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Ever been stuck with noisy gremlins spoiling your manifesting party? Namaste Faustino shares inspired solutions in today’s guest post. Enjoy!
Release Techniques

Have you ever said an affirmation like, “I always have more than enough money” and your mind says, “No, you don’t”?

Have you ever made a vision board, including something like a new car, dream vacation, or a million dollars and the voice in your head said, “This never works”?

Have you ever done a visualization of meeting your soul mate and your mind said, “Yeah, right”?

Well, I’ve got some good news. A solution has been found!

I was listening to an audio interview with Bob Doyle, who is the creator of the Wealth Beyond Reason Program and a featured teacher in the movie The Secret. What he said about fixing these problems is brilliant.

I’ll use affirmations in the following example to illustrate his solution, but keep in mind it applies to vision boards and visualizing techniques too.

If you’ve been doing self-development for any amount of time you’ve run across a teacher’s advice to “affirm what you want, which will result in those desires coming into your life.”

Examples of some common affirmations would be ….

  • Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.
  • I’m in the best shape of my life and I love my body.
  • My soul mate and I are destined to be together.

A tiny portion of the population will say affirmations like these, feel good and just like the teacher suggested, results are achieved.

Most people however say an affirmation like the ones above and immediately the voice in their heads says, “Yeah, right! Who are you kidding?”

Now the self-development teacher said this would happen and explained to the person that she just needs to keep saying it over and over until her mind agrees. This might work for a few but the vast majority end up giving up because their minds always say, “Yeah right” after saying the affirmation, no matter how many times they say it.

Now here’s what Bob Doyle figured out that’s brilliant.

He said, “When your mind says, “Yeah right” you’re encountering resistance. Probably a limiting belief of some kind you hold. Don’t waste time trying to hammer the affirmation into your mind, now is the time to use your favorite resistance releasing technique!

What’s a resistance releasing technique?

It’s a technique designed to release your resistance to the affirmation (the luxury car you are putting on your vision board, dream job you are visualizing yourself having) so that you can allow it into your life. After using the resistance releasing technique, you’ll find that you say the affirmation and instead of your mind saying, “Yeah right” it will be happy and accepting of it. Problem solved and get ready for the results, baby!

There are a lot of resistance releasing techniques, you just have to find one that works for you.

Some examples are …

Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a method where you tap your fingers in different areas of the body to release resistance. It might sound hokey, but there is something to it. Too many people report amazing results after getting over their initial skepticism.


I discovered this method in my early 30’s. I’d been attempting to manifest the woman of my dreams for over a year and I was getting zero results. I kept rechecking my manifesting process and each time I confirmed I was doing everything right. Finally I realized that if I was doing everything right, it couldn’t be that the law of attraction wasn’t working, it had to be me.

So I asked myself, “Why wouldn’t I want the woman of my dreams to show up in my life?” To my complete surprise I wrote down reason after reason why not. It took some time but I came up with solutions to all those reasons.

Within four weeks of coming up with the last solution, I had four woman show up in my life, when I couldn’t get a date for a year. One of those women became my girlfriend, she helped me clarify my desires even more, and then the woman of my dreams showed up.

This experience taught me that the only reason something you want does not show up, is because your “want” is mixed with “don’t wants” (i.e. resistance). Get rid of the “don’t wants,” so you are left with “pure want” and watch how fast things manifest. This is my favorite resistance releasing technique, if you have questions about it, feel free to ask.


Not affirmations, that wasn’t a misspelling, afformations were created by Noah Saint John. The idea is that instead of saying an affirmation like, “I am a millionaire” which your mind rejects, you turn it into a question, “Why am I going to be a millionaire?” which cause your mind to start finding answers, answers that your mind won’t reject and cause resistance to because they are true.

Bob’s solution is brilliant! I’m all about releasing resistance when manifesting, it just never occurred to me to use releasing techniques in conjunction with affirmations, dream boards, or visualizing.

I’ve done a ton of vision boards. And I’ve gotten a lot of great results. But I had definitely not gotten some of the things I’ve put on there time and time again. When I update my vision board next time, instead of putting something on there that makes me think, “Didn’t show up last time, probably won’t this time” I’ll use my favorite resistant releasing technique. Then when I put it on, it will feel good to see it every day because I will expect it to show up. I love it!

