THE Manifesting Exercise

Y’all know I’m a superfan of pray rain journaling. It’s what I use when it really counts.

And many could argue that visualizing is the most effective way to give Universe new instructions for our reality.

And how about acting as if it’s already done? That’s a big vibration to send!

But I’m going to suggest there is another way to get our vibe in alignment with what we want better than any other …

… that is to Amp It Up.

This one’s from Abraham – I don’t know what they call it, but I call it Amp It Up.

It’s a written exercise and has three parts:

  1. write down on the top of a page what you want
  2. underneath that list the reasons why you want it
  3. on the other side of the page list the reasons why you believe you can have it.

That’s it.

It doesn’t matter how many reasons you list. (You’re supposed to stop as soon as you find yourself stretching to think of another reason.)

Those are the two key elements to successful manifesting.

When we have strong desire and strong belief in place we are unstoppable. The alignment to what we want is so strong that it has to happen.

So maybe give your latest manifesting project a boost by putting pen to paper about what you want, why you want it, and why you believe you can have it.

It’ll do good things for your vibration!

Side note for those who think they don’t have anything for the “belief” list … at the top of every one of my lists goes this item:

“I know how the system works, and I’m working it right now.” (Just by doing this exercise.)

That’s reason enough to believe that my desire will manifest.

Once I have my list written out, I usually keep it on my desk to re-read a couple more times throughout the week, although sometimes it feels even more aligning to re-write it from scratch.

Play with it yourself as inspired. 🙂

Have fun with it and keep me posted of your success!

  • March 9, 2017
  • Ami says:

    Just did this, and I am feeling fine! This is fun! Thank you for sharing the “Amp it up technique”!! Will use it regularly!

  • Davida says:

    Really like this and will do it today. journaling on an almost daily bases is part of my manifesting speaking things into being too. Thank you Jeannette for this great suggestion.

  • sheila says:

    OMG, I did this two days ago (my house has been on the market for a month with good activity but I am itching to sell). I got a good offer the next day!! We countered, they accepted, my house is sold ! WOW WOW Thank yo for sharing all these tips! (was it coincidence? Who knows, but I will keep up with this practice!) thanks again!! 🙂

    • Sal says:

      That’s AMAZING, Sheila! I want to do the same with selling my business! I just wrote a massive list just now and I know this is going to work for me too 🙂
      Thanks, Jeannette for sharing. S x

  • Master Manifester says:

    Perfect little fun exercise Jeannette that packs a BIG punch! Love it! Used it already for more than one thing on my list of what I call: “Totally awesome delicious life experiences I am having.”

  • Antonia says:

    Doing this with the house sale… Thank you Jeannette. I pray rain scrapbook-journal every single day.

  • Antonia says:

    Doing this with the house sale… Thank you Jeannette. I pray rain scrapbook-journal every single day.

  • Mrs. says:

    I’ve done this for my current home and it worked. I done it when I had problems with my ex bf and it worked only because I had my neighbour Philip come into my home while I was at the gym and read it then only to tell my ex bf.
    So now I will write that I people no longer come into my home to spike my beer with anti depressants and steal/damage my things when I am not in. I hope they remove the cams/mic’s and spyrix that they set up too as I am not stupid. Should this tormenting continue they will get something nice for the rest of their lives at my own expense.

  • Sharron says:

    I can manifest “Things”. I have no problems with this. My problem is manifesting the people I need to fill the seats to my seminar business and to manifest sales of my ebooks in abundance. I market offline at networking events where my targeted audience go to, but I’m like invisible to them.

    • Jeannette says:

      ok, that’s the exact opposite of what you want to do with this exercise, Sharron. lol
      Instead of affirming invisibility, it’ll serve you to remember what you want, why you want it, and why you believe you can have it. Give it a shot, and I’ll think you’ll find you’ve got a whole new vibe flowing afterward. 🙂
      PS – I’m delighted to be connected with you on facebook now! 🙂

  • Alycen says:

    I am working on my personal power and I want $1000. I really want to believe that I will get it. If I do, I will know that I can do anything!

  • Lissette says:

    Thank you for posting this Jeannette! This was a very powerful and enlightening exercise. Looking forward to re-reading my answers during my morning practice.

  • Amina says:

    Love this, Jeannette! Very similar to what we are talking about at Adventures with Amina. Looking at the One Command by Asra Lovejoy about how to command what you want by knowing who you are and amping up your vibe to see how what you want benefits you, the ones you love, and the entire Universe! So excited to do this exercise!!

  • Laura Lynn says:

    You are amazing! Thanks for this Amp It Up exercise!
    I have created HUGE contrast that is FILLING the vortex with my desires for moving nearer my mom, passive income – three times my current income, time flexibility, and FUN! is that too much to ask?
    Do I need to break them into separate desires? In my mind, they are interrelated.
    I don’t mean to make this more difficult than it is! My mind just overworks things!

    • Jeannette says:

      It is not too much to ask, Laura Lynn. Plenty of people are already proving how do-able this is! (I always use that one when I can, when I can see that others have already created it, it makes it easier for me to believe in for myself.)
      If I were you, I’d practice feeling easier and start tuning into my higher guidance for instruction on this one. It won’t fail you when you take the time to listen and then honor whatever guidance you get. 🙂

  • 1stClassTam says:

    1. A 120-minute full-body Swedish massage at a high-quality spa with a very handsome and qualified masseuse with gifted hands during my semester break next week.
    2. To work out the tightness in my lower back (and body overall). To experience and enjoy the gift of physical touch. To be pampered. To relax and rest. To luxuriate.
    3. I know how the system works and I’m working it right now. My vibrational frequency aligns with rest, relaxation, love, feeling good, and luxury. I have what I focus on and I am focusing on being pampered.

    • Jeannette says:

      ok, on my list of reasons to believe might go this as well:
      There are people who offer this service already.
      There are people RECEIVING this service all over the country RIGHT NOW. (It’s already happening for lots of folks!)
      There are people who would love to offer this service to me.
      I could be one of those people.

  • 1stClassTam says:

    I’d appreciate guidance on step 3: “reasons why you believe you can have it.” “Can” usually refers to ability while “May” usually refers to permission. Maybe I’m wrestling with the word “believe” which may be my form of resistance in relation to “deserve”. I know the Universe CAN do it so I recognize my role in this. For the record, I’m good on generating the list of reasons why I want said thing.
    PS: I just reread and saw Jeannette’s point: “Side note for those who think they don’t have anything for the “belief” list … at the top of every one of my lists goes this item: “I know how the system works, and I’m working it right now.” (Just by doing this exercise.)”
    Maybe that’s the only thing I should write on my “beliefs” list?

    • Jeannette says:

      You know what I find, 1stClssTam? That almost every time I re-read the list, I think of another reason to believe.
      So yes, by all means, start with whatever you’ve got, but don’t be surprised if the list grows as you continue working with it. 🙂

  • Stephen says:

    My first entry on the beliefs list is, “Because I always get what I want.”

    • Laura Lynn says:

      I love your first entry… I just don’t know that I would believe it for myself if I wrote it! Thanks for sharing! I wonder if “I always get what I want” should be on page 1?

  • Ming says:

    OH WOW. The other side of the page was SO freaking powerful . I had no idea.
    now THAT was fun.
    I just might need to do this again.

  • Joyce Ann says:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing, I think this is going to be part of my journaling practice now. 😊

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