The Art of the Good Life

Many of you know, from posts here and at GVU, that my year evolved from fairly significant contrast into a real life dream come true.

It finally feels like I’m in payoff mode from rather dark days.

I know how the system works, and yet still marvel at how amazingly delightful life is unfolding.

You already know this routine, too, but it’s worth repeating so we aren’t holding up our happily ever after any longer than we already have.

This is my take on how to get from dark days to the center of life’s sweet spot:

1. Contrast.

It all starts here, with what we don’t want.

It’s easy to conclude when we’re living what we don’t like that we’ve messed up somehow. That’s not the case. This is part of the process.

It means we’re doing it right.

Something fabulous is getting cooked up in this process, so we don’t judge ourselves for it or wish it away, because life doesn’t evolve without this step.

The heartbreaks, betrayals, disappointments; financial fears, health scares, job losses – all the frustrations and anxieties … this is where the good stuff begins.

All there is to do in this phase is be willing to feel the feelings. (Resistance is not the way to go.)

2. Refocus.

So we’re knee-deep in the crap, and it’d be easy to get stuck there if we keep dwelling on it.

But conscious creators knows better.

We know that once we’ve milked the contrast, it’s time to “take the bounce,” as Abe would say. That means refocusing in a way that puts us in vibrational alignment to good things.

We can do that by:

  • imagining what that contrast is creating next
  • finding something – anything – to feel better about (a good meal, a purring cat, a happy memory)
  • learning to chill out about what we’re in the middle of (even if it’s just remembering it’s temporary)

… or anything that makes us feel even a little bit better.

Your emotions are your guidepost here. Whatever thoughts and actions feel better – go there.

I like to think of this step as Tony Robbins turning his gaze off the wall and onto the track.

3. Relax & Enjoy. 

It’s tempting to try to sort a mess out ourselves when life goes wonky. But that routine is for muggles.

We employ our magic abilities best when we tend to our vibration.

And yes, sometimes doing something directly related to the crappy situation is what makes us feel better.

But often what works best is making a little room for Universe to sort things out according to our refocused vibe.

Don’t try to make it happen yourself.

Chill out a little bit. Tend to how you feel, find ways to upgrade that, and let Universe do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

If you feel called to anything in particular (via inspiration or joy or even relief), go there. It’s good for you.

This is the time to show Universe that you’re not stuck in the vibration of contrast. That you in fact know all about good vibrations.

When you prove yourself a match for a good time, that’s when things start to come together.

It has to. That’s what the law of attraction is all about. We get what we vibrate.

It’s not necessarily easy to feel good when life still looks crappy, but that’s the mark of a conscious creator. You’re not dependent on conditions for how you feel.

And that’s all it takes.

This isn’t rocket science.

The main tricks are to not get caught up in contrast, not to try to figure it out yourself, and to have the cojones to do what feels better.

You can do that, right?

It might take a few days or a few months, or if we’re slow students who really like to milk a bad time, maybe a few years. (Please no, though. We’re too smart to suffer that long, right?!)

Life will fill in with all the good things that that prior contrast cooked up, and then eventually we start all over again with new contrast.

That’s how life keeps getting better. It’s an ongoing ride, if we’re lucky.

The good news is we get plenty of chances to get the hang of this. Universe doesn’t ever give up on us. And the longer it takes, the better it gets when we finally get there.

So go have some fun cooking up your happily ever after, and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. 🙂

  • November 6, 2016
  • AHAZELL says:

    This article is perfect for me to remember whenever I am experiencing contrast, it hits the head of the nail , so perfectly! I will print this out, to have at my finger tips. Very inspiring to me. Thank you!

  • Danielle says:

    You are truly magic Jeannette, you always know what to write about just when I need it! Who knew that GVU was just all about me!! = )

  • This post is relief right now. Thank you!

  • Ming says:

    I wanted to come back and read this post again this morning Jeannette. It doesn’t feel that far away when I was knee deep in contrast and I laughed when you said not years right, we cant suffer that long, but it was a couple of years for me. However the pay off was and is incredible. I find myself in number 2 right now. I’m not in any deep contrast per se but I am looking to see more of the good stuff. I am wanting to align myself with even more of it. We can have that right? Even more? I don’t see why not. I have loved seeing your journey unfold as you have shared in GVU. 🙂 Here’s to more of the good stuff.

  • Namaste says:

    I agree with you that suffering for years is usually completely unnecessary =) However, one thing I wanted to add is that when a person appears to be stuck in a contrast filled situation for years, it might be that the person’s focus is off, it also might be that there is an important lesson the person needs to learn, before they can become the person they want to be in the future (are manifesting themselves to be).
    I got a job years ago that involved working with people who were the exact opposite of everything I am (no looking within, no self-development, no real ambition etc). I didn’t talk to anyone beyond what was necessary to get the job done. Two years later, I still had the job and it made no sense. Eventually, I stopped blowing everyone off at the job and began to get to know them. This began a period of my life where I slowly but surely began to drop so many of the negative judgements I had about people who aren’t exactly like me. Talk about an enlightening experience =) I wouldn’t be able to make the difference I do for people today if I was still judging the way I use to all the time.
    If I run into someone who seems stuck in a contrast filled situation, first I look at the person’s focus. If I don’t see anything off, I ask the question, “Why are you NOT ready to leave this situation yet? What lesson do you need to learn before you’ll allow yourself to move on?” These questions produce some really eye-opening answers.
    Really loved your Tony Robbin’s story, I’d never seen that post before =)

    • Vanessa says:

      Thank you for this wonderful post!
      I’m ‘enjoying’ an extended vacation from the employment market (aka I’m unemployed and have been since May this year) and it’s been challenging to stay upbeat and positive with the constant knock backs – but this post has been the boost of energy I needed. Thank you again.
      Namaste – I love reading the replys you leave. I have been asking myself and pondering on why I’m not ready to leave my current situation and am struggling with this as I feel am MORE than ready to join the working force. In fact, I’m so excited about my next job and meeting new work colleagues, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!
      I do believe I am supposed to learn something from my current situation as this is not my first time I find myself unemployed. I’ve asked my Angels for help and signs on what I am supposed to be learning in order to move to the next phase but have not been very successful in hearing the reply. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

  • Melissa.H says:

    Love you Toooooooo!

  • Melissa.H says:

    You know what’s great. Lol I actually am one of the students that can say it has taken me years.But something that’s so magical about it is along the way I was able to experience clarity and emotions beyond my belief. So I 100% agree that the easier it gets the easier it gets. And sometimes it may take longer than expected because what you usually end up finding is you really wanted to feel it. And even though we know that’s concious creation we sometimes forget. Great Post Jeanette.

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