The Power of Perspective

wicked-witch.jpgOkay, we Law of Attraction savvy folks know our feelings dictate our creations.

Which is why it’s important to find our way to feelings that put us in closer vibrational range of what we want.

That’s when our goal manifests – when we line up with it vibrationally.

So managing our feelings is key to deliberate creation.

One of the most powerful ways to shift the feeling is to shift the perspective.  Which is what many of the LOA processes and exercises are designed to help us do – see things differently.

Right.  Well, I just read a book that’ll build your “new perspective” muscles to help you “see things differently” overnight!  It’s not a self-help book, but it sure gave me new abilities and inspiration for seeing things differently!

Wicked by Gregory Maguire is a fable told from the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West.  You know the original Wizard of Oz is relayed from Dorothy’s perspective, but looking at events from Elphaba’s (the witch’s “real” name) perspective is mind-blowing.

In Maguire’s version, our Witch isn’t the villain, but rather the unlikely heroine.  Dorothy is the unwelcome foreigner who endangers the entire political and economic landscape of Oz.

Talk about seeing things differently!

Ever since watching The Wizard of Oz as a kid I had nightmares about that green witch’s creepy cackle and her flying monkeys.  It was so traumatic I don’t even enjoy the movie to this day!

But after reading Wicked, I feel like the Witch’s new champion.  It was so easy to identify with her!

So I’m thinking if I can make THAT switch, I can make ANY perspective change.

Which I got to prove when I got out the measuring tape (forget the fickle scale, I decided), and learned I GAINED an inch and a half.  Holy hannah!

That’s a stinger, for sure.  But if Maguire can have me rooting for the Witch, I can turn this around too.

It took a minute, but I got to remembering a book that said when you’re regaining health, sometimes you gain weight before you can lose it.  So I started seeing that new inch and a half as a step in the healthier direction.

(I didn’t make that up.  From page 213 of the Schwarzbein Principle II: “If you begin your program with burned out adrenal glands, no matter if you are thin or overweight, you will probably gain some fat weight before you are primed to lose all your fat weight.  This is normal.  Feeling worse before you completely heal is also normal.”)

Okay, so more fat is good.  All righty then!  It took a couple tries to get on board with, but I’m feelin’ it now!

And how liberating it feels!  The Witch is the Hero!  An extra Inch and a Half is Progress!

Can you feel the advantage of being facile with your perspective changing abilities?  It’s incredibly helpful in finding the good vibe.

Like when my client thinks she’s down to her last $200 – hey, next we get to start spending other people’s money!  hee hee  Or my neighbor whose bedridden husband has to be hospitalized for two weeks – she appreciates someone else is changing his sheets for a while.  Or when I went to my brand new ex-fiance’s house to find out whether reconciliation was possible and found a GIRL in his bed, that was a crystal clear gift from

God, not a devastating blow to my ego and the relationship.

We all know how tricky it can be to see troublesome things in a more positive light.  I’d love to hear YOUR experiences in being able to find a better feeling perspective.

As you share your skills here, not only will you inspire others, but it’ll also strengthen your powers for future opportunities.  Thanks (in advance) for sharing!

  • June 23, 2008
  • I’ll be looking for you, girlfriend!

  • Kristy says:

    that above comment was me.. just forgot to put my name in 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Shes so strong in the musical as well. Its one of the greatest roles written for a female in today’s musical theatre 🙂 You will love the show.
    and I’ll definitley let you know when I get the role 🙂

  • I heard Wicked is coming to my town early next year, so I may sit tight here to catch it at home.
    What’s interesting to me, Kristy, is every time someone mentions Wicked they start talking about Glinda the Good Witch, and I’m like, are you kidding?! This is Elphaba’s gig!!
    So I’m glad to see you talking about Elphaba! She’s my … hmm, what is she? Hero? Inspiration? Wow, I’m not sure. I just know I love her!
    And I would LOVE to see YOU portraying her on stage!
    Thanks for posting, Kristy.

  • Kristy M says:

    I LOVE that you read “Wicked”. You have to see the musical.. its even better :). Elphaba is my dream role and that musical actually got me interested in theatre 🙂

  • Anna says:

    Me too! And I am deliberately closing the gap about that!

  • Okay, Anna, I’m impressed! That’s exactly what I’m talking about in this post – finding a different way to see things that allows us to flow a completely different vibration.
    Beautiful shifting you did in this situation!
    Do you have any idea how much I’d love to see your art online??

  • Anna says:

    P.S. Just HAVE to add, for the benefit of Seinfeld fans worldwide —
    I had a pony!

