The Scene Falls Into Place

Become the character and the scene falls into place.“When you become the character, the scene will fall into place around you.”

That’s what coach Jacqui Gates shared from her stage performance days. Which happens to be great manifesting wisdom as well.

So many of us are waiting for the scene around us to confirm who we want to be.

  • We’ll feel like better money managers when the bills are paid and we’ve got a nice cash cushion.
  • We’ll feel healthier once our body is in better shape.
  • We’ll be a happy partner once we’re hand in hand with our lover.

That’s when we’ll own it – when our external reality says so. When we can see it and touch it and feel it.

But the system doesn’t work that way.

We gotta be that person first – before the scene can fall into place around us.

This is basic stuff, but so many of us hold back from achieving that true state of alignment until our external environment reflects it back to us. It helps to remember the party starts with us. We gotta get there first. To whatever extent you’re not doing that, you’re holding back your manifesting results.

Powerful deliberate creation is about claiming it – and owning it – first. Before the bank balance agrees, before we’re celebrating a honeymoon, before the doctor’s tests confirm, etc.

It’s to achieve a ‘state of being’ despite what our current circumstances indicate, and in advance of the physical 3D reality catching up with us.

And it’s what all the great creators have practiced.  (Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, etc.)

My list of inspiring creators who show how it’s done includes:

Ali from Biggest Loser (“I am the biggest loser,” she claimed in advance, when she had no business claiming such a thing.)

LMFAO on how they made music that helped them achieve the feeling of dreams come true.  (“We use dreaming as a tool to get what we want in our life.”)

Kid Rock who sang about going platinum long before he ever did.

Lady Gaga who repeated: “The fame is inside me – I am going to make a number one record with number one hits” until it wasn’t a ‘lie’ any more.

Do you know how to walk through the world as someone who already got what she wanted? It’s a powerful thing to practice.

I’m off to embrace my success as though it’s already a done deal, and invite you to do the same. The Universe doesn’t take long to catch up with us when we give it a strong lead.

  • June 23, 2013
  • Cassie says:

    I totally agree with Lisa on this one. It’s much more fun “becoming” a character. I was taking an Improv class a few weeks ago and he described this same thing. We were working a gas station scene and after we got done he pointed out how with each thing we said, the audience literally started to create the scene in their head. Love this stuff! Jacqui is a genius!

  • agreed, my friend!!

  • Lisa says:

    That puts a whole different spin on “acting as it” doesn’t it??
    Becoming a character sure feels more fun than trying to manhandle the Universe. Just find your muse and run with it!

  • Hope you can join us for Jacqui’s call, Jessie. 🙂
    In fact, if anyone is reading this post after the fact and wants a copy, track down Jacqui at and I bet she can send you one.

  • Jessie says:

    Another brilliant post…thank you =)Where our minds go our realities follow…so set your scene!

  • Oh, I just read your post, Bliss!! Very nice indeed:
    Here’s to being willing to be “in character” until it becomes our new reality. woot!

  • Bliss W says:

    How interesting that you should write something around “becoming the character before the scene sets around you”! I wrote an article one week ago about how “Faking it till we make it” can help us attract what we want in the same way, must be something in the air hehe 🙂
    It’s so true, even if we have to play a character for a little while eventually what we observe of ourselves will become a lot more convincing and realistic for us to BELIEVE, and as all LOA-ers know, belief is the ticket!
    Great post 🙂

  • Thanks for the resource tip, Cat!
    Ariadne, I’m thrilled to hear that we’re in alignment together. Lovely thought! 🙂

  • Ariadne says:

    Brilliant post. So often when I need a reminder or a nudge your blog appears with just the right wisdom. I am no longer surprised by it!
    Genuine thanks!

  • Cat says:

    I knew there was a reason I bought “Acting Techniques for Everyday Life” by Jane Marla Robbins ages ago — it’s a LOA book! Now to go pick it up again… 🙂

  • I like that, Iyabo: “you happen to life,” by being the director of it. And you’re right, that’s different than “acting as if.” Very well said!
    Thanks for posting!

  • Iyabo Onipede says:

    I love the scripting that happens and this way of looking at it is empowering. Instead of letting life happen to you, you happen to life by orchestrating, directing and calling it into existence. I do not think it is like acting “as if.” It is more like channeling the ownership of the role.
    Way cool.
    I am looking forward to the call.

  • “All the world’s a stage”, said Shakespeare … but Deliberate Creators know that All the world is THEIR stage.
    And a little bit of acting know-how can create a whole lot of real-life magic.
    Sooooo excited for this call.

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