Namaste Faustino learned about the law of attraction from the Rosicrucians ( when he was eight years old. Initially skeptical, he tried out the law of attraction technique and manifested a little red radio. After that he was hooked and over the past 29 years has consciously created cash, trips, girlfriends, a diamond and even a millionaire mentor. Connect with Namaste on Facebook.

  • May 27, 2014
  • Namaste says:

    Thanks for the compliments, really nice to hear =)

  • Namaste says:

    Missy B,
    As I’m sure you already know, affirmations are statements, afformations are statements that are turned into questions. To turn your desire into an afformation, I think it would look something like this…
    Why are my soul mate and I destined to be together?
    The answers to that afformation question, if reviewed, will assist you in releasing your resistance so your soul mate will manifest.
    That’s the way I understand it, hope this helps =)

  • Amina says:

    This is JUST so good! This needs to be reposted. Love these solutions. Especially the question one – I came up with 10 reasons in a few seconds about why I am going to be in an amazing relationship within the next 3 months! LOVE THIS!

  • MissyB says:

    Oooh, I just love “my soul mate and I are destined to be together”. Having a real struggle to get that into an afformation though.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this – thanks.

  • MissyB says:

    Oooh, I just love “my soul mate and I are destined to be together”. Having a real struggle to get that into an afformation though.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this – thanks.

  • Namaste says:

    When I saw your comment about Byron Katie inviting a person to go beyond simply accepting a reality s/he doesn’t want, but to actually look forward to it, I got super curious and started googling.
    I’m always on the lookout for ways to let go of attachment to my manifesting desires. I noticed years ago that I’d want something to manifest really badly, nothing would happen, I’d finally get fed up, give up and then it would manifest. I’d always think, “There has to be a better way. How can I let go of my attachment without having to get ticked off and totally give up?” I’ve found some good answers but none of those have caused me to figure out how to look forward to not getting the thing I want. Lol! That’s a totally new level =)
    Here’s an example of the turn around that Byron Katie teaches that I found while googling…
    For example, “I don’t ever want to experience an argument with Paul” turns around to “I am willing to experience an argument with Paul” and “I look forward to experiencing an argument with Paul.” Why would you look forward to it?
    Here’s the work I did to test out the turn around method…
    I don’t ever want to experience life without wealth.
    I am willing to experience life without wealth.
    I figured out a long time ago that wealth buys A. enjoyable things and B. enjoyable experiences but not happiness.
    While there are certain experiences that I cannot afford to have without wealth, there are none that I need to experience to live a happy life.
    In fact, having wealth would actually stop me from having had some really enjoyable experiences. Classic example is when I was traveling in Southeast Asia. If I’d stated in the super nice 5 Star hotels like a friend did, I’d have missed out on discovering Khao San road and all the backpackers from all over the world who stayed there.
    I look forward to experiencing a life without wealth.
    LOL! Never in my wildest dreams would have it occurred to me to ask this question.
    Ok why?
    I look forward to experiencing life without wealth because…
    I was born intensely ambitious, it’s just who I am. If reincarnation is real, it’s highly likely I’ve gotten rich in every lifetime. Not getting rich in this lifetime would probably be a new experience for me, new experiences are always good because they are fresh and new.
    Not being rich would cause me to value getting in the vortex more. Getting super high in the vortex causes me to feel feelings that wealth actually can’t buy.
    Not being rich would take a lot of pressure off of me. I have friends who have zero intention of getting wealthy, their lives are infinitely simpler and they are happy because they don’t look around thinking they are missing out on anything.
    Thanks Jeannette, I love this process, I got real value out of it and will use it in the future =)

  • Let’s hear it for the cat ladies!! lol
    You know, Byron Katie’s Work also invites us to this level of acceptance (maybe even higher). I think it’s in the turnaround when she asks us to “look forward to” the very thing we’ve been resisting. Pretty radical, and transformative, I’ve found.

