Thanks to the Jerks

As I’m practicing milking the good stuff (inspired by Stacy’s excellent milk maid post at Good Vibe U), I thought about all the wonderful people and circumstances that have contributed to my beautiful present day reality …
I thought about my wonderful dogs, family, friends, clients and sweeties.  About all the great times and happy circumstances, gorgeous environment and beautiful things.  About great helpers, supporters and resources.
And quickly realized I was leaving the most important people and things off the list.
Because we know where the good stuff really originates … it starts with all the jerks and problems and things gone wrong in our past.
We know that all our good stuff is seeded by the crap.  That’s where all new desires come from – the “don’t wants,” the jerks and the problems.
So with that in mind, I hereby offer proper acknowledgement to some of the people and things I owe my wonderful life to:

  • thank you, 15 extra pounds, for being so persistent in teaching me to love myself unconditionally
  • thank you, dark side of corporate America, for caring more about your bottom line than employees and customers, which inspired me to do work I could be proud to put my name on
  • thank you, people who didn’t “get” LOA, for inspiring me to rendezvous with those who do
  • thank you, family who wasn’t always in touch, for teaching me to feel and know your love even when it wasn’t obvious
  • thank you, awful lovers, for serving as catalysts to the fabulous men who followed you!
  • thank you to every disconnected jerk who mistreated an animal, for leading me to the most generous and loving animal advocates I could ever meet
  • thank you to every friend who betrayed, manipulated or disappeared, for bringing me Verrall and Pam and other fabulous friends
  • thank you to every frustrating traffic jam and downtown concrete jungle that led me to these amazing walks in nature so close to home
  • thank you to every money worry that brought on this much appreciated state of financial prosperity!

Indeed, thank you, Contrast, for all you’ve done to inspire me to a better life!
I am where I am now thanks to you.
We’ve done beautiful work together, and with that benefit of hindsight, it becomes easier to look forward to more.

  • August 10, 2010
  • paul says:

    nice blod and post.

  • Pam says:

    Okay, you made me cry!!
    Here’s MY list…
    – I’m thankful for that hot guy you met on the bus about 13 years ago.
    – I’m thankful that the hot guy ran your car into your fence.
    – I’m thankful that we both shared a friendship with the best paint touch up guy in the city.
    – I’m thankful that you called him to come look at your car.
    – I’m thankful that I came with him that day and that I got to meet you for the first time.
    – I’m thankful that you “set-me up with” the hot, car-wrecking guy (and I’m thankful I’m not with him anymore!!)
    – And, I am MOST thankful – from the bottom of my heart – that over the next 13 years, I’ve been lucky enough to have the best, most wonderful, accepting, loving, allowing, beautiful, open, honest, authentic, fun friendship I could ever ask for with you.
    I love you, Jeannette.

  • Barbara says:

    Brilliant as always! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate–no matter what!

  • Julie B says:

    Oh this is wonderful Jeanette! Great post! I get challenged in the moment of a less-than-pleasant situation, but being able to pivot, stay cool, and not lose my head while reminding myself to go for the better feeling thought makes going through the contrast so much easier.
    Yes, love that .. happens FOR me, not TO me. Great perspective. I got a shift off that one!

  • Oooh, Theresa, I got goose bumps reading your post!!
    That’s GOOD!
    “It all happens for me.”
    FOR me, rather than TO me, as sometimes we might think, huh?
    Nicely said, my friend. Thank you for it!

  • Rock on sista!
    I give thanks for the difficulties and hardships I have encountered and the many, many blessings that flow from each of them. They inspire me to grow and learn about myself, about what I want, and the importance of perspective.
    From being a miserable stay-at-home mom I discovered the desire and courage to pursue what makes me happy.
    From my husband’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis I learned how painful worry can be and how much I wanted to stop the chronic worrying and live in peace. It was the catalyst to living in the Now.
    From the difficulties of trying to balance being a coach and a mom I learned how much I value my family.
    From being run off the freeway by a semi I learned that I want to (and can) get back on the road when I’m ready (figuratively and literally.) I can rest, heal, and relax and it’s okay.
    It all happens for me.