  • Anna says:

    My FAVORITE way of living – PERSPECTIVE. I am beholden to post… plus I’ve got a cool story about it that just happened this morning!
    I maintain that Perspective is Everything, Everything is Perspective. (good book)
    Having challenges again with my absentee landlady. This time it appears she’s maneuvering into a position to attempt legal eviction, thereby avoiding notice and/or doling out 2 months’ rent for selling the place.
    Whatever, as my mom would say. Yes, I know.
    Here I should probably let you know I’m an artist and have been working with/on this property with the intent of opening for periodic sales and enjoyment. I’ve been talking about opening soon, wanting to clear, establish and create so others may enjoy and partake.
    Talking. Been doing more of that in recent weeks than I like — I want action! I want to see my visions come to life, AND see the extra go away —
    So she’s been sending me emails about “junk” and “junk yard” and “further action”. I’ve been putting in effort to let it go, put it out to the Universe so it’s not on my mind and, well, ultimately so the Universe can take care of it instead of me feeling freaked and fretful.
    This morning I was finally relieved – suddenly struck me that her harassing is the Cosmic Kick in the Ass (CKA) that I needed to get these grounds ready for people!
    It changed my emotional place about it all, and put it somewhere glorious and grateful. Of course I’m hoping no one will tell her until AFTER it’s all done!
    Gotta Love it!

  • Paul. says:

    Wow, guys, thank you for making my weekend (and, if you what an eventful weekend this I for me, you would know that’s a wonderful achievement for you all)! I’m glad that my little mantra amused you all and I am so flattered by Jeannette’s invitation. Wow! (I’ll chat with Jeannette off-thread and, if I can come with something that’s interesting, real and useful–you know, the way Jeannette does her magic–I’d be honored to share with you all.)
    Jeannette, that story’s my memory of an old childhood joke I once heard, so I have no book to add to your collection.
    And, Iyabo, you may be heartened to know that you probably felt the same as the big-wigs at MGM, when they discovered, after much hard work on the film, The Wizard of Oz film was a box office disappointment. It’s taken sometime to work its way into being a pop culture phenomenon. (Oddly enough, the books were wildly popular–so much so that there was a national outcry when Frank L. Baum got bored and tried to stop writing them–in their day and now are barely known as a series. But I digress….)
    Thanks again for allowing me to share.

  • Iyabo says:

    All you guys are making me want to go see the play!
    I wish you could understand how frustrating it is to hear all this talk about what you probably do not realize is a “pop culture” phenomena. I did not grow up in the US. Saw the Wizard of Oz when I was an adult, did not gew what the big deal was and now, we have “Wicked!” OK
    I guess I will start out on you tube.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Count me as seconding the motion for that guest post! I’m always looking for useful new things to keep in mind, and here’s a guess that you’ve got a pile of them.

  • I’m with Hannah, Paul – that’s hilarious!!
    “There’s gotta be a pony around here somewhere.”
    I LOVE it, and I’m giving it to clients!
    Paul, you know what I’d love? A peek at your entire mantra bag. I imagine you’ve got some gems in there that we’d all love and benefit from.
    In fact, I’ll invite you to make a guest post here if you care to write them up and share them?
    Opening night on Broadway, huh? Someone’s living right! (Just got goose bumps! chill of truth!)
    Thanks, Paul. You’re a dream come true.
    PS – where’d you hear that pony story? If it’s a book, I want it in my library!

  • hannah says:

    “There’s gotta be a pony around here somewhere”
    Haaahahahahahahahahaa! That’s hilarious, I love it!

  • Paul says:

    Perspective is such a critical concept, one that I’m still wrapping my mind around. As I was reading the title of this post, my mind flashed on Abraham, often saying “from our broader, nonPhysical perspective” and words to that effect.
    To not only realize that there are different perspectives but to try them on (sweaters, Crys?) or alter them to serve our growth/goal/progress, that’s a wonderful skill to have.
    I remember an exercise (from this very blog, IIRC) where one identifies a joyful manifestation and then traces backwards along the path to that manifestation, arriving at an event along the path that was labeled “negative” at the time. Then one is to examine that “negative” event and see how it positively contributed to the starting point, the joyful manifestation, the realization of a goal. When I read that post, I remarked what a wonderful way of playing with perspective. And, lo, Jeannette’s posting about this very topic not long afterwards!
    When I’ve attracted those moments when Life is compelled to slap me across the face with a fish (that’s how it feels like to me during those another-in-the-bed moments) and I’m able to collect myself, I reach into my bag of mantra’s. (Yes, folks, I’ve got a bunch of them.)
    This one comes from a story about a young girl who was supremely optimistic, who could always find the silver lining in everything (must’ve been a Master Deliberate Creator). She was so optimistic that she got on the nerves of her (otherwise loving, I hope) father who decided to test how unwavering his daughter’s optimism was. I’ll skip over the various “tests” (which she passed without flinching) to the final one when he decided to replace all his daughter’s presents from Santa with a giant pile of horse manure.
    Upon awaking and finding that Santa had left her this pile of manure, his daughter excitedly exclaimed, “There’s gotta be a pony around here somewhere!” and started hunting.
    I use that mantra (“There’s gotta be a pony around here somewhere!”) to remind myself to stop and look for or, at the very least, to remain confident in the knowledge that there exists the “pony” in my present situation.
    I’m glad, Jeannette, that Peregrine John mentioned the difference between the musical and the book; he did so much more skillfully than I was going to. (An aside–and not to brag: I was lucky enough to attend Opening Night of the show on Broadway. It was a real treat, a fun show and I’m sure it has only gotten better. I hope you enjoy it.)
    And, thank you, Jeannette, for attracting to your blog so many wonderful people who make this conversation fun, interesting, real and helpful.

