November 24, 2011

Taking Appreciation Further

shining the light of appreciationYesterday Phil and I prepped for an appreciation call on the Matt & Phil show which turned into a lovefest for Jerry Hicks after yesterday’s unexpected news of his passing.
And Anthony’s right that it does seem particularly appropriate on this “American Day of Gratitude” to be sharing our appreciation for Jerry and Esther and Abraham.
(Thank you, everyone, for being such good company for the Jerry love.)
My original plan for yesterday’s call with Phil was to take my appreciation practice where it has rarely gone before – into the dark corners and recesses of my life to appreciate things I don’t regularly or easily feel thanks for.
I mean, it’s easy to be happy for good health, all these lovely cats and dogs spending their lives with me, my sweetheart, my comfortable home, fabulous friends and family, and rewarding work. I’m well trained to ignore the rest that doesn’t feel as good.
But I want to expand my appreciation further. Into the places that don’t normally get appreciated. The places that normally get avoided. Maybe you’ll be inspired to join me in growing the places you can find thanks?
Here are a few of the darker places in my life I’m pointing the light of love and thanks for:

  • Our Congress that seems to be incapable of  cooperation or compromise. Maybe I can appreciate their persistence and tenacity in doing what they each believe is right.
  • Citizens of war torn countries who refuse to tolerate their dictators any longer. I’m grateful for the role they’re playing in bringing humanity to a higher level of consciousness.
  • These extra pounds that are virtually forcing me to learn unconditional love for my body. (Such a good teacher!)
  • My ex husband that I had such a great relationship with until recently. I can appreciate that law of attraction has to disappear him from my life when we are on such different frequencies.  (Thank you for the reminder, Bashar.)
  • Corrupt corporations and governments who seem to be gifted at perpetuating their own well-being at the expense of others. I’m firstly thankful that their days seem to be numbered, and also glad I can see we’ve co-created it. No victims here!

How about you?
Whether you choose to post it here or not, I invite you to take your appreciation to the places you might not have brought it before.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Victoria says:

    Great post! It’s such a fantastic reminder that we can take negative circumstances and twist them into a positive light. It can be so easy to get upset with things or people you can’t change but to look for the things that are positive in them changes your perception and “vibe.”
    Thanks for the gentle reminder, it’s a great way to start my day!

  • Janette says:

    Ooh, Kim – juicy! Thank you for the notion of appreciating myself for not always seeing the creative gift in every kink!!! After all, without the powerful “AAARGGHHHHH!!!” in that moment, I wouldn’t appreciate the huge deliciousness of relief and joy when it comes.
    Which it always does.
    Today I’m appreciating some painfully sharp and pointy details which are giving me the opportunity to clarify where I’m ready to shift my vibe next. And I’m appreciating in advance how good it’s going to feel once I make that shift. Yum!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wonderful post as always, Jeannette and the comments are all uplifting, especially Jacke’s. Been there my friend!
    I appreciate physical ‘symptoms’ of pain or distress. I know there is a message there for me to read!
    I appreciate noisy neighbours, low sales, bad reviews and big fat NO’s because they are all energy, ‘just as it is’, taking me exactly where I want to go.
    I might have to reread the above in a ‘red hot moment’ but that’s okay too. I appreciate myself for not always seeing the creative gift in every little kink in the road. I mean, contrast is what makes the journey fun!

  • Stacey says:

    I’m thankful for the lessons I learned while living homeless. That time in my life helped me to understand my purpose to help others succeed regardless of their external circumstances!

  • Jae says:

    Wow, it feels so good to read these comments!
    I am also thankful for the hard financial times I experienced several years ago because, like Jeremy above, I have become very resourceful and I have so much appreciation for where all my ‘stuff’ comes from. When I look at something, my shoes for example, I send some love to the person or people who worked on them.
    I’m thankful for the anger I’ve experienced in my recent past about my body, how flexible it should or should not be. Now I find time in the mornings to do something as simple as stretching and it feels so wonderful!
    I’m especially thankful for certain past employers who’s critiques and general attitudes about life (at the time) I found harsh. They were, by far, my BEST teachers and I am now on wonderful terms with them. I cannot imagine who I would be now if I didn’t have those experiences. I’m so thankful. 🙂

  • Taylor Jane Green says:

    Thanks so much, Jeannette – for living your spirit! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    Thanks for all the tepid feedback and rejections in my past. They provided a path to discovering more strength than I thought I had and, ultimately, helped unlock the courage to love myself more deeply.

