The Frequency of Your Closet?

clothesThe concept that clothes have a vibration wasn’t new to me, but until Patty wrote I didn’t realize how much I hadn’t paid attention to it!

So as I sit here in a new blue shirt and purple Life Is Good sweatshirt (LOVE them!), which I bought after emptying the closet of some amazing but rarely worn skirts and blouses, I wondered if anyone else was thinking about the vibration of their clothes. 
Our own Patty Lennon was kind enough to expand on it:

There is a commercial out that asks “What’s in your wallet?”   As if by revealing the answer to this question you have also revealed something deeply important about yourself.  Yah – whatever. 
But there is a question I have started asking my clients which really can be deeply revealing and I’m so excited about it I wanted to share it with all my good vibe friends.  The question is: What’s in your closet?  Or more importantly, What is the vibe in your closet?   
If everything is energy, and every object, action, thought has a vibration – what is the vibration of your clothes?  It is easy to dismiss this question if you are struggling with bigger life issues like manifesting your mortgage payment, a relationship, and better health.  But what I’ve found by focusing on this one question is that everything is related.  When you increase the vibration in one area of your life it has a ripple effect to all other areas of life.
I use a de-clutter strategy to help my clients study their own internal clutter by observing the outward manifestation of that internal jumble – the external jumble.   I urge others to remove the excess in their closets and feel the release.  (Yes, sadly I use these kinds of phrases but I swear they don’t sound as cheesy when I speak them with passion.)
For clutter hounds it is often hard to give up clothing even if they haven’t worn it in a bazillion years.   Holding onto items that no longer serve us comes from a place of scarcity, so my goal is to help them understand what they get by giving up.  I ask them to try one piece of clothing on and tell what it feels like. Using a 20 point scale -10 to +10: how does wearing that shirt make you feel? Most times the answer is either some number in the negatives OR better yet a +10 if I could only fit into it.   
Of course the next question is  how does it feel in this moment to look at something you believe would give you a great vibration but is out of your reach in this moment?   Usually the answer to that question is somewhere around a -10.   
So it surprised me when I realized I wasn’t walking the talk.  I mean, I follow all the de-clutter rules so in general from an appearance standpoint my closet looks pretty good.  But one day I walked into my closet to get dressed and grabbed a shirt.  When I put it on it didn’t feel great and I thought “I really want to feel great today so I’m going to wear something that supports that desire.” 
And then I had an A-Ha moment: Why wouldn’t I want to feel great every day?  Which day will I choose to feel less than great when I wear this shirt?
After that beautiful A-Ha I began a process of transforming my closet into a +10 closet.  If something I wear doesn’t make me feel great I give it away.  I do so consciously knowing that there is someone who will get a +10 feeling out of this item.  I talk to each piece and ask it to take the higher vibration it was meant to live to a person who can reciprocate.  And doing this has created a shift in my life.  I could go on and one about what has changed.
So I challenge you:  What’s in your closet?  Or, more importantly – What is the vibe in your closet?

Patty Lennon is a Martha Beck certified life coach who works with women that are ready to move themselves up on their own priority list.  Having recently discovered that the universe will actually help with the housework when you ask, Patty is especially excited about the about the application of LOA to motherhood in her clients’ life, as well as her own.  Visit her site to learn more.
Thanks, Patty, for shedding light on our closets!  Can’t wait to hear how other creators are using their clothes as vibrational management tools!

  • October 7, 2009
  • Patty says:

    Shauna – I love your enthusiasm! I always wanted to be a person who could find treasures hidden in second hand stores. I bet you know a really good tailor too (another item on my own universe “to do” list.) And I think when you get the double whammy of finding fabulous anything that would not necessarily be easy to find it feels great! Thanks for your response. -Patty

  • Patty says:

    Oh Callie – I soooo know that feeling! Soon after I got married I moved to a new place with lots o’ closets (do I even need to tell you where all my awesome stuff went.) None of the stuff came out until much later when I had a baby and my mother-in-law came to stay with me. She unpacked me to make room for all the baby stuff. I give you so much credit for jumping on this (and believe me- a few months is “jumping on it!”) And congratulations on your marriage!

  • P.S. Ugh — sorry for all the typo’s in my previous message. I was excited and typing fast!