  • Yeah, that “buffer of time” is particularly helpful in being able to see it, isn’t it, Jennifer?! lol
    Being able to see it this way in the red hot moment is a skill I continue to aspire to.
    Nice to hear from you, Jennifer! 🙂

  • Jennifer Aligning says:

    What a wonderful perception of contrast Jeannette!
    This statement is so true: “We’ve done beautiful work together, and with that benefit of hindsight, it becomes easier to look forward to more.” Hindsight — along with the buffer of time — always offers wisdom and growth.
    Even more challenging, however, is the skill of embracing contrast while you are in the middle of it. This is a skill I am honing over time — thanks to the wisdom of hindsight — and which takes persistent practice. Someday I’ll be able to say, “BRING IT ON, CONTRAST!”
    Constantly evolving,

  • Looking for the gift IS a powerful energy shifter, isn’t it, Vicky?
    I love how easy you are with the “sooner or later,” too. Nice example of not beating ourselves up for not being johnny-on-the-spot with it!

  • Vicky White says:

    Love this article – I’m not 100% consistant either but sooner or later I do ask myself where the gift in this is – and that really shifts my energy.
    Thank you to Canada Revenue for auditing me a few years ago – it helped me take my business seriously – and find someone great to do my accounts. 🙂
    Love seeing contrast like this – there to support us – thanks for the reminder.

  • Nice reminder, Flavia!! lol
    Thanks for THOSE better feeling thoughts!

  • Flavia says:

    ” It’s still not 100% consistent, but I’ve got a foothold in it.”
    100% of anything and we’ve be in non-physical 🙂 at least that’s what I heard from our abe friends.
    I embrace that I never want to be 100, 95% works for me:))
    I celebrate contrast because it means that we never get it wrong and we never get it DONE! Because being DONE is no FUN!! Contrast will always produce more for us! What a wonderful way this life is set up to be! Always improving, never static, even when it seems that way. There is only life and more life!

  • Leo, I particularly enjoyed how you worded this:
    “Storms bring change and there needs to be some change for things to get better.”
    Very well said!
    Thanks for adding to this conversation, Leo. 🙂

  • Leo says:

    Contrast is the drama in the soap opera of life. Without that drama the show would seem flat and dull. But, does the contrast always have to be so stark? So black and white?
    I have been experiencing the contrast of an apple computer V a windows. My mac developed a hardware issue and now I fell back to a less expensive and lower quality temporary fix. Now I know why I love my mac. And it has also allowed me to liv in a slightly different world than before.
    Storms bring change and there needs to be some change for things to get better. I know I will have a greater appreciation for my macbook when it is repaired.
    I have looked at it as an adventure, and it has felt like one. I’ve said this so many times, and it has happened, “This too will pass.”
    Thank you Jeanette for the lesson in how contrast works along with LOA.

  • Stacy says:

    Firstly I am so thrilled and honored to be mentioned in your blog!
    Secondly, I had a thought last night. I was starting to feel down because I hadn’t “succeeded” with something yet – despite many attempts and different (supposedly easy) methods. Then I stopped myself and thought, “Eh, just means I’m building up a huge vibrational escrow and when I am successful it will be MASSIVE.” Wow – that’s some growth, baby. And I stopped the thought rather automatically!
    Thirdly, today involved dealing with the woman I shall not name (my late father’s wife). She is my least favorite person on this planet but when I think of her awfulness I just pat myself on the back because I feel that I handled myself much better than she did. Even when I was much younger – I had more grace and maturity with her than she did for me. And more recently since Dad died, I was the better person in what I said to her and how I treated her vs how she was with me.
    Also today I had a monetization idea related to dealing with awful stepparents. The idea is actually rather lighthearted and I think it will be uplifting to others who have had to deal with blended family issues.
    Anyhoo, it may not be very “enlightened” but sometimes the jerks in our lives can make us feel better about ourselves because we’re “better” than them – or at least our behavior is better than their behavior(yes, it’s still being judgmental but if it can inspire us to get to a higher vibe or even be nicer to others, etc. it ain’t so bad in my book).

  • Stacy, I have to hand it to you – you’ve really gotten the hang of this “find the better feeling thought” routine!
    I LOVE what you come up with!!
    And that’s exactly what deliberate creation is all about.
    It’s not about making it pretty or noble or spiritual – it’s about feeling BETTER. And whatever thought gets us there is the one we want to embrace!
    You continue to inspire me, my friend. 🙂

  • You know what, Gemstone – I tend to think of myself as “lucky” too (it’s a story I like), but when I read your comment I immediately knew it’s not from LUCK on your part. That’s from deliberate purpose and intent.
    You do it well! 🙂

  • Gemstone says:

    Wow! What an inspiring post. I was there with you on every salient point. The extra poundage I want to go away, the family, friends and lovers who weren’t what I wanted or need at a particular place in time, working in a field that didn’t feel good! Now having the luxury of looking back on these points, I see that my body was simply following my instructions, and I’ve learned much from folks who provided me contrast. As for the work– I found a place to work that is inspiring and makes me happy. I’m a lucky girl!
    There are so many ways to look at life, and it really is up to us to choose if we want to see it with a sense of hope or despair. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s comments.
    Rock on Jeannette!

