The Question That Calls In Cash

attract money with this questionWe know that whatever we hold in mind about money is what (and how) we create our financial situation to be.

So when we try to figure out how to hang on to money, or even just make more of it, we may be dialed on “scarcity” or “need.”

Which isn’t what we want.

Once we know how powerful our attention is, the trick becomes how to shift the signal you’re sending about money.

I landed on a great question to accomplish just that after I caught myself trying to figure out how to get a sizable deposit back from a company I suspected didn’t want to refund it. As I was analyzing the contract and anticipating their challenge, I realized I was sending a signal that wouldn’t ALLOW them to easily return the money.

I was treating money as if it were scarce, important, and worth arguing about.

So I took a deep breath to help clear the energy, and then asked this question:

“How would I handle this if I had money to burn?”

Because “money to burn” is pretty much the experience I prefer to have with money. PLENTY of it. So much so that I don’t look at price tags, don’t rely on credit, and don’t delay desired purchases. As in, “Rolling In It.”

Maybe my approach in this particular situation wouldn’t be any different. But whatever it is, I want to make sure my signal to Universe says PLENTY of money for me.

That’s the frequency I want to dial in on.

So … if I had so much money that I could literally throw it out the windows and not notice the difference, how would I handle this situation?

Just asking the question plugged me back into the feeling of abundance and plenty.

And even if it weren’t in my bank account right now, I know how easy money is to attract in. All I gotta do is get friendly with it and let it in. There is PLENTY out there that would LOVE to hang with me.

That’s the kind of vibrational alignment I’m shooting for.

As I contemplated how I would handle this situation under “money to burn” circumstances, I felt an ease and a peace take over that hadn’t been present before. The tension was gone and there was an “allrightness” that I knew was a much better frequency to dial in on.

What was there for me to do here? Nothing. No fight to be had, no action to be taken. It’ll fix itself and if there’s anything for me to do, I’ll know it because I’ll feel the impulse of it.

Until then, all I have to do is watch my dial.

Which is why I wanted to share the question with you, in case you’re getting dialed on “scarcity” or “need” as you do yearly taxes, or negotiate a contract for new rent, or a job or loan or whatever.

However you might be handling money, pay attention to what you’re believing or expecting about it. Because that signal determines what happens next.

I know many of you use great questions to help shift the money vibe, too. We’d love to hear them if you care to share!

  • March 6, 2012
  • Erika Awakening says:

    Wow, awesome discussion!
    Marielle, thanks for sharing. That’s exactly what I’m doing now, and that feeling of falling in love with myself, it’s amazing! I can already feel him here, it’s so exciting.
    Good Vibe Coach, I love the way you think. Consistently, when I spend money on faith, more money shows up. And it’s so true that our beliefs about a situation are what set the tone and determine the outcome. I’m going to come back and visit here often, your style really resonates with me! πŸ™‚

  • Kelly says:

    My friends were rooked in a scheme and were in a crunch afterwards. They lost their home, had lots of uncertainty. Guess what? They rent a beautiful home- bigger and nicer than the old one. They have a new minivan- a gift and their family has taken care of them. They expected that it would all be OK and they are doing fine.
    Jeannette I love your ideas about erasing the judgment and shame linked to debt and credit. Not to say we should all max out- but linking character and innate goodness to earning power is a hidden program in many of us. To the Great Depression survivors debt was THE four letter word and a source of scandal and shame. Money was shrouded in fear, shame and secrecy. Baby Boomers grew up with those fears lurking in our homes. Time for Spring cleaning!

  • Bama Girl says:

    I have come to trust money. It’s been so wonderful to just know that everything is okay. And it has been. I had to let go of it and not hold on so tight. And now it’s there. Even when we do the math and it looks like it’s not there, something happens and it’s there. And when it’s needed, it shows up, either in a freelance job for me or overtime for hubby. And it’s all okay. This freedom has been so liberating that I actually FORGOT one day was payday!
    My question to shift is what would we do if we could do anything? And I think it’s wonderful how hubby and I both said we would give money away. We each have our favorites and we talked about how wonderful it will be when we can give the way we want to give. So we do it now – we give to those favorites and we know one day it will be more.
    I also use an affirmation I read here about money coming back to me tenfold and hubby’s new affirmation is “Today I decide to be wealthy.”
    We’re having a lot of fun planning out our future, and all it took to shift our thinking was the *possibility* of a job making more money than we’ve ever seen. Even though the job ended up not materializing, we have seen the possibilities. It’s completely changed our beliefs about money, jobs, everything. It’s a great feeling.