  • Oh, that’s GALINDA singing it?! Oh, I was thinking Elphaba. Oh. Got it. I can see Galinda with those words … I guess … and I got goose bumps reading them, so I understand why everyone’s a fan of that song.

    Who’s she singing it to?

    I guess I’m going online to get more ..

    Hey, John, thanks for the Pantages through September tip. Russ said he’d be happy to get on a plane with me, but I was thinking maybe I could coordinate it with a seminar or workshop in the area. Or a girlfriend visit.

    Anyway – thanks! I’ll (not too) patiently await my experience of it. 🙂

  • Peregrine John says:

    My coworkers are probably wondering what I’m laughing about so delightedly, over here. You’re wonderful, you know that? 😀 I live not too far from Los Angeles, and having you drop by to see Wicked this weekend would be too fantastic for words!
    No, I cannot give those crucial altered details because they are just that: crucial to the unfolding story, which involves numerous little surprises. (Some of them, because a comment or incident foreshadowed them in a way that suggested something rather different than the book, made me blink a couple times and, I’m sure, obscure the view of those behind me with a big “?!” appearing over my head.) One thing I can share with no fear of spoiling anything is that the actress playing Galinda is fall-down funny!
    Defying Gravity is probably the best and most LOA-oriented song of the show.
    I’m through with accepting limits, ‘cuz someone says they’re so!
    Some things I cannot change, but ’till I try, I’ll never know!

    I’m defying gravity, and you can’t pull me down!
    Together, unlimited. Together we’re unlimited.

    If we work in tandam
    There’s no fight we cannot win.
    Just you and I defying gravity!

    Fantastic stuff.
    You’re in… Utah, right? Wicked is touring there next spring, but why wait? It’s playing at the Pantages in Los Angeles at least through September. Beautiful venue. This weekend’s with a big group, which should be fun, and who knows? – there might be a ticket or so left. First time it was a present for my lady. I should find a way to show you the invitation I made.

  • REALLY, John?! That’s really hard for me to imagine, because the book was SO good.
    But I guess it’s just the same way EVERYTHING keeps getting better and better … hard to imagine, but it does!!
    And YAY for that!
    I’m inclined to consider you a bit of a tease, John, for not offering more detail, but I’ll do the perspective shift thing and see it not as a tease, but as a gift that allows me to experience the delicious surprise of the live production when I get there myself. 🙂
    However, it DOES seem like you’re rubbing it in to say you’re seeing it AGAIN this weekend! lol Where do you live?? Maybe I could see Wicked AND John all in one swoop! lol
    Thanks for posting, my friend. You know it always makes my day to hear from you!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Actually, the musical and the book have only a general resemblance to each other – but having read the book and also (recently) seen the musical, I’m here to tell you that the stage production is by far the more enjoyable! There are several things which are rather importantly different, none of which I’m going to tell you here and none of which change the wonderful on-its-head perspective shift that Maguire cooked up.
    I’ll be seeing it again this weekend. :^D

  • Amy, you’re a dear for dropping a note to remind me there’s an audience even when there’s no comments.

    Just the same, I love hearing from you! Thank you!

  • Amy says:

    I read every one! I usually only comment when I feel like I just have to. Thank you for your commitment to it! I love knowing it’s there.

  • Terry says:

    I crank up the music (The Cure, Coldplay, Tori Amos) to raise my vibration. Prayer always works, too!
    Loved this post, Jeannette.

