The Manifesting Experiment

The Manifesting ExperimentWhat’s your best process for manifesting what you want?

We talked different ways to leverage law of attraction over here last month.

Have you experimented with different approaches to discover your favorite LOA routine?

Maybe it’s to …

  • Write it down. (Once or make a daily list?)
  • Speak it out loud. (One time or repeated affirmations?)
  • Think a little thought and let it go – or make it your single-minded focus?
  • Keep it to yourself – or declare it to others?
  • Use deadlines or keep it open?
  • Get specific with details or to let Universe fill those in?
  • Include manifesting aids like crystals, vision boards, mind movies, etc. or keep it simple?

There isn’t one right answer for all of us, all the time.

What works brilliantly for your friend may leave you scratching your head wondering why nothing’s happening.

Don’t let that get you discouraged about your creative powers, though. It just means your best process for achieving alignment may be different.

If you haven’t ever experimented with different manifesting approaches, now is a great time to get clear about your most effective formula.

You can engage your own customized LOA experiment to discover your best path to alignment.

I was reminded of this when Pam Grout invited E Squared readers to prove the existence of the Field of Infinite Potential by intending to receive an unusual blessing or gift of some sort within 48 hours.

I set an intention and noted the day and time it should be here by. My 48 hours came and went without any clear signs. (Does this dirty penny in the street count? Could it be that compliment someone emailed?) Well, if it wasn’t obvious, it doesn’t count, I decided.

Exactly one week later I was surprised to find a bouquet of flowers in my hair one afternoon.

Okay, that counts! (Surprise flowers in my hair?! You’re very cool, Universe!)

Was it a failure that it happened well after the 48 hour deadline? To me it was a sign that my best manifesting process doesn’t include time frames!

I remembered when I used to give my angels a written “to do” list each month. Invariably many of the items on the list would appear the following month. That used to frustrate me, but I learned to relax about the timing and that seemed to allow things to happen faster.

Which tells me I’m better off not engaging deadlines for my dreams and goals. For some of my clients, though, the magic doesn’t happen until they pick a date.

Another example of how different our best processes can be …

My business partner was on fire for drawing in perfect clients with a new process she engaged. Once she started this practice, everywhere we turned there was another fabulous new client! I thought I’d follow her lead to turn up the juice even more …

Her twice daily routine included ten minutes of EFT, ten minutes of affirmations, followed by ten minutes of visualizing. But when I copied her process, which felt like a lot of freakin’ work, new signups came to a sudden and obvious halt.

That told me things work best (for me) when I don’t try too hard, whereas she does much better when she gets serious and committed to a routine.

At the GVU monthly LOA treasure hunt I’ve learned manifestations appear more easily when the item has some sort of emotional significance for me.

What do you know about your own best manifesting process?

If you’re willing to play to discover it, you could pick 5 things of relatively equal believability value and engage a different manifesting approach for each one.

Results will reveal which approach serves you best. You can repeat the experiment for as many processes as you choose to test.

Or maybe you already know from past experience what sort of routine serves you best. (You can find lists of manifesting approaches here and here.)

Either way, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned from your LOA experiments!

  • April 19, 2014
  • Mrs. C says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I have read all and agree with every single comment. I don a combo of writing a list, affirmations, talking action, acting as if and gratitude but I must have FUN with it all and detach. I have tried all the others also but it just feels like school home work.
    I have to be careful not to see all synchronicities “as the one” or “as it” because they could be just a little taster of what is to come. e.g if I wrote in my journal hubby and I had a wonderful breakfast this morning with the neighbours. Then when I went to beach last week I saw a man who looked like a rough version on my future hubby is keen to talk to me while I was having my breakfast.
    I freaked out a little LOL as he was not my type but I knew there was something about him hmmm.
    Then a few weeks back someone known contacted me out of the blue who is like my future husband down to the hair, country of origin, loves animals, good food, art …the list goes on. I freaked out all in a very nice way.
    I know something is working. The reason why some of my things have not manifested as yet is because I was not in the right feeling vibe place. Over the last month or so I was around very negative people, talk etc. and had my own negative cloud of feeling stuck. I had to cut away from that as I knew nothing would manifest for me at all. This is imperative for me.
    I am also very grateful for all the above links posted and the youtube link made me notice how many years I have really let my manifestation workings grind to a halt. Not any more as I am working on being in alignment as from this very second.
    The tip some may find useful with detachment is to think and feel “what if there is something better” on it’s way to you? When I think that I say “really, you mean wow” then I get even more excited and say yeah! I can have that. With fun confident feeling. I have been attached to 3 major things and I can’t take anymore action and I have to accept that I will get them but it may very well come from another area of my life.
    I feel detached when I act as if because there is no fear but I just have to act as if 24/7. Some times, well most of the time I find myself slipping back unless it’s something that I feel angry about or disagree with.
    I notice with myself that when I am still attached I am still thinking at the back of my head “how” it’s all going to happen. Even if I know that is none of my business if I still think how, it will take ages or never happen at all.
    Also it will never happen the way I think it will happen anyway.
    Also the other day I done a new moon ritual and had synchronicities two hours after, this is still in the works.
    I’ve done full moon rituals before but nothing happened. All I do for both rituals is light a white candle, with another colour e.g green for money, oil the green candle, make my request to the moon, universe etc. and that is it.
    Love to hear your thoughts.