  • Jesann says:

    Hey, Jeannette,
    Random comments here:
    1) Yes, I use afformations from Noah St. John (got “The Great Little Book of Afformations” sitting right next to me on my desk, in fact).
    2) I have to avoid using the question about money to burn. If I had money to burn, I’d go get a bunch of cash and restock my pantry. In the reality I’m currently dealing with, no can do, so that question becomes too much of a stretch for me at this point.
    3) Esra, I feel your pain.
    4) Jeannette, thank you for reminding me that if I push at the debt I have, it will get worse (which is what has seemed to happen in the past couple of months–I try to catch up only to end up further behind…. Hmmmm……
    5) And finally, about Lanaiya’s post, I’ll have to go read that. Your comment about how wondering how you’d feel about credit card debt if you knew it was going to be completely erased next month is a really good way of taking the “charge” (no pun intended, I mean that word in the same sense you’ve used it in before) off of the debt. Thanks.

  • Cassie says:

    I figured out my question..”How will I feel about spending this when my business is making tons of money?”

  • Tshombe says:

    This is a great post. I really get the sense of it, to really ask a better feeling question so that whatever action (or inaction) I take is in alignment with abundance and plenty.
    AND, I noticed the feeling that came up when I read “How would I handle this if I had money to burn?”
    It was slightly uncomfortable for me because I come from the perspective that if you burn something it is either (1) an accident, (2) the thing isn’t valuable, or (3) you’re trying to get rid of it for some reason.
    In any case, I have some sort of resistance to the burning money reframe. It feels trite and wasteful……not because there isn’t enough of it (I may be fooling myself here but I don’t think so), but that I’d never do that to something or someone I accorded respect and value.

  • Cassie says:

    Love this post Jeanette! Also, thanks for the question. I’ve been playing with changing my money vibe, especially when it comes to putting money into my business. I’ve been able to shift a great deal. I dial into the I have enough to do this, which feels good, but I LOVE the question, “What would I do if I had money to burn?” It makes it so easy to shift into that vibe. Thanks for sharing.

  • Esra, what if credit card debt was a good thing? What if it was considered smart? And we admired people who had it?
    Before everyone reading this starts freaking out – I’m just entertaining thoughts that might help ease up the negative “charge” or the “resistance” to credit card debt.
    People think that if you get okay with it, you’ll get out of control with it. And that the only way to get rid of it is to push against it. (We do that with debt, with weight, with fidelity in relationships, etc.)
    But deliberate creators know that what we resist persists. So we start with making some peace with it, getting okay with it, and then something can move.
    I read something the other day from Lanaiya King about how … well, let me see if I can find a copy online to share here … but the gist of it was that our world is moving into global debt forgiveness. Meaning, all mortgage and credit card debt will soon be erased.
    That sounds 99% nuts to me, but the truth is (and this will sound even crazier, but if you listened to the M Theory call with Lisa Hayes at GVU the other day, you know that this ISN’T nuts) that that reality is playing out somewhere in one of our multi-verse realities. The only question is whether we’ll opt in or out of that experience.
    I’m not getting too hung up on that thought (it IS a little out there for me), but what I DO love about that scenario is how it actually helps shift my current thinking about debt. If I knew it was getting wiped out next month/year, would I be so worried about having any? O contraire. Indeed, I’d probably go rack some up. lol
    Talk about making friends with debt. !! πŸ™‚
    And the value in THAT thought is that the resistance is gone.
    Once I’m in that space, I can actually direct myself where I want to go. It’s when I’m resisting something that I’m stuck with it.
    Know what I mean?
    PS – I can’t find Lanaiya’s post online, but here’s her site for those who want to check out her work:

  • Esra Aksoy says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    It really helps to shift my thinking and is there any trick you know how to apply to current credit card debts.

  • Yes, Marielle! Anything fun or enjoyable or even relaxing. Because if I’m having a good time, my dial stays put. It’s when I engage struggle or effort or worry that it slips from where I know it serves me best.
    Plus, it’s easier for those impulses to get through if I’m in a good vibrational spot. When my head’s clouded with worry or “figuring it out” I’ll miss the signals Universe is sending to give me my cue (if there is one for me).
    I LOVE how you manifested your boyfriend! What a great story!

  • MariΓ«lle says:

    I especially loved this part of it Jeannette:
    “No fight to be had, no action to be taken. It’ll fix itself and if there’s anything for me to do, I’ll know it because I’ll feel the impulse of it. Until then, all I have to do is watch my dial.”
    Exactly the answer I was looking for. Just like I know when I have dialed in on the right frequency, I will know it if there is anything for me to do. I’ll feel a strong impulse.
    So what do you do in the meantime Jeannette? Just fun stuff that takes your attention off of the subject? πŸ™‚
    Perhaps we could use the same kind of question here: What would I do if I had money to burn? And then go do the things that are possible for us to do in that moment. That feels light to me.
    This is definitely the way I found my wonderful boyfriend, now I come to think about it. I just asked myself: what would I do if I had this beautiful relationship? And then I went on and did those things on my own. I not only fell in love with myself in that process but allowed my honey in as well. This stuff really works!
    Haha, thanks for the reminder Jeannette!

