The Responsible Thing To Do

Conscious creators know the power of our focus. We know that we empower whatever we pay attention to.

And that’s why many of us don’t watch the news or read things we don’t want to co-create.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done, though…

  • Like when a loved one is concerned about something and wants us to pay attention with them.
  • Or when our community is up in arms about a social injustice that needs to be righted.
  • Or when our job calls for us to focus on something we know doesn’t help.

Sometimes it just doesn’t fly to tell the spouse that we don’t want to hear what the doctor said, when they really want someone to share with. Or that we aren’t going to concern ourselves with our teenager’s signs of trouble.

It doesn’t usually go over well to tell the boss that looking for problems only makes them worse, so we’re not going to participate in that particular project.

(Or maybe it does fly – all we have to do is have the guts to say so? Maybe it’s worth changing our minds about what we think would happen if we honored our LOA ways.)

But I’ve talked with fellow creators, and have experienced myself, how it can feel “irresponsible” to just put our heads in the sand about important issues.

Shouldn’t we step in when we see our kids experimenting with something unhealthy? Shouldn’t we be aware of global warming, endangered species and political turmoil?

Shouldn’t we do our part to take action and spread the word or whatever seems the socially responsible thing to do?

Yesterday I got a delightful answer from P’taah on this very subject.

Something rather alarming crossed my radar recently – a world event that was both compelling and dramatic. It seemed important to know about, and maybe even spread the word about.

I shared with P’taah that there was a lot of evidence to support the argument that a very real problem was getting worse by the day, and that it didn’t seem very responsible to just ignore it.

P’taah said, on the contrary, it’s irresponsible to pay attention to it, knowing what we know about the power of our focus.

The responsible thing to do is to use our creative power in service of what we want, which means turning attention away from what we don’t.

That’s the responsible thing to do.

I’ve known that on an intellectual basis, and I often succeed in practicing it. But hearing P’taah put it that way liberated me from feeling like I was shirking social duty by closing my eyes to what I don’t like.

Abraham says the same thing, encouraging us to put our heads in the sand and turn deaf ears to anyone who wants us to know what’s going wrong in the world.

Next time I’ll do it with pride and empowerment, not with apology or second guessing my LOA ways.

P’taah added, and I’ve heard Abe say the same thing, that if there’s something on your personal path that you can do that makes you feel better, by all means do that. But paying attention to something you don’t want and can’t do anything about isn’t helpful.

The responsible creator knows too much to entertain unwanted thoughts – no matter how important or real or popular they may seem.

Here’s to doing the responsible thing.

  • November 12, 2015
  • ramonasun says:

    Thank you for this. It’s the responsible thingto do. Others have trouble seeing this, but as always i try my best : ) i needed this so bad right now, thank you!!!!!!!! My focus is my power!!!!

  • I wanted to post a link to a recording from earlier today that I added to the public samples page on the COL website:
    The question is “What about war?” And, although it was in a series about Your Amazing Body, the question really goes to the heart of the idea, “Why did I create the experience of knowing about this war?”
    When I was processing the call this morning, it came to me to share it here since it follows on so powerfully from Jeannette’s post.

  • anonymous says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this myself. In light of what’s happened in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris…I was feeling really terrible about everything that happened. But feeling bad and wallowing in powerlessness doesn’t help anyone. You’re not helping others, nor yourself, by dwelling upon everything that’s gone wrong in the world. Situations like these are a good reminder to focus on what we want to see, focusing on solutions. Giving our attention to a world of peace, joy, safety, wellbeing, health and love. Focusing on all people thriving and living fulfilling lives in all ways.

  • LuckyLife says:

    One of my favorite Abe quotes is “you don’t have to save the world you only have to save yourself”.
    I am of more value when I am in alignment than when pushing against something unwanted.

    • Jeannette says:

      Hadn’t heard that from Abe before, LuckyLife – love that!
      I also love how they say you can never get to the bottom of a problem! (Since focusing on the problem just creates more problem.) 🙂

  • Sandeep says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I agree.
    But we cannot ignore the wrongs existing around us.
    As educated and enlightened people, it is our responsibility to fix those wrongs because we are rulers too. Democracy means rule of people. It is not dictatorship. Then there will be no difference between countries led by autocrats and those led by democratically elected people.
    If we consider the whole world as our family, then we can contribute with our efforts and according to our capacities, time, money, and resources.
    Of course, who does not want to have a comfortable life?
    However, your excellent post has reminded me to focus my energies on what I want because I have been too much involved in societal responsibilities lately.
    Love and regards

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, I believe our best way to contribute our efforts is to focus attention on what we prefer rather than exacerbate the things we don’t want by focusing there. It’s why Mother Theresa said she would go to peace rallies but not war protests. It might seem a subtle distinction but it makes all the difference in the world. 🙂

  • Marieke says:

    I’d just like to share this with you:
    It’s a link to a dutch website on an initiative to srpead the the thought ‘World peace is possible’.
    The idea is that for world peace to be possible we must first believe it is. I’m new to LOA, but I’ve been walking around with a t-shirt saying ‘world peace is possible’ for ages. Thinking this (and other!) positive thought has been my answer to the questions you raised, Jeanette.