  • Ha! I’d say you have a HUGE head start on life, James! woo hoo!!

  • James says:

    Thank you. I’m only 16 so I have plenty of time to learn the art of letting go.

  • What a cool strategy, James – and nice job in doing the manifesting dance of focusing and letting go. That can be tricky sometimes, so yay for that!

  • James says:

    I’m not really experienced with this, but I think that if I do a visualization for money while FEELING it once a day and I keep my mind as far away from it as possible it will come pretty quickly(like I tried manifesting 5 dollars, instead later that morning, I got one hundred!)

  • My heart goes out to you, my friend.
    What I hear you asking for is clarity. That might be a good intention to set – to become clear about what serves you best, and what you really want.
    In fact, here are a couple of scripts that might help clear confusion and aid clarity:
    It’s a matter of finding a way to feel now how you want to feel then. When you get there, however you get there, good things start happening!
    Wishing you all the best!

  • LG says:

    Thank you so much for your help I downloaded all your books and I am so grateful for your help. I have a really strange question. I know to be able to move on and let go one must forgive. And to manifest the relationship to get better one must also feel good about the person and the relationship. I started a forgiving journal today and it just came to me because even though in my head I would go over all the things I want to forgive my bf for it was hard to keep track! So I took a journal and I started writing it something like this: I forgive my bf for hurting me. I forgive him for not calling me. I forgive him for not being attentive a few days ago.. So on and so forth. You get my drift?! Now my question is that since I have a pray rain journal in which I am writing that: I am so happy that my bf calls me all the time and he doesn’t hurt me.. And he is so attentive all the time.. So on basically the opposite of the reality. So my question is: Since in one journal I’m saying he didn’t call even though I forgive him and then in the other I’m saying he calls me all the time. Would my forgive journal cancel my thoughts in my pray rain journal since in my forgive journal I have listed all the things he did that hurt me! All the so called negative things or characteristics. Yes I’m forgiving him but would writing them down like this cause harm to my manifestations. All the negative things he has done in one journal is a lot of words thoughts and energy. Yes if forgiveness I understand but still.. also I have a gratitude journal in which I write how I am so grateful for having him in my life and for our relationship even though our relationship is on a break! I probably sound like a dork right now! But it would give me real clarity and help me manifest my relationship faster if I was clear about these things! Since I feel like if I don’t know I might be blocking things from happening!! Thanks a lot!

  • It’s interesting, isn’t it, Nneka, that we have different processes for different desires? Some things are easy for me to align with and don’t require much work to get there – other things call for a little more focus to line up.
    Being aware of the energy that’s flowing is pretty helpful in knowing how to best manifest the dreams, desires and goals.
    LG, as long as the details feel good to tune into, you’re on the right track! Some find that the more detailed it is, the better it feels. Others find that getting too specific activates doubt or disbelief. Just pay attention to what feels best to you and go with that.
    For me personally, using deadlines seems to kink things up. I’ve found from experience that I do much better without deadlines, but others have the exact opposite experience.
    And yes, I think you’re okay to let the second journal go and focus on the first. I’m sending good thoughts your way for your dreams come true!
    Thanks to you both for posting here. 🙂

  • LG says:

    Hi. I’m new to this and I have tried many manifestation techniques and got frustrated easily. The only thing I kept doing was a gratitude journal and my life just took off and then I stopped and well you know what happened next. Things went from bad to worse. So it’s a bit scary. I recently started a pray rain journal and I absolutely love and look forward to writing in it. However I have a few questions that I feel are blocking my manifestations. Firstly, I seem to write really long entries and get in too much detail. Is that okay?! Or keeping it short will do the trick too? Another and more important one is that is it okay to write and give specific details and dates?! Like for instance if I write I am so happy that on my 23rd birthday i got the best present of my life and i found my dream job. Especially if my birthday is perhaps just two weeks away. Or say something like I woke up so happy today and I am so blessed to be living in this perfect dream house. I still remember the day it all happened when the landlord called me and said my application had been approved. I got the call early morning end of May. Especially when end of May is not far and there is no sign of anything like that happening. Basically what I am trying to ask is. Is it okay to be so clear and precise about dates and time? Should I let the universe decide the time for me or is it okay for me to place that order with the universe about what I want when?!
    Also I accidentally started two journals about the same thing. I copied the entires in my first journal so is it okay if I delete the second one or would that cause a blockage?!

  • Very cool post Jeannette:-) It got me thinking. Things that I have no real attachment to like parking spaces, I can manifest with a declaration. Specifically, for parking I say, “This parking lot has many spaces, I’d like one of them.”
    Outside of things like that, I haven’t really been much of an “intender”. I have goals, visions. I manage my alignment and vibe. I take inspired action, but I’ve not really said anything like “I intend to manifest a full coaching practice.” It seems to through me off into the bushes.
    I feel like LOA IS my life. It’s not something that I use. Unless, of course, I want a parking space 😉
    I’m getting that there’s a lot more to this. I want to kick up my manifesting game. Hmmm…

  • You’ve got several of my favorite elements mixed in there, Vania! I’m a huge fan of writing, especially as a “done deal.” Inspired action and detachment guarantee the magic.
    So yes – tips on letting go … we’ve got a couple posts on how to release attachment, let go, lighten up and others on our “how to” series. You’ll see the full list here:
    But if you have other questions, please do post because it’s an important skill to get a handle on! 🙂

  • Vania says:

    There are so many amazing LOA processes that can help you manifest whatever you want; my personal favorite-and I admit it is really nothing new and kind of old-fashioned 🙂 is getting super clear on what I want, writing it down as if it has already happened, and then taking small (or large-whatever feels good!) inspired actions on a regular basis. I’ll admit detachment has continued to be the hardest part of manifesting anything I want-because let’s face it I want it NOW! Lol- but of course once I’m able to do it the results are nothing short of amazing. I would love to hear some effective ways on how to detach and allow rather than be too focused too much on my desires 🙂

  • Moonsparkle says:

    D/C Russ, I enjoyed reading your story about the feather. I agree that detaching can help a lot with manifesting.
    Your site looks interesting. 🙂 I like the idea of the quests.

  • Sabeen, I love that you distract yourself to completely forget about it and relax. 🙂

  • Sabeen and D/C Russ, I think you guys are right about the importance of letting go. That’s a step I could use some improvement on myself.
    Thanks for your contributions!

  • Sabeen says:

    I’ve experimented informally with LOA before to see if/how it works, but I’m going to take you up on your suggestion (plus I just read Pam Grout’s E-Squared) and do a more diligent experiment. For me, the only thing that has ever consistently worked for me for invoking LOA manifesting results is the following:
    1. Clearly state my intention/desire (either verbally to the Universe, or in writing).
    2. Distract myself/forget about it completely and relax.
    It is only in moments when I am completely not thinking about my desire(literally have forgotten about the request) and am doing something relaxing/enjoyable, that the manifestation pops. I have so many amazing examples of when this has occurred, and again, it has only ever occurred at a time when I have completely put the desire out of my mind.
    I’ll experiment around with this a bit more and report any results!

  • D/C Russ says:

    Yes, indeed detachment is key. I did a manifestation experiment that ended up being a huge success because of how I was able to detach.
    I explain the whole thing exactly how I did it. If you want to read it, you can find the experiment on my website.

  • Jessica says:

    The link Jeanette provided called “details” is a video that totally blew me away. I highly recommend it. Here it is again:

  • Yay for the power of lists, Moonsparkle! Sounds like you’re having a ton of fun with that!
    It may be time for me to pick that up again, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Moonsparkle says:

    Sorry,I posted a link to the wrong blog when I commented above! (It’s not mine but has a similar address). Never mind, lol.

