The Only Manifesting Skill You Need

The Only Manifesting Skill You NeedWhat’s the most powerful manifesting skill out there, that by its very own self can transform your experience of life?

It might not be what you think …

Yes, it’s helpful to be able to script like a pro, to engage a rich visualization, and to affirm our desired reality like it’s a done deal.

And who can deny the power of ignoring a dream-stopping reality, answering the call of inspiration, and releasing resistance on a dime?

These are among many highly touted elements in our manifesting playbook.

But there’s one skill that outdoes all the rest when it comes to consciously creating reality …

… one habit that makes all the difference to your manifesting success and can guarantee you a happily-ever-after.

That skill is Appreciation.

  • Being able to see things as Source sees it.
  • Sifting through perspectives to find the one that feels best.
  • Flowing the highest emotion on the vibrational scale, ranking right up there at the top with love and joy.

It’s why gratitude journals are so popular even amongst muggles and why so many spiritual teachers suggest drifting to sleep while listing things we’re thankful for.

When we tune to appreciation, we become a frequency match to everything we desire.

And that’s all it takes to let the good stuff in. Since like attracts like, when you feel now how you would feel then (because when you get what you want you’ll be fabulously thankful, right?), you become a manifesting wizard.

Listen to Jerry Hicks on the subject:

I’m always looking for something that makes me feel good …

And so the things, the many wonderful things that have come to me in my lifetime have always come because of something I have appreciated. Everything really huge and big is just something I appreciated and suddenly it’s now part of my life …

Abe: You’ve already through life put it into your Vortex. And in your quest and finding of appreciation, you align with it. And then it shows itself to you. (Abraham-Hicks, Denver, September 2010)

Yes, it’s nice to be able to build a beautiful vision board and to pre-pave events in advance.

And who doesn’t love acting as if their goal is already achieved?

But if all you ever did was hone your skills of appreciation, you’d find your way to a lifelong string of amazing successes and happy unfoldings.

If you’d like tips on how to become a better Appreciator, check out this post.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your suggestions on how to become a powerful agent of appreciation. Thanks in advance for sharing!

  • April 7, 2015
  • Sandeep says:

    Nice to know that you are God-blessed Susann.
    My gratitude to Universe that we are all here together at a benevolent place.
    Love and regards

  • Jeannette says:

    That’s a wonderful vibration you’ve got activated, Susann! I got a little buzz of it myself after reading your delightful post!
    Thanks for that. 🙂

  • Susann says:

    Well, that wasn’t Anonymous at all — that was ME babbling on about my “Gifts from the Universe” list above. Sorry!

  • Anonymous says:

    For the past year, I’ve added a step to my gratitude practice, and the results have been wonderful. I’ve kept a daily gratitude list in my (electronic) planner for years and mostly have fun with it. But, like most of us, I occasionally hit a dry spell and feel as though I’m going through the motions rather than genuinely “feeling the feeling”. Then I added a step: every day, I make a list of the “gifts” I’ve received that day: they vary from the big (a large & unexpected tax refund) to the tiny (found a quarter!).
    Usually they’re tangible things: a pile of magazines from my neighbour, produce from a friend’s garden, a dozen eggs from another friend whose chickens went a little crazy that week. Sometimes they’re intangible: a new friend, information I needed arriving at the perfect time, some “serendipitous” coming together of events that benefits me in some way. Yesterday, for instance, a street-repair detour took me down a street I’ve never even seen before where a big garage sale was in progress. I checked it out & found the perfect blender — for $6 — to replace my old one which stopped working last week. How perfect is that?
    Because my planner is electronic, I had no lasting list of these gifts. Going through past entries always amazed me, because there were tons of things I’d gotten for free that I’d forgotten. So now I collect them all in a single list for the month and print them out & put it in my journal. And wow! I’m always blown away at how the Universe showers me with free stuff. It really gives my gratitude button a huge buzz. And I wake up every morning now as excited as a five-year-old, wondering what wonderful gift I’m going to get that day — in fact I usually ask the Universe out loud what it has in store for me & always add: I don’t know what today’s present is going to be, but I know it’s going to be wonderful! And it almost always is.

  • Jeannette says:

    That’s a superpower, Nneka, to be able to appreciate the contrast! You rock!

  • Awww yeah! Things shift so fast when I remember to bless and multiply (appreciate) all that is around me. Even the contrast.
    Yesterday, I had a ‘fight’ with a friend. After I decided that I wanted to feel good more than I wanted to feel hurt or angry, I spotted the opportunity. It was just contrast. It clarified what I wanted. And I thanked him GENUINELY for the conflict. SO COOL!

  • Jeannette says:

    That’s a beautiful quote, Sol. Thanks for chiming in on this one!
    And Sandeep, I appreciate your appreciation. 🙂
    Thanks to you both!