  • Sejual says:

    I dearly love CoL’s wisdom because they speak so much of creating vibrational freedom. They once said how if Abe’s key vibrational note was Joy, Col’s is Freedom. It’s a helpful distinction especially on this topic of what to do in the face of massive contrast.
    I’ve spoken with them often about how helpful it is to “leverage” or transform the constricted way I’m feeling about a particular topic. Time and again they have pointed to the emergent freedom highlightighting a pathway to deep lasting relief. They have reminded me so often about how I create my outer world in small and big ways.
    To be honest I’m less able to look away from contrast to keep focus on positives when I’m being assailed by something I don’t like. It’s not in my nature to try to forget – I have a memory like an elephant’s!
    Instead I choose to release my emotional attachment to the pain of the contrast. EFT is my main go to tool for this. I then find myself in such a deeper place of mental clarity that it’s easier to notice or manifest solutions.
    I remember this summer getting distressed about the perilous journeys refugees from Syria and other countries were making across the Mediterranean to come to safety. And then the hazards they meet in trying to get asylum once in Europe. I decided to improve my vibrational setpoint on this topic, and THEN notice how in my outer world things were changing. Over a period of days my emotions changed from despair to hopefulness.
    Then I noticed that . . . A couple of months ago Germany opened its heart to allow 800,000 refugees asylum in. Given modern history that’s only 70 years old this is beyond huge!! What compassion. And recently there has been the start of a political process in Vienna. The UK government also took action though of a lesser nature. I gave practical help through donating money and clothing as well. There is a lot that is painfully ‘wrong’ about the situation still. This is new contrast for me to leverage when it feels better to do so. It’s not an obligation for me to do so, just an opportunity where it brings me a sense of expansion. Nonetheless, based on my belief system I felt I was creating a better world for me to witness. My work on this topic for my own wellbeing isn’t complete. I’ll keep doing what feels better in this situation as time passes.
    I know I really want to live in a better world where peace and kindness are the norm. I witnessed how my own country, the UK, known for being mordant and cynical turned overnight during the 2012 Olympics into a Happy Country. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a joyful British Isles before and I was born here. I’ve witnessed the scale of my own joy infecting others when there’s a useful ‘vehicle’ nearby for me to play with. And there were many others consciously and unconsciously joining in with me to create that ride.
    I believe that leveraging the contrast of what I feel is my most powerful way to create that experience firstly for myself and also for others. When I shift my emotional state I end up having more room for manoeuvre to find positives to focus on. My energy flows more readily.
    So for this reason vibrational freedom is my go to place whenever I notice strong contrast. It’s a powerful way to be for the expansive waves of relief it offers. It’s also enabled me to grow in compassion, which is a quality that means a lot to me.

    • Jeannette says:

      I love your personal awareness about how you best work with the contrast, Sejual! Very inspiring example.
      And when you said, “I really want to live in a better world where peace and kindness are the norm,” the first thing I thought is that I believe we already do! 🙂

      • Sejual says:

        > the first thing I thought is that I believe we already do!
        I love that you zoomed in on that intention and amplified it to be happening in the now. Thank you 😀

  • Angel says:

    I’d like to extend Jeanette’s statement to say, the most responsible thing to do is to use our creative power in service of WHO WE ARE. Which technically would encompass what we desire and what we wish to attract.
    Here’s my few cents on it. I grew up in a third world country and this is the picture of what issues surrounded our family on a daily basis. Our next door neighbor was a child molester fresh out of prison, though he was in prison for another charge – his pedophilia was never addressed. He also happened to have a very young daughter who eventually died of undisclosed reasons.
    Across the way lived one of our best friends whose father was a corrupt cop, he was also serial adulterer who dallied with minors. The government we lived under declared Marshall Law a few years back, and though it was lifted, the dictatorship used that as an opportunity to extend its powers illegally. My uncle who worked as a business manager for a newspaper who decried the dictatorship was black listed, he never worked again and we had to find ways to support him and his family.
    Now add to this the constancy of monsoon weather and the consequential flooding due to poor infrastructure. Then further add to this that if there was an emergency, the police were NOT the people you wanted to call. All around was poverty, corruption and hardship. Through time, we experienced coup d’etats (yes, plural), an assassination, a revolution and numerous economic crises.
    In this environment and circumstance, people focus on surviving. Thriving is a distant thought. Yet, growing up I also remember that people smiled and laughed for the smallest things with an almost juvenile and naive humor. I used to think it was ridiculous, and it made me angry. It wasn’t till I was mature enough that I understood that they did this instinctively as a way of holding on to happiness, it was their way of making a choice despite what was happening around them, despite powerlessness.
    When the cards are so stacked, you can’t ask – what can I do? How can I be responsible? You realize you can’t control the monsoons, fight a government so corrupt to its core, feed everyone, and protect everyone. You realize your responsibility is to use whatever you have to BE. You HAVE to CHOOSE be happy and to create.. because all you can really be responsible for is yourself.
    That’s not selfish. That’s handling your micro so you can be a part of a better macro.
    I never watched or listened to the news when I lived there. Now I live in the US, I catch up more with world events out of an interest in humanity. Out of being able to have fruitful and interesting conversations with other people of the world, as well as a way of being in it. I still get angry, but I just don’t let it detract from my own work of being who I am.

  • Katy says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this Jeannette! I’ve always felt this way and often times I can manage it. But there are times it feels ‘wrong’or uncaring- but as a deliberate creator I know better AND how freeing it is TO put my head in the sand when necessary. Great post- thanks so much 🙂

  • Steffy says:

    Excellent answers everyone! Thank you. I’m still scratching my head a little bit… but I’ll decide what’s right for me and what I want to create in my world.

  • Ming says:

    I like what Frank shared here: When you react to something, you are doubling down on the chaotic world that you already know you don’t like.
    I get asked this question more often than not and its about the animals and what endure etc. But when we TALK to the animals they themselves do NOT focus on what has happened to them.
    Just last week there was a woman posing to be a cat rescue and they were raided. We were asked by an officer to help the cats that did survive. While there were only 4 that lived when we tuned into all 4 of them they expressed such gratitude to be coming out of the situation and immediately into where they are now.
    I never post pictures of abused animals. There are enough people on the planet that do that.
    I focus on the joy that they are the greatest teachers on this planet for that I forever am grateful.
    Also yesterday (what timing Jeannette :)) we were talking about the vibration on the planet and how some people choose to live in a lower vibration where we (my friends and I) choose to live on a higher one.
    Thanks for post!

  • Here’s what Paul & The Communion of Light have to share:
    What this very thorny topic really boils down to, in our estimation, is this:
    What world do you live in?
    You see, you are the creator and the director and it’s all happening for you and it’s only really actually yours.
    You might be tempted to think that perhaps we are blaming you for the horrors.
    But we are not. Just like everyone else, you are not to blame for anything.
    You are, however, responsible for creating your experience.
    To some, this will sound like a very thin line.
    For others, this is quite obvious.
    In your culture, responsible is a very pretty word for blame.
    He is responsible, they will say, for unwanted things.
    But, again, we ask: what world do you live in?
    Do you live in a chaotic world, where terrible things happen to good people?
    Or do you live in an intentional world, where you are deciding what things mean according to your own inner guidance of how each thought feels to you?
    Do you live in a chaotic world, where you have no power over anything and have to find ways to either tolerate or deal with unwanted things that are inevitable?
    Or do you live in an intentional world, where the truth is that All Is Well, and just because you can’t, at any given moment, see that this is the case doesn’t mean it isn’t actually true?
    Are you tied in to seeing things as they are?
    Or are you willing to suspend belief in the unwanted in favor of what is actually wanted?
    Are you trying to fix the brokenness?
    Or are you affirming the extant perfection, even when you don’t understand it?
    We think that it’s quite possible that what is so confusing is that you are here, dabbling and discussing and investigating and pondering all manner of metaphysical ideas and then having trouble applying the intellectual understanding you have been cultivating for quite a long time to these notions.
    They simply don’t match.
    Intellectual understanding, while quite powerful for linear activities such as computer programming and cake baking, will never, ever be able to comprehend the deeper metaphysical awareness that is constantly popping up for you in a myriad of ways.
    Your intellect is rightly offended when you hear of or see acts of what you consider to be cruelty.
    But, the question we invite you to ask yourself is this: is what your eyes and ears and other senses telling you actually true?
    We don’t know the answer because you are not in your world. Only you are there.
    But we do know that you know what is right for you at any given moment.
    When you react to something, you are doubling down on the chaotic world that you already know you don’t like.
    And when you stop for a moment and take a deep breath and turn within, then you are consulting the most powerful device known in your physical universe: your intuition.
    Follow those thoughts that feel better and they will lead you to precisely each moment that is better in its manifestation as all of you are so clearly intending to have.
    And know that the true power of your intention is not to fix something but to simply feel better.
    When you do this, then all the rest of these things take care of themselves in ways that far exceed your intellectual capacity but that are exactly right because you are letting the Unconditional Love that you are do the so-called work for you.