  • Moonsparkle says:

    I’ve had success with lists. A few years ago (I think 2009) I wrote a Life List (or Bucket List) and one of the items on it was “Try root beer”. I didn’t expect to try it anytime soon because I live in the UK and I didn’t think it was available here. But a few days after writing it someone wrote on Facebook that she’d got root beer and she’d bought it from a shop near me, so I got to try it a lot sooner than I’d thought!
    More recently I decided that I wanted to manifest seeing yellow Minis because Minis are my favourite car and I decided to pick yellow ones because I didn’t see them very often. Within a few hours of writing it on a list of things I wanted to manifest I’d seen one and I went through a phase of seeing quite a lot, sometimes 2 or 3 a day. It’s trailed off a bit now but I still see them.
    Sometimes I mention films and they come on TV. Once I said that if the Law of Attraction was real, then I wanted a certain film to come on in the next couple of days. It didn’t happen in the next two days but a few days later it did come on!
    Also I’ve had questions answered, when I’ve just randomly wondered about something. For example last year I wondered if the gothic metal band Lacuna Coil had a video for their song End Of Time because I wanted to put it on my blog and then when I checked my email later that day, I had an email from YouTube and the End Of Time video was one of my recommendations!
    So I’d say I’ve had the most success with lists/writing things down. I have a Vision Pad as well (a pad of paper rather than a board)and I manifested an iPod, PS3 and BlackBerry from there but they’re physical things that you can buy, so it didn’t seem as much of a “manifestation”. Still, I wanted a coloured BlackBerry (not just black or white) and I also wanted to get one on the Vodafone network and I ended up getting a violet one on Vodafone recently, although I couldn’t find many when I was looking. It was a good price too.
    I tried the Pam Grout experiment. I counted my blessing as finding a small amount of money when I wanted to buy something. I was a bit disappointed to be honest but it did seem to work. I tried it a second time and it didn’t work at all, maybe because I thought it wouldn’t work twice.
    I like reading about different manifesting processes. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend. 🙂

  • Nancy, I love what you said:
    “We are constantly growing, conscious beings, so it makes sense that our deliberate creation tools would grow along with us.”
    That feels really powerful to remember and to honor! And here’s to customizing our own process lists.

  • What have I learned from my 33+ years of LOA experiments: inspired action rules, baby!
    While I started out teaching people about affirmations, because of the AffirmingSpirit Blank Affirmation Cards I created, I don’t even use affirmations 100% of the time myself. Following what I feel inspired to do work best…and sometimes that means taking a nap! Or meditating. Or visualizing. Or EFT. Or a combo. My current favorite is to slip into Easy World. 😉
    We are constantly growing, conscious beings, so it makes sense that our deliberate creation tools would grow along with us. It also makes sense that our moment-to-moment best tool would be the one that vibrationally matches our next-best-feeling.
    Abe’s list of “Processes” (Part II, Ask & It Is Given) which you choose based on your current vibration is a great example of finding that vibrational fit. I think it’s time I augment that list with some processes of my own. 🙂
    Many blessings,

  • You’re right about that, Jesann. As soon as it feels “heavy” instead of fun, we’ve lost the thread.
    Good thing for us all to remember as we engage whatever process or routine that’s on our plate for the day.
    Anonymous, what great tips! Thanks for sharing them with us. (I’m especially impressed with returned kitty manifestations!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Pray rain scripting is my usual go to, some of the best have just been in my head and only half a thought about them…I ordered a man as you do when a few manifestations have happened you wonder if ok you can do that…I got the man I was so specific it was uncanny when he appeared right down to his unusual name…one thing I had forgotten was to ask for him to be emotionally available hmm back to the drawing board…this was just a in my head request with a demanding fed up attitude I literally told the universe deliver or else lol and deliver it did, I was very doubtful at the time it would happen but it did happen, mind you this took a little while to happen, was a bit of sifting and shifting about myself before it could come…
    My fav technique ATM been playing with is bed post manifesting…my cat kit went missing for a couple of days I was distraught so put a notice on my bedpost kit happily snuggled up next to me, guess where he is right now? The note was only on the post for a night 🙂
    When fears come up I play this game what’s the worst can happen and imagine it in its gory detail, then I imagine what’s the best that can happen, this is great for those times where you just can’t shake the fear, shows you which end of the stick your holding…
    I also do a balloon visualisation when I’m having trouble letting go of the outcome, I visualise the situation or problem being put into a coloured balloon, say green for health or money, pink for love that sort of thing, then picture it floating off into the horizon for the universe to sort out…
    Focus wheel I use less often but still a good one…good when your in a bit of a funk 🙂
    When it all seems a bit much easy world mantra as well as remembering I am a slacker extraordinaire 😉