  • Sandeep says:

    Well, my first thought of appreciation is headed right toward Dear Jeannette for sharing miraculous words and events.
    True, Appreciation is much more liked by fellow humans than criticism, isn’t it? It is so sweet to listen to words of appreciation from our family members, relatives, friends, and people not known to us. Through appreciation, there is beautiful, unifying energy that flows between the appreciator and the recipient. This positive energy has to overcome the negative attributes, namely, ego, arrogance, shyness, and hesitation. Since most of us are obsessed with ego, arrogance, shyness, and hesitation most of the time, we can neither truly appreciate somebody wholeheartedly nor receive appreciation fully.
    How nice of sweet Jeannette to express and share these hidden truths with me and other fellows here! I feel like calling her Angel Jeannette.
    So one simple word of appreciation for Angel Jeannette here: Thanks.
    Love and regards

  • Sol says:

    Gratitude is a very pure energy, I’ve found.
    It’s definitely one of the easier “skills” around, but then again, it’s subjective. I use it often in conjunction with praying.
    It’s nice, because we’re all trying to build our home in this world, our walden, somewhere to feel safe. And appreciation of the tools we have and what we experience around us gives us perception to do that in each of our own ways.
    “I do not wish to evade the world, yet I will forever build my own.”

  • Jeannette says:

    David, I can feel the relief you’re sharing in realizing “we are eternal beings complete in every way.” That feels good!

  • David says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Having been indoctrinated from early on that life is about performance, it has taken much effort to come out of that mindset and live free of it. I am so grateful for that process and the freedom it is bringing.
    Recently, Universe gave me a tremendous boost in that direction, encouraging me to step away from performing all the right attitudes in this visualization process and thereby somehow “earning” my desires if I do it all right. Simply put, Universe told me that as a created, eternal being there are certain things hardwired into my soul from the start. Chief of these is love, but right up there also is gratitude! Gratitude/appreciation is as natural a part of my being as physical breathing in this plain.
    Oh my…what a relief! All I have to do is cease my striving, working it up and realize that I am already there. All there is to do now is relax, allow, breathe and open my heart and allow IT to express the natural sentiments and emotions that are already there. So easy and so peaceful – and such a relief! I don’t need to work it up because it is already there.
    One more example of how Universe has everything covered and that we eternal beings are complete in every way, lacking nothing!
    I am so grateful for that – and YOU!

  • Jeannette says:

    Good point, Chris, about getting creative with ourselves to find something that is easy for us to appreciate. Great example you shared!
    Thanks, Aloha, for sending some appreciation this way!

  • Aloha says:

    You reminded me how much I appreciate this Blog!
    It is my ‘go to’ get in the feel good space.
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Hey Jeanette,
    I love the focus on appreciation. It’s easy for us to make things more complex than they are, but the more simple we make it, the more consistent our results tend to be. Provided we can sustain the belief that it’s “just that simple.”
    I’d like to add that sometimes appreciation is too far up the emotional scale for me to actively practice, and thus too much appreciation actually results in more resistant.
    If this happens, the best thing I’ve found is to start with things that are easy to appreciate. This sounds obvious, but most of the time, the consistent thoughts we have aren’t about the most easily appreciated things. So, when we try to appreciate them, we give out a conflicting vibration.
    I’m currently working on creating passive income streams – something I’ve struggled with in the past. Even using the term, “working on”, implies a bit of resistance. So, when I do an appreciation practice, this isn’t a subject that it’s good to start with.
    Instead, I think of things that are easy to appreciate. Cats, fluffy and sitting on my lap. An early morning sunrise. The beauty of nature in coastal California. My abundance of time off. The abundance of wonderful material about Law of Attraction on the web. How good it feels to write this. How good it feels to write. My favorite TV show, etc…
    These all prime the pump for an easy, flowing appreciation process. Then, when you’re really feeling it, try and see if you can shift your perspective on those recurring resistant thoughts. And if that doesn’t work, just relax into the fact that you don’t have to think about them in order for them to be solved.

  • Jeannette says:

    Gary, that is so true when Joshua said, “Some might argue that by focusing on what you already possess, you cannot get what you do not have.”
    I hear that fairly often from people who are reluctant to embrace “what is” out of fear that their true desire won’t come to fruition. Thanks for addressing that!

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeannete,
    This is from Joshua:
    Why Appreciation Works
    Your job is to tune yourself to what is wanted. In that tuning you find that you feel good. From the feeling-good place you find ease and you are able to allow all that you want to manifest into your physical reality. We call it your job because this is all the work you need to do. Find resonance with what is wanted by appreciating what exists now. This is the vibration of ease and allowing. This is the way you are able to manifest all that is good.
    Often people want to think positively, focus on things that are wanted, and to behave in a way that they believe aligns with their inner self. But in this there is struggle. They fight to keep their focus on “good” things while noticing the bad things that enter their thoughts and that does not feel good. They so want things to manifest that they begin to pay attention to what is missing and in that there is struggle. There is always two sides to the thought of what is wanted; the wanted thing and the lack of the wanted thing. This is why the wanted thing is not in your life now.
    In appreciation you are focused on what currently exists in your physical reality. By feeling good about something that you already have, you are tuned fully to the vibration of that wanted and appreciated thing. Since it already exists in your life, you cannot focus on lack and thus your vibration is purely in alignment with what you want.
    Some might argue that by focusing on what you already possess, you cannot get what you do not have. In some respects we understand this idea completely. But from a purely vibrational perspective, you are not yet skilled enough to keep your focus on the thing you do not have without noticing the lack of that thing. So we would say that appreciation is by far the best method of manifestation for most of you.
    We are Joshua

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