    • Jeannette says:

      I love you, Frank and Paul!! I’ll definitely be re-reading this – today and in the future.
      Love this especially: “Or do you live in an intentional world, where the truth is that All Is Well, and just because you can’t, at any given moment, see that this is the case doesn’t mean it isn’t actually true?”
      And also: “so-called ‘work'” 🙂
      THANK YOU!!

    • Lea says:

      Thank you Frank! I think I need to read this a few times in order to really grasp it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Elle says:

      OMG, Frank, cutie, thank you so much for this! I totally got it! This answers some of my questions and I have a better understanding of manifestation and metaphysics.

    • Dee says:

      Here are my thoughts regarding this. I think awareness is essential in life in order to help people understand circumstances that they might not have knowledge of. I am specifically speaking of eating meat/dairy. I am a vegan. I don’t “push” my beliefs onto anyone but if the conversation arises, then I take the opportunity to explain why I am a vegan. For example, just the other day a friend posted on FB about the atrocities of our pets in shelters. I commented and said “That also includes farm animals.” You can’t differentiate between any of them. They are all God’s creatures but somehow people have created this separation between them. I can have a pet at home but I can eat meat. I guess my point is, I really wish to use my vibration as a means to help people see what is going on but not in a way that is graphic or violent. It’s funny. I have 2 friends on FB that continually posted graphic and gory details of animals being abused. I commented to both of them and said “Most of us just scroll past this. Let’s try to post positive things on FB and make a difference that way.” One person got extremely upset and let me know it is HER timeline and I could “unfriend” her if I wished. The other was a little less vocal. Guess what happened? They very rarely post anything graphic anymore. Hmmmm……interesting.

    • Sejual says:

      Beautiful, Frank. Thank you! And see my encomium of CoL below 🙂

    • Following up on what Frank/Paul said if you look closely at what you don’t like about your world you might notice that it is a reflection of what you believe to be true. For instance, I grew up in a situation where I learn not to trust my parents affections, so naturally the government in my world is neither just or trustworthy.
      What we are doing by painting the canvas of our experience with injustice is placing representations of our beliefs outside of ourselves so we can view them “objectively” and use that contrast to decide how we want to live.
      So changing the world we live in, including the economy, government, and the environment, is, like everything else, an inside job.
      Life Surfer

  • Jennifer Tilley says:

    hmmm… I’ve had similar experiences… feeling almost trapped between seeing what’s in front of me vs. creating what I would rather see in front of me.
    it would be amazing if there were a place where one could list ‘preference’ over present circumstances, and have something similar to the intention experiment; where conscious creators could view the list, and pick which one(s) of the preferences to focus upon… perhaps for greater influence/outcome.

  • Elle says:

    I totally agree! I was faced with the same exact thing over the weekend when I got together with family to celebrate my niece’s birthday and I was like, “no, do not be sucked in, do not focus on this.” I was following my Higher self.
    Family members keep complaining that no one is paying attention to certain things and it will be too late to do anything about them, but what is it exactly that they want to do anyway? Express their concerns? Go out there and do something? Not sure, but voicing it made me nervous until I followed the advice of my Higher self.

    • Jeannette says:

      You know, Elle, you’re making me think how much easier it is for when we’re “out” as conscious creators and not trying to fit in with those who aren’t aware of or deliberately practicing the power of their focus.
      And also how helpful it is when we release caring what others are paying attention to. They get to have it their way; I get to have it mine. To each his own! Quite liberating indeed. 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    Love this. I sure have gotten sucked into some world events recently, and the LOA voice in the back of my head keeps saying, “Are you sure you want to engage on this?” LOL
    Do you think that sometimes the path of least resistance *is* to engage? Frankly I felt worse before I said something, and then expressing my view, while far from resistance-free, moved me in the direction of feeling better. After a few days, I have almost no charge on the topic anymore.