  • Paul, you’re making a great point that I’m sure many reading this will consider. That it’s DANGEROUS to be THAT carefree with money – because after all, it doesn’t grow on trees, right?
    But that’s the thinking that limits it, right? And I’m not saying I don’t engage it, but … let’s think of it this way: are we careful with the oxygen that’s available to us? I mean, oxygen is even more crucial to our well-being, but we don’t go around reminding each other to watch out how much we’re using and be smart about how we use it. (Well, we do the quality of it, I guess.)
    My point being that if one truly didn’t worry about running out of money and instead believed and trusted in the abundance of money available to them, they’d do just fine to act as if there were plenty of it. Because Universe wouldn’t be getting any contrary signals from that person, and would be required to prove them right. As we think, so shall it be.
    The trick IS to opt out of that program of financial limitation. And until one does THAT, it would indeed be risky to act as if there were plenty while still believing there wasn’t.
    Good point you make, my friend. Thanks for posting it – this conversation is better off for it.

  • Paul Franklin says:

    Great question for people who naturally watch their funds closely & creativity is inhibited by finances. However, perhaps not a great answer for people with little self-control of money who already like to act like they have ‘money to spend’ when they don’t. That can lead to serious consequences.
    I think the focus is more on WHAT IS THE BEST you can do with the money you are going to spend? If you’re coming from the perspective that you’ll eventually spend money, then you need to spend wisely & you’ll earn more.
    I think the real question is — How can I spend this in a way where it’ll either INCREASE my income or wisely increase my time.
    Yes, be care-free… but be smart. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn to recover.
    I have money to burn & if I applied your rule 100% I would be hanging out on Nekker Island throwing money away … and eventually be broke.

  • Thanks, Sejual. I’m glad it’s hitting the spot!
    What’s funny, I thought the other day about literally burning a $100 bill (although that’s illegal, right?) just to have the experience of it, but it felt kind of ridiculous. I could tell that the thought behind the “ridiculousness” of it was “I don’t have THAT much money!” … so clearly I still have room for improvement on my abundance vibe. lol

  • Sejual says:

    This is a genius question! Your idea feels so simple, and yet what a powerful way to shift your focus. Maybe it’s the sense of freedom – to be carefree enough to ‘burn money’ – that is behind this idea that appeals to me. Thanks for sharing this great idea, Jeannette!

  • It is coming back in chunks, Mollie. Over half of it is back already, and I think another check for a substantial sum is in process. I’ll keep you posted!

  • So… Did you get your deposit back?
    I handle things like this in just the same way you described. Thanks for the positivity!

  • Caroline Vibrance says:

    Timely post for me too Jeannette! On looking at places to rent today I found one I looooovvved that was more than double the average. Then I realized, even double wasn’t that much. From the perspective of ‘double’ it was…well…double! From the No matter how much money you have, it could always be more…the money department is I think, the best example of perspective. I’ve never really heard somebody say they had too much of it, nor could I imagine anyone ever saying that!

  • I know people who have more than they know how to spend, but even they don’t think they have “too much.” lol

  • Darliss says:

    “Wealthy people ask, Do I want this experience? not, Can I afford this?”
    Loved this point, Nancy! It feels light and bright.

  • Yay for huge boatloads of cash, Frank! And for letting them grow rather than dwindling them away with that old story.
    Very cool! πŸ™‚
    (This reminds me of something I heard the other day about “letting the money make itself” and that their money “replicated like rabbits.” That’s a nice instruction, too, huh? I may give that one some attention, too.)

  • Awesomely timely for me too Jeannette!
    I just made a huge boatload of cash over several days and through a variety of channels (yay!) and then started saying: “I’ve got to make sure I make more” because I have an old story about not paying close enough attention to making money.
    Sure enough, the flow started to shut down.
    Then, BAM! I found your post!
    Your question is EXACTLY what I was feeling when the money was literally rolling in and where I’m at now, back in that powerful flow.

  • Right, money doesn’t stand in their way, does it? Even if it’s something they aren’t going to pay for themselves personally, they don’t let that stop them. I like that you said that, Nancy, so people reading this won’t think “well, sure, it’s fine for them – they’re RICH.”
    They’re rich in their mindset, and that’s what makes the difference.
    Thanks for posting, Nancy. πŸ™‚

  • Great question, Jeannette. Wealthy people ask, Do I want this experience? not, Can I afford this? Their focus is not on whether they can have what they want or if it’s financially feasible.
    If they want to experience, they *choose to experience*…either by paying for it themselves or pulling together a group of investors to make it happen.
    Here’s to asking great questions!
    Many blessings,

  • Glad you liked it, Parul. πŸ™‚
    Some of my favorite other questions are afformations done Noah St. John style – I’m wondering if anyone here uses those regularly?

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    A very timely post, Jeanette! I like, “rolling in it”! Dialling into that now.
    Thank You! πŸ™‚

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