Talk Your Way Into Love

Lots of folks who want love in their life don’t realize they block it by the way they talk about it.

They say things, to themselves and others, that reinforces the very reality they don’t want.

  • “I’m so tired of going to events alone.”
  • “All the good ones are taken.”
  • “It’s so hard to find new love.”
  • “I’ve been alone for so long.”

The average person doesn’t realize that as they speak, so shall it be.

Fortunately, you’re not average.

(Anyone reading law of attraction material is already way ahead of the consciousness curve!)

We know that the way to welcome new love into our lives is to get ahead of it.

That means to speak, think, feel and behave the way we would when we’re experiencing that love.

That’s how we vibrate love (or whatever want) into our lives.

And it might not feel like the most natural or intuitive thing to do …

It can feel strange to appreciate something that isn’t here yet.

It might seem a little crazy to talk to our lover before we’ve met them.

It can be awkward to practice love before love has arrived.

But that’s how we grease the wheels for it.

That’s how we cue Universe to send in the next love.

So if you’re in the mood to call in a new relationship, pay attention to the sorts of things you hear yourself saying about the state of your romance.

Instead of perpetuating your current reality, you can usher in a new one by speaking it so.

That could sound like having a conversation with your lover as if he/she were already in the room with you:

  • Ask what he’s been up to today.
  • Tell her how much you like your new socks.
  • Suggest something for dinner.

If you’ve been in the routine of feeling like you’re rolling solo through life, those conversations can be a big vibrational switch.

Instead of instructing Universe that you’re alone, you send the signal that a loved one is right there with you.

You may find it easier to engage less reality-confronting thoughts like, “I’m ready for love” or “Looking forward to my next relationship.”

I’ve also heard many success stories from creators who wrote letters to their love as if they were already connected. (That’s a big vibrational difference than traditional journaling about longing for a new love.)

Those of you who have super cool friends can even talk about your new partner with those who get what you’re up to. Together you’re scripting your relationship into existence!

But even if you don’t feel comfortable talking about your lover as if they’re already present and accounted for, at least stop holding him/her at bay by speaking them away.

Because when you say, “I’m so tired of being alone,” Universe has to make it so.

And when you say, “Honey, I’m home!” Universe has to make that so, too.

It will make real whatever you’re willing to speak into being.

Remember Mike Dooley declaring “It’s a good thing I’m rich!” when he got a big bill in the mail he didn’t know how to pay?
Conscious creators are willing to say what isn’t “real” yet in order to make it so.

This means you can talk your way right into your next true love by engaging your creative powers to speak it so.

This isn’t the only way to become a match for a fabulous new relationship, but it is a powerful one.

You’re already speaking your reality into existence, so let’s make sure it’s the one you want.

If you’ve got success stories along these lines, we’d love to hear them!

  • September 19, 2016
  • Kelly says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    I just found out that I can create a contact on my iphone with my own phone number but a different name (like “Mr. Dreamy” or even a specific person if I want to revise the past).
    When you send a text to that contact you get the exact same text back in response but still it’s a very realistic simulation (I jumped a couple of times) of someone texting you and responding to you.
    So realistic I felt paranoid with my revisionist texts that I was actually texting that person. So a fun way to “feel it real”:) Thanks for these awesome suggestions!

  • This is how I met my ex-husband and my boyfriend now. I made a point to appreciate all men in my life. I would even appreciate how safe bus drivers are or how kind the man who bags my groceries are.
    I would also spend time appreciating somebody’s deep blue eyes, a firm butt or a smile that made me tingle inside.
    Any chance I could appreciate men, I would. They both showed up within a few days of doing this consciously.
    Even now, as I am in a good relationship, we are still very different so I spend a great deal of time appreciating our differences and how we work things out.
    And of course, I ask question like “How does it get any better than that?” heehee

  • Mia says:

    Jeannette, would that work for friendship or other (non-sexual) relationships, too?
    There are so many LOA articles on attracting love but hardly any on attracting friends or soul connections. Would you perhaps have a few success stories to share in that regard? I’d love to read them.
    For me, I don’t know exactly what I’m missing when it comes to relationships … I only know that I would like to feel more safe, connected, accepted, appreciated.
    But *how* this should turn out, I have no idea. Is it possible to talk my way into feeling more secure, connected, belonging and appreciated, too? Somehow I don’t really know where to start …

  • Elle says:

    This is really fab, Jeannette!
    I can also add that being in love with life does wonders. Everything comes to you with that feeling. Just feeling awesome about things as they are helps a lot.

  • namaste says:

    Great article, great points, I especially like that you pointed out that it matters what you’re saying to yourself. It was a big day for me when I realized that I might not be saying negative stuff to others, but if I was saying it to myself, it was still blocking my desires manifesting.
    About six months ago, I was talking to a friend who was doing exactly what you talked about (she said she wanted to meet her soulmate but was always telling me about how she never met guys that were worth dating etc).
    So I asked her, “Are you ready to meet the man of your dreams?”
    She replied, “Of course.”
    I said, “If you were ready, he’d already be in your life. Why are you NOT ready for him to show up yet?”
    After thinking about it, she said, “I guess I don’t feel worthy. I can get guys. That’s not my problem. But the guy I want… I’m don’t feel like I’m a match for him.”
    I asked her, “What would it take for you to be a match?”
    She realized she needed to be more successful in her career.
    We talked about why this didn’t have to be her reality. However, her needing to be more successful before she’d allow in the man of her dreams was a serious sticking point. I pointed out to her that unless she found some kind of loophole around her belief that she’s not worthy yet, he isn’t likely going to show up until she achieved more success.
    Time and time again, when I see a result not manifesting for a long time with a person, it’s because of hidden resistance like this.
    Thankfully, this story is headed for a happy ending. I got an excited call from my friend two weeks ago. Thanks to some really smart financial investments she made she is going to be leaving her high paid corporate job to live off the passive income from her investments. As soon as I heard this I said, “Do you feel like you’re successful enough now to be a match for the guy you want?” She immediately said, “Yes!” She’s taking off to travel for a few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a call soon from her telling me she’s met the man of her dreams =)

