7 Tells of a Conscious Creator

I’m not Mormon, but I was raised in the LDS church in Utah. That’s how I developed an ear for recognizing a church member just by the tone of their voice.

They could be talking about the weather, but you can hear it in their voice when they’ve been giving testimony on Sundays for years. I can’t explain how – it’s just something you recognize when you hear it.

Sort of like how you can spot a conscious creator in the crowd. Not from the tone of their voice necessarily, but there are other tells …

You know them, too, because I hear how excited you get when you run across a like-minded other out and about in the world.

Like that time I saw a copy of The Secret in the office of a home I was walking through with my realtor. I felt an instant affinity for the owner!

Or when a first date mentioned that he was “creating a great day,” my ears instantly perked up. (He’s one of my kind!)

And when I get a new friend request on facebook, it’s an instant confirmation whenever their cover photo includes a quote about appreciation or their book list has anything from Hay House.

Without seeing someone’s reading list, though, there are other ways to spot a conscious creator in the crowd.

Here are 7 “tells” of a conscious creator.

Or to put it in Jeff Foxworthy lingo, you might be a conscious creator if:

1. We take it as a compliment when someone calls us selfish.
Because we know that tending to our own happiness first is the only way we have anything good to offer. Alignment is where our manifesting power lies, and that means getting happy, not putting ourselves on the back burner.

2. We see it as a sign of success when others think we’ve lost our grip on reality.
We don’t get locked into “what is,” and we don’t take bad news too seriously. At our best moments, we refuse to be realistic. Or maybe better stated, we know expecting things to work out and dreaming big is realistic.

3. We refuse to buckle down when things get hard.
That’s the muggle way. When we recognize we’re in effort, we let go and reorient to fun and enjoyment, because we know unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings.

4. We ignore the experts in favor of inner guidance.
Doctors got nothin’ on us. Lawyers don’t have a clue what we’re capable of creating. Bosses, instructors, tech support – their input falls on deaf ears if our higher self doesn’t agree, because the best expert is always found within.

5. We know the value of a good time.
It’s not a wasted afternoon to goof off or an irresponsible choice to take a nap when the going gets rough. Conscious creators know nothing is more important than that we feel good. And we live it!

6. We know better than to try to figure it out.
Those in the manifesting-know let inspiration show the way. We know our higher self has a much better handle on how to get where we want to go, and that it calls us there through our joy. We know not to push it when it doesn’t feel right, even if we can’t explain why.

And that’s another thing …

7. We don’t have to explain ourselves.
“Because it feels better” is reason enough for us. Doesn’t matter if others don’t get it, or even if we ourselves don’t know why that’s so. We don’t need others to agree before we know what’s right for us, and we don’t require the world to support our stance on creating our own reality before we practice it. It’s okay to let everyone else have it their way, because they can’t impede our good time if we don’t let it.

And yes, we might not all be practicing all these things all the time.

But we’re getting better, aren’t we?! 🙂

  • August 12, 2018
  • grace says:

    I like it! What is his name? Is this Abe? Are these your thoughts or the person in the photo? Thanks for all of your sharing Jeannette! What a kind and generous person you are.
    Love, grace

  • Margaret Woodside says:

    Thank you Jeannette. Perfect reminder coming at the exact right time.

  • Teresa says:

    The more I learn about conscious creating, the more I love life…thank-you for the checklist.

  • Kori says:

    I needed these as reminders. Lettin’ the messages sink deeper the more I come across them and all…thanks Jeanette!

  • Isabel says:

    Love that list, Jeanette! And your whole blog 🙂

  • Rakesh says:

    Excellent Checklist! Something to keep coming back to just to keep yourself on track. Resonates very well with me, Thank You!

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