  • I like that one, Terry. Thanks for the reminder. Cure has a couple of reliable tunes to turn me around, too. lol

  • Holy hannah, folks. I just stepped outside my little world and was very surprised at what I found.
    None of you.
    I visited a bunch of blogs (inspired by a visit to Kushal’s, which was very entertaining!) and was rather surprised at how many conversations weren’t taking place.
    Like, LOA writers who get a LOT more traffic than I do had zero comments on their blogs.
    Which made me realize how lucky I am that you folks are here!! Sheesh, I can’t imagine writing all this stuff if you weren’t participating in the conversation as well!
    So, in case I haven’t said it lately, I sure do love you guys! And if there’s anything I can do to express my appreciation, please let me know!
    I am overwhelmed with gratitude for not only those of you who read what I’m posting, but for those who go out on a limb to share your thoughts and experiences in writing here.
    I didn’t realize how often that doesn’t happen for other bloggers.
    So again – many many thanks to you!

  • Kushal says:

    Yea thanks 🙂 Lemme know how you feel about it !

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kushal! I’m off to check your blog now …

  • Okay, they’re having a lot of fun on that video! Thanks for the link, Martha.
    I kinda feel like this big Wicked party’s been going on that everyone’s known about – except me! lol
    Oh well, better late than never.
    I can NOT imagine Elphaba singing, though. I know she would have to in a play, but I’m sure glad I read the book first.

  • Kushal says:

    Heyy! Awesome is the word. Im not that good at writing/understanding philosophy. cos for me life isnt as complicated as people portray it to be. Its as simple as you want it to be. Unearthly…? but its true. Our objective for the whole life is to make our life simpler and simpler and eventually to concede that life is just about waiting for our death.
    But I really like the way you write 🙂
    So managing our feelings is key to deliberate creation.—->>> SO TRUE!
    My blog:
    Drop in to read a few. The latest post may not be of your interest but the others may well be. take a look 🙂

  • Here’s an interesting version of one of the songs from “Wicked.” In the musical, it’s sung by Elphaba. Here, it’s sung by one of my favorite performers, Raul Esparza (you may have seen him on Pushing Daisies, where he moons over Kristin Chenoweth…who played Glinda in “Wicked”….see, it’s all connected!).
    It’s called “Defying Gravity.”

  • Nice piece about the contrast, Gillian. I enjoyed your example of getting married and leaving the single life to highlight it.
    It also makes me wonder where we’d be without the judgment of all of it (I love how you put good and bad in quotes).
    This is good food for thought. Thank you!

  • THAT’S the play everyone’s talking about?! Can you believe I didn’t even make the connection, Leah?! ha ha!
    No wonder it’s so popular! Wow. That might be worth getting on a plane for. hmm.
    Thanks for reminding us of our power to choose, Leah. That’s exactly what makes us powerful – the deliberate choice.

  • Gillian says:

    HI Jeannette,
    A great article as usual. How to shift perspective can be a challenge when we are faced with the pitfalls in life, it takes practise to shift not just our perspective but also feel the blessing out of this pitfall. One thing I always say to myself is that everything in our world is made of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang can not exist without eachother, the “good” and the “bad” both compliment eachother. Without darkness, there is no light. We are born into world of contrast and contrast helps us get clarity, like it says in “Ask and it is given” by Abraham. When bad things happen, people try to find the blessing in the tribulation that they are facing, but what many people overlook is that when good things happen to them, they are so overjoyed with happiness that they overlook the hidden Yin (bad) behind every Yang (good). Just think deeply about it, think back when you were so happy to achieve your goals, but however, achieving your goals must have come with a few sacrifices or changes or adjustments here and there. Its just that you were so overwhelmed with happiness and your sense of achievement that these sacrifices or adjustments seemed miniscule to you. For example: I am overjoyed to get married as I have found my soulmate and look forward to sharing my life with this fantastic man. I feel I achieved my goal to get married and am overwhelmed with happiness. However, getting married also means, I may have to move to another city and leave my family and friends behind, or having to deal with obnoxious in-laws, it could also mean I would leave the care-free lifestyle of a single woman, putting things I loved as a single on the back seat as new priorities and committments ermerge. Just think about it, because every set-back has its blessings, but in every blessing is also a hidden set-back, always! It’s always a matter then, how we way out the Pro and Cons. We live in a world of contrast, yin and yang belong together, we can not separate the good from the bad. In erverything “bad” contains something “good” and in everything “good” contains something “bad”, its just up to us whether we want to put the weight on the good or the bad, but nevertheless the contrast is always there.

  • leah says:

    I loved Wicked… You know it is a musical now? Anyway, outside of the spectre of pop culture and on to the perspective shifting, I couldn’t agree more! It really is how you see things…
    A little perspective is all we have. We choose and we choose… so, choose wisely. Thanks for the reminder.

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