Taxes in the Vortex

Taxes in the VortexIt’s April 14th.  Which can only mean one thing for me.

Time to do taxes.

I’ve been waiting since January for inspiration to hit.

It hasn’t.

So here I am staring down a job I’m really not looking forward to.

Knowing that doing something I don’t like doesn’t take me anywhere good.

I gotta turn this ship around.

Feels like a big job, but I remind myself I know how to manage the vibration.

I start with thoughts that feel better:

Do I really have to do taxes?

No, I don’t. I could file an extension. And hire an accountant. Or I could skip them altogether – some people don’t file at all! I don’t HAVE to do taxes today.

None of those thoughts offers lasting relief, so at least I know it really does feel better to do taxes today.

I try on this thought: It could be easy. Easier than I’m thinking.

That’s true. I can feel that door opening.

It could be a great opportunity for contrast. That’s always good to think about – what’s the contrast creating?

Some good things, I’m sure. I just think of the opposite of this contrast, which would be joyful financial management of my business empire. A fabulous relationship with the IRS.

An abundance of time and patience and enjoyment for calculating how much money I get to send the treasury department.

(I am far away from that vortex, I can tell.)

But just thinking about what I’m conjuring up with all this “don’t want” energy is a good shift.

Another helpful thought: worst case scenario – if I hate the whole thing, it’s been good contrast I can tap someday.

So the pressure’s off to make this be a good thing. It could totally suck and I’m still a winner.

Another approach comes to mind for managing the vibration:

I could do what I always suggest to clients – “bring a core value to the party.” Because you can’t have a bad time while experiencing a core value. If you’re living out a value, you’re in your sweet spot.

So what are my core values I could bring …

  • Nature? I could do taxes outside on the laptop.
  • Connection? I could find an online support group for other tax procrastinators.  Maybe.
  • Authenticity? hmmm … what would that one look like?! Maybe there could be a comment section in the tax form where I share exactly how I feel about this process. Edgy.
  • Maybe Fun would work. I could take my taxes to an office of accountants – hot, male, scantily clad accountants.

Getting warmer, but not very realistic.

Instead of me trying to figure this out, which I am failing at brilliantly, I could just set an intention and let Universe deliver.

I realize that would be full-on miracle material – if Universe figured out how to deliver me a GOOD TIME doing taxes. That would be miraculous.

And let’s face it, I love miracles.  This one could be fun.

So how to facilitate a miracle? I get my attention on what I want, activate that feeling, and then turn it over to Big U.

Can I imagine me having a delightful time doing taxes?

This stretches my imagination skills, but luckily I’m practiced. Yes, I can imagine it. It’s sketchy, but I can hear myself saying, “That was AMAZING!! Oh my gosh, that SO MUCH FUN! How come we only do this once a year?! I can’t WAIT to do taxes again!”

Okay, that thought is literally making me laugh out loud.

And with that, I’m there.  Doors are officially open for Universe to deliver me the magical goods.

I’m still cracking myself up with the thought of reporting to my sweetie when he comes home from golf about how I had the best day ever doing taxes. This is beyond ridiculous, and so much fun to entertain.

My work is done.

And then an idea hits me.

(Man, Universe delivers fast!)

I could hire someone to make this a really good time. For $5.

Lisa was just telling me a few days ago about a professional nag that she hired on fiverr.  (A professional nag?! There is such a thing?! Lisa said, “She’s got a masters in organizational management, and she’s helping me run a couple key projects.” Okay, that’s cool!)

And I saw the April Fool’s email from fiverr – you can hire people for a very wide variety of things on that site – for five bucks!!

I bet I could hire a hot sexy guy to coach me through taxes today!

Suddenly I am feeling the inspiration for taxes.  🙂

A quick search on confirms yes indeedy, you can hire someone for this work.

A couple emails later I’ve got my guy. Within 10 minutes he’s ringing me. I burst into laughter just hearing the phone ring. The evil tax spell is officially broken. I have learned how to have fun filing taxes!

I am so ridiculously excited to do taxes that I could hardly hold off long enough to draft this post.

ArtCarlson, you are my hero.

Universe, you a miracle worker.

Taxes in the vortex. Who’da thought?!

PS – if you’re looking for some laughs via hot and heavy tax coaching today, enjoy Tax Coaching with Art.