  • Namaste says:

    As I was reading Jeannette’s last comment, “When we reach the place of being willing to experience something we might not actually want, it means we’ve dropped all resistance to it” I was reminded of a coaching client I had a few years ago. She’d been working on attracting the guy of her dreams for years. She found guys, plenty of them, but not the one she wanted. Towards the very end of her coaching with me she said, “I’m over it. If I find someone, great. If I don’t, I’m ok with being a cat lady.” Within six months of deciding she was ok with never finding the man of her dreams, she found him, a year later they married and last year they had their first child.
    I believe the reason she finally found “the one” is she made peace with being alone forever (something she clearly didn’t want to experience). When she did that, all the resistance dropped, she stopped focusing on being alone (which was causing her to attract more of that) and the guy showed up.
    I’ve reviewed the NPA process, but don’t have any experience using it so this is me thinking out loud… Maybe it needs the addition you suggested “I am willing to experience the feeling and then let it go.” However the “letting it go” part might happen automatically, if a person truly experiences it and makes peace with it. Not sure, it’s an interesting point you brought up.

  • Lily, I love that question! That’s actually worthy of its own post, but I’ll answer briefly here with my two cents:
    When we reach the place of being willing to experience something that we might not actually want, it just means we’ve dropped all resistance to it. But without the desire for it (or alignment to it), we aren’t likely to call it forth. You know that phrase “what we resist, persists”? The power of being willing to experience means we’re truly free from resistance and thus we’re NOT a magnet for it.
    Universe knows what you DO want, and as you drop resistance and raise your vibration you become a match to those good things.
    I’m not explaining this well, so I hope someone else chimes in to sum it up much better.
    PS – I have found that juicy affirmations make quite a difference, too!

  • Lily says:

    – meant to say: “..that Joel Young uses with the NPA process.” I was trying to type and talk to my husband at the same time.
    It seems that the last affirmation in the NPA process ought to be something like: ‘I am willing to experience the feeling and then let it go.’
    I love Nancy’s comment about her affirmations having so much “juice” the gremlins are “left in the dust.” My affirmations don’t seem to have much ‘juice’. Time to check-out her website.

  • Lily says:

    Great post! I can see how the affirmations that Joel Young’s uses with the NPA process would be a powerful tool to allow wanted things into my experience, but let’s say I wanted to get rid of a limiting belief like “I will always be in debt”. Wouldn’t using Joel’s “And I am willing to experience it” affirmation just perpetuate my experience of being in debt? Abraham seems to suggest that we should not ‘affirm’ things we don’t want to experience.
    -Love this discussion!

  • Namaste, just want to clarify: my success story used affirmations.
    However, in my first comment (way up at the top), I mentioned that Afformations, EFT, and NPA work well…then realized some people might not be aware of NPA. Hence the link.
    Joel Young has been interviewed by myself (for Co=Creation Cafe), and also Jeannette (for GVU). NPA is a mental/emotional process that helps us let go of attachment, which leads to letting go of resistance, opening the door for our vibrational alignment so the solution presents itself. At first, you feel like you are just going through the motions, but if you relax into this process it can really work.
    Many blessings,

  • Namaste says:

    I spent some time this morning reviewing and testing Joel Young’s Non Personal Awareness Technique. Thanks for sharing it, I’d never heard of it before. And I appreciate you sharing the success story about your house. The NPA technique is so simple, I might have dismissed it (being that I very analytical person) without having heard your story.

  • Namaste says:

    Thanks for chiming in =) I realized after I posted that long answer that Anna was probably looking for examples of resistance releasing in action like you posted.
    For my unblocking exercise, you example nailed it.
    To throw in a solution example from my own life, when I asked the question, “Why won’t I allow the woman of my dreams to show up?” the very first thing I wrote down was, “Because I don’t want another woman in my life complaining about my work schedule.” As soon as I wrote that down, I KNEW why she hadn’t shown up yet. It made so much sense. In every relationship I’d ever had, in the beginning she it would start out with her saying, “I love how ambitious you are” but with in two months she’d say, “Why aren’t we spending more time together?” And that would progress to more and more annoying questions and within six months either I’d end the relationship or she would.
    I realized I had to find an answer to this huge problem or I’d never allow her in. And I was seriously scared. I had no idea how to fix this. It’s all I ever experienced. If it was fixable, I’d have fixed it years ago. But I realized it had to be done so I started thinking about it.
    A few weeks later, the answer hit me out of the blue, “She needed to be a workaholic too!” Talk about excited! I knew I’d found my answer and it was perfect! If she a workaholic, she’d never bug me about my time because she’d be working too! Even better, she probably had been experiencing the same stuff with her boyfriends, having them complaining about her working too much, so she’d be super stoked that I was a workaholic too.
    After realizing this answer, I instantly felt the resistance drop away. It was like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, I felt so good, like I was walking on air. As I was coming up with solutions to my other blocks, I also realized another answer could be if she was super social, if that was the case, she’d always be out partying with her girlfriends and wouldn’t mind that I was working. She’d probably be stoked to not have a boyfriend who was complaining about her going out all the time.
    As I mentioned in the article above, it’s amazing what happens when you let go of the resistance. The four women who showed up in my life, after I unblocked, came with almost no effort on my part =)