    • Sauterelle says:

      Wow, Namaste, I have been thinking exactly that recently: that I might be manifesting blockages because I don’t feel I have the kind of life I want to share yet. It sounds like your friend got around it by achieving the success she craved, but have you seen others unblock the way without waiting for the fulfilment of that ‘only when’ thought?

      • Namaste says:

        It’s likely that you’ve heard of the famous talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey ( A few months ago, I was reading his life story in People magazine. The thing that really caught my attention was the part about his current marriage. When he first met the woman who is his wife today, he was young and living out of his car, traveling from comedy gig to comedy gig. He couldn’t afford to keep a roof over his own head. He was so embarrassed by his financial situation that he broke it off with her. If I’m remembering the numbers right, almost 2o years later, after he’d become really successful and gone through a string of bad relationships, he met her again. This time he wasted no time and married her. He’s been happy ever since. The thing that really upset her is that he cost them 20 years of happiness. In the article she was quoted as saying, “I had a house. He could have lived with me. I would have been okay with that. But he was embarrassed and broke it off with me so we missed out on so many great times.”
        I think the best way to answer your question is to have you ask yourself, “What do I HAVE-TO-HAVE in the partner of my dreams?” Have-To-Have’s aren’t strong wants, these are the details that you either get or you don’t want the relationship at all.
        In the case of my friend, she HAS-TO-HAVE a guy who she not only falls head over heels in love with but a guy who is already super successful with his career and finances. If she met a great guy, who she fell in love with but he wasn’t up to par in these areas, it simply wouldn’t work for her. That’s just what is so for her. If you’re the same way she is, the best thing you can do is focus all your energy on creating the life you want so you can allow this person in.
        However, if you find (like most people do) that you would be happy to be in love with a great person, who you are attracted to, who you love spending time with, but who is still in the process of achieving his/her big dreams… Realize that this person you are looking for will also feel the exact same way about you, even though you’re life isn’t perfect yet. Instead of going it alone, the two of you can team up and create the kind of life you both desire together =)

        • Sauterelle says:

          I would be over the moon to find someone I loved, was attracted to and loved spending time with… who wanted me just as much! Being in process seems like an active plus to me. I think I need to work on feeling more worthy.

        • Namaste says:

          I think that is a smart idea to focus on feeling more worthy =)
          However, it’s important to point out that you are already completely worthy right now. You are whole, complete and perfect JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
          If your mind said, “That’s not true” when you read that last sentence, it’s only because you have some limiting beliefs about yourself that you’d get a lot of value out of shifting.
          The way I’d figure out what beliefs you have, that are telling you that you are NOT already worthy right now, would be to ask the question, “Why am I not worthy RIGHT NOW of having a person in my life that I love and attracted to and enjoy spending time with?”
          Write down whatever comes mind, no matter how strange it seems.
          Then when you feel like you can’t think of any more reasons, start with the reason you wrote down that you’re most drawn to and ask, “Why is this NOT true?”
          Once you figure out why the reasons you wrote down aren’t true, check to see if you feel worthy of having this lover in your life right now. I suspect you might be surprised and will find that shifting those beliefs is all it took for you to feel worthy RIGHT NOW =)

    • Elle says:

      That is wonderful Namaste! Thank you for posting!
      I notice this as well. Like, I am not worthy or smart that is why I did not pass exams. It is all in the attitude. Or, I can’t live in that neighborhood because I am not successful enough.
      Your friend was taken care of!

  • Colleen says:

    Hi Jeanette, this is so interesting that I read this article right now. I had been chatting to some one for about a week. He seems really terrific so I met him in person yesterday. He says that he is really crazy about me and I enjoyed him as well, and feel that we have a lot of potential. Can I use this to create an actual relationship with him by using his name when saying the words you suggested. Like Will I’m home or How was your day sweetie, with feelings of asking him that question? Just curious.
    Thanks so much for a great article. Blessings🙏

    • Jeannette says:

      You know what I’d do, Colleen? I might have him in mind, but I don’t think I’d use his name. Just to make sure Universe knows that it isn’t the PERSON that’s important to me, but the FEELING. The way I want to experience the relationship – that’s what matters more than who it is.
      So if I’m using my favorite terms of endearment (sweetheart, babe, etc.), and Universe knows something I don’t know, I’m making room for it to deliver a perfect match. If you know what I mean.
      I’ve been fooled on this before, so I leave final say to Universe from now on. 🙂
      Good question, Colleen! Thanks for asking it, and enjoy this new romance!

  • sauterelle says:

    You’re so good. 😀
    Do you think this works with nascent relationships too, or do you need to be completely single?

    • Jeannette says:

      I think we could apply this to EVERYTHING – from how we talk about our jobs, to our bodies, to our bank accounts, and definitely to new relationships, too. In fact, to be skilled at this as a relationship is unfolding strikes me as a huge advantage to manifesting a happy ending. 🙂

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