The Highest Vibration (in Business)

Jeff, my technical guru who delivered the pray rain journaling ebook, sent me this article from Lisa Jiminez.  Jeff says she’s a “really cool chick,” which I’d have to agree with based on this article about what love and business have to do with each other.

This quote from the end of the article told me the info was LOA relevant enough to share the entire piece with you: “Love is energy. When you love what you do and love the people you do it for you create the highest level of vibration. And that attracts riches beyond your imagination.”

Enjoy Lisa’s article in full below:

“What Does it Really Take to Build a Successful Business?

Does it take talent? A Business Degree? The Perfect Business Plan? Or, Relentless Hard Work?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject lately – especially since I spend so much of my work day coaching highly successful entrepreneurs. I get a front row seat into what makes people successful and what holds them back. It has been enlightening!

You know what I’ve noticed? I’ve discovered a great similarity between building a successful business and being in love. Yes, you read that right. I said, being in love. So, in this article I’m going to take you on a journey of LOVE. I want to explore the many parallels there are in building a business and being in love.

We’re going to take a close look at what causes one to be in love, what love really is – and what it’s not – and how to grow and maintain it. I believe at the end of this article, after taking this journey of love, you’ll have a blueprint for building and maintaining the business and the life of your dreams.

Let’s begin with a fundamental truth:

The one core ingredient needed to build and maintain a successful business is that you are IN LOVE with your business and the dream you have for it.

How do you know its love?

I recognize five steps to being in love. The first step is CHEMISTRY!

You can’t explain chemistry. You can’t manifest it. You can’t force it. It just is. You’re drawn to that person. Chemistry is like a

Supernatural force that magnetizes you and pulls you in.

Chemistry is the initial ingredient to being in love and it is the first step in building your business. Answer the following questions to identify the chemistry in your business…

1. Are you drawn to your career by an unexplainable, powerful, magnetic force?
2. Did your career just kind of “find you”?
3. Does your business fulfill you in ways nothing else can?
4. Do you believe you are fulfilling your purpose through your career?
5. Do you find fulfillment in this career that extends beyond the monetary?

If you answered these questions in the affirmative, you’re on the right track. Chemistry will attract you to your soul mate and your soul career. Chemistry is the first step to being in love. Chemistry can be the most powerful force on the planet! It is the magnetic power that draws you to a certain person, a particular career, and specific dreams.

Don’t be afraid of that chemistry. However, you need to know the difference between love and lust. Lust is a craving or a need. It’s a “one night stand.” Lust never goes beyond the chemistry. It dies out. But love moves to the next step.

While both love and lust begin with chemistry, you’ll know it is love when three things are present. There are three evidences of love. These three evidences of love are steps 2, 3, and 4 in the “being in love” cycle. Step #1 is Chemistry. The next step is consistent preoccupation.

Step #2: Consistent Preoccupation

Remember when you first fell in love? Think back to when you first met your spouse or your life partner. Remember how you found yourself thinking of that person all the time! You’d wake up in the morning and think of them. You’d go to school or work and think of them. You’d find yourself thinking about their safety even before you’d think about your own. Your thoughts went something like this:

“I wonder what she’s doing today. I wonder how she got to work this morning. I wonder if her car started okay. I’m ‘gunna call her and see how she is.”

These thoughts of preoccupation might surely have been the first “self-less” thoughts of your life! You couldn’t help yourself. Your mind just thought about that person constantly.

This is the second stage of being in love and building a successful business. You don’t even have to try to think about the business. You just do – all the time! You’re in love with the concept. You’re consumed with the idea. It’s a consistent preoccupation! It creates PASSION!

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Lisa, it sounds like you’re telling me to be out of balance.”

Yes, I am – for a season. I believe you need to be out of balance at times to find balance. This stage of complete and incredible

PASSION is temporary but vital to the process of falling in love.

It takes this kind of intense and consistent preoccupation to build the bridge for the next step in the cycle of being in love.

Step # 3: Willingness to do the Outrageous

Again, think back when you first fell in love. You did crazy things. You were bold. You found untapped courage in you that you didn’t even know was there! You did things with and for that person that you’ve never done before. And doing these things was not a burden. Doing things for and with that person brought you pleasure!

It’s the same scenario when you’re in love with your business. It’s not a sacrifice to make calls. You can’t wait to pick up the phone and share your great product with someone. It’s not a burden to give opportunity presentations. You can’t wait to tell others about what you’ve got! It doesn’t drain you to learn and practice your craft. You’re learning about something that you love. It actually gives you energy!

Being in love changes your mind and transforms your heart. It’s like a deflated balloon that is finally being filled up with oxygen.

It can expand and alter its shape. AND, that is exactly what it is meant to do.

What are you willing to do to help grow your business this month?

What are you willing to try to create a closer connection to your spouse or life partner?

What are you willing to give up that is not serving you in your love of building your business?

What are you willing to learn to build and maintain your love?

When you’re in love, you’ll do things that you never thought you would. You will surprise yourself. And these things are not burdens or sacrifice. You do them because doing them brings you joy.

Steps to being in love:
1. Chemistry
2. Consistent Preoccupation
3. Willingness to do the Outrageous

Love is energy. When you love what you do and love the people you do it for you create the highest level of vibration. And that attracts riches beyond your imagination.

These 3 steps of love is a blueprint for building a healthy, passion-filled, successful business ~ and relationship. I trust you will apply it to the loves of your life and let it grow you into the person you were always meant to be…

Rich in the spiritual. Rich in the material. Rich in character. Rich in love.

May you experience results that are beyond what you ever dreamed or imagined!

Richest blessings,
Lisa Jimenez M.Ed.