  • Yes, yes, yes!!
    …And then don’t forget to KEEP doing this as you and your fine sense of self change and expand further…
    A few years ago I realized all my clothes were comfort clothes and they made me feel poor and icky. I set out to replace the clothes with things I LOVE, so that no matter what I reached for it would make me feel great. I did most of this by buying second-hand stuff (I got really good at finding desigenr and fabulous stuff at second-hand stores) and I threw out everything else (donated, actually). My closet was and is filled with fabulous, colourful items that I grin just looking at.
    As time goes on, I have realized that even some of these newerthings make me feel less than fabulous because I have changed that much more, and they reflect a person I no longer am, so I am continually updateing, and not at the second had store all the time! 🙂 Although I must say I still enjoy that since I got so good at it…
    Thanks for bringing this to light and obviously inspiring lots of people, Jeanette and Patty!
    Wear your best stuff, use your best stuff and BE and FEEL your best as often as you can – you are worth it!

  • Callie says:

    This Post could not come at a better time- but as we all know the U only knows perfect timing! I got married in August and my dining room table is still full of gifts – All of which I absolulty LOVE – except they are just sitting on the table not being used and all the old stuff that I don’t love is!!! This post has inspired me to take 2 sick days this week (because it feels good to do that) and release the clutter!!! Thank You for the great Post!

  • Cheri says:

    Patty – What a fabulous post! Look at all the people you have inspired! I have a mantra that our house has only the things that we love and use. Gradually, that has been coming true and will continue to evolve as we all change and grow.
    My closet has not benefited from this thinking lately – I just have not been in true choice about it.
    But I realize that I don’t have to do it all at once – I can take Michele’s tactic and have a place to put things that don’t have a super great vibration. It all starts with a first step, doesn’t it?

  • Monica says:

    Ha, Patty, thanks! Not so brave, really. The more I’ve been thinking about it today, the more I’ve realized that those suits have a really negative vibe for me now, even though I once really liked them. This discussion has been great for clarifying that for me.

  • Patty says:

    Monica – How amazing are you!? It takes an incredible amount of courage to give up clothing that represents someone we once were when we are in the midst of a transition.
    When I left finance for coaching it took me a pretty long time to release my conservative suits. Those suits gave me a sense of security during a time when I needed it. Sometimes we just have to be kind to ourselves, even if it comes in the form of a corporate suit blankie!

  • Debra says:

    I love this post! I’m aware of this concept and I’m continually honing my deeper awareness in its implementation! In other words, I get more and more honest with myself while de-cluttering each time I do it.
    Sometimes I give in to the vibe something used to hold for me…rather than going with the current vibe it holds in my now…and I hang onto it. Thanks to Patty and another inspiring post (thanks very much, Jeannette!) I’ll be going through a couple bins that I tucked away just last week and reassessing some of my choices.
    Trust me, there’s some stuff in there that hasn’t *truly* been vibing for the Brilliant Me I am now for a long time!
    As for bringing new things in…
    My favorite way to vibe shop for clothes or anything else is to give my awareness to every aspect of the thing I’m considering bringing home: the color, the pattern, the texture, the shape…all of the elements…and how the item feels as a whole. It’s a very sensual experience. Love it! 🙂

  • Monica says:

    Lynn and Jeanette,
    Thanks for your comments. We do have a Dress for Success here in Toronto. I looked them up and I’m about to send them an email about donating the suits. That is a lot better than just putting them in my local drop off box, who knows what happens to those clothes. Jeanette, your comment made me think about the image I want to project with the new business, thank you! I am still thinking, but it is safe to say that these conservative suits are not it. Adios!

  • Mitch says:

    I brought very little with me when I moved to California, so if my closet could speak, it would probably say, “Feed me!” 😀
    Having too many clothes is not my problem at this point. lol Maybe I should do something about that.

  • Monica, you probablyh won’t need suits for another corporate job, but maybe from your business success you’ll be presenting to a group sometime, or getting interviewed by your local tv or having a photo taken where it would be handy to have a nice fitting quality suit handy!
    Just sayin’ …

  • Lynn Hess says:

    Monica — There’s an organization in Dallas that collects donations of business clothing for homeless/abused women who don’t have any business attire but need some in order to apply for jobs. If your city has a similar organization, would it help you feel better about getting rid of the suits if you knew they were going to a cause like that?
    And what a bold statement to the Universe it would be about your utter confidence in the success of your new business!

  • Monica says:

    Oh, this is very on topic for me too. I have a TON of clothes. My big issue right now is the suits. I have decided to start an internet business, and I won’t be needing the suits for that. But I have this nagging doubt about getting rid of them, in case I do have to go back to the corporate world. What to do, what to do? It probably would free up energy to make the commitment and get rid of them. But they fit me well and they’re good quality.
    I know, it seems like a no-brainer to get rid of them. Can anyone out there give me the kick in the pants I need?