  • Anna, I’ll chime in with a hypothetical example:
    Pretend my affirmation is that I am loving my full thriving coaching practice, but I wasn’t experiencing that.
    I ask the question to Unblock it: Why wouldn’t I love to have a full thriving practice?
    Maybe the answers that come up include: I’m not sure I can really help people. And I don’t know where I’d find the time to actually run a business, in addition to being a mom and a wife. Or .. what makes me think I deserve that when so many of my esteemed colleagues haven’t succeeded yet?
    So then as I look for solutions to each of those reasons:
    I get more confident in my coach skills. Maybe all I have to do is remind myself I’ve graduated three training programs, for hell’s sake, of COURSE I’m good enough to help. Or maybe I sign up for the training with an intention that it makes the difference. Or maybe I do a test client – just to see if I really can offer value? Maybe I recall the work I did with my practice clients & buddy coaches to remind myself I really do know what I’m doing.
    For the lack of time … maybe I realize it’s time to take up my sister-in-law on her offer to swap kids throughout the week, giving me more time to invest in my biz. Or maybe I ask hubby for some support with child care so I get one full day a week to work my biz plan. Or maybe I realize that’s just a fearful excuse invented by my gremlin to keep me from moving forward, and I take the reins from his hands.
    For worthiness issues … I practice owning my value! Maybe some worthiness exercises would be good. Or perhaps I have an inner conversation with myself where I say, look, they may be willing to struggle, but I”m not. I’m ready to succeed. They can have it their way; I’ll have it mine. I’m gonna rock it! Or maybe I just look for examples of colleagues who ARE thriving and decide to join their good company!
    I don’t know if that’s what Namaste had in mind, but I know this type of process has been very effective for me in the past.
    Hope that helps.

  • Namaste says:

    It would have been great if the entire interview was on this single idea of using a resistance releasing technique with affirmations, but it was just one idea that he spent about six minutes on.
    The questions you asked leave me a bit confused. The idea is to come up with an affirmation you want to use to attract something into your life. Say the affirmation. Noticed if you FEEL a feeling of allowing or if you notice you feel resistance.
    If you haven’t felt the difference between the feeling of allowing and resistance, do this, think of something that you really want that you absolutely know you are going to get. Notice how that feels. Now think of something that you’ve been trying to manifest forever but it hasn’t shown up. That feeling that you feel, that’s the feeling of resistance that you want to release. And you do that by using a resistance releasing technique.
    You’ll know the resistance is gone, when you say the affirmation and you don’t feel the resistance anymore. Then you keep saying it until the manifestation shows up or you feel directed to take inspired action (which will be absolutely obvious, at least it always has been for me).
    ALL of the resistance releasing techniques out there work, you just have to find one that works for you.
    Is this a totally new concept for you, or do you have some experience with resistance releasing techniques?
    Also I’d be happy to provide an example of some solutions that would help you, but general solutions (beyond what I mentioned in the article) don’t do much good. What’s the specific thing you are seeking to manifest? Do you feel resistance to allowing it in? What resistance releasing techniques are you familiar with?
    You also might want to check out Bob’s interview yourself. Go to and sign up for a FREE preview membership. Once you have a user name and password, go to the free section and on the left hand side of the page, scroll down INTERVIEWS WITH BOB you’ll see the interview titled IS LOA STILL RELEVANT? The interview is an hour long. If you don’t want to listen to the whole interview, fast forward to 32:00 and listen for the next 37:00

  • You’ll love her ecourse, Katy! Thanks for reading and for commenting.
    Rosa, glad you found it helpful. Always nice to hear we’re making a positive difference here!
    And Delicate Sound, undoubtedly it’s the good energy you’re flowing (including openness, curiousity and positive expectation) that allows you to find such positive vibes here. Thanks for bringing them to the party!