P.S. This article is an excerpt from Lisa’s “Rich Life Kit”. This powerful 30-Day Course helps you create the mind-set that will grow your business ~ and your bottom line ~ exponentially! Go to: or call (800) 489-7391 to have your “Rich Life Kit!” rushed to you.

  • July 31, 2008
  • I told him you said that Leslie, that you went from heels to boots and he had a hard time believing me.

    Ah, the things we do for love! hee hee

    Great quote – thanks for repeating it here!

  • Leslie R says:

    Let’s face it “Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible”.
    I love that quote (from Perelandra poster).
    And by the way Russ oh plezeeee, I have you beat, I jumped onto a tug-boat and lived with my man in the wilderness. I went from wearing high heels to gum boots.
    Love Leslie

  • Good point, Michaela. I think the “rational” part of us that wants the “concrete plan” may not be the part where the love springs from.
    I just spoke with a client about how the head can sometimes get in the way of choosing our path. It wants to rationalize, justify, make sense of it all logically – where the path the heart leads us often makes no “sense” at all!
    Setting an intention to let it find you, and then listening for the nudgings we get – and FOLLOWING them – no matter how much sense they do or don’t make – that’s the “how to” in my opinion.
    I’d love to hear others on this one, too!

  • Michaela says:

    Thanks for sharing that article, Jeannette. I really like the analogy Lisa uses and resonate with what she writes. I just wish she had included a “how to”. How to find your perfect fit – or rather, to speak in Lisa’s words: How to let it find you? 🙂 Just like falling in love, I think, this probably can’t be forced and it can’t be created by following a rational, concrete plan – right?

  • “B-DUEs” – I love it, Anna!

    Nice perspective you share here, regarding the beauty and necessity – and even illusion – of polarity.

    The bunnies aren’t eating your grass?! MASTER manifesting!! lol

  • Anna says:

    I have always found it odd that people (accepted “norm” of general society) need to be informed, reminded or convinced of this truth. Even more mind-boggling is that they intentionally dedicate so much time and energy to pursuing that path which they do NOT desire, simply because it is deemed acceptable, achievable, appropriate, proper…
    Frankly, it doesn’t make sense that a loving God (Universe) would have our purpose be to seek out that which is NOT wanted, NOT desired, NOT liked – and do it, year after year, until we have paid enough B-DUE’s (Beautiful Dollars of Universal Energy) that they decide we don’t have to do it anymore, at which point we can then pursue our REAL desires – with a gold watch, if we’re lucky.
    (ie. To be a writer, go to school to be a teacher, get a job, and start writing as a hobby.)
    Doesn’t make sense. Not satisfying, let alone joyfully blissful. Never has been, never will be. Thank You Lisa for putting it in writing, and Jeannette for expanding the audience!
    Always, my innate perspective has been from/of spiritual, with ever-present science-mind. The unfortunate aspect is not necessarily that one truth has been split into two; rather that the split parts have been pitted opposite each other, when in reality, they are one and the same, different perspectives. Each supports/proves the other.
    In this respect, I concur completely with Jeannette’s Dad when he said “Everything is spiritual.” (another post, I know, yet always on my mind – I Love It!)
    Back on point: One cannot exist without the other, I say, if one intends to enjoy all thirds of one’s day!
    Admiring the young, tender baby grass I seeded this year that the rabbits are Staying Away from,

  • Iyabo, when you were in love, what outrageous things did you do?
    I’m having fun thinking about the crazy things I did – and continue to do – while in love. I’d been conversing with Russ for several weeks online before we actually met. When we finally did meet for a movie, I actually followed his instructions to park in his garage. Any girl who knows online dating safety knows you leave your car somewhere where the police will find it for clues to your disappearance, right? I laughed at his ridiculousness of even SUGGESTING I park in his garage, and continued to laugh as I followed his suggestion.
    Parking in his garage – that was outrageous. And it said a lot to me about how much I already trusted this guy I don’t even “know.”
    Russ just called while I was typing this, so I asked what outrageous thing he did in love. He didn’t miss a beat: “move in with her eleven animals.” His count is high, but it till made me laugh.
    When first falling in love with my business, I did outrageous things like putting $6 grand on a credit card for mentor coaching with Jeanna Gabellini, and charged another $6k on coach training with Martha Beck.
    I slipped out of my office during my day job to go register my company name at the State Commerce Dept. I gleefully stayed up till one in the morning writing website content. I quit my job without any coaching income or encouragement from family and friends (my ex-beau and best friend the outstanding exception).
    Whether for business or romance, I guess I just did stuff I never thought I’d do, had never done before, and stuff I felt strongly inspired or called toward.
    You’ll hear it … actually, I think you already are. You just might not be recognizing it as such …

  • Iyabo says:

    Jeanette, this was so good that I posted it on my blog also. How cool. I did not notice she signed off with an exclaimation point but you are right, she is our kind of girl.
    Great article. I am in love with what I do. The Chemistry is there and the constant preoccupation is there. Willingness to do the Outrageous? I do not know. I gues I do not know what to do that is outrageous.
    I am sure it will come to me.

  • Amen to that, Jeanne!!

  • JEANNE says:

    Great post. It’s so true… they always say that in order to find real success you should do something you love. It’s so much easier to invest the time and effort required for success if what you’re doing makes you happy.

  • I think Lisa deserves the kudos on this post, Teena, but I appreciate your sentiments! lol

    Thank you!

    PS – nice to see you here! 🙂

  • Teena Mason says:

    This article is SO helpful, just like YOU….
    Has anyone told you lately that you really ROCK? I am pretty sure they have, but I will be the 1,000th person to tell you so! Jeannette, YOU ROCK! Love you bunches, Teena

  • Yes, I’m making the first comment on this article by Lisa.
    I couldn’t help but say anyone who signs off with an exclamation point after her name is my kind of girl! lol

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