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Creating a Powerful Word

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What’s one thing you can do in daily life that directly enhances your manifesting powers?

Mean what you say.

Because when you use your word with integrity, you train yourself (and Universe) that what you say matters. Your instructions aren’t ignored, dismissed or taken lightly – because your word means something.

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  • January 8, 2017

The Value of Your Word

The Value of Your Word (how to turn on  your word power)One of the best ways to create our reality is to speak it into being – with affirmations, ‘I am’ declarations, and scripting stories of what we want until they come to be.
But what happens when we’ve trained our word to be powerless?
That’s exactly what some of us do without realizing how it sabotages our manifesting game.
I’m talking about when we use our word carelessly – saying things we don’t mean or making promises we don’t keep.
In that process we train ourselves to distrust our own words.
And if we don’t believe what we say, how is Universe supposed to take us seriously?
One of the easiest ways to amp up our manifesting skills is to build and protect the integrity of our word.
That means doing what you promise and meaning what you say.
(I’ve got room for improvement on this myself.)
Practicing this may require an upleveled awareness about unconscious habits, but your success as a conscious creator is worth it.

  • So the next time you tell someone you’ll be there at 3, be there at 3. (Or address it if you can’t be.)
  • When someone asks your opinion, try on the truth for a change. (There are books devoted to this skill.)
  • The next time you make a promise to yourself, treat it like it matters. (You do.)

You’ll find that as you deliberately work to increase the stock of your word, your affirmations will pack new power.
Here’s to keeping our word – and to the delights that unfold when Universe takes us seriously.

  • August 13, 2014