  • April 14, 2013
  • BettJoy says:

    Love this post, Jeannette! It showed me how much I have transformed my own “gotta do my taxes” vibe, especially this year.
    1) I have managed to have my accountant not need any input from me until April (for last June’s taxes), so I feel more like I’m still in America, where I did have a very sexy & edgy – & single – tax accountant.
    2) this year I have a partner who, when I was making his life less than wonderful by my active & out loud resistance to getting on with completing my accounting software reports, said “I wish I could help you with your taxes!” Just his generosity made it all go smoother & quicker.
    3) After making – and cancelling – several appointments with my accountant in February & March, when my mind said I “should” be doing the work, I let it go. Then my accountant got his receptionist to call me & make an appointment for me: I felt looked after! And I fronted up to my laptop & got on to it.
    4) When I actually started, I found I enjoyed it. (I have this epiphany every year! I used to earn a decent living doing bookkeeping for several clients in the 70s & 80s in The SF Bay Area, by hand. So using a software program is actually fun for me!)
    5) I took a week’s break between the two lots of taxes I get to do, & goofed off.
    6) I don’t have easy access to a printer, so instead of printing out two copies of everything, making sure they all added up right, etc., I just emailed the reports! & my accountant printed out what he needed. Soooo much easier on me. Brilliant!
    7) Amazingly, I had nearly everything he needed. What I didn’t have I emailed when I got back home. And, the refund cheque from last year was in the mail – which covered about a third of his & the auditor’s fee. Abundance!
    8) Right, here comes the best miracle of all: with that success under my belt, I faced the second lot of taxes that I get to do. I supported the radical thought that this could be easy, simple, fast. So I did the absolute minimum required. The facts, ma’am, just the facts. No fancy footwork, no “creative accounting”. I expected that my accountant would send me back home with a list of further information needed, & I didn’t care. The day of my appointment was warm & sunny (after months of rain), Mullumbimby has fabulous places for coffee, a library with good people in it, several excellent local organic food shops – I could go treat myself after, if it got rough. No biggie. And guess what? My lovely accountant had the papers all ready for my signature, he didn’t need anything else at all, we had a chat & a laugh, and… and… when I went to the receptionist to pay his bill, he’d done it for me for free! Whoot! How good is that?

  • Sara Garcia says:

    We let H&R Block do ours….easy peasy. And we get more money back than last year. Sweet! Not that I need it, but it sure is fun to have and see in my account.

  • You’re on the right track, Stacy, to be purposely looking for ways to enjoy it more. I’ve found core values integration enormously effective for that, but hot voice mails work, too, it turns out. lol
    Kitty (& others who are sharing how much they enjoy taxes) – thank you for posting your tax love here for us! That’s perfect energy for this post!

  • Kitty says:

    Ever since I started using LOA principals, my tax day issues transformed themselves.
    Like most of us, I dreaded getting my tax paperwork together, even though I used an accountant. Then the accountant would call telling me we still owed money.
    Fast forward, the last two years, I have gotten BIG FAT REFUNDS! I look forward to tax day. I’m getting money back! And let’s just say that’s a first in the twenty years!
    Another fun thing happened on this day that totally changed the energy. Last year we adopted our special needs dog, Luckyboy, on April 15th. It’s a love bug day now for sure!

  • Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    I did my taxes a week ago and once I got going I found them fairly fun and easy to do. Didn’t hurt that I got refunds for both federal and state AND I had free online software and got to file both for free.
    Though it is not exactly the same thing, this post gave me the answer (or part of it) to a question I’ve been pondering. I just realized I manifested something I’d asked for awhile ago – a good work from home job making a certain amount per hour with so many hours per week. While that’s all well and good, I don’t LOVE the work (I do like the money though and it will go up!), I do like many aspects. But I sometimes have trouble motivating myself to get down to work.
    I realized today that I have to be true to me. I was trying to put myself on a schedule where I was getting up earlier and starting work earlier. But that feels a bit upstream (I just naturally gravitate to working later).
    Even after that realization and following it, I am still having trouble just starting. So I think I’ll follow the advice of this post and find ways to either bring in a core value or just to make it fun. Perhaps hiring ArtCarlson will help do the trick. I laughed quite heartily over his tax coaching. Maybe he could provide the fun and pick me up to do my work. 🙂 I’ve used Fiverr for a lot of things and I like the idea of a sexy voiced cheerleader for myself.