  • Dear all,
    Thank you very much for all the good tips and links, always nice to learn more or differently. Will put it to good use.
    This is such a nice place to visit, always entering with a healthy amount of curiosity as to what the next discussion topic will be and always leaving with a good dose of positive vibes.
    Was thinking of the movie ‘Pay it forward’, if we can transmit these vibes to people around us, we’ll expand the positive awareness.
    Asante sana!

  • Rosa Muziotti says:

    This article has been very useful to me. Thanks

  • Katy Lowe says:

    Well I have used EFT and Afformations…but the Unblocking is new to me! I’m always happy to have more information to keep myself on a closer path to my desires and letting them in…so thank you Namaste for sharing. Affirming Spirit I will also be checking out your 6 Steps E course…I love collecting Tips as you never know what might resonate with you at any given time!

  • Anna says:

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Bob had shared what blocks he found and what solutions he came up with? What did he do? Find a solution and just go out there and do it? How did he find the solutions? This raises more questions for me and doesn’t give any answers. Even one example would help.

  • P.S. For anyone not familiar with NPA (Non-Personal Awareness) from Joel Young, learn more here (see video and right sidebar).

  • Namaste, I used that step 2 to identify the subjects of my affirmations. For instance, I accidentally discovered (in a fit of anger) that I had a limiting belief about owning my own home. With awareness about that limited belief, I sat down and wrote affirmations as if I already my owned my own home. I said the affirmations daily and took inspired action when it became obvious to do so. Within 9 months, I found financing, located, and bought my own home! That limiting belief was forever reprogrammed for me.
    When people say affirmations don’t work, it makes me laugh. (That’s an affirmation!) The critics of affirmations forget that we are ALWAYS affirming something…either something we want (positive affirmation, feels good) or something we don’t want (complaint or worry, feels less-than-good). The choice is always ours. 😉
    Many blessings,

  • Namaste says:

    After reading your comment, I got curious to see your affirmations process, so I checked out your free course. After reading through it, I can see why you have had such good results, that’s the best thought out “how-to-do-affirmations course” I’ve seen. You clearly use them and it shows. And I love how you have your own version of dealing with resistance in Step 2. Thanks for sharing!

  • Namaste says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw that you’d used my pic for the article. It’s perfect, and just like the one I wished for, a person who is happy to have figured out a solution to affirmations issues =)

  • Nancy, I love you bring the example that it’s possible to NOT have that “back-talking” mind every time we engage a powerful thought about our desires!
    And you have a wonderful collection of resources and wisdom at your site – thanks for chiming in on this one!
    I can see how one might feel a bit stuck with coming up solutions in the “Unblocking” process … but I suspect that much like how you don’t get gremlins chiming in when you engage an affirmation, someone might also be able to go through that process without getting stuck, too. Yay for possibilities!

  • Great sharing, Namaste!
    I must be one of those who rarely has gremlins with affirmations – but I truly believe that is because I’ve learned to create powerful personalized affirmations that are filled with so much juice, the gremlins are left in the dust. I’ve been working with affirmations for almost 30 years with many great successes, even using affirmations to reprogram limiting thoughts. People who have been stuck with generic affirmations and wonder why those don’t work for them, might want to play with my free Six Steps to Powerful Affirmations eCourse (includes free downloads to two related audios)
    The Unblocking Process is familiar to me, but most people I have worked with get stuck in “finding solutions” to their blocks. If they saw them, they would deal with them. Yet, they are like deer in the headlights, so self-identified with their limiting beliefs that they don’t even *see* a solution. For these people, coaching is really the fastest way to uncover and address the limiting beliefs.
    For others, Afformations, EFT, NPA work well. I’ve also seen the 22×11 Journaling Process (Peter shared at GVU) work: Write your affirmation in your journal 22 times every day for 11 consecutive days. Leave space after each line, and if ANY thoughts (related or not) come up, write those down under the affirmation. As you notice the thoughts coming up you can use EFT or NPA on them. Awareness is a huge plus, and often the awareness does most of the heavy-lifting. If you miss a day, start again with the 11 consecutive days. What I’ve noticed is that any doubts come right to the surface for examination, and soon you can write all 22 with no doubts at all. It also raises your vibe.
    Many blessings,

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