  • So if the clothes we wear have a vibration, and we can change OUR vibratiion by the clothes we wear; then obviously the food we eat has a vibration and we can change OUR vibration by the food we eat, right?
    So we started with, “what’s in your wallet?” And went to “what’s in your closet?” And now I’m wondering if we should ask, “what’s in your refrigerator/cupboard?” OK, that’s a whole different topic, but it really gets you thinking, doesn’t it?

  • Karen says:

    Hi, Jeannette, et al!
    I’ve been lurking for a while, but this topic is so on point for me, I had to post. As someone who compulsively shopped in the past to try and block out negative feelings, this was a major hurdle for me. Add packrat tendencies to the mix, and you can imagine what my closet looked like at one time. A garment can be beautiful, well-crafted, etc., but if it represents something negative (loss of self-control, lack of self-esteem), is it really a “find?”
    I had a habit of holding onto things because “someone else could use them.” Well, they can’t find the people who would use and love them if I don’t release them! (Freecycle has helped a LOT.)
    The funny thing is, I rarely think twice about anything once I’ve let it go.
    I live in a pre-war building, which means I have tiny closets. Pre-LOA, I would’ve been motivated to get more storage. Now I feel comfortable living only with what I truly love.
    Thanks for the motivation–I know what I’ll be doing tonight!

  • Thanks for reading and the comment on the post J! The process cracks me up as does going from mad to glad in under a minute when I FINALLY get it. LoL.
    Here’s the link, thanks for asking

  • janita says:

    Cleaning the closets is so fun 🙂 to get in something new, nice, fresh, good and so have to let go of the old, not in need of anymore…the things thats just lay there not usesd nor neighter to serve anymore.
    I started doing cleaning in this way for a while ago with about every closet in the house. I love space for new things to arrive 🙂
    And its also a good feeling to give away these unused clotes/things also… maybee people need them or have looked for excactly this :- )

  • Nice how life was helping to coordinate your downsized simplicity, Gemstone. Kudos to you for being willing to find more opportunity to up the vibe.
    Next up for me … shoes!

  • Gemstone3 says:

    A great post as always!
    When I moved to California four years ago, I was forced to bring only the things I loved/needed. I immediately found that I felt better without all the choices, and knickknacks that use to make up my life. And although I love shoes, do I really need 50 pair? I found out I don’t! So if they weren’t comfortable, I gave them to friends or goodwill.
    Then I moved again, to a smaller place last year and had to downsize my wardrobe by about 40%. Again, I found that although I might have pangs of “Ohhhh, I wish I still had that shirt/skirt/pair of jeans/dress cause it’s in style”, I ultimately don’t miss these things. Actually, it wouldn’t feel good to still own all that stuff again. I would feel weighed down.
    Even when I think about favorite clothing items my mother got rid of without telling me about earlier this year–another story altogether– (a favored camel-colored coat and pair of kick-ass leather pants that I didn’t take with me to LA because I arrived in June and didn’t need them) don’t have the attached value they once did. I’m much less materialistic now, and I think that’s a very good thing.
    I’ve found that my shopping habits have changed (do I really need that?????), and my wants/needs have become more simplistic. I find myself less judgmental about the exterior, and more concerned with a person’s interior… I don’t feel as defined by what I have/make. And I’m very happy about that.
    I’m not perfect. There are still items I should give away because they don’t fit properly, or I think I might wear them, but something’s holding me back. Mainly the voice in my head that says “But it’s really cute, and you might need it next season! Don’t be so quick to throw it out just yet!”
    I’ll go back through my closet again tonight and see where I can make changes. I love Patty’s rating system.
    I agree with other posters who say clearing the clutter is incredibly liberating.

  • LOVED reading about Tia’s tanty today!! ha ha
    A link would be nice for those others who are curious, too, Tia!
    (One of these days I’ll dare to turn comment luv back on, but until then, we’ve got to manually include links if we’re not relying on folks to find it through our name link. Thanks for your patience, everyone!)

  • Ok … confession. I forgot about the 2 boxes I had in storage. I was looking for an important document for 3 hours, which made me super frustrated and I ransacked the storage area, cussed at the U’ threw a tantrum and .. found the paper!
    AND learned the lesson I was meant to learn (way beyond getting rid of clothes) .. too much to explain here so I blogged about it.
    Absolutely blown away by how perfectly everything is orchestrated by the U (including today`s TUT, your post, and a couple of other things)… still shaking my head in wonder.

