That's (Not So) Weird

our thoughts create realityTammy the Sweet Potato Queen tells an entertaining story in her Book of Love about a very strange noise she heard in bed one night, unlike anything she’d heard before. 
It turned out to be a possum making its way to her bed, but before I’d read that far I was interrupted with a distinctively odd thump-thump-thump from upstairs.  Loud enough that all three dogs jumped to silent attention, each one staring in a different direction.  Russ and I turned to each other with raised eyebrows: “What was that?”
We never found out, but as I returned to my book to pick up the story of Tammy’s strange noise in her house – realizing we both had strange noises – I thought, “Huh, that’s weird.” 
Except it’s not weird.
It’s law of attraction.
Abraham invites us to notice how quickly our “thoughtways” manifest.  (Thoughts being actual construction material that is building your reality.)

Like when highly focused on a story about a very strange noise in the house, and seconds later there’s a strange noise in my house.

Or when I’m wondering about a client I haven’t heard from in months, and she emails an hour later.

Or when I’m on the way to meet dad for lunch at Bajio’s and think I’d rather eat at Paradise Cafe (even though I’m the one who suggested Mexican) … and when I get there Bajio’s is closed for remodeling and dad suggests Paradise Cafe instead.

It’s all evidence of our creative powers.  Doesn’t it make you want to pick a really good thought right now?!
At the very least, next time you hear yourself saying “That’s weird” because of some “coincidence” that just happened, give credit where it’s properly due – your amazing manifesting mind.
Remember, your thoughts create your reality, but it’s only deliberate creation if you choose those thoughts on purpose.
And I’m sure I can do way better than creating strange noises in the house.  😉
I’d love to hear stories of your immediate thought manifestations as you notice them happening!

  • April 24, 2011
  • Interesting to know others have the same experiences. A week or so ago, sitting reading beside my patio door about 11:30pm, I heard a thud, thud outside. It startled me as I was into my book. I quickly got up and turned on the outside light to find a raccoon looking at me. Perhaps a year old or so. I opened the patio door and scared him off.
    The next night, about 10:00pm, I told my wife about it. We live in the bush, so these things aren’t a great surprise usually. As I was telling her about it, my thoughts were “I wonder if he will return tonight?” It wasn’t perhaps a half hour went by and thud, thud again. I was prepared and said it was a raccoon, however, my wife was frightened. I got up and turned on the outside light and sure enough, there it was. I wrapped on the patio door expecting it to run away, however, it decided I was friendly and came to the door as if to ask if he could come in!
    I did scare him off pretty good that time as he hasn’t been back.
    Thanks for the reminder on how we can instantly manifest!

  • I love those “wonder if” questions, Dan!! And visits from a raccoon – that’s cool manifesting in my book!! lol
    Thanks for popping in to share an example of instant manifesting in your real life!

  • Sam says:

    Reading this article at this time is a huge coincidence. I just this morning made a breakthrough about monitoring and being aware of the flow of my thoughts. This confirms I’m on the right track. Thanks

  • Glad you got confirmation, Sam! That’s always a nice thing.
    I just realized another fast manifestation this morning … I emailed a note to GVU members with updates on latest and upcoming calls and popular forum threads and such. One of the higher trafficked threads is called the “darker side of positive thinking,” which interestingly turns out to include an animated video by RSA Animate, which I was just thinking about on yesterday’s dog walk. Very cool how he animates someone’s lecture. And there it is showing up in GVU forums.
    It also explains why I am always posting about hot guys on facebook. sigh.

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    Okay, now that’s twice in a row!! Huh, that’s weird.
    On Friday, a friend emailed someones CV aksing me to help this person find a job. SInce this girl is looking for contractual work I started to go through a mental list of people I could forward her resume` to.
    In that, I thought of a guy who runs his company and someone I had been breifly in touch with over 8 months ago for a similar position for myself. Well, that did not work out and I was wondering if I should contact him and forward this girl’s resume and if yes then how and so on.
    These thoughts just flitted across my mind, casually. This was on Saturday, i.e. yesterday.
    Earlier this evening (Sunday) I received a text from this gentleman saying that he was in town, (he lives in a different city) and that he would like to catch up to see if we could work something out and if not then we’ll just enjoy some coffee and a good conversation!!!!
    My jaw dropped!!! Really, I’m ALWAYS blown when these things happen! Of course I responded with a yes immediately!!!
    And now your post, Jeannette… TOO WEIRD!!! 😀