  • Phil, I appreciate how you’ve likened this to a practice of unconditional love.
    Very well said, my friend.
    Thanks for reading and especially for chiming in. 🙂

  • PhilG says:

    I hear ya, J! Like unconditional love, appreciating contrast is one of those concepts that sounds great in theory but takes great focus and will to actually apply. Maybe we could even say that learing to appreciate contrast is learning how to love yourself and your life unconditionally! Like you I have a foothold – and am getting better all the time – but am not 100% there. Yet! 🙂
    Dr PG
    Phil Giuliano
    Co-Host Matt & Phil LOA Show

  • To be able to celebrate contrast like that, Kimberly, is a gift!
    I LOVE all the examples people are posting here to reassure everyone it isn’t just lip service – we really CAN live this way.
    THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Love it. It’s all of these people/things that help me appreciate everything that I have today.
    Even today, after a few years of being successful with LOA, I still find myself clinching my jaw because of something someone said or did and then I become unbelievably happy, because I’ve maneuvered myself into the perfect position to attract so I attract away!!!
    Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

  • Step One is all part of the process, right? Without it, we have no Step Three!
    And I’ll say this, I heard Abe ask that opening question MANY times before I started to feel it within. The appreciation for the contrast.
    It’s still not 100% consistent, but I’ve got a foothold in it.
    woo hoo!! for that!

  • Scott says:

    So true.

  • Phil says:

    Excellent, Jeannette! Outside of Abraham, “contrast” seems to be a dirty word among LOA teachers – like understanding LOA will remove the contrast (the jerks, ha!) from our lives forever – when nothing could be further from the truth. Contrast creates variety, choices and expansion (growth) – without it we’d all cease to be! It’s no accident that Abraham has been starting every workshop for the last 20 or so years with the SAME question – “Are you appreciating the CONTRAST of your time-space reality?” That’s really what understanding LOA is all about – learning to appreciate all of it as much as possible – “milking” the stuff that feels great, thanking (when possible) that which doesn’t KNOWING without doubt that the contrast is about to yield something double yummy if we’ll just let it! Contrast creates new desire and new desire IS the expansion of All-That-Is! It’s set up that way so rather than trying to undo the hard wiring of the Universe why not learn to enjoy the ride? :o)
    Dr PhilGood

  • Brenda, you are right on the money!
    It’s one thing for me to be able to appreciate the jerks in retrospect, but for you to be able to do it in the red hot moment – I am IMPRESSED!
    You, as well as Pernille, inspire me greatly!
    Thanks for posting on this one, Brenda. 🙂

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    thank you, Contrast, for all you’ve done to inspire me to a better life! – Amen to that 🙂
    Love you!

  • Brenda says:

    Oh this is such good timing for me! Just today I was allowing myself to appreciate all the jerks in my life because the major one’s are the biggest players in my reality right now and they are actually my best friends ( at the moment) who are helping me by vibrationally yelling at me to get back into alignment with me. I know I’ve been settling for so much that I don’t want just because I don’t want to be alone. But the Universe is speaking up loud and clear and in order for my life to change for the better I have to let go and take my focus off the jerks and re-route my path by loving and letting them go! I love the mirror affect of what I’m attracting more of! Thankyou my Universal Mirror! Thankyou for all your excellent posts Jeanette! Brenda —

  • It IS something to be able to appreciate it, isn’t it, Pernille?
    You set a great example to me of being able to genuinely do this!
    Thank you for that. 🙂

  • Indeed, Tom! You are one of my favorite stories to tell!! lol
    (I mean that in a good way, not in a crackhead neighbor way.) ha
    Although no one holds a candle to what crackhead neighbor inspired me to!
    Anyway, yes, I feel the love and it’s always coming your way, too.
    Thanks, Tom. 🙂

  • Tom says:

    Whereever I fit in, thank you for being you! Hope I contributed to who you are as you have to who I am!! Much love to you, feel it, it’s coming your way always!!!

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