  • That was exactly where I was, Julie, when I woke up and realized today was the day taxes had to happen – and I said, “I’m doing taxes and SOMETHING FUN.” Which I realized how UNFUN taxes were feeling.
    We know too much to continue with that energy, right? woot for the awareness and the skills to turn it around!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeannette: I am literally laughing out loud and rolling around on my big exercise ball reading this. I was looking for some inspiration for a work project that I must complete tonight and knew I was not in a good enough space to do it. So I thought “well I’ll mosey on over to GVU; I’ll find something there that will lift me up”… and read your post. HAHAHAHAAHHAHHA… it is perfect! So I am now going to enjoy the contrast and see clearly what I want and let the U deliver. I’m already thinking, “what’s so GOOD about doing this” (instead of of “ugh, I have to do this”). Your post was perfect Jeannette…. thanks for the inspiration!
    AND wow Kim, thanks for the astrological perspective! Awesome!
    Love to all!! I’m going to go put together a fabulous new deal business plan that rocks my boss’s world at 7:30 am and I have a fun fabulous record-breaking deal with my new company. WOW! FUN!!! Thanks again. Art.. tee heeee.
    PS… when my daughter Deva was in between jobs, she did that kind of virtual work for a while.. she’d pick up $60-80 week and she had lots of free time to look for a more permanent job. Cool!

  • Ella, I think the process that reliably serves us no matter our circumstances (or place) is to search out thoughts that feel better – rinse and repeat. It might seem overly simplistic, but it’s a powerful process.
    Kim, I hadn’t even made that astrological connection! How incredibly fascinating to think of it that way!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    LOL Jeannette! I want this guy, for just about everything!
    I can’t remember what your post was about, but I am going to hire ArtCarison, NOW!
    Okay, I reread. It’s about taxes. Can I just remind everyone that in the symbol system of astrology, Sex (and death) and Taxes are in the same ‘8th house’.
    There’s a reason. They are all areas of life where we take a ‘risk’ . . . and give a piece of ourselves. With taxes we give up some of our $ (energy) and the risk is we don’t know for sure WHAT the government will do with it. (Death is this final giving up of the body and then?) With sex, we give up our ‘Self (in French, the word for orgasm is ‘the little death’) and there is no guarantee that the partner will honor that offering. Hence, the risk.
    So, it makes perfect sense to bring some other ‘8th house’ element to the tax party, to jolly things up. Sex is the obvious. Sexy stranger guy’s hot voice will do!
    Why didn’t I think of this years ago?
    In Aus the tax year ends June 30. I don’t know if I can wait that long!
    Thank you!!! 🙂

  • Ella says: sounds so great,Jeannette, — reminding me that in any situation we can find the way to go..through everything!
    If only I could be there..not too far away from your area,so I would ask for advice,then again I think that it´s more about me and not the place I´m living in( the place still matters,so how we can change our feelings and preferences(emotionally)when living still in place where we can not feel like being at home?!)
    Hope it makes sense,I mean — what I just wrote!

  • Thanks for bringing the good vibes to this post, Nancy! Yay for laughing riots, yay for easy amusement, and for wonderful reliable CPAs! (That may be a vibe I learn myself one of these days.)

  • That recording is a riot, Jeannette! Thanks for the laugh. I love that I am not the only one who is so easily amused. 😀
    I want to give a BIG shoutout to my a wonderful, fast & reliable CPA who has been helping me with my taxes for the past 19 tax seasons!!!
    Many blessings,

  • lol Eva! Thanks for the laugh!
    In fact, I’m going to post here all the things going right with doing taxes today.
    1) I was laughing before I started!
    2) I remembered my password on my second try!
    3) Eva’s got me laughing again!
    4) I’ve got all day AND a six pack in the fridge if needed.
    5) Relief already! I saw the 2012 figure that was in there on my Schedule C when I logged in, and I thought, “Whoa, that doesn’t look right. Did I totally screw them up last year?!” Then realized – ha ha – this IS 2012 I’m doing taxes for! ha ha! I must have already started sometime earlier this year and just not finished yet – woot!
    6) I did good receipt filing last year! Everything’s in one place. woot!
    7) I found a guy’s number written on my hotel receipt from last year! woot woot!
    8) I got a lot of 1099s – holy mother, I’m a money maker! (and some of them are kind of big. I’m reminding myself to refuse to be concerned about that. that is good news city.) And I think it’s darling instead of annoying that Amazon sent me one for $20.87. How cute!
    9) my white cat is sitting in my lap (actually tucked into my zip up sweater). So sweet that she’s keeping me company for this. 🙂
    10) Oh good! At least one of these 1099s is a duplicate! woo hoo!!!
    11) Just got an email from someone near and dear to me saying that she WISHED she had taxes to do today. I get it! This is cool. 🙂
    12) Love that I’m not getting timed out of this tax program. It must know I’m goofing off between entries! 🙂

  • Eva says:

    Love it! I’m not sure I would put that under tax “coaching” but in voiceover class your taught food=sex, I guess in this case taxes=sex! Push through it baby!

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