as “positive” change reveals a judgment, though, doesn’t it?
Turning to you smart creators to offer your thoughts, experiences and insights on this subject. Thanks in advance, everyone!

  • December 12, 2011