  • Jesann says:

    “which felt like a lot of freakin’ work, new signups came to a sudden and obvious halt.”
    Oh, geez, this. I had a routine where I would say some affirmations and try to visualize them, followed by writing one affirmation 15 times and then spending 10 minutes or so feeling and speaking as if the affirmation were true. Too much, too much! After literally six restarts of that — each of which saw the amount of work I had to do shrink — I’m now reconsidering which parts of it I really need. I’d see some positive results the first couple of days, but then each day after that I’d end up procrastinating, and the good results would dwindle.
    So that’s one thing that I know works — it must feel easy to me. The minute it gets into spending lots of time doing what feels like homework, forget it.

  • Holy hannah, Evan! How cool is that?! No matter WHAT you play with, it works!!! rofl
    (I’m laughing at the idea of you getting really steamed at Universe! lol)
    I’m a mixer-upper myself, so I especially appreciated your post. Thank you, my friend!

  • Jeannette —
    I like mixing up the ways I go about creating in my life: writing it down, speaking it out loud, having fantasy conversations with my wife or a friend, visualizing. even doing a little ritual sometimes. Sometimes all of them.
    But what I didn’t expect was for anger to draw the things I sought.
    Twice in the last month while driving home I let loose — verbally, vehemently, angrily declaring I didn’t accept the situation we were in. For five or more minutes! I didn’t know I had it in me! I’m a go-with-the-flow guy . . .
    Construction next door to our art gallery had seriously hurt our sales during the best time of year. And I was pissed! We’d survived the Great Recession for this crap?! I let loose.
    I was shouting: “I don’t accept this!” Over and over. And then I started shouting, “I only accept success. Now.”
    I got very specific, detailing exactly what I accepted and didn’t accept. All in blistering language.
    Thank God for how well insulated modern vehicles are.
    The very next day we had a significant sale, one that saved the day. And then another and another and another — two weeks of awesomeness.
    When the third week went by in a lackluster way . . . I didn’t get quite as pissed, but I was equally firm. Speaking more levelly (in my car again)I began insisting on my expectations. “I INSIST on this. I INSIST on that . . . ”
    Damn if we didn’t just have another amazing week . . .

  • Good question, Laurie. I wonder if others here have noticed a difference in their manifesting results when they’re feeling under the weather?
    You’re right, girlfriend, that IS a skill to let go of “stuff” and live from two suitcases – woo hoo!
    And Christina – holy wow! Can’t wait to here what you “what if” into being next!! ha ha

  • Christina says:

    I love playing what if? I played what if with my husband about 8 weeks ago. I asked him, what if that place in Texas calls about the job and we get it and we move in 8 weeks? I got an email from the company the next day. We got the job and we’re leaving tomorrow. I like to play the games more than anything else. I also love getting letters from

  • Laurie says:

    I am definitely going to try this, but wonder about starting it when in a low vibration (with a heavy cold).
    I made a mind movie years back, which included “my many homes” and luxury accommodations. I ended up creating a job that required a lot of travel, first in plain housing, then a nice condo in Honolulu. As hubby and I were thinking about moving to Panama, I discovered house sitting, interspersed with adventure travel. One thing has led to another and I realized that I “have” many homes, though I have them for a short while. And, that the travel job prepared me for letting go of stuff and living out of two suitcases, among other skills.
    Some manifesting comes in stages for me,with a learning curve!
    Blessings, Laurie

  • I know what you mean about detachment, Nat!
    In fact, someone was telling me the other day that her best manifestations have been the ones she didn’t really believe would happen. lol
    At any rate, yay for cool experiments! 🙂

  • Similar to you Jeannette, not every technique works for me. Anything that feels like a lot of work to me, that I have to do over and over again, never works. The simpler the better for me. Detachment is also very important. Recently I intended that I wanted to see owls then I forgot about it until I started to see owls… pictures of them, stuffed ones, on tv, etc. I realized after seeing all of these that I didn’t specify that I wanted to see living ones or perhaps I didn’t fully believe that I would see a living one. But it was a cool experiment nevertheless.

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