  • Mandy says:

    Thank you to all the people in my past who have treated me like rubbish. You have shown me how I can expect my life to be if I don’t love and respect myself. You are also a fantastic reference point when thinking about how far I’ve come.
    Thank you for the complete and utter despair I experienced about two years ago. Being reduced to nothing meant I could reconstruct a new, better me from basically scratch. I’ve never looked back and life has never been so sweet.

  • Jeremy S. says:

    I am thankful for the past several years of financial distress that have shown me very clearly what I DON’T want, but have also taught me how to be more resourceful than I ever thought I could be.
    I am thankful for the somewhat rocky road that my relationship with my wife has taken this year, that has shown me how ultimately strong our relationship IS, and that we will always work together to work things through.
    I am thankful for my beater ’82 Volvo wagon for its reliability (starts up every time!) and steadfastness in hauling me, my family, and a surprising amount of junk all over Portland. I will be happy when I’m able to replace the beast with something newer and nicer, but nonetheless I am very grateful for its current service.

  • Ashley says:

    I was filled with joy and appreciation today. I had our holiday dinner all prepared this morning so it allowed me time to take a beautiful ride “over the river and through the woods” on my gorgeous, trusty steed. The sun was out, the birds were singing and I was in love with the day and my horse. I have so much to be thankful for.
    Thank you Jeanette for allowing me to see that I can take appreciation to a much deeper level. I feel this post is so timely for ending a day where so many are giving thanks and thinking of all the things that they appreciate.
    When something doesn’t feel good I will now look at it in a different way, finding things to appreciate, changing my perception. I love having something like this to play with.
    I love this post! Thank you!

  • Bama Girl says:

    I am grateful for everything that I went through over the past few months. As hard as it was, I never believed that going through a divorce would lead to an even better marriage – with the same guy.
    And it was in going through that period that I was able to look at myself, take the blinders off, and realize the type of person I was, was not who I wanted to be. And that led me to The Love Dare, Power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, Ask and it is Given — and so on.
    I also deal with the self-love issues, not only for my body but emotionally. Am I good enough, am I worthy enough. And yes, I can say now that I am. And because I am good enough and worthy enough I am taking care of myself, physically and emotionally.
    Thanks for the topic, Jeanette. Back to finishing up dinner with my sweetheart.

  • Hi Jeannette —
    Love this topic! One of my favorite ways to use appreciation!
    Here’s my list:
    — I love the fat in my body that is really helping me be aware of what it means to have a body and to discover new ways to love my body unconditionally (I know I sort of pinched that one from you!)
    — I appreciate the family members, living and otherwise, who told me I was stupid and didn’t have common sense. They really helped me discover my own inner brilliance. And they really helped me realize that everyone has a native brilliance, including my family members who were actually insecure about their education.
    — I appreciate people who protest so that they can get their voices heard and people who protest the protest so they can assert their point. No matter how imperfect it may be, this kind of conversation is like a safety valve that lets off steam and always gives birth to creativity and change, often in unexpected ways.
    — I appreciate the man I used to work for who got mad at me for the silliest reason. It was the burning of that bridge that actually propelled me forward in my wonderful business. I even love the fact that when I saw him earliest this year, he still seemed to be angry. This made me feel even more clear about some of the decisions I’ve made since then.
    Once I get started this way, I can go on and on but think it might feel better to take it off line. Thanks for getting me on that roll!
    By the way, I hope you will go back on the Matt & Phil Show and discuss this topic at some point in the future. I would love to hear what more you have to say about it.
    Much love,

  • Yay for being able to appreciate the contrast, Dawn! That’s the mark of a very savvy creator!!
    And to be able to appreciate the button pusher as a cue to tweak your vibe – I’m impressed.
    Next time I’m in that boat I’ll think of you and maybe channel some of that skill!
    Thanks for reading and happy thanksgiving, Dawn.

  • Dawn says:

    I’m thankful for …
    a person I see almost every day who “pushes my buttons” … she is reminding me to go deep to pinpoint those buttons and see where my vibration needs some adjusting.
    my house for showing me what I don’t want in a home so I can get a clear picture of what I do want.
    Thanks, Jeannette! I think typing these out has helped me see things in a different light. :o)

  • Jacke, that is huge. Hats off to you for that one!
    Very cool appreciation indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jacke says:

    I love this post. It took me 30+ years to recognize the woman my first husband left me and the kids for as an angel in my life. I really, really, really would not have wanted to be with him much longer than I was so I have started appreciating her.

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