  • Well, here’s to the “good” kind of weird you described here, Parul!
    Thanks for reading and for posting, girlfriend. 🙂

  • Oh dude you are so right .. I’m having some amazing “co-incidences” with a guy I met online and he says “it’s freaky/weird” and I’m thinking, wow this is so cool, it’s exactly what I’ve been manifesting but in order not to freak him out that it’s not freaking me out I say “yeah that’s weird” … LOL!!! Oh dear … So, this post of course is NOT a co-incidence, it’s my reminder to be true to what I know and not pretend like I’m surprised by anything. HA!

  • Oh wait, I will admit… a couple of things did freak me a wee bit at first but after that, it doesn’t seem weird at all, just interesting and synchronistic..

  • You know, Tia, someone on my facebook page said they liked the surprise aspect of it … so maybe we wouldn’t want to wish that away ALL the time.
    But it sounds like you’re having fun with it, regardless, so full steam ahead! lol

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I LOVE love love this post. Jung says when these weird ‘meaningful coincidences’ start happening (we notice them) it is a sign of ‘activation of the soul’. It’s like our unconscious knows ‘somethings up’ and energy is moving! Talk about ‘land ahoy’!
    I get these synchronicities a lot as an astrologer. I often have clients who are on completely different sides of the world and of course don’t know each other. Their only commonality is their name’s come up on the same day for a reading (usually after being on a waiting list as I only read once a week) and inevitably they will have the exact same question, or the same birth date or time, or near identical charts. In a sea of infinite possibilities (of birth dates, times and questions) that’s pretty extraordinary. The clencher is, it always reflects something going on in MY chart!
    On another level, two weeks ago an acquaintance in another country posted on her site that she was canceling a tour because of a family health issues. I thought about it for a few days, as I don’t know her too well, and then decided to email and offer to do a ‘distance healing’. I had no idea if she would think that weird ju ju or what. (Most ppl don’t know I do these and she certainly didn’t.) She emailed back immediately and thanked me and gave me details.
    The next day I went onto my FB page and found a four day old message I’d ‘missed’ from her, asking if there was anything I could ‘do’ to help. Did I do spiritual healing?
    lol When she had received my email offering a distance healing, she thought I was responding to her message!
    Talk about connected!
    I love when that happens.
    Synchronicity is the universe blowing us a kiss. If it feels weird, I will say it also feels wonderful.
    MWAHS xxxKim

  • Deepak Chopra makes a big deal about them, too, come to think of it, Kim.
    Loved the long distance healing story! And what a beautiful way to think of it: “Synchronicity is the universe blowing us a kiss.”
    Thanks for that! 🙂

  • Sara Blumenfeld says:

    I’ll contribute to the weirdness. I had planned to attend an event this evening with a friend. When I got up this morning I thought “I bet she’s going to cancel.” As soon as I opened my email, sure enough, she had canceled, and the event was canceled as well (a separate email).

  • Sara, you’re making me think of a question Abraham took recently from a woman wondering if it’s premonition or creation.
    Loved Abe’s answer: it’s pretty much the same thing in most cases, but call it whatever feels better. lol
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Sara! 🙂

  • Gail Kenny says:

    I was looking at cake in the grocery store yesterday thinking it would be nice to have some with Easter dinner but a whole cake was too much for two of us. I found some smaller sections of cake for sale, almost grabbed one, but decided against it. Later as we walked by the town hall on the way back from walking the dog, we were invited in for the tail end of party for a neighbor who just turned 100 years old and they were giving away the left over cake. We got to have cake last night and tonight and I didn’t have to buy it!

  • Ha, Gail – way to “have your cake and eat it, too.” lol
    Nice “weird” manifesting!

  • Jeanette,
    It seems that the lag time between thoughts and manifestation is getting much shorter. It’s a good idea to monitor out thoughts and adjust accordingly to our desires.