    • Mitch, whatever keep you moving in a better feeling direction is worth your attention, and only you can decide what that will be.
      Personally, I’ve found it’s more helpful to everyone, when I imagine great solutions exist and are being implemented…even if I don’t know what they are. My focus on knowing it’s all working out well, even if it doesn’t *seem* that way, sends my energy in that direction…and allows me to step out of the vibration of *the problem*.
      Hope all is well with you. Miss you at GVU!
      Many blessings,

    • Jeannette says:

      Such a good point, Mitch, that the easiest way to feel better about something might be to speak up and/or do something. As Nancy said, we know that as long as we’re headed towards what feels better, we’re in service to what we want. And only we can know what that is for ourselves. (What feels better to one might not feel better to another.)
      I’ve noticed that my “what feels better” is evolving over time as my understanding and practice of conscious creation also evolves.
      My job: pay attention to what I want/prefer. Unplug the energy flow to whatever I don’t want. Stop thinking that looking at the condition I don’t like is required to change it. It’s the exact opposite.
      I’ve been learning how to foster animals out of love for animals rather than out of desperation to help solve the homeless pet problem. How to recycle products out of appreciation for our planet rather than out of awareness of the damage we’re doing. How to celebrate a zoo elephant’s transfer to a sanctuary rather than criticize the circus that dragged their feet in releasing those chains. It’s been a work in progress, but I’m getting better at it every day. 🙂

  • Steffy says:

    So how do we handle the abuse of animals? Human slavery? Me, I focus on solutions. Celebrating substitutes for meat. Fostering homeless cats. I was unaware how badly the dairy industry treats cows; was I supposed to “ignore” that? I get where you’re going with this Jeannette… I’m a little confused as to what the next step is. Hear a problem and rather than re-hash or commiserate, focus on the solution? There is a young woman who has a project called Sympathy at Slaughter – she photographs pigs in their last hours before they are killed at an abattoir to document how badly they are treated and how scared they are. It’s raised my attention to this matter. Is this not the right thing for her to do??

    • Jeannette says:

      The right thing for her to do isn’t our business. All we want to pay attention is the best use of our focus. And we each may find a different answer in asking ourselves that.
      For me, if I don’t want more of it, I don’t dwell on it. I watch and celebrate a LOT of stories & videos of farm animals being delivered to beautiful sanctuaries. I’ve delighted in the story of Jon Stewart’s ranch being turned into a sanctuary for animals again and again. I appreciate all the wonderful products coming to market as dairy-free and meat alternatives. I LOVE ordering cashew veggies with tofu, and I don’t dwell on it when my sweetie orders chicken.
      As P’taah said to me in that conversation, I’ve got my hands full with my own focusing, let alone worrying about how others are using theirs. lol

    • Lea says:

      I feel the same way. I became a vegetarian a year ago and a vegan 5 months ago. I was totally unaware of the horrors and injustices that took place in the factory farming industry. It is only because people were vocal about it and exposed these horrors that made me aware of it which in turn caused me to quit eating meat and then later quit eggs and dairy. If it weren’t for people focusing on the problem I would still be in the dark of the horrors and injustices taking place. And I agree we should focus on what we do want rather than what we don’t want. So I try to post delicious vegan recipes on social media to let others know there are great meat free option out there. Or I post funny, sweet videos of animals being treated the way I feel they should be treated. But if the problem is never brought out into the light then how are people going to be made aware of injustices going on in the world and how is change suppose to take place?

  • One more resource to go along with P’taah and Abe, it was also mentioned several times in the I AM Discourses, Vol. 3. Here are just two:

    “Surrounding each individual is a thought-world created by him or her. Within this thought-world is the seed, the “Divine Presence,” the “I AM,” which is the only acting Presence there is in the Universe, and which directs all energy. This energy can be intensified beyond any limit through the conscious activity of the individual.”
    —Discourse 8, pg 89
    …as well as…

    “The student should constantly look within his human self and see what habits or creations are there that need to be plucked out and disposed of; for only by refusing to any longer allow habits of judging, condemning and criticizing to exist can he be free. The true activity of the student is only to perfect his own world, and he cannot do it as long as he sees imperfection in the world of another of God’s children.”
    —Discourse 27, pg 318

    It takes full commitment to be creating the world we want to live in.
    Many blessings,

  • Jeannette says:

    What I can do something about is fostering the animals in my local shelter. What is on my immediate path is how I treat the planet – in my own backyard and what I spend money on. What I can do something about is the thoughts I entertain and what I co-create in that process.
    I think I have a better handle on this than ever before. 🙂

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