  • We’re in the same process together, Lynn!
    And Michele – that’s hard core! I’ve been in the habit of seeing if it was just a mood thing and give an article a couple of chances before I determine its fate, but I like how you don’t dilly dally with it!

  • Right at this very moment, there is a large green trash bag in my closet. If I take something off a shelf, out of a drawer or off a hanger and I don’t like it… it goes in the bag.
    When the bag is full, which will be very soon, I will take all those clothes to Goodwill where someone who will think they are fabulous can have at ’em.
    While clothes may or may not “make the man”, they certainly do set the stage, and I love what you’re saying here, Patty.
    My motto: if you haven’t loved it, worn it, touched it, tasted it or slept with it in the last year — it goes.

  • Lynn Hess says:

    This is wonderful! I have always known that I “should” clean out my closet and get rid of some stuff — and I do, periodically, but not nearly ruthlessly enough. This vibration scale method is going to help me decide which of my clothes are “fabulous enough to keep,” rather than just “too good to get rid of.” Thanks so much!

  • Rhonda, I liked this so much I tweeted it: “I find it very ironic that when you learn how to manifest whatever you want and (almost) whenever you want that you discover how little you need.”
    Thanks for sharing that profound piece of wisdom!!

  • Rhonda says:

    Thanks, Jeannette;
    I love ya and my word, you are the greatest coach EVER!!!
    This post reminded me of a biography I read as a young teen on Estee Lauder. She wasn’t aware of LOA per se, but practiced it like a Master. Her vision for her life was that the inside of your closet and drawers should be as beautiful as everywhere else in your home.
    This inspired me at the time (and I have continued) to make every nook, cranny and closet as asthetically pleasing to the eye as the spaces in my home that everyone sees when they walk through the door.
    Do I have things arranged beautifully in those nooks and cranny’s that aren’t serving my current vision — yes!
    Time to let go, rearrange and make space for the new (I almost said “stuff” and then stopped).
    I find it very ironic that when you learn how to manifest whatever you want and (almost) whenever you want that you discover how little you need.

  • Kimberly, I use the same standard, but sometimes laugh at the excuses I offer as exceptions for certain items (wedding dress is one).
    And Judie, everything that exists has a vibration, because everything is made of energy, and energy vibrates. So strange as it may be to think this way, it’s all got a vibe.
    What matters of course is exactly what you wrote – how does it make you FEEL. We’d all do well to pay attention to this!

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    I have a rule – if I haven’t worn it in a year, then it’s time to go (seasonal clothing gets 2 years). It’s worked well for me.
    I was just talking to a friend this morning about how my wardrobe has changed. I went from dressing up all the time to dressing casually. What’s funny is that she said that I always looked dressed up. So I guess my clothes are vibing.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I’m not sure if I believe that clothes have a vibration. I think of it as “How does this item of clothing/jewelry/thing make me feel?” But I see it as my own vibration, my own energy and thought process vs the actual piece of clothing.
    I love the process of cleaning out my closets. It does feel liberating and freeing.
    Thanks for the post!

  • Tia, you remind me of my client who recently practiced this thing where she took EVERYTHING out of each room in her house, and only put back in what absolutely “radiated” for her. If she didn’t love it, it didn’t get to stay.
    I have to say I feel like I was talking to a new woman after she finished that project!

  • I’m already doing that 🙂 Getting rid of everything I don’t absolutely LOVE! Gave away clothes and jewelry from exes, and tossed out stuff I barely like or hardly wear. In fact not just clothes, but shoes, papers, gift items, bed linen, decor stuff – anything I don’t love, is out. Funny how this post comes along just as I’ve already done all that. Great timing and validation from the U!

  • Jeannette says:

    Ha! Guess we’re in alignment, Rhonda!
    I was thinking, too, about how it isn’t just the clothes, but also the closet itself, isn’t it? Like, does it feel good to stand here contemplating outfits, or is this a space I’d like to leave?
    Mine’s pretty tidy, but it really isn’t well organized. And the suits are getting dusty! lol
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, Rhonda. 🙂

  • Rhonda says:

    I am laughing out loud at this post. As I was falling asleep last night I thought about exactly this.
    Although my closet is neat, tidy and organized, some of the items do not represent who I am or who I want to be anymore. I was holding on to them because — well, attachments of some sort or another.
    Although I am not interested in the items, I bet someone else will be.
    Great post. I am glad I manifested this validation, it is just what I needed today to get started.
    Thank you!

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