  • Justin!! I’ve been thinking the same thing!
    Of course, I wondered is it happening because I’m thinking it? (Things are manifesting faster!) Or am I noticing it because it’s happening?!
    Either way – you’re right. Good time to get picky about our thoughts!
    Thanks for posting, my friend. 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    “wow I hope I don’t knock that glass of water over.”
    5 seconds later…

  • ha Jessica – wish I could say I have never done that. lol

  • Mandy says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I love those fast manifestations, regardless of if they are to my delight (a phone call from a gorgeous friend not long after I had been thinking about her) or detriment (thinking while out for a jog, ‘Wow, this street’s pretty uneven, I really need to be careful’…I’m now nursing a skinned knee, elbow, hand and hip lol!).
    I love them because they are like reassuring reminders that yes, the law’s ALWAYS working and yes, I do hold the power.
    By the way, the above two incidences I mentioned happened in the last two days and I had marvelled at how quick it was between thought and reality. Then I read this post….wooooo, freeeeaky :-p
    Thanks for weirding me out! Mandy xo

  • What a beautiful and empowering perspective, Mandy:
    “… they are like reassuring reminders that yes, the law’s ALWAYS working and yes, I do hold the power.”
    Thank you for that! I’ll remember that next time I’m in judgment of one I don’t appreciate so much. lol

  • Amanda42 says:

    One “coincidence” that I get frequently is when I am listening to something and reading something unrelated and I will read a word at the same time I hear the same word!
    Another is when I hear a song I have not heard in years, notice it, remember how much I like it, and suddenly it is everywhere! That’s a fun one. 🙂

  • Now that’s FAST, Amanda!!! wow!!
    (Also seems like a high degree of awareness on your part – kudos on that!)

  • Csilla says:

    My friend, the fist commercial airline pilot in South Africa, is a student of Abraham-Hicks. She never wavered in her thoughts and look where it has taken her – You are so right to say that we are powerful enough to create ANYTHING – but we must keep our thoughts on only good building materials and not let others drop their material on our building site. Thank you for this wonderful read.

  • Thanks for the link, Csilla – checking it out now …

  • Jeannette says:

    I can’t believe I just said, “That’s weird” to my ex who when he answered the phone said he was just talking about me. I then added, “I just wrote about that!” And he said, “That’s weird.” Time for a new post. It will be called “You look fabulous.”

  • Hahahh that’s too darn funny Jbird (esp the new post title ;)! I wish I could stop saying “that’s weird” cos it so is NOT as any conscious creator can see. It’s totally aligned with our thoughts, intentions and desires. Love you soul sister xo

  • Right back atcha with the love, girlfriend!

  • Mauiminnow says:

    This morning when I stopped for gas on the way to work I noticed the air in my rear tire was WAY low. I paid for gas with my debit card and new I didn’t have the 3 quarters the air machine takes to fill that tire up (I had just changed purses and had taken out all my loose change).
    I walked into the gas station store to see if there was an ATM machine but I cringed at the thought of taking out 20 bucks and paying my bank a dollar for doing so – just to get 75 cents.
    I felt in my back pocket and there was a tiny folded up one dollar bill. I don’t fold up dollar bills into tiny squares. Don’t know how that got there! Got my change and my tire was inflated.
    I noticed another truck pull up beside mine while I was inflating my tire and when I was finished I quickly handed over the tire hose to the gentleman waiting and said, “hurry – there’s more air left for you.” He was delighted! I got to pass it on this morning with my little one dollar gift from my angels!

  • It is clear you are flowing the good vibes, Mauiminnow!
    That’s the kind of weird that makes this world such a great place. Thanks for taking the time to share your cool story!

  • Jussi says:

    WEIRD, because it does’n seem weird at all!

  • Susan says:

    Such a good post! Something similar did happen to us over the last couple of days which did seem “weird,” but I know better.
    My daughter had lost her car keys about three weeks ago when some of her guy friends had borrowed her car and left the keys for her on the rear wheel of her car without mentioning that fact. She used a second set of keys to pick up her car, not knowing that she drove away with the keys on the wheel.
    We searched for the keys to no avail.
    She was then home this weekend and, after a big night out, couldn’t locate her purse, although she was sure she left it at her friend’s apartment. They searched and searched, again to no avail. We now were trying to find a third set of keys for her car and I remembered seeing an extra key for her car years ago.
    I looked in a drawer with a plastic bag of miscellaneous keys and there was not only a key to her car but an electronic key, similar to the one she lost. We were thrilled. She soon got a call that her purse had been found and that all was intact, including her car keys and money. Finally, from “out of the blue” we received a call that same day from the local police department that someone had turned in her original set of lost keys, which at this point had been “missing” for three weeks. Weird! Ha Ha.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Susan, I love those “out of the blue” manifestations!
    If I ever have a key gone AWOL, I’m channeling YOU! 🙂

  • Stacey says:

    @Amanda42- That happens to me a lot too! ~Reading a word and then hearing it (on a radio or video) almost instantaneously.
    I had a pretty interesting co-incidence. I recently moved to Ohio from Los Angeles. About a week ago, I woke up feeling a bit amorous– and immediately thought of an ex-boyfriend back in LA. A couple of hours later I noticed on my phone a missed call from him (he had called at 3:57 am).
    A few days had passed and I was thinking about how cute my brother and his wife are. I have never been married and would like to have a great long term relationship. My imagination went to how nice it would be to have a partner in life.
    Anyway…this past Saturday comes around (the day before Easter) and the ex who phoned me at 3:57 am…called me– telling me how much he missed me and that he wants to marry me. To which I responded, “I’ve never been proposed to on the phone before.” He said, “It’s not official, I miss you and want to see you.”
    Fast forward: Things didn’t work out, as he told me that he would call me Easter morning and he didn’t (I didn’t hear from him until Monday. This type of behavior is why we didn’t last the first time.
    Nonetheless, I am excited. I’m taking this as a sign that the Universe has heard my request for a great relationship with a great guy and soon enough– he’ll manifest!

  • Oh my WORD, Stacey! Manifesting proposals!! lol
    You are rockin’ it!!!

  • Nikky says:

    Hey everyone,
    Talking about quick manifestations and our very powerful thoughtways…….I have so many examples from whats happened with me that its mind-boggling.
    To name a few…… I was out for a stroll and “asked” to see a fish in the water( there’s a cove with sea water) beside my house and then in about a minute or two while I walked I saw this fish swimming on the surface next to the retaining wall….. I was awestruck at the magic of the universe.
    Then I asked to see a kangaroo casually in the wild while I was holidaying during the easter break and there as I turned a corner I saw a kangaroo jump out of the bushes and then he just stood there infront of us ( we got a few snaps too )
    And of course this happens so many times that I dont want to meet someone who I have fixed up a time with and then they call to cancel or that I am remembering someone and they call ( specially with Parul)

  • Nikky says:

    Hey everyone,
    Talking about quick manifestations and our very powerful thoughtways…….I have so many examples from whats happened with me that its mind-boggling.
    To name a few…… I was out for a stroll and “asked” to see a fish in the water( there’s a cove with sea water) beside my house and then in about a minute or two while I walked I saw this fish swimming on the surface next to the retaining wall….. I was awestruck at the magic of the universe.
    Then I asked to see a kangaroo casually in the wild while I was holidaying during the easter break and there as I turned a corner I saw a kangaroo jump out of the bushes and then he just stood there infront of us ( we got a few snaps too )
    And of course this happens so many times that I dont want to meet someone who I have fixed up a time with and then they call to cancel or that I am remembering someone and they call ( specially with Parul)
    I love the way the universe responds to pure clean vibration…….. the stuff which doesnt cause us to have any resistance.

  • Nikky, you’ve been working those manifesting muscles, huh?! You’re in great LOA shape and it shows!!
    Thanks for chiming in here … 🙂

  • Julie says:

    Jeannette – YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! Tee heee…. that’s funny. What a great post!! yes, these things happen all the time. For work stuff, I’ll get a flash “call so and so”; I do and the first words out of their mouths are ‘so glad you called’. Or the time I said, “I want to see so and so and I’ll run into them at Whole Foods”… w/in 3 weeks and my 4th trip to WF (and had completely forgotten), there was my friend. Or, I wonder what Prince Harry’s full complete name is… within 5 minutes, on the tube, was the answer! I’ve always thought of ‘coincidences’ of ‘co-operating with the instant!” 🙂
    I love Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love! I’ve read it 3 times over the past 8 years or so. First time I read it flying from Dallas to Aspen. I had a 90 minute layover in Denver and was laughing hysterically OUT LOUD in the airport which garnered weird looks from other travelers.. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t put it down til I finished, which less than 2 days. TAMMY! Living in Dallas, I see lots of Tammy’s!
    Thanks again for this great post and the reminder to keep thoughts positive!

  • Julie, your post cracked me up!
    So, you’d know … is the Book of Love the best one, or should I read them all?

  • Amanda42 says:

    Julie –
    I haven’t had Royal Wedding Fever at all, but I looked through a few pictures today (What can I say? I love pretty dresses!) and decided I HAD to know Prince William’s full name. Right after I found out, I got an email with your addition to this post! 🙂

  • Amanda42 says:

    Get this, Jeannette! I just read your post a few moments ago and started thinking about what I’d written. I went on facebook and a friend’s status was song lyrics from one of the songs I keep hearing but until recently hadn’t heard in years. I’m so excited about how fast my manifesting is… I feel like I’m on to something good!

  • amberrosie says:

    like when i wake up in the middle of the night and want to email you a question and you have already just typed up a splendid blog post all about my query! Thanks Jaeanette you are amazing!

  • AGREED, Amanda! Nice message from Universe about how tapped in you are!
    Amberrosie, you’re making me smile with that one – I love that we’re playing together! 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    This reminds me of my “possum in the garbage can” story. When I was 10, my mom was driving me home from school, telling me about how one of her friends had found a possum in their garbage can the night before – and how scared she was trying to get it out! (Now, keep in mind, we’d never had a possum in the garbage can and had never heard of anyone who had. Presumably a rare occasion.)
    So what’s the first thing an adventurous 10 yr old girl does when she gets home after hearing this story? Of COURSE! She checks the garbage can for her OWN possum.
    And there it was… I’ll never forget its little gray head peering up at me. Told my mom “we’ve got a possum in our garbage can too.” She didn’t believe me!! It took an hour of pleading to get her to look in the garbage can and see for herself 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    That’s adorable Nicole…
    Doubling Stacey – I put a pic of an engagement ring as the homescreen of my phone.. (I know.. I know…)
    that week 2 of my exs called and said they wanted to settle down & start building a future together..

  • LOALoveCoach says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer once saying that soon you will be manifesting BEFORE you even think it. Now that is in the vortex! I had just that kind of experience.
    I was headed home after a meeting and had about a 30 minute drive. I was thirsty and thinking about detouring to grab a snack and as I turned the corner out of the subdivision, my problem was solved.
    There were two adorable blonde 8 year olds with a Lemonade stand! I remember shaking my head in amazement. I pulled over and got myself a cupcake that they decorated themselves and a double lemonade, left them a nice little tip and was on my way!
    The Universe Always has Above and Beyond What We Can Think To Even ASK For!
    Off to create a little magic!

  • Remember, your thoughts create your reality, but it’s only deliberate creation if you choose those thoughts on purpose.
    Mmmm? Do you mean repeat those thoughts over and over?
    Im having trouble getting my head around ‘on purpose’.
    Ill just have to think (or not) more about this.
    Still, good to have some perturbation I always say.

  • Jeannette says:

    Great story, Nicole! And Amanda, that cracks me up. Universe always delivers using the path (or paths, in your case) of least resistance! ha
    Catherine, I bet you made those girls’ day, too!
    Rosemary, repeating them is one way to practice deliberate creation. But even if you just visit with a better feeling thought once – that still counts.
    The thing here about being deliberate in what we create is making the effort to focus on what we want. (Rather than just entertaining whatever default automatic habitual thoughts we find ourselves with.)
    So .. I just practiced this now. Here’s how easy it was. Russ walked by the carpet stain we’d been cleaning this morning. He said, “Looks like this isn’t going to come up.” Instead of joining him in that thought (what I DON’T want) I said, “No, it’s just wet. It’ll dry fine. That’s what we’re intending.”
    That easy.
    I’m not necessarily repeating it, or putting it on my vision board, or making a pray rain journal entry about it, or meditating on it – but if I find myself worrying that the stain won’t come out, I’ll find a better feeling thought.
    That thought might change next time: “Well, it’s not the first stain on this carpet.” Or “You know, this carpet looks pretty good for all the traffic it gets.” Or “Sometimes these things fade over time.” Or “maybe the carpet guy will get it out next time he’s here.”
    But more than likely I won’t have to think about it again because after flowing all those better feeling thoughts just now it’ll more than likely be gone within hours.

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